X'yrin Exultare

X'yrin Exultare was leader of Sangi'lak from its inception to its disbandment. She was the final leader of Ichika no Ho-en, is the mother of X'joroan Exultare, Veyra Evan'ule, Oy'vind Lambda, and Myu'vind Exultare, and the adoptive mother of Zeus Exultare. In November 2013, she followed her partner Sequoia Exultare to the Collective along with her Nomad brethren with the hopes that everyone will find a better path.

X'yrin Exultare

by Zyn



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Date of Birth

26 February 2008







X'y (psi) or Rin


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100% Tundra Wolf




Pack Sangi'lak
Rank Issa Shepard (Alpha)

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1.  History

Born to a Nomadic tribe, X'yrin found her way to 'Souls after granted permission to leave to wander down the Endless Path; an existential journey professed by her people to help the 'searching' soul find its new path on distant pastures. After wandering aimlessly for nearly two years, she came upon the lands of Nova Scotia and eventually met the borders of Ichika no Ho-en. Through the kindness exhibited by its members and her general curiosity for a 'normal' pack life, she was inclined to stay within their ranks and embrace a prosperous life where she was sure to find purpose. However the transition from a wandering soul to a sedimentary existance was far from easy.

By her wanderlust to return to the Endless Path, she met and later became mated to Saluce Exultare and also adopted the role of Shepard (mentor) to her first acquaintance and friend, Vesper. Finding a new purpose and balance between her wanderlust and stationary existence, she climbed the ranks of Ichika along the Envoy path to eventually become its Seiki (subleader) after the Jiryu Nayru's pregnancy. X'yrin later ascended to the role of Tenryu due to Razekiel's absence as well as Nayru's leaving to retrieve her stolen pup.

Ichika no Ho-en gradually dispersed, and X'yrin reconnected with her Nomads roots by forming Sangi'lak alongside Jaden Ohanzee. Tension between the co-leaders resulted in Jaden leaving, and X'yrin became the sole leader, soon giving birth to the children of her childhood friend X'ies Lambda as well as her trusted ally Zalen Damaichu. She allied her pack with New Dawn, celebrating the wild nature of their wolf ancestry.

1.1  Before 'Souls

In the midst of the winter in the cradle of the Canadian Rockies, X’yrin was born to the Nomad Collective within the warrior family, Exultare. She and her brother remained a part of the family while her sister became a part of another family. Though they were not isolated, interactions between the Exultare and Evan’ule were nil at best unless the circumstances called for otherwise. With her brother X’yro, the young female learned the ways of the Nomad culture, the paths they took during the affording seasons that marked the steps of the Ancestors. They played together, fought together, and were even scolded together as an inseparable pair that became the envy of the Exultare brood born that year.

Though as the pair underwent individualized training, it became more apparent the roles the two were molded to take as the son and daughter of the Exultare Shepard (leader). X’yrin spent more time with Shepard and interacted more with the other Nomad families, while X’yro continued to interact with his own, believing he was heir to the Family name. However when it was learned it would not be him but X’yrin, he became resentful of his sister and aspired to prove himself more worthy of the title of Shepard.

From then on, X’yrin’s puppyhood was little more than training, cultural lessons and etiquette. The days of ease and play were gone, save for the moments she could steal away with her childhood friend, X’ies. Through him, she was able to find her calm during the relentless days and found comfort in him when she witnessed the extent of the Exultare’s ability and power. And when her eyes were at last open to the elitist mentality of the Collective, it was through him she was able to make sense of it all without succumbing to thoughts of superiority above all other things.

But a crack marred her control as she reached her first year; the year that would turn her hatred and that of the Collective's toward dogs as a whole. Already they were perceived as lesser beings, as they were known to be subservient to the deceased humans, but became less still in the Nomads eyes following the events of that winter and spring. Due to a scavenging pack of dogs, the Family’s stock of food an rations was nil to support the entire Collective. Consequently the carrying mothers of the Collective could not feed to support the new life growing within them. For the entirety of that season, there were mournful cries and songs of sorrow as little after litter died from malnourishment. The Shepard’s second mate was even victim of this travesty with only one pup out of six surviving to see the light of day; X’yrin’s Lambda sister Luarno. The Exultare and select Lambda were personally responsible for the capture and torture of the scavenging dogs, leaving them mutilated for their crime, unable to breed offspring that would share such inferior genetics.

After a time, stability returned to the Collective, but the scars of life loss remained. More of the Collective would bury the past through labor and training, following the path of their Ancestors again and again til the motions were engraved and became second nature. But as the road became dull, the still young female’s mind began to wonder. What was beyond the mountains and familiar grass plains? What experiences were yet to be had? It was the calling of the Endless Path that pulled the Exultare from her Family and Collective, and set her on a two year journey to explore any and all…

2.  Lifestyle

2.1  Family

See: Nomads. Since she left her nomadic pack her ties there have slowly faded. It is uncertain if she will return or if she will reconnect with them anytime soon.

Immediate Family

X'yrin and her litter, by Nat

Offspring by X'ies Lambda:

Offspring by Zalen Damaichu:

The Exultare

This is X'yrin family or faction of the Nomadic whole, made up solely of warriors and guards. Not all within the family are related by blood but they look to the other as brother and sister, father and mother. Like the other families, they do not breed into themselves but are betrothed to those like their skill-level, or in rare cases are offered as vessels or donors to familiar packs wolves to cement their positive relations. It is not uncommon for a warrior to go a lifetime without breeding, but the discipline called for such control against the urge is said to be near unbearable.

To abate these urges, they focus on enhancing their strength and sharpening their art of hand-to-hand combat. The Exultare are unique in their style, taking the more defensive posture so that they can divert negative energy into positive, subduing the aggressor and talking down their aggression.

However they are capable of offensive strikes, and there in lies the danger. Seasons of strict discipline on the defensive stance suppresses the more feral nature, making it dangerous when it finally surges forward. Whether it is known to the Exultare or not, constant defense against an attack wears away at them til the inevitable want for release grows. Their lust for battle consumes them, the desire to be the offender is all that drives them and their skill that was used to divert hostile energy becomes one to exhibit it often to limits beyond their control.

An Exultare Shepard is marked by their ability to succumb to this unwavering desire and make peace with it, but retain the civilized part of themselves. Few manage the transition successfully and those that fail usually leave the family of their own volition to seek other means to satisfy their hunger.

The Nomads are a single unit comprised of various families all marked by special skills. The Exultare are deemed the Nomadic warriors, defending the pack from hostile wolves they may not take kindly to their travelling culture. They also act as escorts for the ambassador families and guards to the family Shepard.

Each family has its own Shepard, or 'Head of the Family'. Governing them is the High Shepard; a single lead that takes the Nomads on their journey through the paths of their forebears. The High Shepard is chosen in rotation, the title passing from one family to the next based on the change in season. No Shepard can hold the title of High Shepard twice in any given season, even if the present High Shepard passes on due to illness.

Once the title of High Shepard has been given to a particular family, they are advised to train their successor in their art so that they may assume the role when their time comes again. The rotation that has passed on through countless generations is believed to maintain balance and fairness so that each family lead garners the experience to pass on to their successor. So far this practice has been able to withstand the test of time.

As the name suggests, Nomadic lifestyle differs from the traditional pack structure. As they are known to move from place to place, it is difficult to cross their path unless their routes are known by their familiars. It is customary for Nomads to greet familiars and unknown passers with a gift, be it a trinket or something as significant as food. These gifts are a form of 'trade' bestowed as thanks for the encounter be it to exchange information or a simple greeting of 'hello'.

Trading can extend as far as providing a hunter to a needing pack or clan, or a healer during hard times. The trade often constitutes compensation in the form of privileged residence or temporary reign over the hunting grounds. The Nomads tend to be well verse and skillful, adapting to whatever situation in need of their services.

2.2  Abilities



CHARACTER learned how to skill in AREA from CHARACTER. Otherwise, Character engaged in PRACTICE to help sharpen this skill. Possibly think about: character's biggest accomplishment/worst failure with skill?



CHARACTER has/has not attempted this skill. Why are they bad at it? What went wrong? Could they improve themselves, or are they incapable?

2.3  Residence

Character resides in the Territory of Ichika no Ho-en in http://ichika.soulsrpg.com/residential-index (map to follow). She lives in a earthen Den with her mate Saluce, whom helped her to dig out the den that now encompasses several rooms.

Previous residences could be listed in a separate paragraph.

2.4  NPCs

Unknown at this time

X'yrin's companion is a Eurasian Eagle Owl. Nameless He remains untrained and nameless, following the Nomad belief that when his name is known to him, he will recite it to her. It is against the culture to bestow a name to any individual, companion or successor.

2.5  Inventory


Household Items

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Other Items

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3.  Appearance

Secui X'yrin by Nat

Women reserve the rite of vanity, and this one is no exception. But while her fur is nothing of splendor, it is but a part of her whole that makes her into a unique being.

A Tiger's Eye, in lupine form, resembling the striking stone with rich hues of russet and flecks of gold. The whole of her coat is bathed in earthen autumn tones. Auburn blanketing her strong, agile limbs and warm rust upon her mane. Secui form is her preferred manner to be seen, since in her mind there is little need to take the bipedal form. It appears more as a hindrance than a blessing, where as upon four limbs, her lengthy strides are put to better use.

Her long legs and wide girth paws were destined to take the earth beneath them, even their darkened hue would suggest this with deep umber coursing up just above the pastern as if stained by the earth itself. Also in her halfling form, there is much more of her hide to exhibit. The seamless melding of varying shades of rust and auburn carry one's eye along her the length of her back to the tip of her tail. Flecks of gold shimmering down the length under a bright, morning light.

And lastly are her eyes nestled within a slightly narrowed visage, made larger by her preferred form. Radiant amber, saturated by mood and desire from soft gold, to dulled bronze but hardly straying further along this range. While in Secui form her ears are stout, no smaller than average and certainly not too large; but right for her size.

Having gotten used to her Optime form (though it's still not the preferred), she has adapted to having her mane long and somewhat groomed. It retains a deep auburn luster cascading down the length of her back to the base of her tail. Unruly bangs frame her face, often falling in front of her eyes when in repose. During hunts and spars, if she has it with her, she'll fashion a scrap of hide as a headband to pull the hair from her eyes.

She stands tall in this form, more often towering over others at her awkward height, but she has learned to carry it with some pride. When not adorned in her trophies, she wears nothing resembling clothes, feeling them to be a hindrance to her lengthy strides and other movements. Her coloring remains the same, though her 'boots' and 'gloves' darken slightly.

As she utilizes her Secui form less and less, her Optime digits become more sensitive, mainly her hands and tail. Her feet are as strong and calloused as ever though as her weight is more supported on the forward pads

Sizing Chart





(41 kg)

34 in
(88 cm)


220 lbs
(100 kg)

42 in
(108 cm)


246 lbs
(112 kg)

7ft 8 inches (92 in)
(235 cm)

Prefers Optime form.

3.1  Build & Species

X'yrin is strikingly tall, building upon her good genes from her sire and dame, neither is she willowy and fragile. Her muscled tone is often hidden behind her lush coat of fur.

3.2  Coloration & Fur

Coloration -- many players use Name That Color to help themselves with coloration. If you'd like to show exact colors, Woody Brown is an example for you. If your character has a varied pattern/coat, you can discuss it here. Don't forget to mention their eye color, either.

3.3  Accessories

  • Owl Feathers that adorn her golden mane. They are gifts from her companion.
  • Collar given to her as an engagement gift from Saluce. Wears it always like her feathers.

4.  Personality

Speak kindly and the tone will be returned to you. Show kindness and it will be returned in one form or another. Rarely does anything warrant the hostility of this otherwise docile female, but should any have the misfortune of doing so, her ferocity is something to be reckoned with.

It is simply not in her nature to be difficult with anyone, at least she does not intend to be difficult. X'yrin is an outspoken woman when the time calls for it. Otherwise she is obedient, doing what needs to be down for the good of the pack and those within. But she is not below raising her voice to what she does not agree with. Rather she voice her opinion at the first sign than allow undesirable transgressions to continue uncontested.

But she is respectable, recognizing rank as it should be, but again she is not below setting someone in place should they need it. She finds comfort in constants and is bothered by disturbances to the norm once it's established. She has lived with the desire of finding her peace of mind and maintaining it by whatever means are necessary. Twice it has gotten her into trouble, but twice she found her solace and lived to relish it.

Without a doubt, the female would deem herself agreeable to all, never asserting herself as prejudice or spiteful less it's called her, and rarely would she lay the first blow. Assess without contest then make a move from there... A philosophy she has learned to live by and thus far it has done well for her.

Verbally, she is a soft-spoke individual but not shy to say the least. Rather than use her voice unless necessary, she engages the other with gestures and sounds. A paw at the ground to show distress, or a shrug of her shoulder for indifference. It is only when her gestures are not understood that she proceeds the gradual Optime transition. And when forced into this form, she's often found in a less than desirable disposition.

4.1  Speech

The Nomads are a gestural people that only use verbal communication during lecture and training. Because of this, X’yrin is less inclined to speak unless in Optime form. However when she does, she voice is always soft, hardly raised above a whisper unless (rarely) angered or taken by a bout of excitement. Her words are often very clear and articulate, but for names and words she does not understand, she substitutes them as best as she can with words or sounds she does recognized. When at a loss for understanding, her voice often hitches with a whine or whimper though discomfort or disease could hardly be read on her face. The same could be said for when enraged, though her face may not display anger, her voice would not be able to conceal a growl.

While in more natural forms like the lupus and secui, she hardly speaks the human tongue at all unless spoken to first. In themes forms, she is more inclined to follow how instinct dictates by following the gestures of her form and sounds of her voice. Her behavior is less human-civilized as are her gestures, but if she is able she will resort to Nomadic gestures to convey a notion or point that lupine voice may not comply with. (ie. Tapping the head - “Understand?”, Pawing at the head- “Don’t understand.”, Extending a paw- “Asking for permission” or “Lead the way.”, Tapping the nose- “Thinking/Have a thought” or “Pay attention.” )

Residing among a mix of people, she has no real accent of her own to speak of.



She was naive to the pleasures of the flesh, but she quickly learned after she met her mate, Saluce Exultare. She enjoyed a healthy lifestyle with him. After he left Ichika No Ho-en and Sangi'lak was formed, she mated with both X'ies Lambda and Zalen Damaichu to conceive her pups outside of mateship. X'ies was her partner until his accidental death. Zalen remained her lover until he took Raeka Rain as his mate, at which point a spurned X'yrin accepted Asgeir's proposal. X'yrin and Asgeir were unable to conceive a litter despite their efforts, and without family ties to hold him down, Asgeir eventually left to travel.