Naniko D'Angelo

Naniko D'Angelo was a founding leader of three packs: Anathema, Crimson Dreams, and Twilight Vale, as well as a member of several others. She was formerly mated to Ehno Marino, Anu, and Conri Church in their respective packs. She is the mother of many children spanning four litters: Brooklyn, Salem, Mati, Haven, Harlowe, Lucia, Caprica, Rio, Scorpius, Judas, Severus, and Octavius.

Naniko D'Angelo

Naniko, by James
Name OriginUnknown
Date of BirthJun 1, 2006
Birth placeChimera, Bleeding Souls
Current packAnathema
'Souls Profile

Previous Packs


Joining dateDecember 7, 2010
SignificanceFounding leader

Phoenix Valley

Joining datesome point in 2009
Joining RankLocum
Most Recent RankTueris
SignificanceMember running away from CD :I

Crimson Dreams

Joining date21 Sept 2008
Joining RankCommander
Most Recent RankCommander
SignificanceFounder & Leader

Twilight Vale

Joining dateApril 10, 2008
SignificanceFounder & leader

Clouded Tears




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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Timeline
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family: D'Angelo
    2.   3.2  Adoptive Family
    3.   3.3  Current Mate
    4.   3.4  Previous Mates
    5.   3.5  Friends
  4.   4.  Appearance

1.  History

1.1  Timeline

  • born in Chimera
  • raised by Kaelyn Trickery, Roman D'angelo and his mate Physe Revlis
  • when her parents left she was adopted by Physe
  • she lived with Dierdre, Physe's other adopted daughter, and Physe for a month or so
  • she wandered away, looking for her parents
  • she fell off a cliff and lost a lot of her memories
  • she was taken in and adopted by Iskata Sadira
  • Naniko meets Conri, while still recovering from a broken leg. They become friends.
  • Iskata had two pups, Davinci and Magdalena
  • the pups were swept into the ocean and Iskata went crazy trying to find them
  • she found Davinci and brought him home to Naniko
  • Iskata went psycho and went out looking for Magdalena, leaving Davinci with Naniko
  • Naniko raises Davinci, but it is a very big strain on her
  • Conri moves out of his pack to come live with her
  • Iskata returns, but when Naniko tries to talk to her she attacks and nearly kills Naniko
  • Laruku chases Iskata from Clouded Tears because she is crazy.
  • Naniko and Conri become mates
  • Davinci leaves
  • Naniko becomes apothecary of Clouded Tears
  • Iskata shows up again, has pups with Phoenix
  • Firefly dissapears, Iskata dissapears
  • Conri is kidnapped
  • Naniko gets all depressed for a while
  • Naniko is left alll alone D: She meets Kansas and becomes friends with him/teaches him how to read
  • She teaches Beppe how to read (I think, didn't she?)
  • Naniko becomes more active with healing
  • Soran returns
  • Conri returns
  • Naniko and Conri become mates again
  • Fires ravage Bleeding Souls
  • Naniko helps Dierdre birth Apollo and Sirius, takes them back to Conri
  • Naniko and Conri form Twilight Vale
  • Conri rapes Naniko and runs off, she and Savina form Crimson Dreams
  • Naniko becomes mates with Anu, has pups
  • Naniko and Anu split up
  • Naniko becomes addicted to drugs
  • Cambria gets into Nani's drugs and Nani is exiled from CD
  • Nani runs around in the city being crazy
  • Naniko and Ehno hook up, she is preggo again
  • Naniko has a second litter of pups
  • Naniko disappears
  • Naniko meets up with Azalea after getting caught in a hunter's trap
  • She lives in cult pack for a few months with Azalea and is reunited with Selene, her sister
  • She leaves the cult pack returning to 'Souls
  • She forms Anathema with a group of wolves and hybrids

2.  Personality

She is very friendly and caring, and becomes depressed whenever she doesn't have someone to care for or if she is left alone for a long period of time. She talks to animals. She enjoys healing and loves being around puppies and other friendly wolves. She is very loyal to her pack, and Savina Marino is her BFF.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: D'Angelo

3.2  Adoptive Family

3.3  Current Mate

  • None

3.4  Previous Mates

3.5  Friends

4.  Appearance

Naniko, by Kiri

Naniko is a pure white color, with no specks of any other colors mixed in. Her eyes are jade green, like her father Roman's. She's very large and strong.

She has a few scars over her front legs; each have been broken before. She also has one large one on her chest.

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