Zana Avaya Lykoi

Zana Avaya Lykoi

Zana, by Kiri

Date of Birth11/7/08
Age>2 years
SpeciesWolf-coyote-dog hybrid
Subspecies25% Eastern Timber Wolf
25% Arctic Wolf
25% Mexican Coyote
12.5% Northeastern Coyote
6.25% Red Wolf
6.25% Dog
Birth placePhoenix Valley
'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Re-joining date:October 20, 2011
Current RankCaelum
Previous RanksTirones, Praeses, Vigiles

Previous Pack


RankTirones Minor

Phoenix Valley

Joining date11/7/08

Zana Avaya Lykoi was a previous member of Phoenix Valley until she ran away and was taken in by Inferni. Her brother, DaVinci tried to have her returned to Phoenix Valley, but Gabriel refused. She lived in Inferni until her disappearance.


Zana is often brisk, short and seems eternally cross when she speaks. Her words are often carry an irish accent. Though she was born of the Souls territory her youth and much of her time was spent in Eire with her brother DaVinci and his mate Ryan de la Poer, thus the accent. She is a bit of a hermit and a strange soul. Keeping to herself mostly she can be found muttering and babbling what seems like nonsense in her den more often than not. She can be rash and short tempered, has a hatred for seagulls and often tests her poisonous concoctions on them.


Zana and her puppies and Helotes
by Ariel


Please see the Sadira, Lykoi, or Kimaris family page for more information.



DaVinci tied ribbons around her tail to try and hide the scars, and make Zana feel pretty[2] since her mother had thrown her into a fire.[3]

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