X'yro Exultare

X'yro Exultare

X'yro Exultare, by Nat
PlayerNuki, Aayden
Name OriginNomads
Date of Birth12 Feb 2008
Subspecies100% Tundra Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeNomads
Current packSangi'lak

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Joining dateMar 2013
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Joining date12 Feb 2008

X'yro Exultare is the twin brother of X'yrin Exultare and one of the Nomads. He is a former member of Sangi'lak.

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1.  History

Contact Zyn for full history!

1.1  Off-board History

In the midst of the winter in the cradle of the Canadian Rockies, X’yro and X’yrin were born to the Nomad Collective within the warrior family, Exultare. The littermates remained a part of the family while their sister became a part of another family. Though they were not isolated, interactions between the Exultare and Evan’ule were nil at best unless the circumstances called for otherwise. The two siblings learned the ways of the Nomads culture, the paths they took during the affording seasons that marked the steps of the Ancestors. They played together, fought together, and were even scolded together as an inseparable pair that became the envy of the Exultare brood born that year.

Though as the pair underwent individualized training, it became more apparent the roles the two were molded to take as the son and daughter of the Exultare Shepard (leader). X’yrin spent more time with Shepard and interacted more with the other Nomad families, while X’yro continued to interact with his own, believing he was heir to the Family name. However when it was learned it would not be him but X’yrin, he became resentful of his sister and aspired to prove himself more worthy of the title of Shepard.

(From then on, X’yrin’s puppyhood was little more than training, cultural lessons and etiquette. The days of ease and play were gone, save for the moments she could steal away with her childhood friend, X'ies. Through him, she was able to find her calm during the relentless days and found comfort in him when she witnessed the extent of the Exultare’s ability and power. And when her eyes were at last open to the elitist mentality of the Collective, it was through him she was able to make sense of it all without succumbing to thoughts of superiority above all other things.)

A year passed that would turn their hatred and that of the Collective's toward dogs as a whole. Already they were perceived as lesser beings, as they were known to be subservient to the deceased humans, but became less still in the Nomads eyes following the events of that winter and spring. Due to a scavenging pack of dogs, the Family’s stock of food an rations was nil to support the entire Collective. Consequently the carrying mothers of the Collective could not feed to support the new life growing within them. For the entirety of that season, there were mournful cries and songs of sorrow as little after litter died from malnourishment. The Shepard’s second mate was even victim of this travesty with only one pup out of six surviving to see the light of day (X’yro’s Lambda sister, Luarno).

The Exultare and select Lambda were personally responsible for the capture and torture of the scavenging dogs, leaving them mutilated for their crime, unable to breed offspring that would share such inferior genetics.

1.2  On-board History

X'yrin leaves the Collective, and it is years before X'yro sees her again. Their reunion is tense and unfriendly, and X'yro leaves her to travel.[1] Months later, X'yro is seen traveling with his older relative Sha Lambda, and his feelings toward X'yrin have cooled down. Their second reunion is much more amicable, and he follows his sister to Sangi'lak.[2]

2.  Personality

True to his upbringing, X’yro Exultare places great importance on family; indeed, he values the maintenance of the family unit above all else. He strives to live a good Nomadic life; however, X’yro has difficulty denying his prideful nature, and has suffered for it. His relationship with his sister X'yrin has been greatly compromised due to her decision to leave the Family, something that, in his mind, could not constitute a larger betrayal.

Despite his anger towards X’yrin, however, X’yro is a good man. He is cordial and disciplined, taking great care to maintain the type of life that is expected of an Exultare. X’yro chooses his words very carefully and does not speak unless necessary. Rather, he prefers to communicate in a more instinctual manner, utilizing body language and wolfish barks, whines, and other vocals to convey his meaning. When he encounters those who do not understand this method of communication, he will, naturally, switch to the more conventional form of high-speak; this is not, however, without great reluctance.

Due to his size, training, and discipline, X’yro is an imposing figure. He is naturally intimidating and dominant, though he is reluctant to resort to physical altercations to solve disagreements.

  • Fears: Failure, solitude
  • Motivations: Family, ancestors and spiritual beliefs
  • Traits: Cordial, imposing, soft spoken, disciplined
  • Alignment: True Neutral

3.  Relationships

Member of the Nomads.

3.1  Family

3.2  Friends

3.3  Acquaintances

3.4  Enemies

4.  Appearance

Photomanip by Nat

Prefers Secui form.

A living replica of the Exultare Shepard mainly in body but not in mind. And relativity, he is the mirror image of his sister X'yrin. The pair of them were the only ones of Ralius's first brood that shared the striking resemblance to their father, a feat in which genetics usually sought to change even an iota of their hues. But X'yro was born with little differentiation to his sister save for the difference in height and muscle, and of course with certain physical attributes.

Like his sister, his coat is a stunning golden hue lavished with touches of autumn to tone down its radiance to a more humble glow. Both forearms are adorned with umber gloves as well as boots that ascend just beneath the back of the knee. From groin to abdomen then just beneath the mandible is soft crème fur always kept pristine regardless of form as a show of pride for his physique.

Eye and mane color are the same hue was his siblings; amber and auburn respectively. His mane is often kept cropped just below the shoulder blades but unless reminded to trim it he lets it grow unmanageable and wild.