Jaden Ohanzee

Jaden Ohanzee

Jaden Ohanzee, by Luna
More Information'Souls Profile
Archive Profile
Name MeaningJaden Shadow
Name OriginInuit, Alaskan
Date of BirthSeptember 16, 2008
Subspecies100% Alaskan Tundra Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeNoatak National Park, Alaska

Previous Pack

(Jun 2012)
Founding leader
Ichika no Ho-en
(Jul 2011)
Shishen (Archer/ Lead Hunter
Dahlia de Mai??

Jaden Ohanzee was a former member and founder of Sangi'lak and was a former member of Ichika no Ho-en and Dahlia de Mai. He was also a part of the Sequoia Plot and was involved in attack against Salsola.

1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History

Jaden was born northwest of what was formerly Noatak National Preserve near the western coast of Alaska on September 16, 2007. He was one of three surviving pups born to the Alpha pair of a pack called Uva Atka. His mother was killed early in his life while performing her duties as a “defender” (she was literally used to kill anyone who stood against the pack) so Jaden never really got a chance to know her. He was trained to kill using poisons and blades from a young age as was customary for the Alpha pups to become fearsome leaders or defenders. He or one of his siblings was expected to lead the pack using their knowledge and intellect when the current Alpha, their father, passed. Jaden excelled in his acts as a defender seeming a natural at the position just like his mother. Many information seeking missions and unruly canines fell to his blade. The influence he gained over Uva Atka and those who feared them helped him learn a few good trades and eventually earned him the right to have a mate so he could produce more strong-blooded pups.

Jaden’s father, Mathus, began to grow sick and weak five months before his arrival to ‘Souls. Mathus knew he was finished because he had watched his father die the same way and realized he needed to pick an heir to his Alpha position. He had only his sons Jaden and Daren and his daughter Destiny to consider. Daren had no mate, and Destiny was female, so he felt it wise to declare his well-known son Jaden to become Alpha of Uva Atka.

Although sad to see his father’s end coming near, Jaden was honored and overjoyed to become Alpha. He accepted and vowed to uphold the pack’s cruel beliefs. His mate Laura was also pregnant. They both waited with anticipation until they could become proud parents and the Alpha pair. Jaden’s sister Destiny was upset by the news that she would not be Alpha at first, but had long ago realized that she had a very low chance to become Alpha simply because she was not male. Daren on the other hand was enraged. He was too cowardly to object to his father’s decision outright but held a strong grudge against his always more popular and better skilled brother.

Things crept on in Uva Atka for another two months. Laura was so close to giving birth that she could barely walk and Jaden’s father was delusional and experiencing his final days. The moderate peace of the pack was disturbed when, on a simple pack hunt, Jaden and his sister got into a bitter argument about how Jaden was treating their dieing father. The two had squabbled before but this was especially tense and they ended up storming away from each other. Destiny was found dead that night by Jaden himself. Daren goaded the pack, trying desperately to let them lose faith in their soon to be Alpha.

When a formerly non-luperci female Jaden had once been close too stepped forward and clamed he had raped and infected her, the pack finally turned on him under Daren’s council. Jaden was placed under restriction from the pack and had someone guarding him constantly in case he tried to escape or kill harm another member of the pack. A meeting was held and Uva Atka sentenced him to a dishonorable death.

Unknown to Jaden, his father died and his pups were born on the same night, right after he was put under full exclusion from the pack. Upon learning of his scheduled execution, he was outraged. He was innocent of the crimes condemning him and demanded that those who knew him stood up and fought at his side. None did, most of them convinced by the overabundant evidence and charismatic voice of Daren. Even Larua, the member of the pack who stepped forward to kill him, seemed absolutely convinced.

Luckily, she was not. His mate attacked the members of the pack and distracted them long enough to allow him an escape. Before he did, Laura told him that their pups had been killed. It was a lie to keep her mate from coming back for them and Jaden had no reason to believe his beloved savior to be a liar.

Daren killed Laura and Jaden only just escaped with his life. Took shelter in a large pack on the east end of Alaska while he healed. While there, a one of the wolves asked him to run an errand for him in return for the safety and medical attention they gave. Something that Jaden could use his unique set of skills for. The former Uva Atkan agreed and raced across the continent. But no sooner then had he left the protective pack's borders, Uva Atkan defenders were on his tail. These wolves eventually caught up to him and Jaden was forced to kill his best friend and her mate just before crossing into Nova Scotia.

2.  Bleeding Souls History (incomplete and in need of an update)

Jaden’s first experience in Nova Scotia was having his life saved by Conor Soul(Silence of a Soul). Because of this, he vowed to pay the man back in some way after he finished “meeting” with his “friend”. For the next few months the Assassin wandered about the land and contemplated what he should do. It was difficult to bring himself to commit murder once again, even on the honor of his word. During this time, he made and enemy of Slade Auctor (Shattered Silence) and had an unfortunate misunderstanding with the Utina pair (Once it was smooth) that tarnished his opinion of AniWaya. Eventually, he figured he should keep his promise to the pack who had saved him from the blades of Uva Atka and kill Cercatori d’Arte’s Alpha, Vigilante Haskel. He stalked the boarders and collected information until he found Vigilante, but was unable to kill the hybrid due to a moral conflict within himself. Vigilante defeated him because of this and let Jaden keep his life in exchange for the name of the wolf who had sent the Assassin.

Now without any type of direction or reason to live, Jaden found Dahlia de Mai and joined in attempts to pay his debt to Conor Soul, who had recently disappeared from the lands. The now Dahlian never found out what happened to the man he owed his life but stayed with the pack as they Merged with another, Phoenix Valley, and became Ichika no-Hoen. He assumed the role of Shishen, lead hunter and archer, and enjoyed an easy pack life for a short time. During this time, he met and befriended some of his pack including the skilled warrior X’yin Exaltare. He also took on a young wolf as his pupil named Verloren, and met with a group calling them selves the “Sequoia Alliance”.

A month or two after dedicating his time to looking after Verloren, the young pup disappeared. Utterly surprised by this development in his otherwise steady life, Jaden completely blamed himself. In his grief, he went scouring the lands for her only to find a loud mouthed pair of loners who taunted the already utterly upset Ichikan. They got into a scuffle and Jaden ended up accidentally killing one and rendering the other unconscious.

Horrified that he had broken pack law and failed his young pupil, the wolf chose to banish himself from Ichika, stopping by the land only long enough to say goodbye to his good friend X’yrin. He then left to raid Salsola, as he had promised, with the Sequoia Alliance (Millions of Years, Where it all began). He was able to succeed in his mission and lived to escape with a few scars.

There was a long period where he completely ignored every wolf he came across. Jaden was able to keep himself absolutely alone, feeling he was too dangerous to make friends or connections with anyone. Only when he was directly approached by a face from his past was he able to break these successive days of silence (Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked). After that he slowly became more socially active, meeting Amy Sunders (Another Day come and Gone) and Thana (Rain on Me). He then ran into his friend X’yrin again, saving her from the hungry jaws of a cougar (All the Time in the World) and decided to help her carry it back to the lands of Ichika no-Hoen.

Venturing to the lands he had left dishonorably wasn’t something Jaden did easily, but the care and love he had for his dear friend convinced him it was doable. What he saw of the pack was enough to also convince him he should return and support his friend, who was now the Alpha, while the pack and her life seemed to be falling apart. He stayed with her for a short time after venturing back to Halifax where he helped Amy fight of some members of Casa di Cavalieri and had a night of passion with Thana ([M] – Does He Notice).

It was not long after reuniting with his friend that her pack dissolved and she asked him to start anew with her. They migrated with the remaining members of Ichika no-Hoen to the tallest northwestern mountain where he currently resides, trying to claim the land for his new family.

3.  Appearance

160lbs, 3ft 3in tall, 4ft 8in long

Jaden Lupus Ref

Jaden’s eyes are a dark blue and the fur covering most of Jaden’s body is a vibrant, shiny black. Some areas are naturally white but have been laboriously and thoroughly dyed black. Many small scars are scattered under his fur from battles of many different sorts but only two of these marks are noticeable in his lupus from: a long slash that runs down the right side of his rib cage and two lateral, parallel slashes across his right eye.

260lbs, 4ft 6in tall, 5ft 9in long

In his secui form, Jaden’s fur decoration stays the same. He simply becomes bulkier and much more muscular than in his Lupus form and his fur becomes shaggier, hiding most of his scars from view and making him appear monstrous. His scruff becomes longer than the rest of his fur and runs down his back giving him a mane of sorts. Visible scars: rib cage slash and above mentioned eye slashes.

275lbs, 7ft 8in tall

Jaden and His Scars

Usually the form Jaden is found in. On two legs the Alaskan is not as intimidating as in his Secui form. His fur shortens considerably everywhere except his head, showing off a usually well trained and fit body. The fur on Jaden’s crown lengthens to a bit longer than shoulder length and stays thick but becomes fine and soft. The scars littered about his body are most easily analyzed with his shorter fur in this form. A long since healed pair sit on the right side of his chest. One is the slash that goes from collarbone to his lower rib cage and the other is a neat line of teeth marks on his pectoral and under his arm. Two gashes are noticeable as well, if one looks hard enough, and can be found on the inside of his left bicep and the other on the front of his right thigh, right below a long scratch scar left by a cougar. Additional scars: above mentioned eye slashes.

3.1  What Does He Look Like?

Unless stated otherwise in his profile, Jaden's fur dye pattern is:
All Black.

3.2  What Does He Smell like?

Most prominent on his fur are hints of different kinds of tree bark and smokey ash.

3.3  What Does He Sound Like?

Haven't really decided on an example yet. Looks like this is up to your imagination!!

3.4  What Does He Feel Like?

The fur on Jaden's body is mostly what should be expected from a canine. The only exceptions are his lengthened mane when he shifts into optime form, which becomes finer and softer, and the fur on his chest, shoulders, belly, inner thighs, and base of his tail which is soft because of the constant vinegar treatments the areas go through every time Jaden dyes his fur.

3.5  What Does He Taste Like?


3.6  What Does He Move Like?

Constant training and testing during Jaden's early childhood on mobile archery and stealth have permanently given him a unique gait. Every step the former assassin takes seems deliberate and smooth. This also gives him an unfortunate habit of surprising unwary canines.

3.7  Scar Index:

A Parallel set of Slashes - Down his right eyebrow and cheek over his right eye. No eye damage (visible in every form)
Long Slice - Right side of chest from collar bone to rib cadge. Crosses over Pectoral (visible in every form)
Nasty bite - Left pectoral and underarm (visible in optime form)
Gashes from broken bow - Left bicep and right inner thigh (visible in optime form)
Long cougar scratch - Runs down the front of his left thigh (Visible in optime and Lupus forms)

4.  Personality

What follows is a small description, a list of Jaden's personality traits as well as an explanation of basic pros and cons of each trait:

Though Jaden is a moral wolf self-doubt in his own truly good heart leaves him vulnerable to depression and moral instability when emotions cloud his better judgment. Fortunately, pushing him to this point is extremely difficult due to the control he can affect over his own emotions and feelings. He usually looks at people and situations from an open minded prospective unless he, she, or it has similarities to something in his past. Jaden has a few biases and flaws though. Having been raised to be an Alpha he has difficulty submitting to others unless he knows and respects them. He also has a nasty predisposition for coyotes or any canine that might look like one and is thereby quick to judge them harshly for their actions or personalities. Dark, deep, or cold water scares the hell out of him by triggering an irrational phobia linked to his childhood. Sometimes gives overbearing speeches when prompted and becomes forgetful when stressed. There is a heart of gold under all that dark fur. To friends and respected superiors Jaden is capable of being very thoughtful and incredibly considerate. Anyone in these positions can count on him for anything from a kind listening ear to a strong bodyguard. He has a soft spot for young of any species and will protect them avidly but will not attempt to raise them. He loves the ocean despite his fear of water and can sit looking at it for hours at a time.

  • Dedication to Loved Ones
Positive: Thoughtful, caring, understanding, and loyal
Negative: Slightly overprotective, vulnerable to manipulation by loved ones, heavily emotionally vulnerable to loss
  • Brave
Positive: Stands up for what he thinks is right, not easily bullied (if anyone was dumb enough to try)
Negative: Can be slightly bull headed, Vulnerable to Overconfidence
  • Mildly Open Minded
Positive: Eager Learner, Capable Teacher
Negative: Can be manipulated with some effort and skill
  • Low Self-esteem
Positive: Puts others before himself, Tries to improve himself
Negative: Vulnerable to certain insults, quick to judge himself, slow to forgive himself for mistakes
  • Racist
Positive: None really :(
Negative: Quick to judge coyotes
  • Bad Temper
Positive: Again, where would be a positive?
Negative: Does or says things he wouldn’t regularly
  • Killer
Positive: Can dismiss ‘necessary’ death, can usually spot a fellow killer
Negative: Led to low self-esteem, can make him dangerous when extremely angry or depressed

5.  Relationships

Below is a list of Jaden's notable relationships as well as any important notes about the individuals.

First Pack/Family

Most of Jaden's family is dead. Those who remain are a mystery to him or among his most hated enemies. All of his birth pack (Uva Atka) would attack him on sight and actively hunt him. Not all family members or pack members are named here. For more information on his home pack and family, check HERE.

Mathis Ohanzee - Former Alpha of Uva Atka. (Father)
Nasamii Adlartok - Poisoned and killed by coyotes when Jaden was young. (Mother)
Destiny Adlartok - Murdered by Daren. (Sister)
Daren Ohanzee - Most hated enemy. Current Uva Atka Alpha. (Brother)
Akia Akkiloki - Lied to condemn Jaden for her mate, Daren. Hated Enemy. Current Uva Atka Alphess (Sister in-law)
Laura Kinguyakii - Jaden's first mate, was murdered by Daren. (First Mate)
Eliza Kinguyakii - Jaden believes her to be dead. (Daughter)
Mya Kinaktok - Jaden's First and fondest friend he was forced to kill upon entering 'Souls Territory. (Uva Atka Member)
Christopher Desna - Mate of Mya and also killed by Jaden upon his entering 'Souls Territory. (Uva Atka Member)


Rio Marino: Though he doesn't approve of the pack she joined he still considers her a close friend
Sequoia: Had a rather interesting run in with her while she was in heat. Considers her a friend


X'yrin Exultare: Broke his heart but confessed that she still loves him to some degree. Their relationship is complicated
Tayui Aston: Canine who organized the assault on Salsola
Terra: Comrade during his assault on Salsola
Rain Marks: They were once good friends but have grown apart since Jaden's return to SK
Pendzez Zazkex
Gemma Rhiannon Sawtooth: Surprisingly emotional one-time encounter
Vesper: Hates Salsola, participated in the assault on Salsola
Jazper Rhiannon-Knight: Has gotten on neutral terms with this leader
Sura: Found her unknowingly trespassing within Sangi'lak when she was young
Lyris Stryder: Has some respect for the young woman but doesn't know her very well.


Slade Auctor: Extreme hate to the point of onsite attack
Vigilante Haskel: Tried to kill this alpha early on but harbors no ill will toward him. Still considered an enemy.
Saul Stormbringer: Dislikes him because of pack relationship
Lilin Soulstorm: Dislikes her because of pack relationship
Salvia Eternity: Has only seen her once but would consider the Alpha an enemy just for what she rules over
Eris Eternity: Was lied to by this hybrid and attacked her pack, Salsola
Alduin: An enemy from Jaden's past
Yi TaeKyung This wolf cracked Jaden's ribs during his assault on Salsola
Salsola: Any wolf, hybrid, or dirty blooded coyote with links to this pack can expect hostility from Jaden
Thana: Once had an intimate relationship with this wolf but it ended badly
Alistair Gibson: They haven't got along since Jaden made his way back to SK. Closer to enemy then acquaintance

6.  Inventory

SatchelHand-Made BowModified Bow Gifted to Him from Rain Marks
Unfinished BowThrowing KnifesLeather Armor
Colichemarde DaggersColichemarde DaggersMetal Gauntlets

Commonly Used/Favorite items

  • Satchel: This basic item carrying bag has had a long history with Jaden. It has been recently modified so it only fits on him in his optime form but can carry most of what he owns.
  • Hand-Made bow: Jaden's personal bow that he crafted himself. It is elk sinew-backed and has an elk sinew string. The arrows used with this bow are usually pine shafted with stone or bone arrowheads. He has a leather quiver that goes with it as well. Bow Reference, Detailed information on "Backed Bows"
  • Rain's Gift Bow: A special bow made by Rain that is modified so that it has the capability to shoot 2 or even three arrows per shot.
  • Unfinished Bow: Jaden is a bow craftsman and sometimes spends his time making them. This one is not yet finished but is composed of Ironwood.
  • Throwing Knives: Jaden has fifteen small throwing knifes. Throwing Knife reference
  • Leather Armor Set: Purchased in Free Town. The leather used in this armor set is sturdy enough that it would be difficult to bite through and would slow any kind of blade used against it. Armor on Jaden, Armor on Jaden without helmet
  • Colichemarde Daggers: Purchased in free town to replace those he lost to X'yrin. Steel with Leather hilts. Dagger Reference
  • Metal Gauntlets: These are Jaden's most prized possessions. They are blackened steel with decorative gold inlay and leather forearm straps. They also have blade attachments which Jaden doesn't use and keeps hidden. Reference to come?
Medical HerbsFur DyePoisons
Small KnifeMetal BowlStainless Steel Flask
WhetstoneMiscellaneous Stuff

Other Items

  • Medical Herbs: While he isn't the most knowledgeable person on serious injuries, Jaden has some herbs that can help heeling, clean wounds, and sooth minor ailments.
  • Fur Dye: Jaden keeps red and black dye on hand for when he must dye his fur once or so a month. It's usually made from ash or vegetation extracts like flower petals in the warmer parts of the year and bark in the cooler parts of the year.
  • Poisons: Jaden knows how to craft poisons. He doesn't practice the art often because he has no use for them now but does keep one small corked vile of Wolf's bane extract.
  • Small knife: A small knife used as a tool in carving or cooking.
  • Metal Bowl: A thin, stainless steal metal bowl that was scavenged from a human ruin. It is dinged and has more than a few dents from years of use.
  • Stainless Steel Flask: Found in the pocket of his trench coat. It is a simple metal flask.
  • Whetstone: A simple whetstone for sharpening weapons.
  • Miscellaneous stuff: This is the place where I will list stuff that is short term or consumable but worth noting. Jaden's flask is full of whisky.