Veyra Damaichu Evan'ule

Veyra (pronounced Vay-rah) is the daughter of X'yrin Exultare and Zalen Damaichu, conceived by two leaders to be the living embodiment of the alliance between New Dawn and Sangi'lak. She was born in Sangi'lak but left at 6 months of age to get to know the other half of her heritage. She stayed in New Dawn into adulthood, and became a respected member there before it dispanded. She followed her mate, Callum Knight, to Casa di Cavalieri after New Dawn's disbandment, and is mother of their children: Eros Damaichu, Marius Damaichu, Munroe Knight, Harlequin Knight, Rohan Damaichu and Aldora Knight.

In the Spring of 2018, she succumbed to the madness of the Alien Flowers and threw herself off the sea-cliffs to her untimely death.

She was survived by her mate (Callum Knight), four sons (Eros Damaichu, Marius Damaichu, Munroe Knight, Harlequin Knight) and single daughter (Aldora Knight)

Veyra Damaichu Evan'ule

Veyra, by Nat

Name MeaningThe River
Name OriginSwiss
Date of Birth4 Nov 2012
Date of Death10 April 2018
Subspecies84.375% Canis lupus, 12.5% Canis latrans, 3.125% Canis rufus
LuperciYes, Ortus
Birth placeSangi'lak
Current packCasa di Cavalieri
'Souls Profile

Previous Packs

Casa di Cavalieri

Joining dateAugust 2015—10 April 2018
RankSecond Cadet
SignificanceLabor class

New Dawn

Joining dateMay 9, 2013[1]


Joining dateNovember 4, 2012

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1.  History

Veyra was born to X'yrin Exultare on November 4, 2012. She was born with three half-siblings, being the only one with Zalen Damaichu as a father in a multi-fathered litter. The father of her siblings was X'ies Lambda, who passed away only a month after their birth. X'yrin Exultare then took Asgeir as her mate, making him Veyra's stepfather. She grew up with her brothers in Sangi'lak, and once she underwent her first shift, she moved to her father's pack, New Dawn. She lived there into adulthood, and took on a mate, Callum Knight, and stayed within the pack until her fathers death and the packs disbandment. She then moved to Callum's birth pack, Casa di Cavalieri, and had by him five sons and one daughter.

Veyra passed away on April 10th, 2018 when she came into contact with the unusual flowers growing along the Shattered Coast - she was survived by her mate and all her children and grand-children

2.  Personality

Growing up around a gang of males she has learned quickly to fight for dominance and to get to the point in conversations. Because of these tendencies Veyra could be considered a bit of a rough and tough tomboy figure. She has a love for nature and feels truly within her element when exploring and living off the land. Due to her mother being the only leader of a pack, this girl has a healthy appreciation for female power and will look down upon women who are meek and fragile.

Her upbringing as the princess of two packs has boosted her ego slightly, causing her to act self-righteous at times when she feels pushed around. She is very prideful on matters of status within the pack but is more than eager to prover her worth to others. At times she can come across as vain but Veyra does not care much for appearances unless she is acting on behalf of Casa di Cavalieri. She has a softer side for those who have proven their loyalty to the pack.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Damaichu + Nomads

4.  Appearance

Setting her apart from her half-siblings Veyra is the darkest out of the litter. She takes colors from both sets of parents, but it was easy for X'yrin to realize who her true father was.

4.1  Coloration

Mondo —Her main pelt coloration is mondo.

Night Rider —Veyra has several instance of a dark night rider shade on her body. It is most prevalent on her underside, covering the majority of her tail and paws. It can also bee seen on her facial markings; around her eyes, cheek dots, and running down to the corner of her nose. The back of her ears are also this shade, and it is the low-light on her back.

Jambalaya —The most vibrant color on Veyra's coat is a splash of jambalaya on her snout. This color can also be seen flecked in highlights along her backside.

Timberwolf —Timberwolf white is the coolest color on Veyra's body and only appears around her mouth and the tip of her tail.

Wasabi —Veyra's eyes are an intense wasabi green, like her father's.

4.2  Forms




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4.3  Gallery

Pelt coloration, colored by Nat

Veyra Optime design by Nat

By Aly

Family portrait by Nat

Sangi'lak family portrait by Zyn

By Nat

Family portrait by Courtney

By Nat

By Raze