Fatin Kali

Fatin Kali

Fatin, by Hannah

Date of BirthMay, 2002
AgeAt Death 9
SubspeciesRed Wolf / Coyote mix
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeAwensawa
Current packInferni

'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateMarch 15, 2010[1]
Joining RankTirones
Most Recent RankTirones

Previous Pack


Joining dateJuly 2005

Jaded Shadows

Joining date??
RankAlpha Female
SignificanceCo-leader, member

Labyrinth Glen

Joining dateApril 10, 2008
SignificanceFounding leader

Fatin Kali was a previous leader of Jaded Shadows and founder of Labyrinth Glen. She is was a member of Inferni until she she was abducted by a rival tribe of her birthpack Awenasa and tortured.



Previous Mates


Fatin was indulgent, loving, nurturing, and fierce. She was not a strong fighter but was very smart and was a capable historian. In the caves of Jaded Shadows she had painted the history of the pack and kept records of mateships, births, and deaths in the pack. She was an apothecary and liked to teach others. She was also prone to adoption and those that she was closest too became her family. It is through these adoptions that she immersed herself politically and while serving as Beta, and later Alpha, of Jaded Shadows she formed the alliance to Inferni.


Brilliantly colored, Fatin is the richest red imaginable. Her hair is like spun fire, curling down into her face which is brushed with the lightest cream color. Her eyes are a piercing emerald, with the slightest hinting of gold around the pupils - this has come about as she ages. She is short for a shifter, only standing at 5 feet tall and her frame has a curvy, vivacious appearance to it. She has a very long and bushy tail.