Tiva Ajila

Tiva Ajila is a former member of AniWaya. She joined in early 2012 alongside Aranck Eluwilussit from The Great Tribe. In January 2014, Tiva gave birth to her son, Orléans Aston.

In August 2016, Tiva, along with Attila, Aranck, Simcha, and Orléans left AniWaya to join The Great Tribe.

Tiva Ajila

Photo by Furlined
PlayerNone; pack NPC
Name MeaningTiva: dance
Ajila: fire
Name OriginUnspecified
Date of BirthApril 20, 2008
Species75% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
25% Eastern Timber Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeThe Great Tribe
Current packAniWaya

Current Pack

The Great Tribe

DatesNov 3, 2016 - current
RankOtlvna Gata (Fire Keeper)


DatesMar 25, 2012-Sep 1, 2016
RankOtlvna Gata (Fire Keeper)
Previous RankGata Hineyu
Co-RankGoods trader [1], [2], [3]

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1.  Personality

Tiva is a focused and dedicated Fire Keeper, and a soft and romantic soul that seeks well-being in the well-being of others. She might be impatient, and she is quick to judge those that act out of custom and law. Luckily, the warmth of her heart also quickly forgives. She is somewhat reserved towards others at first, but quickly reveals an open personality.

2.  Relations

Tiva was born in the Great Tribe to two longtime members. In AniWaya, she is very close friends with Simcha Fletcher and is also friends with Claudius Aston and Ulilohi Ehn. She is familiar with all of the previous firetenders of the tribe, including Grace Galaxy, Lilia a'Mahina, Ocèane Aston, and Attila Aston (whom she has a son, Orléans Aston, by).

2.1  Family

3.  Appearance

Tiva's appearance has not been set in stone, so she is malleable! :)

template by Despi

Tiva has a thick coat dominated by earthy tones, mostly brown and red shades. The majority of her fur is a rich chocolate brown, while her underbelly fades to an off-white. Her fur is highlighted by reddish tones, particularly on her muzzle, around her shoulders, and on the backs of her ears. She has vivid golden eyes.

Tiva walks with grace and a very powerful sense of awareness. She is a gifted dancer and this is obvious in almost every movement she makes.

3.1  Colouration

  • Millbrook (#5A4633) and Potters Clay (#8C5738): main coat colours
  • Birch (#362D22): darkest brown, seen on her back near her shoulders
  • Toast (#9C7660): coat highlights, lighest colours near underbelly
  • Mischka (#D2D2DA): underbelly
  • Mule Fawn (#975235): stripe up her nose, back of ears
  • Apache (#DBB763): inner ring of iris
  • Copper (#C38332): outer ring of iris

3.2  Gallery

by Marit

Photo by Furlined

Photo by Furlined

Photo by dalliedee

4.  History

Tiva was born into the Ajila family in March 2008. Conceived on the same night as her parents had made a fire ceremony in their home, they named her after the sacred fire dance, in the hopes that she might aspire to follow that path when she grew older: Tiva means "dance". Not only because she grew up to be a dutiful daughter, but also because she shared her parents' fascination with this art, Tiva sought this profession and trained in it. She reached the skilled level of the profession within a year of taking up the art, and has comfortably stayed on this level.

Tiva came to AniWaya in 2012 as a 4-year-old, as traveling companion to Aranck Eluwilussit, and to seek new adventure after a falling out with her father (who was pushing her to be Master in her profession, overly ambitious on behalf his daughter). She was accepted and well-liked within the tribe. In January 2014, she became a mother through her packmate Attila Aston — their accidental son Orléans Aston was born on the first day of the new year.

In September 2016, Tiva, Simcha, Orléans, Attila, and Aranck journeyed to the Great Tribe.

4.1  Threads

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