Iskata Sadira

Iskata Sadira, by Sara-Joe
Name OriginGrandmother's name
Date of BirthMay 5, 2004
Date of DeathFebruary 5, 2009[1]
Subspecies50% Canis lycaon
50% Canis lupus arctos
Birth placeClouded Tears
Current packPhoenix Valley
'Souls Profile

Iskata Sadira was a previous member of Clouded Tears and Storm prior to the fire. She helped found Phoenix Valley and served as a leader until an accident in which she lost her sight in December 2008. She remained a member of Phoenix Valley until her death by Gabriel de le Poer in early 2009.

She bore a number of children mainly to coyote or hybrid males: Tainted Fears, Voltaire Cavil and Samael Lykoi. She had children with her ex-mate, Phoenix while she was a member of Storm.

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1.  History

On May 5th, 2004, Iskata Sadira along with her two other sisters and two brothers were born to Ceres Sadira and Daituki Nasphrite. Iskata was always a headstrong stubborn child and as soon as she could she was up and rough tumbling with her brothers while her sisters played all those games good little princesses played. Iskata was obviously not like her other siblings and as soon as she felt she was old enough to make it on her own she set out after Siondaite one day and followed her far off out of Bleeding Souls.

She had learned many things while she was playing adventurer and had developed a roaming spirit, as well as a connection to the ghosts and spirits that haunted the living world. She was always considered weird when she would chatter and talk to these ghosts that hardly anyone else saw, but she didn't care in her young life. While in the lands of Siondaite's past clan Iskata was given a stuffed animal that her aufpasser had made for her. She'd developed quite and attachment to the thing and when the time came for the two of them to travel back to their home pack Iskata had toted it along with her the whole way.

The date of their return couldn't have been more badly placed, as Ceres Sadira had just killed the leader of Inferni for the rape and death of her Alpha and best friend Kiriska. Kiriska left in her death a son, Iskata's cousin, Laruku Tears. Iskata's half brother took over the care of the young puppy and he was raised as her nephew instead of a cousin like he should have been. Iskata's return to the pack was a small note in the events of the day and she spent her next few months chasing ghosts and developing puppyhood crushes. The only one that had really stuck had been on the son of the Alpha of Chimera, but differences in their raises crushed any thought of ever befriending the young male.

There were few memories in the time that she returned that the small wolf could have really remembered if she wanted to, for her childhood was filled with butterflies and mud puddles and all those things that good little puppies played about... but there was a dark smudge on her innocent life when the disappearance of her father was finally announced by her favorite sibling. Iskata had ran to her mother that evening to deliver the disheartening news. This dark moment was the turning point in her young life when she made the choice to leave her childhood behind and grow up way too soon.

After Iskata grew older she began to developed into a beautiful young wolf. Her fur was tinted silver and gold with a creamy underpelt. She looked as though she'd been kissed by the moon, and that look stuck with her summer and winter. Her eyes cleared from a milky blue to a baby blue with flecks of gold. She was definitely the child of Ceres Sadira and Daituki Nasphrite. She didn't believe she was truly beautiful, and perhaps her attitude and lack of trust in others fueled that thought on through her adolecence.

Iskata spent her time coming and going through the packlands, not caring about rank and duties, for she was the daughter of the alpha. One night something deeply troublesome changed the wolfess' view on the world for the worst. She became angry and cold hearted towards almost every male. Aiji's rape through her blonde-haired puphood crush had ripped the girl apart and had created a tragic reason for her to live. It seemed everyone she cared about was suddenly being attacked and raped by wolves of different packs left and right and nothing was being done. Iskata as young as she was took a stand against the wrongs having been done to her friends and family and ventured out to meet these monsters face to face.

During this time her friend's adopted child had given birth to Chael?'s rape offspring, while Phasma Kiles had given birth to a little girl by the rapist as well. Iskata had promised Konane she would protect the children agianst their father, and Phasma had asked her to be a guardian over her child as well. During a freak flooding of the river that ran through Clouded Tears, Iskata and Konane's child Trinity had been washed out into the Bonefire and after dragging them both into a nearby cave Iskata had collapsed and fell asleep. When she awoke the child was gone. Embarrassed and ashamed for having losted the child she kept far away from her pack as possible. The last time she spent time sitting in her packlands she'd cruely spoken to her cousin Laruku and had told him the harsh truths of his parentage and told him if he didn't believe her to go ask her mother. That was the last time she'd stepped onto Clouded Tears lands..

Her rampage on the opposite sex ended after a nest of battles with Ahren de le Poer, Chael? and a few others, but she was brought back to reality when it was ill-fated that the moonkissed female would fall into her first heat upon the night she found Ahren once more on the beaches of Inferni. Her first intentions had been to attack him, but instead lost in the mixed emotions of the heat she'd nearly tried to seduce him. One wrong choice in idly playing her paws upon his knife and she'd felt the blade slide across her throat after he'd pushed her back time and time again. Neither of them remembered much of the night, but the wolfess had lived, and that was all that mattered.

Sick of heart and head after many moons of healing under the watchful eyes of her friend Siondaite, and the care and words of Moonshine the wild mustang and a porcupine that had decided to act as a father figure to the female wolf who refused to speak.. and refused to try and eat him. She wandered into the lands of Chimera with the porcupine and was quickly ran off by Ahren, the now newly placed Alpha. She disappeared from All the packlands and removed herself back into the Bonefire once more.

Moons upon moons later Iskata made the choice to venture alone back into Clouded Tears and was greeted by a wolfess she'd never met who now held the position of Apothecary, this baffled the female to no end because when she'd left Siondaite had been the resident apothecary and her mother Alpha. When she demanded to see her mother she was greeted with even more shock at learning that her mother had been killed months before. Instead of waiting for an answer she howled for the new alpha, her cousin Laruku to explain everything for her. Laruku's words were cruel and harsh but truthful and the two fought before he told her he didn't care if she stayed or left. After he disappeared she decided to stay though her heart was broken in more ways than one.

The next few weeks were a blur of old faces mixed with new. Ahren and her discovered that their hatred had dwindled away, but there was no likelihood that anytime soon the two would ever be on good terms. She stumbled upon Trinity who now carrying the name Crow and spilled the story of his past, along with meeting many members of the new version of Clouded Tears. She continued to fight and argue with Laruku every time they met, but it was a comforting feeling as sick as it seemed.

While conflicts with Inferni began to come to a head, Iskata found herself befriending the adopted child of the Inferni's leader as well as after an extended discussion with her cousin's lover... she finally gave way and began to let others into her heart again, soon finding herself in the arms of Tainted Fears, a fellow member of her pack, and soon enough her choosen mate. Not long after their matehood she was attacked by the coyote Karloff on the lands of Inferni and was raped by another coyote when she'd been left for dead. Faolin Mogotsi and Laruku found her and brought her back to Clouded Tears. Days later a meeting was held to discuss the war developing between Clouded Tears and Inferni.

Iskata was promoted to Spaherin shortly after the meeting and she discovered that she was infact pregnant, though who's (or both's) children it was she didn't know, so she kept her secret to herself. --Needs to finish this later.--

2.  Personality

Iskata is bent to find perfection, but with an icy heart she doubts everything and trusts hardly anyone. To get inside the mind of this wolf and find out who Iskata truly is would take genius.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Enemies

4.  Skills

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Knitting

5.  Appearance

  • Fur: pale cream with highlights of silver and gold throughout her coat.
  • Eye Color: Baby blue with gold flecks
  • Piercings
    • Ears: 2 upper piercings in both of her upper ears, one lower one on the left ear.
  • Jewelry: Salvaged Eternity's necklace that was given to Chael?, wrapped around her left wrist.


  • Throat: knife cut across her collarbone. [Ahren].
  • Face: One long thin scar under left eye [Chael]
  • Arms: jagged clawmarks that circle around her wrists. [Ahren].
  • Right Ear: Shredded. (Laruku)
  • Right Shoulder: Gash (Laruku)
  • Throat/Right Shoulder: deep full punctures [Karloff]
  • Right Side: One gash and 3 punctures [Karloff]
  • Face: Scar from the corner of her left eye to jawline. [Voltaire]

5.1  Luperci Forms

(Wolf) slightly muscular with a trim figure and fur of cream with silver and gold tintings. Height: 3' Weight: 80 lbs. (Fully Shifted) Curvy feminine figure with locks of gold that cascade down her back along her silver tinted fur. Height: 5'8"' Weight: 175ish lbs.

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