Ember Phoenix

Ember Phoenix

Ember, by Anna
Name OriginEmber: named after Ember Agaric
Phoenix: named after her father, Phoenix
Date of BirthAug 22 2007
Age1 year
Subspecies75% Canis lupus arctos ortus
25% Canis lupus fuscus ortus
Birth placeStorm, Bleeding Souls
Current pack
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Previous Pack


Joining dateDecember 2, 2008[1]
RankDanua Ihesdi
SignificanceFounding member

Shadowed Sun

Joining dateAugust 6, 2008[2]

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateJune 14, 2008[3]


Joining dateApril 18, 2008[4]


Joining dateAugust 22, 2007
SignificanceBirth pack

Ember, by Kiri

Ember Phoenix was born to Iskata Sadira and Phoenix on August 22nd, 2007. Her littermates include her brothers, Kansas Sadira and Icarus Phoenix, as well as sister Firefly Sadira.

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    2.   2.2  Mate
    3.   2.3  Friends
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1.  History

Ember is the daughter of Phoenix and Iskata Sadira. She has three litter mates: Kansas, Icarus, and Firefly, along with a small assortment of adopted siblings. Ember was born in Storm, but later departed to be a lone wolf. After the fire, she joined Dahlia de Mai, and remained there for two months before joining Shadowed Sun. She was one of the last remaining members at the time of the pack's disbandment.

Again, she became a lone wolf, but grew depressed and sought out Hybrid Holocaust to kill her.[5] He came quite close to murdering her; however, Tayui Aston intervened and took Ember to safety.

Following this, they joined Aniwaya?, and Ember eventually rose to the rank of sub-leader within the tribe and also took Moonfyre NecroFang as her mate.

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

2.2  Mate

2.3  Friends

2.4  Acquaintances

3.  Skills

  • Has a sword!

4.  Appearance

Ember, by Titmouse

Ember has a pitch black coat though in the span of her growing a very faint tint of burgundy has grown in, mostly visible when the light hits her a certain way. Ember's eyes are green, much like her father's.