Attila Aston

Attila Aston

Attila, by Tammi
Photo by scjn
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Date of BirthDec 31, 2008
Age> 4 years


Meaning"senior as father"
"ash tree settlement"
HeritageTurkish, French


Birth placeAniWaya
Subspecies82.5% Arctic Wolf
12.5% Eastern Timber Wolf
5% Tundra Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)

Previous Packs

The Great Tribe
Aug 15, 2016-current
AniWaya (IV)
Feb 11, 2014 - Aug 15, 2016
Anathema (II)
Nov 16, 2013 - Feb 11, 2014
AniWaya (III)
May 1, 2013 - Nov 16, 2013
Tsisdu Kanati
Nov 27, 2010 - Dec 2010
AniWaya (II)
Apr 12, 2010
Gata Hineyu
Fire Tender
AniWaya (I)
Dec 31, 2008 – Nov 2, 2009

Attila Aston is the youngest son of Tayui Aston and Haku Soul, and brother to Claudius Aston, Noir Aston and Ocèane Aston. He is named after Attila the Hun and is something of an anti-thesis to Tayui's oldest son, Claudius. Attila has a very transitory and migratory personality, and can never seem to stay in one place for very long.

Attila is currently a member of The Great Tribe. He was a member of Anathema for a brief stint after AniWaya announced its intentions to move the pack to new lands in November 2013. He later rejoined AniWaya, where he remained until August 2016, at which point he, Tiva, Orléans, Simcha, and Aranck journeyed to the Great Tribe to join.

He is currently ranked as a Gatlvska (Crafter). He has a son, Orléans Aston, with Tiva Ajila.

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1.  Personality

Stemming from his bully-like tendencies in his youth, Attila has grown to become a sly creature with a mean streak of manipulation. Having learned that the powers of the mind are as strong as that of muscles, Attila began to act accordingly. Unafraid to do what is necessary to get his way, the boy learned how to easily woo women with his natural charm while at the same time learned how to talk his way out of nearly anything. Arrogant, slick, and conceited, the boy stops at nothing to talk his way into what he wants: clearly, inherited somewhat from his father. On top of it all, he tends to sleep a lot as well -- with or without women.

In the end, he does have a good heart, and is not without sympathy or mercy; he is capable of being a hero and is cooperative and kind more often than not. He respects and cares deeply for his mother and has recently reconciled with his brother, Claudius, but has not seen his sister, Ocèane in quite some time. Near the end of 2011, he learned of his true parentage, and while he had been somewhat indifferent to his father, he despised him after he discovered what Haku Soul had done.

He suffers largely from PTSD after the attacks. This causes him to steer clear from violence where he can. He suffers from mild flashbacks at the sight of blood, which gives him a strange personality change when he hunts. When it comes to getting medical attention, he usually looks away.

In addition to this, he finds it hard to get himself motivated. This leas people to believe he is lazy, but in truth he'd rather be doing something than nothing, but he finds it hard to get into the shake of things.

He's also tends to be childish despite his maturity.

1.1  Traits

  • Primary motivators:
    • Achievement — To overcome obstacles and succeed
    • Discovery and adventure — To explore, uncover mysteries, and pioneer
  • Core traits: curious, but apathetic about topics in which he is uninterested, which sometimes makes him come off as contemptuous or melancholy
  • Outlook: realistic, but confident in his abilities, if not always in others'
  • Integrity: somewhat unscrupulous, but can be quite industrious; however, he is often manipulative
  • Impulsiveness: spontaneous, often flighty and rash
  • Flexibility: he wavers between being quite adaptable when it comes to himself, and although he has a strong set of beliefs, he is comfortable weighing two sides to reach a conclusion
  • Affinity: self-absorbed, although when it comes to his family and friends, he can be very nurturing, empathic, and supportive
  • Comportment: he often comes across as being quite agreeable and charming, and although this was once mostly for show, as he has aged, he has become more courteous and modest
  • Interactivity: he is very engaging and interacts with others a lot
  • Conformity: heterodox, freethinking

2.  Skills

  • Fire tending (journeyman) — as a Firetender in AniWaya and a Firestarter in Anathema, Attila is well-versed in creating and managing fires, particularly in harsh conditions, such as mountainsides and in caves.
  • Hunting and gathering (journeyman) — since Attila spent so much time alone as a loner, he is very skilled in hunting and gathering herbs and berries.
  • Trapping (journeyman) — in addition to his hunting skills, Attila has learned from fellow travelers how to trap food to supplement his hunting.
  • Perceptive (journeyman) — Attila is very perceptive of situations and has a good ability to respond to others' emotions—even if he doesn't always choose to do so.
  • Fighting (journeyman) — as a result of spending so much time on his own, Attila is a very scrappy fighter and will resort to any means to win a fight.
  • Quebec French — Attila has a conversational level of proficiency in Quebec French and can identify some other French accents, such as Acadian and Parisian French. However, while he understands a good amount of French, when speaking it, a blender would have better pronunciation.

3.  Spirit Guide

Markku, in his first form

Markku, in his second form
Attila's original venture to find his spirit guide lasted only two days. In a small, sunny meadow outside AniWayan borders, he was set face to face with a large grizzly. After misunderstandings were cleared, it was discovered that this bear, named Markku, was his original spirit animal. However, his barn owl companion -- Attila had adopted it as a baby after knocking it out of a roof and breaking its wing -- was unfortunately killed by a hungry fox. The wolf, though able to save the poor bird's body, revealed his soft spot when he mourned and blamed himself for its death, having been distracted to protect it. Markku, seeing the boy's attachment to the owl, changed his form into the less bulky bird shape and continued to guide from there.
  • Name: Markku (Scandinavian, "rebellious")
  • Species: Common Barn Owl (tyto alba), formerly a grizzly bear (ursus arctos horribilis)
  • Dimensions: On the small side: 35cm.
  • Appearance: Typical barn owl in appearance: pale, ghost-like face in the shape of a heart, auburn feathers and a white underbelly. Its left wing is irregularly bent, evidence of an early break that never fully healed; the wing's tips drag on the ground and do not tuck into the body as per usual. The owl cannot fly.
  • Personality: Markku is more sarcastic and to-the-point, unlike Attila. While knowing right from wrong, Markku believes it best for Attila to have experiences of all kinds, thus he often leaves the boy to his youthful, sometimes misguided tendencies and sometimes even encourages them. Their relationship is similar to that of an apprentice and mentor.

4.  Relationships

Although he might not care to admit it, Attila has deep connections to his family. Although he played the role of the bully and the aggressive son, he strongly cares for his family and friends.

4.1  Family

Please see the Sadira, Soul, or the Aston family pages for more information.

4.2  Extended Family

5.  Appearance

by Nat

In his lupus form, Attila is handsome and thin, growing into a lightly muscular build. His fur is an off-white shade, though a motley of whites, tans, and creams dot throughout his pelt. As the white fur nears his feet, it fades to a slightly darker gray. The boy's eyes are a bright, icy blue, strikingly captivating and subtly romantic in his gaze.

When shifting to Luperci, the boy wears a light indigo bandana at the ridge of his hairline, where pure white curls cut at his eyes wave. The rest of his white curls twirl past his shoulders, often bound by a gold ribbon into a wild ponytail that rests on his neck.

5.1  Colouration

  • White (#ffffff): the majority of his fur is white
  • Parchment (#F3E6D9): fur along his neck and shoulders, flecked throughout his fur
  • Tundora (#494949) to Silver Chalice (#A3A3A3) to Alto (#DCDCDC): fading fur from the tips of his toes and feet to his shoulders
  • Tower Gray (#ADBABA): eyes

5.2  Gallery

Attila, by Tammi
Photo by scjn

Attila, by Lin

Image credit: Sas R. on Dawn Thieves

Image credit: Sas R. on Dawn Thieves

reference by Tammi, image by meantux

avatar by Tammi, image by Furlined

by Laura

by Miyu

by Syd

by Nat

by Raze

by Kiri

6.  History

6.1  Early History

Attila was a bully to his siblings since the beginning. Teasing, mocking, and otherwise tormenting his older siblings became a way of life. He and his brothers and sisters grew with plenty of freedom, raised by their mother and primarily uninterested in their father. The boy was never terribly strong, growing with lean but light muscles -- instead learning to use his mind to get his desires rather than his strength.

In an accident as a pup, Attila knocked a baby barn owl from its nest in a barn ceiling. It fell and broke its wing; the boy panicked and took it with him, unintentionally adopting the small owl. It accompanied him when the boy meet his actual spirit guide while on a two-day journey outside the tribelands: a grizzly bear named Markku. However, later in life the owl was eaten by a fox due to Attila's negligence; at the time he was traumatized and guilty for the loss, and Markku changed his bear shape to owl accordingly, as if to forever remind Attila of the consequences of his deeds.

6.2  Adolescence

Although Attila spent the first eleven months of his life in AniWaya, he left in November 2009 in search of adventure. He spent months trying to find himself and discover who he really was, away from his lax mother and her too-liberal parenting style. He returned to his home in April 2010 and quickly found that AniWaya was exactly like it was when he had left: boring. He met his cousin, Anatole Aston and found that they had much in common, including their annoyance at AniWaya.[1] He spent much of his time catching up with his family: his sister, Noir,[2] his mother, Tayui,[3], and also met Rurik Russo.[4] Eventually, the monotony of tribe life made it too unbearable to stay in AniWaya and he left again.

He spent much of his time wandering outside of 'Souls. When he returned to the area in December 2010, he chose to participate in the founding of Anathema.[5]A few days later, he came across his mother in Halcyon Mountain, who informed him that she had left AniWaya.[6] He asked her to join Anathema and she agreed. She also revealed that she had led two packs in her time and the two spent some time talking about it. He did not last long in Anathema: indeed, his mother outlasted him in the pack. He left once more and returned, this time as a loner, in August 2011.[7] He spent much of his time sleeping around, getting drunk, and exploring his youth in the most irresponsible of ways.

When he returned, he found that his mother, too, had left Anathema and found a new pack: Salsola.[8] Attila was surprised to see her change her pack once more and she soon revealed that she had joined Salsola to avenge Noir's death. She reveals to him that Haku Soul murdered Noir only a month after he left AniWaya the first time. She hadn't had time to tell him when they joined Anathema together and Attila is bitter that he did not find out until so much later. He wants to take revenge against Haku, but Tayui reveals that Haku is already dead. Instead, he vows to bring justice to anyone who commits such a crime.

Later, he ends up befriending Drizzt, who later joins Tayui himself in the Sequoia plot to overthrow Salsola.[9] Although Drizzt does not make it to the final battle, Attila shares some comraderie with the other wolf.

He returns to AniWaya and meets up with his brother.[10] Attila immediately apologizes, but realizes that something is different in AniWaya. Claudius reveals that Dawali has been deposed, AniWaya attacked Crimson Dreams, and Liliana Utina and Nayati Utina have been thrown out of the tribe. In all the turmoil, Attila suggests that Claudius leave and live with himself and Tayui in Halcyon Mountain, but Claudius rejects his offer. Although this bothers Attila at first, he comes to realize that Claudius must find his own path and is glad that Claudius is doing what he wants to do— even if it means putting his life in danger in AniWaya because of the war.

In September, Attila participates in the first meeting of the Sequoia Alliance.[11] He also participates in the further planning and joins in the attack against Salsola; although, he is separated from his mother at this point and the rest of the attack team. He barely manages to escape from the pack and flees 'Souls.

6.3  Adulthood

In May of 2013, Attila returned to AniWaya.[12] In December, he unwittingly became the father of Orléans Aston, by his packmate Tiva Ajila.

6.4  Thread Log


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