Ichika no Ho-en


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Ichika no Ho-en

ColoursBlue Stone (#03615F) & Hippie Green (#4F9149)
Founded ByRazekiel Lykoi, Nayru
Founded OnJuly 1, 2011
Disbanded OnApril 27, 2012

Past Leadership

Former LeadersRazekiel Lykoi, Nayru, and X'yrin Exultare

Pack History

Preceded byDahlia de Mai and Phoenix Valley

Ichika no Ho-en was formed with the merging of two long-time packs, Phoenix Valley and Dahlia de Mai, in July of 2011. It disbanded on April 27, 2012.[1]

Founded by Razekiel Lykoi and Nayru, Ichika no Ho-en is a pack centered on seeking peace and unity with all different walks of life. Many of its members are spiritual and nature-lovers seeking a safe haven that provides opportunities to grow as an individual and be part of a family. Drawing from countless spiritualities and walks of life, Ichika seeks to unite members of all types and backgrounds to create an all-encompassing, all-embracing environment free of any discrimination and where members can celebrate and share their beliefs, as well as learning from those of others.

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    3.   1.3  Dahlia de Mai Immigrants
    4.   1.4  Phoenix Valley Immigrants
    5.   1.5  Current Leadership
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    2.   4.2  AniWaya
    3.   4.3  Cour des Miracles
    4.   4.4  New Dawn
    5.   4.5  Crimson Dreams
    6.   4.6  Anathema
    7.   4.7  Salsola
    8.   4.8  Casa di Cavalieri

1.  History

A detailed account of the events that led to Ichika no Ho-en's formation, as well as up-to-date information on the pack's status, can be found on the pack's website, located here!

Information on InH's pack name, icon, colors, territory choice and more can be found on the website's Technical Pack Information page.

1.1  Founding History

Ichika no Ho-en began with the reunion between Nayru and Razekiel Lykoi.[2] Razekiel wanted Nayru to bring her pack with him to what is currently Ichikan territory, but initially, Nayru had been hesitant to uproot her entire family and pack. However, after having many dreams of Dahlia de Mai being burned down, sometimes by herself, Nayru eventually ceded that it was time for a change.[3] The two later visited an old temple and decided it would indeed be a good place for a pack.[4] The two later returned to Phoenix Valley, where Jefferson Soul disbanded the pack in the aftermath of Lucifer Sawtooth's attacks on many Phoenix Valley members.[5]

Founding Members

As Ichika no Ho-en was founded out of two full yet merging packs, Ichika has the greatest number of founding members to-date.

1.2  Founding Leaders

1.3  Dahlia de Mai Immigrants

1.4  Phoenix Valley Immigrants

Former Active Characters

Many of the founding members of the pack have chosen to move on to other packs or have wandered off into the country side; before disbanding, these were the active characters.

1.5  Current Leadership

1.6  Current Members


On April 27th, 2012, Ichika no Ho-en was disbanded due to low membership.

2.  Territory

  • See the website's Territory page for land descriptions, places to RP in, and more!

Located between Halcyon Mountain and the Northumberland Strait, Ichika no Ho-en claimed for themselves some of the most variable territory available in Nova Scotia. Having claimed the once prosperous New Glasgow, Ichika no Ho-en ranges betweenboth a mountainous and coastal pack, their borders lined with small stones and fresh flowers.

3.  Culture

  • See the website's Culture page for an in-depth analysis on InH ideals and traditions!

All-embracing and non-discriminatory, Ichika no Ho-en forbids racism and intolerance. Its ranks shaped to work together, members act as a large family, and are encouraged to find mates and procreate. Celebrations are held very often, both for holidays and for important strides in individual members' lives, such as coming of age and pregnancy. Ichikans respect and revere nature and spirituality as if they are actual members of the family. In general, members are expected be pure of heart and accepting, both to one another and to strangers.

4.  Pack Relationships


— Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
— Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
— Neutral.
— Good relationship, but no official alliance.
— Officially allied.

Active Packs

4.1  Inferni

Though founding leader Razekiel Lykoi was born in Inferni and well-known there, Inferni is not necessarily comfortable with Ichika no Ho-en quite yet, more or less as a result of past tensions with Phoenix Valley experienced throughout 2009. Inferni is Ichika no Ho-en's neighbor to the south, ironically or otherwise. While scouting Ichikan territory, Aquila Ezekiel de le Poer and then-Centurion Halo Lykoi were initially suspicious of the peaceful pack. Tensions mounted when former Optio Sage River Lykoi chose to leave Inferni for Ichika, but the replacement Optio, Vesper is friendly toward X'yrin.

4.2  AniWaya

Phoenix Valley had been actively allianced with AniWaya during its reign, as Valley leader Jefferson Soul and longtime Kalona Dawali Amara. But with Nayru and Razekiel gone no plans remain in place to reconnect, especially after their war in the south. No further talks have taken place in trying to establish any sort of relationship.

4.3  Cour des Miracles

Just as Dahlia de Mai and Phoenix Valley had been almost entirely neutral with Cour des Miracles, so is Ichika no Ho-en with them for the time being.

4.4  New Dawn

New Dawn Is a relatively new development near Ichika, for now the pack remains optimistic but since one of their members trespassed their borders in January they still retain a neutrality with them at this time.

4.5  Crimson Dreams

Just as Dahlia de Mai and Phoenix Valley had been almost entirely neutral with Crimson Dreams, so is Ichika no Ho-en with them for the time being. However, leaders intend to meet with and attempt to alliance them as soon as they are able.

4.6  Anathema

Ichikans are actively wary of their eastern neighbors, who lay in a very short proximity inside the mountain Ichika is settled on. Leaders know well the reputation of the dark pack and are very cautious, but as Anathemans have not yet offended Ichikans in any way, they remain neutral. Recently there have been stirings of warmth between the two packs, most Notably between X'yrin Exultare and Alaki as well as Saluce Exultare and Aeron Ganesa and interest in helping to create a more friendly atmosphere and maybe with sometime and work an alliance.

4.7  Salsola

Just as Dahlia de Mai and Phoenix Valley had been almost entirely neutral with Salsola, so is Ichika no Ho-en with them for the time being. Since relationships between the two packs haven't flourished since Ichika's inception their neutrality in thinking toward Salsola still remains, and no plans at this time have been made to reach out to them

4.8  Casa di Cavalieri

Due to interactions between the two packs lately, most notably with Wayne McCoy being sent to train and learn under the care of Ichikan leaders and the friendship between X'yrin Exultare and Jazper Rhiannon-Knight Ichika is starting to look upon this pack in a friendlier light. In the coming months it will be interesting if the packs remain just friendly or properly ally themselves together.


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