ColoursSea Storm Gray (#444477) & Tropic Water Blue (#85D2DD)
Founded ByRurik Russo & Kiska
Founded OnNovember 20th, 2004 (clan), 14 July 2005 (pack)
Defunct OnNovember 2005

Past Leadership

Past LeadersRurik Russo, Kiska, Akumu Rouyaken, Phasma Kiles
Former SubleadersEmpathy Havazik, Akumu Rouyaken, Phasma Kiles, Noah Sawtooth

Pack History

Followed byAremys (merge with Chimera)

Yarrr, pirates. :O Syemv was a group of Europeans that settled down on the Eastern coast of Bleeding Souls in late 2004. They remained for a year and a half or so before all of the original members of the group had departed, leaving a struggling pack in its place; eventually, they combined forces with Chimera, one of the packs' closer friends and nearly allies, to form Aremys.

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1.  About

Syemv was several things--it was the name of the ship sailed by seven European werewolves across the Atlantic, it was the name of the clan they formed on Bleeding Souls' territory, and it was also the name of their pack, which came later. The first seven pirates to land on the shores were Rurik Russo, Kiska, Crymson Tide/Shaun O'Connor*, Myrthe?, Thorn Russo, Empathy Havazik, and London Tachyon [1]. *Because Crymson dropped out semi-early, we sort of slipped in Shaun to replace her or something. XD

Syemv was rather humanized; they brought a lot of traditions and customs with them from their various homelands. They lived in the Syemv house for the most part, a large house in the center of their territory, and they also claimed a small piece of the Luminous Sanctuary as their territory at one point. Even so, they readily accepted non-Luperci members as well as non-European members, and they were generally pretty friendly with everyone, though there were often instances of turmoil with their closest neighbor, Inferni. Though there was never any hostility between Syemv and Inferni, Syemv's predecessor, Aremys, suffered from Syemv's oversight—a tiny piece of territory the Inferni clan conceded to the pirate pack when it was first founded, sparking the Aremys-Inferni War.

1.1  Prominent Families

  • Russo — Of course, the Russo family played a role in establishing Syemv in the first place. Rurik Russo was the original captain and the first alpha of the pack. His sons, Zaets Russo and Zorish Russo, later rejoined the pack; Zorish Russo was relatively high-ranked at one point I think.
  • KilesPhasma Kiles herself played a very important role in Syemv history. While she had one litter as a member of Syemv with Chael KyanHymn Seadance and stillborns Maestor Kiles and Star Kiles—she was also the third alpha of the pack, having already amassed a long period of membership with the Syemv pack. She was also the one to combine forces with Chimera to create Aremys.
  • RouyakenAkumu Rouyaken was a member and the second alpha of the pack—during Rurik Russo's alphaship, she was the beta female of the pack. She first joined Syemv with Cross Valiant after dissatisfaction with Storm's swap in leadership.
  • RhiannonDeuce Rhiannon was a longtime member of the pack; she had a litter of children within Syemv, as well. I think! :]

2.  History

Syemv's story actually begins quite far from the Bleeding Souls territory, deep in the center of the massive Russian country. Rurik, Kiska, and Thorn, the three supposed original members of Syemv, lived in one of the vast clans which passed for "countries" in Europe. The three of them set out from their homeland one day, leaving behind families and lifestyle, and headed toward London on horseback. Along the way, the three discussed wild plans of going overseas to the "new world," never dreaming the plan would come to fruition.

However, once inside a pub and over a drink, the three of them decided it would be a most excellent idea to head over to the unknown world and see what was up over there. They rounded up a crew consisting of quite diverse wolves: two born-and-bred Brits, London and Crymson; a lumbering Hungarian healer named Empathy Havazik; an Irish wolf with a lovely temperament named Myrthe?. They also won the admiration of a street youth, Claret Eclissi. The seven hired a team of hard-working Irish wolves to build them a ship, and within a few months, they got their beautiful ship.

The Syemv, as they now called themselves, the Russian word (very roughly translated) for the number seven, boarded their ship with a good amount of wine, beer, and other, less important staples such as food and water, and headed out! Unbeknownst to the Syemv, however, they actually became the "eight"--Claret Eclissi, another Londoner they had met in their stay in the great city, had snuck onto the ship unnoticed, and remained in the bottom hold for nearly six weeks before anyone discovered her. They landed on Hell's Coast in Bleeding Souls about two months later and set to making camp in a rather large cave between the rocks in the northern parts of it.

From there, they spread a little--meeting their neighbors, Inferni, through their leader Kidorah Talik. Rurik also met the leader of the Chimera clan, Damian de le Poer, and they hit it off well. Damian invited Rurik and his Syemv to Chimera's pack meeting.

Despite this, things began to look down pretty quickly. Crymson disappeared. London was brutally attacked by a member of Inferni, Kaena Lykoi. Kiska became pregnant, and Rurik refused to accept responsibility for his children, preferring to live the lie that Kiska had cheated on him. The Captain departed for nearly three weeks, and upon his return, he discovered Kiska with another male, Segodi Mogotsi. Rurik attempted to beat up Segodi, and told Kiska to leave. He then called a meeting and announced they were moving, and that Empathy Havazik would lead beside him.

Rurik was extremely upset by what he believed to be his mate's dishonesty, and he soon began spending less and less time around before disappearing entirely. Empathy became involved with her own children, Vienna Havazik, Sicily Havazik, and Moscow Havazik and eventually left the pack. Akumu Rouyaken had been promoted to Beta during Rurik's leadership, took over the pack, but also soon departed, leaving her subleader, Phasma Kiles, to take control over the pack briefly. During her rule, Noah Sawtoothson, a former Chimeran, was her subleader.

Phasma Kiles struggled to lead the small pack, and she found Physe Revlis, new alpha of Chimera, with the same problem. The D'Angelo and de le Poer families had departed from Chimera's lands, leaving only a few scant packmembers behind. Phasma invited Physe and the few remaining Chimerans to Syemv territory, and they decided to rename the pack, changing its name to Aremys to honor both of their predecessors.

3.  Traditions

  • Closeness. Syemv is a very close-knit clan, and conflict is treated quite seriously, with threat to a member of the clan seen as a threat to the entire clan.
  • Leader Relations. Syemv is less strict than everyone else when it comes to dominance and submission--the leader does not exist as a figure which demands physically displayed respect all all times, as other packs' leaders might, rather, he is looked up to as more of a friend and mentor than anything else. Unruliness is dealt with accordingly, but chances are, if someone is submitting and groveling every time he or she sees the leader, they're going to be regarded as a weirdo.
  • Human-esque Behavior. All members of Syemv are expected to act a certain way--that is, human-esque ways. Syemv members are permitted to dress either in human clothes or bare-ass naked, depending on their preference. Neither bothers the Syemv members and both are considered equally natural, although dressing in clothing is considered slightly more proper for first meetings and introductions.
  • Weapons. The Syemv clan certainly does not look down on weapons, especially swords, bows, staffs, and other "older" weapons; however, firearms and explosives are virtually unknown to them and they are quite fearful of them, considering them "too human" for their use.
  • Skills. The Syemv clan values skills probably more than anyone else--each of the original members had a defined talent which got them into the clan in the first place.They consider their diversity in abilities key to their survival.
  • Relaxation. The Syemv clan probably has a very different idea of what relaxation and stress relief ensues: if tensions are running high, it is not uncommon for them to have an old-fashioned gathering, but with new twists. They'll often start off with wrestling or dueling matches in which whomever wants to participate is allowed, then have a large feast in which everyone is permitted to drink and eat as much as they would like. Following that, the Syemv gather around a fire to tell stories and pass around wineskins.
  • Hunting & Food Supply. The Syemv have a very strict respect for other creatures: they punish hunting for "joy" or recreation very seriously and consider it a very serious crime. Since the Syemv's home culture practices the domestication of animals (domestic cats, horses, pigs, cattle, etc) they wish to retain respect for wild creatures and hunt them only when it is necessary for survival, and they will use every bit of the animal they kill. The fur is employed as a garment or rug, the bones are used as brushes, weapons, decoration, etc. Waste is considered a rather serious crime to the Syemv.
  • Cooking vs. Raw Food. Members of Syemv are fully capable of digesting completely raw food, and most of the cooking they do is merely to add flavor or spice up their dishes a little.
  • Recreation. The Syemv considers all forms of recreational drug use acceptable: drinking, smoking, harder drugs, etc. Addicts are treated with caution, and, instead of being ostracized from society, are embraced and given as much help as they need to get better. Hardcore, true addicts were quite rare in Europe because of the help they are given. Gambling, card-playing, etc, are considered healthy forms of recreation, and the only thing they really gamble on are food and drink. It's mostly for fun rather than material possession. Sex is also considered a very healthy form of recreation, and although promiscuity is admonished and looked down on, the Syemv tend to be rather open about sex lives and sexual practices. Bisexuality and homosexuality are not uncommon and bisexuals and homosexuals are regarded with the same respect as heterosexuals.
  • Religion. Some of the Syemv members are deeply religious, others are not. Religion usually consists of polytheism, with a god for every force of nature or pleasure in life. There are no sacred books to the Syemv and the only rules, really, are to be thankful for what one receives in life and complacent with what one does not have. Religion is rarely mentioned aloud, and does not play much, if any, role in public life.
  • Jewelry. Piercings were considered an important part of Rurik's culture. Each year a male grew older, he would receive one piercing for his ears. The eyebrow piercing Thorn, Kiska, and Rurik all wear symbolizes their clan.

Pack Relationships

4.  Key

— Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
— Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
— Neutral.
— Good relationship, but no official alliance.
— Officially allied.

5.  Bleeding Souls Packs

5.1  Storm

These two mostly ignored one another, too—the distance made a really good relationship impossible, but they weren't unfriendly with one another, either. When Gibraltar took over Storm following Zero's departure, Akumu Rouyaken and Cross Valiant were displeased with the shift in leadership, so they migrated to Syemv.

5.2  Clouded Tears

I think these two were mostly ambivalent toward one another—once again with the distance. Rurik liked everyone and Syemv was pretty concerned with its falling member count and rotating alphaship and so on and so forth. But Rurik Russo and Laruku Tears had sex once, even if Rurik only kinda remembers it and Laruku wasn't himself and also doesn't remember it (but woke up to the aftermath!) I think.

5.3  Jaded Shadows

Thorn Russo had one son with the high-ranking wolf of the pack Fatin Kali, Endymion Russo. The packs weren't really close, but they were more or less ambivalent toward one another, I think.

5.4  Chimera

Syemv and Chimera were pretty close; Rurik Russo was a friend to Damian de le Poer and Ahren de le Poer both. Early in Syemv's history, the two packs came together to celebrate and there was much fun had at the event or something like that! Also, of course, Chimera and Syemv combined to form Aremys later on down the road, so they became pretty close.

5.5  Azathoth

These two were only around simultaneously for a very short time, and they really didn't care about one another, I don't think. Thavardo probably would have thought Rurik and his ilk were another sign of the apocalypse or something, though. :|

5.6  Inferni

Inferni was pretty neutral toward Syemv. They weren't allies, but Kidorah Talik and Rurik Russo of Syemv formed a neutrality agreement once upon a time. Some members of Inferni were less forgiving toward Syemv, however, and would chase Syemv members out regardless of the neutrality agreement—grudges over Syemv taking up a little piece of coyote territory on their move southward eventually caused the Aremys-InferniWar after Syemv became Aremys.

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