Phasma Kiles

Phasma Kiles

Name MeaningGhost
Name OriginLatin
Date of BirthUnknown
Date of DeathJanuary 19, 2008[1]
Place of DeathJaded Shadows
Age6 years
Birth placeUnknown
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Jaded Shadows

Joining dateDecember 10, 2007[2]




RanksSubordinate, Graduierter, Jagerchen, Altesterin, Gamma, Alpha
SignificanceMember, sub-leader, leader


SignificanceCo-leader, co-founder


Joining dateAugust 4, 2005


SignificanceOff-board pack

Phasma Kiles was a leader of Syemv, the co-leader of Aremys, a sub-leader of Storm, and a sub-leader of Jaded Shadows.


Phasma was born two a pair of werewolves along with a brother and sister. Her siblings died from something right after their birth, whether it was a disease or something else she would never know. Her parents, fearing for their own lives, left her to sit and die with the bodies of her brother and sister. Luckily for the young pup there was a female wolf with a den not far from theirs, who had just birthed a stillborn litter. The female heard her squealing whines and soon took her in as her own.

Her adoptive mother, who's name she never learned, slipped into the grasp of madness. All she had ever provided the young female with was food and shelter, nothing more, not even a name. At the age of one year she left the den of her adoptive mother, no longer wishing to take her abuse and psychotic fits, and went out to live on her own. She traveled through many lands for many months and eventually picked up the name Phasma. A ghost upon many lands.

During one of her trips, though she cannot recall what had happened, something had caused her body to shift, taking on the form of a werewolf. Confused and not knowing exactly what was wrong with her, she set off to find a home while she gathered her thoughts and tried to figure herself out. Her first pack was called Yavapi, though her stay was short. The wolves there shortly after she joined left the lands, and once more she was on her own. Word was brought to her ears, though, that creatures that could shift lived in a region far off from where she was. She left the lands on that day in search of a place called Bleeding Souls.

Once finding her way to Bleeding Souls she proceeded to join a Pack called Chimera. She was with them for a few days, first meeting two female wolves that accepted her at the Borders. Shortly after she met another resident named Fineas. After a rough start and some harsh words things took a sudden turn. The two ended up having sex and falling asleep together. From then on she and the red-eyed male, Fineas, were mates, if only in their own eyes. She also met a male named Tsunami while suffering from heat stroke, who ended up helping her to water and teaching her to shift, her first real friend aside from Fineas.

Her short time in Chimera was uncomfortable and in a rash decision she left, making her way to the coast where the Syemv pack resided. She had heard many good things about the Syemv pack and proceeded to join their ranks. Her time in Syemv was wonderful, meeting new people and exploring new lands. Her lust for exploration along with being over-friendly got her into some trouble though. Late one night in the Haunted Forest she met a male named Chael. Their situation ended in rape, and Phasma was changed forever.

That time after that was rough, she often saw images of demons, hearing them calling her name and seeing them trying to grab her in the darkness. The images slowly faded away, though on lonely nights she knows they are still there. After telling Fineas what happened he agreed to stay in Syemv with her for a time, but that was not the only news she had to tell him. She was pregnant with the children of Chael Kyan, and though he took the news hard, he stuck by her none-the-less.

In the time of her pregnancy she made a few new friends. With the drought she had a pretty rough time keeping herself fed and healthy. While in the ruined city of humans she got her leg tangled in a mass of barbed wire. She ended up freeing herself but accompanied a small pup in his journeys to make sure he stayed safe, rather than tending her wounds. In the end the wounds became infected and caused the death of two of her children. She gave birth to a deceased male and female, Star and Maestor, and a living female, named Hymn.


Phasma is quiet, ghost like just as her name suggests. She is not one to linger in a group or an area for too long, but she is polite enough to pay heed to anyone she happens to come across. Her temper, though not swift, has a bit of a bite to it. She has no concerns with what people think, and will speak her mind freely no matter who it is that she is speaking to.

There is another side to the black female, though, a lost sort of desperate side. She was never one to truly show it to another, but on the inside she is quite depressed, some would call it. The feeling of being nothing and having nothing often fill her, and on a bad day it can show through.



Nirupama Tsunami, Anu, Fineas, Akumu Rouyaken, Vladimir Russo, Samhain D'Angelo, Soran Aatte, Deuce Rhiannon, Iskata Sadira, Noah Sawtoothson, Physe Revlis



fur color: Jet black
fur pattern: None
eye color: Slate Grey
tattoos: Small red star beneath her right eye, courtesy of Thanos.
piercings: Currently None
scars: Claw marks on the inside of each thigh. [Argent Azael]