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July 23, 2010






?% Arabian Wolf



Grace Galaxy is a hippie. She will be joining soon. I lied. She joined forever ago and I haven't updated this. But I will!


Taking after her Arabian wolf heritage, Grace is slender and light. Her fur is mainly beige, with light off-white on her belly, and light brown on her head, back and tail. Her eyes are light, vibrant blue-green. She can usually be seen wearing a leather thong with a piece of polished turquoise on it, and a wooden beaded bracelet on her right wrist.

She often carries a knapsack, which contains books and journals, her peace-pipe, and a ney. The former was made by Grace herself; the latter two, gifts from her father, who was a skilled, self-taught woodworker. Her ney is simple, elegant, and functional, while her pipe shows a little more personalization, with turquoise stone set into chiseled ridges along the mouth-piece and bowl. Most, if not all, of the stones used on Grace's items are turquoise.

In her Luperci form, Grace is small, measuring about 5'8" and 155 lbs. She styles her mane in curls just past her shoulders, parted to one side. She usually wears clothing such as blouses and pants, many of which are hand-woven. Her favourite colours are blue, green and purple, and she wears them often, especially in pastel shades. She does not wear shoes of any kind. Grace very much prefers to be in this form, as she has been since she began shifting, per her tribe's culture.

In Lupus form, Grace is about 23" tall and 42" long, and she weighs approximately 50 lbs. Her body is slender and graceful, befitting of her name, and she is exceptionally good at moving quietly. Her ears are slightly large, owing to her Arabian wolf heritage. She will usually shift into her lupus form if traveling without a horse companion, or while hunting, but prefers to shift back into her upright form at the earliest convenience.

Even Grace scarcely knows what her Secui form looks like, due to her lack of desire to use it. However, on the rare occasions that she might be found in this form, she is slightly larger than in her Lupus form, weighing approximately 110 lbs, with a height of 30" and her length just double that.


An outgoing, spirited individual with big hopes and dreams, Grace is enthusiastic and generally positive, and she shines her light on everyone she meets. It's hard not to get drawn into her warmth, and she tends to bring out the best and brightest in others.

Grace tends to trust others first and ask questions later, and she wants to believe the very best of everyone. She can be seen as naive, but is usually somewhat insightful in identifying when others might be deceiving her. She simply refuses to believe that anyone might be truly bad; perhaps just making poor decisions.

To Grace, there is infinite potential in everyone and everything, and she can be easily distracted by the myriad places that the wind might be trying to take her. Despite this, she is very loyal and dedicated, returning home often. More than anything, Grace is energetic and excited about life.

Some perceive Grace as being scattered and unmotivated. This couldn't be farther from the truth, but she is only motivated to do things that interest her, and her interests are widely distributed across a variety of topics. She does have a few consistent interests in which she has invested much of her time.

She dedicates much of her time and energy to her animal companions, learning their physiology, instincts, habitats, and ways of communicating. She has also focused considerable effort into learning animal medicine, and she routinely takes animals into her care to nurse them back to health; most of these, she returns to the wild after they are healed, but Taj, her crow companion, was a rescue.

Grace has matured and learned a bit more focus since her sabbatical over the past summer. As always, she is easy-going and adaptable, but she has become more aware of her ability to direct and shape her life through the choices she makes.


Grace Galaxy was born in summer of 2010 to Mikhail and Iset. Mikhail was a Russian luperci, an armchair astronomer who had traveled through Eurasia, seeking happiness and peace. He met his mate in Egypt - she was a loner, who called herself Iset, and they fell in love. Both of them wished to see much more of the world than they had gotten the chance to explore, and so they decided to sail to North America, where they could make a new start, in a new place, with a new family.

Shortly before their voyage across the Atlantic, Mikhail and Iset conceived a litter. The voyage was set to be only one month long; however, inclement weather found them delayed. Iset gave birth to her first litter on board the ship to North America. Her first-born was a boy, and she called him Gabriel, for she believed that he would be strong and commanding. Her second-born was a girl, and she called her Grace, for she believed that she would be kind and esteemed.

The ship finally landed, after three months at sea. The new family was tired, hungry, and generally ill. They found a place to stay in Maine for a short time, regaining their strength, so that they might successfully find a new home for their family. After a few weeks of rest and relaxation on the beach, they decided that they'd best find a secure home before winter, as Mikhail had done each year's winter in Russia.

Finding a safe place for the winter seemed the best thing to do, with pups to raise. After resting in Maine, Mikhail headed east, moving his family to the mountains of Vermont. They moved into an old ski resort called Smugglers' Notch, where a group of luperci settlers lived in disjointed peace. With the influence of Mikhail and Iset, the occupants of Smugglers' Notch formed a small tribal commune. This is where Grace and her brother would grow up. It is the only place that Grace considers home.

Grace spent much of her first few months learning skills from her mother - weaving, sewing, and medicine. Her father taught her how to handle and train horses, and she applied the skills her mother taught her to animal medicine and leather-working. She and her brother were a blessing to their parents - kind, gentle, and obedient. They attended a community school, a class of eight luperci children born to the adults of the group, and Grace found herself interested in, and gifted at, biology and philosophy. In her free time, she could usually be found spending time with the tribe's horses or her brother Gabriel.

She finished her formal schooling in the autumn of 2011, and left home as part of the tribe's coming-of-age rite of passage. She traveled South in search of a horse that she would tame as a companion. She and her classmates, including Gabriel, packed their saddle bags and prepared to depart. Before she left, her father presented her with a token - a bracelet with one turquoise bead, for Grace herself, and seven wooden beads, each given by a member of her family. In return, Grace gave each of them a gift of her own belongings, something that would be useful to them personally. Leaving her family and her home was difficult, but knowledge and experience awaited. Before they departed, Briar added an eighth wooden bead to Grace's bracelet.

At last, in Pennsylvania, she happened across a herd of horses, including liver chestnut mare, Arabian by her appearance. This mare was the one that Grace spent the next few weeks bonding with and, at last, taming. She called the horse Layla, meaning "night" in Arabic. The two of them became inseparable. That winter, she rescued a small crow with a broken wing. After nursing him back to health and learning to communicate semi-effectively with him, they decided to stay together, and she called him Taj, Arabic for "crown," because he often perched on her head. Grace and her companions travelled north, finding themselves in Canada. Grace came to 'Souls in February of 2012, and settled down for a while in AniWaya, becoming the pack's Animal Carer. However, in March, she returned home to her family to find a new litter of pups born to Iset - two males, Cairo and Luka, and two females, Janan and Fedora.

Returning home had been a relief, and yet a burden. Now that the itch in her feet had been tickled, she felt restless and trapped. One night, she spoke to her friend Briar about her predicament - she didn't want to abandon her family and tribe, but she wanted new experiences. Briar agreed, and soon after, they set off with her friend. After a time of travelling together, they returned home, at which point Grace received the call for help from AniWaya in autumn of 2012. They parted on amicable terms, and Grace and her siblings brought supplies to help AniWaya rebuild the damage of the storm.


Parents — Mikhail and Iset
Siblings — Gabriel ♂, Janan ♀, Cairo ♂, Fedora ♀, Luka ♂