Pendzez Zazkex

Pendzez Zazkex

Pendzez, by Daniel

Date of BirthSeptember 5, 2007
Age> 3 years
Subspecies100% Canis lupus arctos
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeQuartz Shoreline
Current packPhoenix Valley

'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Phoenix Valley

Joining dateSeptember 5, 2008[1]

Pendzez Zazkex is a fomer member of Phoenix Valley.

Pendzez is a young male wolf of talent, ability, history, and of good spirit. He comes from a well raising couple that treated him well. He sees butterflies as the spirits of those who passed away. He speaks to them, but they don't speak back to him. They see him as a higher spirit because his blessing. It's an instinct.


Pendzez was born to Koexar Zazkex and Godewa Fryma. They were both Lone Wolves, though born in the Phoenix Valley packland before it became Phoenix Valley. They both left the pack and wondered all over the place. They were in the Canada, wondering the tundra's making there way back to Souls. They were seeking refuge from a snowstorm in a pack that was present. They were greeted kindly and was offered shelter. Godewa then gave birth to Pendzez. The pack praised him and blessed him for being of a pure white pelt. The pack didn't have wolves that were pure white. They had beliefs that when someone born in their pack has a white pelt, s/he would be known as the higher spirit of all spirits, a royal of the tundra. Pendzez was given his name as called Prince/Child of the Tundra, A higher spirit. When he was praised, he was blessed with four spirits as butterflies and a pack member charged as a guardian. The parents didn't wish it, but the pack insisted. Since then, Baron Hydro had been the guardian, spear trainer, and like an older brother to Pendzez.

When Pendzez grow older and became old enough to hunt, his father taught him all there was to know about hunting. When he became old enough to hold a weapon, which was around eight months, Baron taught him all there was to know about spear play, also all the techniques and movement.

Baron was given sometime to visit the pack to tell Pendzez's progress, and Pendzez was glad to hear that his mother had Flayra. After a month, Baron didn't return, yet. Pendzez went to get some things from the forest. When he returned, he found the house in a mess and his parents and sister dead. He remained unmoving for some hours before he buried them by the tree near the house. He gathered his stuff then left. He didn't know Baron returned a few days later.

Pendzez made his way to the pack, only to find that it was ravaged and destroyed. One of the pack leaders was just clinging on to his last breath to say that rogues attacked them some hours ago. Pendzez prayed for their never ending peaceful rest. After that, he came back to Souls, wondering around for a few months.

After that, he settled into Phoenix Valley. Everyday, he thinks of his parents, Flayra, Baron and the pack of the tundra.


Zazkex Family Tree, by Sie



In his Lupus form, Pendzez has has the pelt color an arctic that covers his entire body. The only thing that remains unchanged through his shifts are his eyes and the pelt. He has that the same star burst markings around them, with fiery red pupils. He has a scar, but only on his muzzle. A regular scar. His height is 26 in., weight 77lbs., and his length 41 in.

He looks a bit different in his Secui form. He grows in size, with the height of 31in., the weight of 150lbs., and the length of 77 in. In this form he picks up speed.

In his Optime form, His height is now 6ft. and the weight of 210lbs. He has revealing head hair in this form. A yellow streaked, platinum hair color.

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