This is a titmouse.

Lorraine is my mother and Mary is my father.

  • Gender: Male
  • Location: NorCal
  • Birthday: 14 August 1994

Contact Urho Rask

  • PM is my primary (see: most reliable) means of communication.

Discord & Email

  • Discord is my main communication tool of choice, if you're a part of the 'Souls Discord server, you can PM me through there.
  • Email is used only for commission inquires, so see my Tumblr for further info on that!



I am known as Titmouse and have been on 'Souls so off and on I should be a goddamn light switch. I first joined with Vexx waaaaay back when Esper Hollow was still doing its hippie thing and currently play Kjell Rask in Salsola! I'm a giant language nerd and speak ASL as my other native language and am learning Danish. If you speak either of these languages, I'd love to help/practice with you! I also do lots of art on the side and really appreciate getting commissions (especially challenging ones!), so if you're interested, you can see my commissions link in the sidebar. Notes about interaction with me are as follows:

  • If I seem super stern/angry in text, I'm not! If I really hated you, you'd know lmao
  • But seriously, I'm a very blunt/honest person that doesn't really do underhanded very well.
  • In general, speak plainly or frankly because I get confused about sarcasm pretty often and this is especially important in text. Even IRL when I can see people's faces, sometimes I still get confused/unsure. If I ask you about whether or not you're kidding about something or kind of don't really react in general, DON'T FREAK OUT. I just can't function sometimes and need a little help.
  • If we're speaking on Discord and I randomly stop talking to you, I've probably passed out on you. It happens more often than I care to admit. Just ask Lorraine.
  • I have the attention span of a brick. Also refer to Lorraine about that.
  • I'm really just a chill person who forgets how to people sometimes. Please don't think I'm mad at and/or secretly don't like you! ;___;



  • Commissions: ALWAYS OPEN
  • Trades: Closed
  • Requests: Closed
  • Collaborations: Closed


Active Characters

Inactive Characters

Kjell Rask

Salsolan Bambino


Future Characters

  • ???


  • ???


Posting Information

Reply Times

  • My reply times have varied a lot over the years. In recent times, I've had a lot of medical issues that have made these worse and even more inconsistent.
  • In general, my reply times will be medium to slow, unless we plan a spree beforehand, in which case I somehow post at the speed of light.
  • Hint: Don't ask for sprees unless you're ready for it cause I'll 420 blaze the shit outta that.

Ending Threads

  • I'm willing to end threads however is comfortable!
  • I prefer having brief threads unless they've been heavily planned out beforehand because I'll usually fizzle out after a while and I honestly hate it when that happens. It's the number one way I don't finish threads. You're free to poke me if this happens, but do keep this in mind.

Requesting Threads

  • Please don't request threads and then don't reply/start them unless we've discussed timelines beforehand! If I do this myself, please feel free to smack the absolute shit out of me because oh my god it's a huge pet peeve and unacceptable for me to be a hypocrite about it.
  • I prefer to spree threads with no plot.
  • However, I do prefer to have plots. They're much more fun/satisfying! I also end up getting more muse for them as we discuss it and will end up being able to last longer.


  • I really do like plotting, especially if it can lead to other plots with the same or other characters in the future. Plot webs are awesome.
  • That being said, I do not like to plot romances. Historically, all of my best romances happen organically and unplanned (see: jokes) and so I just prefer not to waste peoples' time trying to manufacture chemistry between characters.
  • Long term plots are a grey area because I may be prone to poofing from time to time and I'd hate for all the effort to go to waste for the other person. Plot wisely!

General Roleplay Information

IC Interaction

  • Powerplay is discussed usually as it happens. Bring it up to me in Discord if you have it, but if you don't go ahead and write it out and make a note OOC. I'll let you know if I'd like you to change it.
  • My one current character is pretty consistent with his personality, but unpredictable things may happen! I'll usually bring this up in Discord or OOC in a post.
  • Major plot points like deaths, injuries, and/or any kind of trauma are to be discussed before the start of a thread.
  • I tend to do a lot of research (I love research umg I'm the biggest goddamn nerd), so I tend to get in detail with some things I may happen to know a lot about. Ask my any questions about things if you're not sure and it influences your post!

Mature Material

  • Regarding violent gore, I can and sometimes will write out heavy gore, in great detail. It doesn't bother me in the least, but if you're not comfortable please let me know beforehand if possible! I don't want to offend/freak out anyone! It's just something that doesn't hit my brain as hard as others and sometimes I can't really tell where the line for "too much" is. I will mark threads mature accordingly as these situations come up.
  • On top of violent gore, I am also okay with offensive/mature language from characters only. I absolutely do not appreciate it from/to players. What my characters say IC is not necessarily what I think/feel OOC! Again, if any of it bothers you, feel free to let me know.
  • The one thing I do have a harder time with is sexual content. I find it very difficult within the 'Souls genre, so more likely than not I will ask for a fade to black unless I feel brave enough or know you really well.

Lasky and Other

  • I usually don't really do LASKY, since not very many of my characters have connections to other 'Soulsverse families and characters.
  • Unless this involves human!characters. In which case heeeeeell yes. It may even bring up muse for Canon interactions!
  • Preybot is another ehhhh thing, since I've never done it before and certainly don't wanna mess it up on my first try.
  • LASKY is low priority. A lot of these threads will be prone to dying out unless that shit is the good good.


  • OOC etiquette pretty much boils down to "don't be a dick". Super simple stuff.
  • Please don't use fancy graphical tables! Text tables with smaller graphics/pictures or tables with an image that transitions quickly to text are fine, but I will very often lurk and post from my phone, so I prefer being able to go through posts with mile long images. Plus, I'm blind as a bat and having larger, clearer text makes me less likely to misread anything or tear my hair out trying to read your post. No preference for fonts beyond ones that are clear and readable. Print-style fonts (Arial, Times, Georgia, etc etc) are a good go-to for me. If the tables I use in our threads are unreadable for you, let me know and I'll switch to a more legible table!
  • Please do not bother me about doing free artwork or complain about my prices. Trust me, I'm pretty dirt poor, too.
  • Uhhh, that's it.
  • I guess? 8D



  • beep beep motherfucker - Lorraine
  • Damn T, if being sexy was a crime, you'd be guilty as charged! - Kitty
  • Kiki put a handprint here, yes she did. (And cupcakes.)