Nayru was the final leader of Dahlia de Mai, and the founding leader of Ichika No Ho-en. She is the mother of Kahlo Lykoi and Salvador Sadira.


Nayru, by Requiem
Date of BirthJan 2, 2010
Age< 1 year
Species< 100% Canis lupus arctos ortus
~ Canis lupus familiaris
PackIchika No Ho-en
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateMay 2 2010
Joining RankPuppy
Most Recent RankGamma
Past RanksPuppy, Lehrling

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1.  History

Nayru was born to a pair of loners, convinced that their names were Sweetpea and Pumpkin, and has two sisters, Farore and Din. While playing by herself one day she came across a older female who lead her and left her at the borders of Dahlia de Mai. Conor Soul took her in and she resides there with him and several other pups in Dahlia de Mai.

By Requiem

It is not until she gets older that she realizes the older female she followed was actually an ancestor's ghost. She grew up in Dahlia de Mai, reunited with her sister Farore and learning of her true parentage. When Conor Soul disappears Nayru rises to leadership like the mother she could not remember. She laments how many of her childhood friends have left her.

Razekiel Lykoi comes to her and discusses merging her pack with his Phoenix Valley. Initially, Nayru had been hesitant to uproot her entire family and pack. However, after having many dreams of Dahlia de Mai being burned down, sometimes by herself, Nayru eventually ceded that it was time for a change, and Ichika No Ho-en was born.

After her tumultuous romance with Gideon Stormbringer failed, she lays with her co-leader Razekiel and they conceive a litter together. The birthing is difficult[1], and when firstborn Salvador Sadira does not stir, she assumes he is stillborn and leaves him in the wilderness. Her second pup, Kahlo Lykoi, is healthy and large and resembles her sire, and she devotes herself to raising this daughter. Razekiel, however, does not stick around to meet them. When her friend and Gideon's brother, Saul Stormbringer, arrives with his infant son Temeraire, she agrees to nurse the child alongside her own.

After a time, Kahlo goes missing, and Nayru cannot function as a leader without her daughter. She relinquishes her post to X'yrin Exultare and leaves Ichika No Ho-en entirely, throwing everything away to look for her lost child.

2.  Personality

Nayru is on a never ending quest for knowledge, viewing every situation as an opportunity to learn. She is soft spoken and polite, and truly believes that she can find good in anybody and everybody. Although she often seems too mature for her age, she is also very naive in many cases and although she continues to grow and learn she often retains very childlike ideas about the way the world works. Much like her mother, she masks her true emotions and is an expert liar if the situation calls for it.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Friends

Razekiel Lykoi, Conor Soul, Bris Stormbringer, Gideon Stormbringer, Saul Stormbringer, Saluce Tremblay, Liliana Vess

3.3  Enemies

NONE! She loves you!

3.4  Loves Interests

Gideon Stormbringer, Razekiel Lykoi

4.  Appearance