X'ies Lambda

X'ies Lambda originated from the Nomads and was a member of Sangi'lak, who died in December 2012. Father of X'joroan, Oy'vind and Myu'vind.

X'ies Lambda

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Date of Birth

28 December 2007

Date of Death

21 December 2012[1]






Canis Lupus Albus




Typically he has a somewhat rough appearance, which garners him a reputation as the lazy kind. In truth though he just doesn't much see a point in dealing with something like that on a consistent basis. In his lupuis form this trait is probably more obvious when compared to others that would be considered "cleaner" or at least with a finer coat. His coat is primarily grey and white, although does have certain patches of black throughout. X’ies left ear is also chipped, cut off just at the tip, a visible mark of a previous fight, however this mark is in actuality self-inflicted. In both Lupine and Secui form he will walk( and at times run) with a visible limp on his front right paw, this is rumoured to be down to a scuffle he had as a pup. However in truth its merely a rouse, a sort of social camoflague to exterminate him from the minds of others as a threat. Combined with his rough unkempt coat this gives him the image of a mangey animal.In Optime form, this will be translated as an issue with using his right arm for certain activities.

Overall he appears to be the hobo equivalent of the animal world. Unclean, undesirable. However in this status he finds refuge. Often hearing more than he is supposed to, making him an effective spy. In Optime form, his mane is remarkably long for a male; also a Nomad trait to represent the seasons endured. Like his other forms, he is not remarkably muscled but well off to display he has undergone some kind of training. He would profess that while his body may look weak, his mind is a far more effective weapon.

  • Often stays in his Lupus form unless instructed otherwise.
  • Always wears an owl feather; a Nomad sign of 'wisdom'


More oft than not his personality is a mask, wearing a different one with each individual. The majority of time the mask he will wear is the one adopted for his " poor me" approach to life. Quiet, selfish, lazy. This mask in conjunction with his generally mangy appearance is an effective cover for learning. He isn't as strong or as well trained as some of the other Nomads, but then his family rarely ever is. Lambdas often specialize in diplomacy. And often information is a more powerful tool than ones claw.

Perhaps the closest mask that he wears to his true personality is shown when dealing with those that he wishes to manipulate. Careful, but at the same time, energetic. When he has someone right where he wishes them to be often its a case of a puppy and string. Eager to snap at it, to see where it goes. As tightly knit as the Nomads are, he tries to keep himself as distant as possible. To him, no one is barred from being used if the opportunity requires it.X’ies is a selfish individual whose own needs tend to outweigh those of his own ilk, at least in his own mind.

  • Fears: Failure, Opening up to Others, Being Vulnerable
  • Motivations: Self-Progression, Cultural Superiority
  • Traits: Cold, Ruthless, Logical
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Life as a pup is pretty much a rough and tumble affair. For X’ies it was your average first few weeks of life. Though he quickly came to learn that whilst he was of equal or greater size than some pups. His ability to take part in play conflict was limited not only due to his genealogy but due to the point of thinking far too much about his own roles within. This was of course, normal in his family. After all they were diplomats, chess players. Putting themselves at the center of a situation and thinking of the best move to make. Fighters tended to act brashly, without forethought. These were the first lessons of the pup X’ies. Conflict of claw and fang was not his strong point, conflict of the mind however was. As he grew his talents too would emerge, training in negotiation, how to dismantle a hostile situation without bloodshed would be a regular occurrence. It was through this that an air of elitism began to develop viewing his family as the true safeguards of the collective.

But of course, there was a separate issue that branched off from this, negotiation and defusing situations were all well and good. But the idea of escalating a situation on purpose. Now that to him always seemed like a tantalizing idea. Conflict could be used, could be taken advantage of as a tool of social change. His ideas of course, were not openly shared and for the most part. He kept them to himself. These ideas however did not disappear, rather they twisted inside like a gnarled root becoming part of his being. Whilst most in his family thought of the collective, he thought of himself. Of how he could further his own interests using the skills that he had both inherited and developed. It was at this time that a particular female left the collective, this was considered an oddity, and spurred in him an idea that he had not quite considered. Leaving the collective for his own purposes, the girls reasons of course were less selfish than his own taking the endless path, allowing her free leave. It was unlikely of course that if he used the same excuse he could walk freely.

Instead he bided his time, developed, trained. Waited for the right time. The right moment.

A year later with no news of the female, her brother decided to leave in search for her. This of course was a curious moment, X’ies had always gotten the feeling that this one had a scope of ambition about him. So his reasons for leaving in search of his sister were to him clouded by a sense of grey. A line that led to multiple conclusions. Curious, X’ies seized this opportunity and opted to join X’yro on his journey. This provided him with enough of an excuse to leave the collective. After a few days travelling together in relative quiet, X’ies managed to slip out of company during foggy weather. It was at this point that he began to travel. Inflicting his ear wound and keeping his fur unkempt and faking a limp to pass him off with a social disguise. It was in these times away from the judgmental eyes of his family that he developed his taste and talent for the escalation of situations. And sometimes even, their creation.

Now at the age of four, he continues his games. Listening in, watching. Playing. Still in the back of his mind, curiosity plays out wondering just what happened to the collective and whether or not X’yro ever found his sister X'yrin