Tayui Aston

Tayui Aston

Tayui, by Tammi
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Date of BirthJune 3, 2003
Date of DeathJanuary 6, 2019
Age15 years


Name MeaningTayui; none.
Aston; Eston east town; ash tree settlement
Name OriginFrench


Subspecies90% Arctic Wolf
10% Tundra Wolf
Birth placeLac Sakami, Quebec, Canada


DateJune 9, 2017—present

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    2.   7.2  Luperci Forms
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Tayui Aston (born: Tayui Aston-L'leh) is a Loner and most recently, a member of Vinátta. She has been a leader of two packs and member of many more.

She assumed the name 'Tayui L'leh' after she departed from her birth pack at the age of seven months. After roughly two weeks of wandering, she came across Jaded Shadows, where she was accepted as Omega. She remained in the pack until it disbanded, eventually becoming an Alpha alongside Fatin Kali. After the fire, she assumed the name 'Tayui Aston', forming Shadowed Sun with her acquaintance and soon-friend, Pilot Haddon. After Shadowed Sun disbanded, Tayui joined AniWaya as a founding member, and remained there for two years to raise her children, Noir, Claudius, Océane, and Attila. A few months after her daughter Noir's death, she chose to leave AniWaya and join Anathema and thereafter joined Salsola. She abandoned Salsola and later led an attack against the pack, which resulted in many injuries. She wandered as a Loner, at which point she re-united with Anu. They joined Vinátta together, where they became parents to four children: Andira, Carya, Auguste, and Valérian.

Tayui is quite fond of reading and writing, and especially loves reading about biology and history. She has experience as a storyteller and has connections to ghosts and spirits. She also has some skills in fighting and sparring.

1.  History

Main Article: History of Tayui Aston

1.1  Pre-Bleeding Souls History

Born as Tayui Aston-L'leh in a litter of four, Tayui was never very close with any of her siblings. She was born in northeastern Quebec in a mixed French and Cree community. She lived there until her half-brother, Daedalus, betrayed the pack and set the entire surrounding area on fire. She fled from her home pack with Daedalus hot on her heels. He caught up to her at one point and they fought, which resulted in the scar across her right eye. Eventually she found her way to Bleeding Souls and sought acceptance into Jaded Shadows.

1.2  Bleeding Souls History

Tayui was accepted into Jaded Shadows as Omega of the pack. She slowly rose in the ranks over the course of four years. She came to befriend the then-Alpha, Mordulin, and Fatin Kali, a long-time Beta and member of Jaded Shadows. After a year, she befriended a few members of the pack, but remained rather reclusive. She wandered out from the pack lands fairly often, almost always itching to go somewhere.

After some time in the pack, she began to learn low-speech from Pilot Haddon, and met a rather foul-mouthed crow named Bandit. Her mission to learn low speech soon morphed with her mission to salvage books and record a history of 'Souls.[1] [2] During her time in Jaded Shadows, she became the mate to Shaeniire Vanim and adopted two children: Agani, a lone puppy, and Ember Agaric, the daughter of her good friends Rain Oriel and Fly Agaric.

She and Fatin acted as Alpha's of Jaded Shadows since Mordulin's departure, and continued to do so through the winter months.[3] In the spring, however, a fire ravaged the lands of Bleeding Souls, forcing them to flee Ashen Mountain. Tayui lost her way and her pack, eventually finding a mountain farther south.

1.3  'Souls History

Tayui formed Shadowed Sun on April 5, 2008 alongside Pilot Haddon, Kieran Heartsong, Skoll and Zexion. They sought to create a pack intent on learning and sharing knowledge. Tayui and Pilot pooled their books together in a pack library, open to any pack member or even non-member. Shadowed Sun grew and eventually reached 9 members. By August, however, their numbers began to falter. After Skoll was killed in battle and Lubomir Varg disappeared, Tayui and Pilot decide to disband the pack.[4]

After the disbandment of Shadowed Sun, Tayui began to wander South, exploring all there was to 'Souls. She came in contact with her adoptive son, Agani,[5] met Vedr,[6] and her sister. [7] Tayui joined AniWaya shortly after the disbandment of Shadowed Sun. She came to grow quite fond of AniWaya, as the members were so warm and welcoming. Additionally, this was the first time in two or three years that Tayui was not a leader of a Shadows' pack, and greatly enjoyed being a member. She took the time to truly enjoy herself and continue her research. While in AniWaya, her family grew very quickly. She gave birth to four puppies on December 31, 2008: Claudius, Océane, Attila and Noir. She also brought Ember Phoenix to AniWaya and swore to keep an eye on her after she was attacked by a coyote,[8] was later reunited with Aurèle, who later joined AniWaya.[9] Tayui spent a lot of time in AniWaya with her family, which grew with the addition of her brother, Honoré. However, after a few months, her family disappeared and by November, Tayui, Honoré and Claudius were the only ones remaining from her family.

In March, she sought out Kaena Lykoi to question her about the Second Dahlian War.[10] She learned of the crimes Haku had committed and became convinced that Haku could not live if she wanted her children to be safe. Later that month, Noir returned to AniWaya. In April, Attila[11] and Aurèle[12] returned, and Tayui met with both of them. In May, Noir also returned and Tayui comforted her after a distressing run-in with Attila.[13] For a month, Tayui was incredibly happy to be surrounded by her family again and wished it would last forever.

When Aurèle came to visit Tayui in June 2010, she brought news of Noir's death.[14] They got into an argument and did not speak for months. Eventually, Aurèle disappeared. Ten days after Tayui found out about Noir's death, Haku trespassed on to AniWayan territory to find Tayui.[15] He told her he had murdered Noir and began inquiring about her other children. Tayui tried to lie and say they were all missing, but Haku knew she was lying and harassed her for more information.

In early July, Dawali found Tayui and she informed him of her daughter's death.[16] Three days later, she ventured to Inferni again to find Kaena and tell her of the recent development.[17] By this point, she was hellbent on destroying Haku and wanted Kaena's advice and support to attack him. In December, she finally decided she needed a change. AniWaya no longer felt like home and she decided to join a new pack: Anathema.

Tayui joined Anathema with Attila, but after her son disappeared, she grew apathetic and cynical. Joining Anathema had not solved her issues, even though she had created a fantasy that it would. Instead, she began stalking the coyote who had attacked Ember, and was eventually driven out of Inferni and attacked by him. She also met Eris , whom she slowly found to be somewhat distasteful in opinions, but not necessarily a bad person. Tayui persisted in wandering near Inferni's borders until she saw a group of canines heading west from Anathema. She followed them and ended up joining Salsola as she traded one obsession for another, this time following Eris. She remained in Salsola, but was still driven to boredom out of apathy. Eventually, she discovered that Eris had assisted in Noir's murder and realized that she could not stay in a pack where the sub-leader had murdered her daughter. She fled the pack, but not before she saw one of their pet cats kill one of Eris' children. She told no one of this.

After she left, she decided to act on her anger and gathered a group of canines to attack Salsola and punish them for their crimes. The attack failed and she was cast out to sea during a fight with Eris. She was very badly injured in the fight and while she was adrift in the Bay of Fundy. She nearly drowned, but washed up on the shores of Casa di Cavalieri, where she was taken in. Regner Vilhelmsen treated her wounds and she was immobile for two weeks. It took many months before she fully recovered from her injuries.

She returned to AniWaya to tell Claudius the news and met up with Anatole as well. She also met up with Anu and they lived in Berwick? as loners for a few months before they decided to seek out Vinátta as a new home.

2.  Personality

2.1  Initially

Since I began roleplaying Tayui almost four years ago, she has matured quite a bit. She quickly overcame her need of recluse, and lost her inability to communicate. She is a kind soul, and always has been, but such had been squashed by her worries, fears, and insecurities. She takes pride in her role as a pack member (now a leader), and has a great amount of pride in being from the pack of Jaded Shadows, especially since she is one of the older members now.

Tayui has managed to find herself in her time in the lands of Bleeding Souls, and is thoughtful and kind, if still a bit of a dreamer. Tayui is one who is extremely curious in the world around her, and vastly enjoys reading and writing. Since arriving at Bleeding Souls, she has been developing her reading and writing skills, and very much enjoys reading human Science books.

2.2  Middling Jaded Shadows Period

Tayui came to be devoted to her pack in such a way that it verges on mindless fanaticism. She was willing to die to protect her pack, and wished to remain in the pack until the time of her death. She came to be extremely strong-willed, and will stop at nothing to see that justice is served. She is known to hold a grudge if she believes the reason warrants it, but she can be just as forgiving as any other. She has a soft spot in her heart for puppies after having adopted Agani and Ember as her own.

She loves learning and reading, especially learning new languages. She tries to approach the world with an unbiased fascination with it, attempting to learn all she can without allowing bias to inhibit her. In this regard, she finds Thucydides to be the perfect human to model her research after.

Tayui has many faults and flaws, but essentially, she tries to do the right thing. Many times, she may come across as being overbearing, overprotective, or simply too aggressive, but this is due to her intense need to protect that which is important to her. She unconsciously tries to help those who are important to her, and may act more assertive than necessary when she begins to worry about her friends and those close to her.

2.3  Currently

Tayui's devotion and strong sense of morality have again surfaced. She is incredibly protective of her family and those who are close to her. She considers many, such as Dawali and Ember, to be more than just very good friends, and a part of a pseudo-family of closely-knit bonds. Now, her family has replaced her pack as her strongest emotional bond: while she does not feel the same desire to protect her pack, she instead feels a great duty to keep her family safe.

Noir's death affected her in many ways -- she had since revisited her cynicism from her earlier years, but with more intent. Before, she was mindlessly cyncial, and now, she is more aware of her state of affairs. She has also accepted that her morality may involve harming others if it will ease her guilt. She has recognized many darker things about herself, all of which she had been unwilling to admit when she had been younger. She recognizes that she needs revenge to deal with Noir's murder.

As before, she can still be quite overbearing, but is more soft-spoken. While she still holds her grudges and acknowledges and cultivates her biases, she also understands that not everyone is interested in what she is interested in.

Since her time in AniWaya, she has continued her reading and writing and spent a lot of time teaching Claudius her skills. As the only child who was interested, he quickly became her student in the ways of the world. She has again realized her love of teaching and is glad she has someone to pass her knowledge on to.


Tayui is often reserved and quiet upon first meeting someone for the first time. She tries not to appear threatening and prefers to be quickly forgotten. She enjoys cultivating strong relationships, so although she recognizes that to develop a relationship, one must first meet new people, she struggles with this. Although she was previously very friendly and outgoing, she has grown to be more shrewd and is less likely to reveal information on a whim.

Tayui is motivated by a strong moralistic desire to do right and often to be right. She dislikes failure and disappointment, so she has grown to judge others in a complex, often unfair way. Although she is quick to judge, she can also change her impression of another individual if they prove otherwise. She is motivated by a desire to make herself happy and has stopped trying to please others to bring satisfaction to her own life.

Tayui can often be hypocritical and although she thinks she has a strong sense of morality, this often shifts to fit what she thinks is right. That is, she justifies extreme actions as a means of explaining her morality. This is somewhat complex and she does not really realize she does this. For example, although Tayui values rules, if she does not agree with a rule, she may break it incrementally or pretend that it doesn't apply to her. Naturally, this does not make her immune to the rules; just an asshole.


  • Biases: Tayui is biased against others who she dislikes. If she decides she dislikes someone, she will recall the grudge and may not act upon it, but she will likely remember why she disliked them in the first place.
  • Species: Tayui thinks it is stupid to be biased against other canine species and therefore regards anyone who is as someone who is not worth her time.
  • Non-luperci: Tayui has little issue with canines who choose not to become a luperci. She doesn't see any reason to take issue with it since she believes that it is a decision for non-luperci to make.
  • Human behaviour: Although she understands the tendency toward increasing humanization, she dislikes living in houses and generally acting human. This is a problematic bias for Tayui, since although she reads books and writes, she hypocritically does not consider this to be 'acting' human.
  • Sexuality: Tayui is likely pansexual. She is attracted to esoteric ideals, such as strength and loyalty.
  • Substances: Tayui does not fault those who use recreational drugs or substances as long as it does not impede their ability to contribute to their pack or family. She used soft drugs when she was younger, but no longer sees the point.
  • Spirituality: Tayui is spiritual but not religious. She believes in a nature-based spirituality and values the contributions of flora and fauna to the world. She believes that individuals should follow their own sense of morality and therefore does not believe in following others' beliefs or requiring others to follow her own. She liked the spirituality of AniWaya because it aligned with many of her beliefs, but did not require her to adhere to them.

3.  Relationships

Tayui's Family Tree

As Tayui has aged, she has become more sociable and comfortable interacting with others. Although she was previously very reclusive, pig-headed and rather egotistical, she has managed to overcome her resistance to social gatherings. Now, she appreciates her friends and loves visiting with them.

3.1  Immediate Family

3.2  Extended Family

For more information, please see the Aston Family.

Tayui and her children, by Frost

3.3  Friends

3.4  Acquaintances

3.5  Enemies

Rain Oriel and Colibri Soul

With some of her friends, she was bitter enemies, or simply disliked them at first.[18] Even in her own ineptness, she slowly became more able to associate with others, and tried to comfort them when it was needed.[19] Eventually she began to develop a sense of moral duty to her 'friends,' including Rain Oriel, whom she had attacked when she had met her for the first time.[20]

As with Rain, when she initially met Colibri Soul, one who later became a friend of hers, it was on bad terms.[21] After the fire, Tayui and Colibri managed to find one another in 'Souls, and the two were able to reminisce a little and discuss the past. The meeting was awkward, but the two finally realized that they could patch things up and speak with one another civilly and frankly.[22]

Tempest Tide

Tempest Tide and her daughter Maeve ended up claiming a soft spot in Tayui's heart; she had never been accepted so willingly and was glad to be in Tempest's family's company.[23][24][25]


Mordulin Aika was one of the few individuals Tayui slowly warmed up to. She never really spoke to or with Mordulin when she was initially accepted into Jaded Shadows, however, over time, Tayui came to admire Mordulin. To Tayui, Mordulin was everything she never had, and the many things she did have. Mordulin served almost as a mother, but not quite. She was a role model and the one Tayui aspired to be.

After rising in the ranks a bit, Tayui came to confide in the older female, and spoke with her after Shaeniire's death. Mordulin comforted her and offered her advice when asked of it.

Fatin Kali and Shaeniire Vanim

Fatin Kali and Shaeniire Vanim came to be close friends to her, after a number of difficulties and series of awkward situations with each. Her relationships with Shaeniire and Fatin were intertwined, even in the beginning. Tayui met Shaeniire a short time after joining Jaded Shadows, seeking her to assist her in healing her burned legs.[26] The meeting was awkward, but she met with Shaeniire a second time to help her.[27]

Tayui and Fatin became tentative acquaintances when Fatin invited her to see her puppies, and asked her if she knew the whereabouts of Shaeniire, who had been Fatin's mate at the time.[28]

The second time Tayui saw Shaeniire after she had returned, Shaeniire inadvertently admitted her love to Tayui, changing the relationship between them dramatically.[29] The two later became mates, however, Tayui initially found the relationship awkward due to Shaeniire and Fatin's obvious history.[30] Tayui attempted to apologize to Fatin, who reassured Tayui that she was not angry at her for becoming Shaeniire's mate, but Shaeniire for having announced it in front of Fatin.[31] Nonetheless, her relationship after this was always quite awkward with Fatin, as she was never sure how to act around the other.

After living in Jaded Shadows for nearly a year, Fatin disappears and Tayui is promoted to Gamma. When Fatin returns, she is unsure how to act around the other, for she was always used to Fatin being of a higher rank than her, as Beta, no less.[32] The two begin to grow more comfortable around one another, and Tayui ends up suggesting one of the names for Fatin's new puppy.[33][34]

After Mordulin departs from Jaded Shadows, Fatin and Tayui are left to work things out together. Fatin suggests that they lead the pack together, and Tayui agrees and they both become the Alpha Females of the pack.[35] Fatin said it best, stating, "We are sisters. Sisters in rank, sisters in spirit, sisters in the pack."

After this, they ruled alongside as Alpha's, equal in rank, until the fire that ravaged Bleeding Souls.

Pilot Haddon

Tayui and Pilot Haddon were initially comrades in the pursuit of knowledge; Pilot taught her low speech and Tayui taught him how to read and write.[36][37] They met a second time to learn more from one another, becoming a little more comfortable with one another.[38] Eventually, they came to form a pack together based on learning and knowledge.[39]

Upon the dissolution of Shadowed Sun, Tayui rarely saw Pilot. The next time they met was during the creation of AniWaya; they joined as founding members.

Ember Phoenix

After saving Ember from a vicious coyote, Tayui brought the girl back to AniWaya with her to treat her wounds. Although Ember resisted Tayui's attempts to help her, they eventually formed a shaky friendship. Ember was the first to see Tayui's puppies after their birth, solidifying their relationship. Tayui thinks of Ember as something of a god-daughter, and feels a degree of kinship due to her namesake.

Aurèle Aston

Tayui does not know what to make of her sister and probably never will. Although Tayui initially believed she was a ghost returning to haunt her, she was (reluctantly) delighted to see some of her kin still alive. Once Aurèle joined AniWaya, the tension began to fade and the two were finally able to talk a little more amiably. Tayui values Aurèle greatly, as she helped Tayui more than once with her puppies.

Their relationship became very strained after Aurèle brought Tayui the news of Noir's death. They both accused one another of being selfish and did not speak to each other for many months. Finally, in October, Aurèle left AniWaya without a word, forcing Tayui to realize how much she had come to depend on her sister for her silent support.

Dawali Amara

Tayui values her friendship with Dawali most highly and thinks very well of him. He has helped her on multiple occasions taking care of her puppies, and regarded him to be the only acceptable male figure for them in their lives. Dawali is also one of Tayui's most trusted confidante's, and hopes to one day share the secret of her children's parentage. Until she is ready -- and until the puppies are ready -- Tayui plans to keep the secret from everyone, including their father.

Honoré Bélanger

Honoré is both Tayui's brother and second important male figure for her puppies. Although her initial meeting left something to be desired for[40], she realized that Honoré had good intentions, and knows he loves her children. Although Tayui has not spent as much time with Honoré as she has Aurèle, she hopes to get to know her brother better and catch up on lost time. Although, she is unsure if this is necessary, as he is exactly as she remembered him -- hopelessly silly! (And she loves him for it!)

4.  Relations

4.1  Love Interests


Past Mates

Past Lovers

Past Crushes

  • Astrophel Timaeus
  • Sober M'elname

Matchmaker Pairing

5.  Fights





6.  Abilities and Talents

6.1  Reading and Writing

Tayui began to develop a drive to learn when she was two years old, beginning with her desire to learn how to read. She began to work on improving her skills, travelling to the Concrete Jungle often to find books to read and copy. As she improved her reading and writing, she began to write her own ideas down, beginning with a history of Bleeding Souls. She encountered Phasma Kiles and Lucifer Sawtooth who helped her with the history of Syemv and Chimera respectively.

6.2  Storytelling

As she began to develop a love for reading, and as a result, a love for stories. She became the Baird in Jaded Shadows, and later, the Bard in Shadowed Sun. She enjoys telling stories, whether they are from Bleeding Souls, 'Souls, or a book she read.

6.3  Low Speech

She also began to learn low-speech from Pilot Haddon, with the assistance of a ghost crow named Bandit.[50] (Although she mostly only learned ways to curse in crow low-speech from Bandit).

6.4  Ghosts and Spirits

Tayui's encounters with the supernatural began when she befriended the ghost of her aunt, Viola Aston. She met many ghosts after this, including the ghost of her friend Fly Agaric and her ex-mate, Shaeniire Vanim. Shaeniire died only months after becoming Tayui's mate; however, she returned as a ghost for many more months following this. They spent many days interacting and talking, allowing Tayui to become more familiar with the concept of what a ghost was.

Soon afterwards, she became the Spiritualist of Jaded Shadows. When Shaded Sun was founded, Tayui took on the role of the pack Shaman, similar to the co-rank of the Spiritualist. Now that she is in AniWaya, she is in the Medicine tier; however, she is aiming to become the Bone Bearer ("Gola Watsi") of the pack.

7.  Appearance

Tayui, by Kiri

Tayui is part arctic luperci and tundra luperci, and has a creamy-white pelt, with a light tan stripe running from the tip of her nose, down her back, and ending at her tail. Tayui's right eye is red and her left is sky blue. The right is due to an injury she sustained while fighting her brother, Daedalus, as both eyes were originally blue.

She has a large scar that runs vertically over her right eye, but it has since faded. She has a wide scar on her neck, and three on her hindquarters, however these have also healed to some degree. Her forelegs also bear the marks where she sustained burns.

7.1  Colouration

  • Satin Linen (#E7E5DA): main pelt colour
  • Pavlova (#D6C395): skunk stripe, extending from her nose, down her head, neck, and back and ending at the tip of her tail.
  • Matisse (#197492): left eye iris colour
  • Japanese Maple (#790006): right eye iris colour

7.2  Luperci Forms


Tayui is quite large in size due to her tundra wolf heritage, and appears to be slightly larger than the average wolf. She has a sleek, yet predominantly muscular build. She has characteristically large paws to accompany her large frame. Despite her size, he moves with ease, well-accustomed to navigating her way. Although she is not graceful by any means, her stride is confident and determined.


Unlike most luperci, Tayui's secui form is not particularly impressive in size or mass. Although her muscle mass increases, it does not increase to as great a degree as most. She has the appearance of being extremely large due to the volume of the mane of hair that runs down her neck and back, which becomes considerably thicker. The skunk stripe that runs down her nose and back becomes split, and breaks off slightly into smaller flecks of tan, dappling the back of her neck less evenly than it does in her Lupus form.

She uses her Secui form to travel places quickly, and has come to use it as often as she might use her Lupus form. She prefers to use this when trekking across rocky terrain, as she finds it easier to maintain her balance with her larger paws and retractable claws. In general, she opts to use this form whenever she's on uneven ground.

Tayui also prefers to use her Secui form when she is hunting, though she prefers to track animals in her Lupus form.


Her muscle mass and height is vastly increased in her Optime form. She has a long, thick mane of fur that extends down the back of her neck. The skunk stripe that is prominent in her Lupus form becomes broken and jagged, breaking into multiple streaks of tan fur.

Tayui uses her Optime form mainly for reading, writing, and anything that requires the use of a tool. When she goes exploring in Halifax, as she finds it easier to navigate the human-style settlement while in this form.

7.3  Modifications

Tayui's scars, by Tammi

  • Scars:
    • One thin, faded scar bisecting her right eye. Inflicted by Daedalus Reed by accident. Re-opened by Eris Eternity in fight.[51]
    • Two jagged scars bisecting the top of her head. Inflicted by Eris in a fight.
    • A number of small and large scars on her neck. They are not visible due to her thick fur. Inflicted by Eris in a fight.
    • Various smaller scars all over her face, neck, and body. Inflicted by Eris in a fight.
  • Injuries:
    • First-degree burns on her forelegs. From a fire when she was 1 year old. They have since healed.
    • A concussion, broken bones, fractures, bruising, and other unspecified injuries. Inflicted by Eris in a fight and from her subsequent near-drowning in the Bay of Fundy. Many of these injuries will return in the form of arthritis and pains as she ages.
  • Other:
    • A number of chips in her right ear. Inflicted by Eris in a fight.

7.4  Gallery

Complete Gallery & Image Credits

by Aly

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