Moonfyre NecroFang

Moonfyre NecroFang was a former member of AniWaya and former mate of Ember Phoenix. He became slightly unstable and left Nova Scotia after Ember Pheonix dissappeared. His whereabouts are unknown.





  • Date of Birth: 22 May 2007
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Verto
  • Residence: ???
  • Mate: Ember Phoenix
  • Pack: None
  • Rank: --
  • Alignment:
  • Family: --
  • Birthplace: Nox Nocturnis (Maine, USA)
  • Species: Wolf
  • Subspecies:


Moonfyre's features are generic to his species, save for his fur color, which takes on a more bluish tint than black or gray. His build is on the larger side, which causes him to achieve a high 7 ft range when in Optime form. He is large, and he is muscular, but the appearance of muscles is hidden underneath his thick, shaggy, dark fur.

Moonfyre's eyes are a deep blue color, kind of like the water in the deepest parts of the ocean. He doesn't wear clothes, thinking them more of a burden than a stylistic choice. He does, however, sport a silver blue moon necklace, which he believes to hold some good omens.

Moonfyre's humanization is very low, though he is fascinated by human artifacts and books.


Mirage (#181727)
Persian Blue (#2539E6)


Moonfyre is the quiet, yet sensitive type. Things bother him easily, and deep down inside, he is emotional even if it doesn't show on the surface. To others, he tries to treat them with kindness no matter the situation. Moonfyre is generally good and selfless, and would drop everything to help someone before thinking of himself. He enjoys being around happy Luperci. He's more of a positive energy magnet.

Often with many things, he does have a goal in mind, but just lets himself wander on auto-pilot with no set destination. Moonfyre is very open-minded and loves learning new things, hoping they would help him gain insight and knowledge for the future. He is fascinated with old history (mostly to do with humans) and old human artifacts. He has a natural curiosity for how things (such as machinery, electrical structures, and other obsolete objects) work.

While Moonfyre is open-minded and accepts most things, he is strictly heterosexual and traditional by his nature even though he would not judge others for their sexuality. Moonfyre only thinks about females in a sexual way, and he is very comfortable around the opposite sex. Being that he is talkative and friendly, this seems to help him get comfortable around the ladies - and vice versa.

Towards the end of he and Ember's relationship, Moonfyre began to hear voices in his head. He also developed darker thoughts and became quieter by nature. On the surface, he was the same as he had always been; however, within himself there was a poison brewing inside of him. It was only discovered once his mate left him and AniWaya behind, and left Moonfyre to cry poisonous tears in the Trenches.

  • Motivations
    • Love/Family: Moonfyre would hold his mate and children dear to him because he believes that the next generation in a family is very important.
    • Knowledge/Learning: He believes that all knowledge is learned for a reason and will help with something in the future. This is why he drinks up everything he can get his paws on and learns just about anything that interests him.
  • Fears
    • Abandonment scares Moonfyre to no end. Even while he often lives a life of solitude, Moonfyre takes friendships and mateships very seriously. His biggest fear is losing someone once he forms a strong bond with them.
    • Disease took his mother early on in his life. His memories of her emaciated and frail haunt his thoughts and dreams. He fears disease because it causes pain and suffering, and there is little to be done to save the diseased.


  • Tracking: During his time as a loner, Moonfyre became rather good at noting the not-so-obvious clues left behind, such as paw prints, droppings, discarded items, blood, and scent.
  • Being Irresistably Charming: Being charismatic, he has a way with talking to others and makes friends fairly quickly. He doesn't always intend on charming the pants off the ladies, but that does happen sometimes, too.


Moonfyre grew up in a pack in the United States, located in southern Maine called Nox Nocturnis. His parents weren't leaders - not even close - but were respected. His mother, especially, was the alpha's littermate, and she made sure her and her brother's families were close right up until the end of her life. Disease trapped her in its jaws and she eventually withered away to nothing, leaving a painful mark on Moonfyre's memories. She died when he was very young, but he still remembered her.

Moonfyre didn’t have a corrupt childhood, but he left as soon as he was old enough. He was eager to leave the bad memories behind in Nox Nocturnis and start a new chapter in his life. He always had a knack for traveling and he wanted to get out in the world. His travels took him through the rest of the United States and into Canada. He found Nova Scotia shortly after and stayed for maybe a year (acquiring both a mate and a pack in the short period of time), but he still felt empty. After his mate, Ember Phoenix disappeared from the pack one night, he left shortly after and never returned. He was torn by her sudden disappearance and couldn't bear to live in AniWaya any longer. He found comfort in his travels - always moving forward, never looking back - and set out towards Alaska.



  • Ember Phoenix: Ember was one of the first Aniwayans that Moonfyre became friends with, and after spending a lot of time with her in AniWaya, he took her as his mate.
  • Echo Wolf: Moonfyre and Echo easily got along. Moonfyre respected the innocence in Echo's soul and liked to share his knowledge with the mostly feral wolf.
  • Nayati Utina: Nayati was one of the first AniWayans Moonfyre met, as he was greeting at the border by him. Moonfyre looked up to Nayati, and taught him about a man-made structure called 'glass'.
  • Yuki Miyako: Moonfyre thought Yuki was annoying, but also valued her willingness to help her friends when they were in need.


  • Arda Perrio: Moonfyre helped him obtain a new walking stick.
  • Liliana Utina: Liliana had shown him how to use his Optime form when he shifted for the first time ever. However, when that happened, it had been the middle of the night and he had woken her up. From then on he was greeted with a bitter attitude from her.


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  1. Like it was just the breeze (14 Jun)
    AniWaya, with Dawali Amara. Moonfyre joins AniWaya.
  2. Your scream's a whisper (18 Jun)
    AniWaya, with Ember Phoenix. Moonfyre meets Ember, and they hunt together.
  3. What are you doin chewin on a human? (27 Jun)
    AniWaya, with Liliana Utina. Liliana finds Moonfyre having trouble with his new Optime form, and shows him the ropes along with the ropes of AniWaya.
  4. In the woods, searching for fellow pack mates (01 Jul)
    AniWaya, with EchoWolf?. Moonfyre takes a stroll through the woods one day and meets Echo, who is lost and seeking help. He and Moonfyre click right away and Moonfyre shows him the way to Aniwaya.
  5. Forget modern nature, this is how it's meant to be (06 Jul)
    AniWaya, with Nayati Utina, Liliana Utina. Moonfyre plays an AniWayan game of AniStusti with Nayati and Liliana, finding out later that he's pretty good at it.
  6. The past is much more present (03 Aug)
    Yarmouth, with Nayati Utina. Moonfyre finds Nayati in Yarmouth, and teaches him about human objects, which in turn allows him to retrieve a dream catcher positioned in an old store window.
  7. Something musical (09 Aug)
    The Trenches, with Aurele Aston, Anatole Aston (NPC). While finding a treasured moon-shaped necklace on the old highway, Moonfyre meets Aurele and Anatole Aston. He can't help but feel suspicious of them even after they invite him to join their trip down the highway.
  8. earn your legs (11 Aug)
    AniWaya, with Arda Perrio?. Moonfyre helps an elderly Luperci obtain a new walking stick.
  9. I need a smoke break (26 Aug)
    Halifax, with Yuki Miyako. Moonfyre explores Halifax again, where he finds Yuki, an interesting but annoying character. They find a house and Yuki gets stuck in a bed coil, but Moonfyre comes and rescues her before it’s too late.
  10. On her face is a map of the world (13 Sep)
    AniWaya, with Ember Phoenix. Moonfyre explores Halifax again, where he finds Yuki, an interesting but annoying character. They find a house and Yuki gets stuck in a bed coil, but Moonfyre comes and rescues her before it’s too late.
  11. Swarm like smoke in the dawn (27 Sep)
    AniWaya, with Nayati Utina, Ralla, Liliana Utina, Ember Phoenix. Moonfyre hunts with a few members of his pack.
  12. I'm permanently blue (19 Oct)
    AniWaya, with Ember Phoenix. Ember’s feeling blue and Moonfyre talks her out of her slump and offers to do anything for her.
  13. Falling Rain. (23 Oct)
    Halifax, with EchoWolf?. Moonfyre goes to Halifax with Echo and explores. He winds up finding some interesting books.
  14. Delicate Ice Breaker (01 Nov)
    ???, with Blackfoot?. Moonfyre finds a lost AniWayan in the woods. She seems attracted to him, but as she gets close and finds Ember’s scent, she is discouraged.
  15. [M] Send me away;; (07 Nov)
    AniWaya, with Ember Phoenix. Moonfyre finds Ember with slit wrists and demands to know who hurt her, but later realizes it was self-inflicted. Moonfyre carries Ember to their house and cleans and bandages her wounds. Afterwards, they get drunk.
  16. Red Fall, Creeping Winter (09 Dec)
    AniWaya, with Dawali Amara, Sanuye Otsana, Liliana Utina, Tayui Aston, Ralla, Theodoric Martin, Nayati Utina, Ember Phoenix. Dawali holds a pack meeting congratulating a successful pack hunt as well as announcing a celebration. Moonfyre and Ember show up together.
  17. All the little pieces falling, shattered. (30 Dec)
    The Trenches, with Yuki Miyako. After Ember’s abrupt disappearance, Moonfyre runs from Aniwaya and falls into the grass crying and howling a couple miles away. Yuki finds him and attempts to help. All her attempts are rejected until he realizes she won't go away until he gives in. Eventually, he agrees to come with her to the castle.
  18. Lights will guide you home (31 Dec)
    Blackmoor Castle, with Yuki Miyako. Yuki brings Moonfyre to the castle and he is truly amazed at everything.

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