Thana Theos

Thana Theos

Thana, by Lullaby
Name MeaningDeath; Feminine form of the Greek God Thanatos
Name OriginGreek
Date of BirthFebruary 14, 2009
AgeFour years
Subspecies100% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
LuperciYes, Ortus
Birth place
Current packCasa di Cavalieri

'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Casa di Cavalieri

Joining dateFebruary 2, 2013
Previous Rank(s)None

Previous Pack

New Dawn

Joining dateAugust 25, 2012

Thana Theos is a current member of Casa di Cavalieri and sister to Ismeme.

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1.  Appearance

Thana is a very large female, standing at 7 and a half feet in her Optime form. Her pelt is raven black except for a dark grey on the bottom part her muzzle, throat, chest, and belly which is only a few shades lighter than the rest of her coat. There are four scars going over her right eye that was given to her when she fought beside her sister, Isa, against their father. She is now blind in that eye, and the bright red-orange color that used to be there has been replaced by a milky color that appears to be clouded. She has multiple scars on her muzzle from the fight as well along with three claw marks from her shoulder blade going over her shoulder to her collarbone. She also has a scar starting just under her left shoulder blade, going down her back and to the side of her hip. She always wears a white crescent moon pendant around her neck, making the one Isa used to wear but is now worn by Amatha. In Optime, her black hair is kept long, reaching down to the base of her tail. She can almost always be found in her Optime form.

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus: 45 inches
  • Secui: 53 inches
  • Optime: 7 foot 6 inches

1.2  Modifications and Accessories

  • Necklace, she always wears a white moon pendent on a black cord around her neck.

2.  Personality

Thana tends to have a dark personality. She doesn’t take to others very easy, always distrusting them right away. If she does happen to get to know someone she will become fiercely protective over him or her just as she had been with Ismeme. She doesn’t open up very easily, even if she had grown somewhat fond of them. She decides within the first few moment of meeting someone whether she will like him or her or not. If she wouln’t, it is best to leave her be. She is extremely temperamental and will snap if someone pushes her buttons. Because of how her father raised her, she is very aggressive and, if she is in a bad mood, she may attack another on sight. Thana can be a real sweetheart if someone is able to break through her protective shell she had surrounded herself in. She has changed a bit since she met Shadow again, becoming much kinder but she still doesn’t trust others too easy.

Current update: Thana is happy in her new home and hopes to be a good role model for her niece.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Extended Family

4.  History

Line art colored by Lullaby

  • Childhood

Thana and her sister Ismeme were born to Lycas and Aeda Theos. Since they were both females, their father wanted to kill them, but Aeda convinced him that they would become stronger than even him. So he spared their lives and Thana and Isa were trained by their father since birth to be a skilled fighter. They didn’t know until later on that he had actually been training them to be assassins like himself and their family. Any time Thana refused to do as her father wanted, she was raped. By her own father. Needless to say, Thana quickly became more than willing to obey and was the one who completed her training while Isa kept fighting and wasn't as skilled as her sister. A fight broke out when her father killed her mother, Isa was the first to attack and Thana joined in, wanting to protect her sister. The fight resulted in Thana losing sight in her right eye, scars covered her face and body, and Thana ended up killing Lycas. It was her first actual kill and surprisingly enough, she enjoyed it. She loved feeling him struggle for his last breath as her jaws were clamped down on his throat. With both their parents now dead, Thana and Isa left their home, escaping the wrath of the rest of their assassin family as they searched for a better life.

  • On their own

The two sisters never bothered with clothing, seeing no point in wearing any since they never wore any in any other form. Thana did find a wild stallion that she caught and broke and named Abbadon. He is a large Frisian and doesn’t take too well to many others besides Thana and the one’s she is around often. Thana doesn’t care for a bridle or saddle and prefers to ride bareback. She does have a saddle bag that Abbadon wears to carry some of Thana’s things. She keeps two daggers and five throwing knives in her bag at all times but will often use it to carry other items as well. Thana does have a belt sheath that she will keep her sword in as well as a sheath on her back that holds twin blades.

  • Shadowfang

While out hunting, Thana came across a male with a pure black coat. Instead of wanting to go after the panther he was hunting, Thana hunted the male, wanting his pelt. She had been collecting canine pelts for a little while now and his pure black coat would have made a fine addition. Little did she know, he was a trained assassin as well. Instead of being able to take him down easily like the others, they ended up in a standoff, both their knives pressed against the other and ready to kill. Impressed with how he fought, Thana backed down. This was the first time she had ever allowed a target to live. As it started to rain, Thana invited him to come share a dry cave with her for the night, knowing neither one would attempt to kill the other.

The next day, Thana took him to where Isa was waiting at their camp, introducing the two. The three of them traveled together for a while and the feelings Thana and Shadow held for each other grew over time until one night of drinking. With Isa already asleep, Shadow drunk, and with Thana both drunk and in heat, the two of them shared a night of passion. Little did she know, he would not have any memory of the night. The next morning, Thana woke to find Shadow gone. Her and Isa searched for the dark male but couldn’t even pick up his scent. It seemed he didn’t want them to find him. Heartbroken and now pregnant, Thana traveled with Isa, giving up on finding the man she loved.

  • First born

Thana later gave birth to a son. He had a pure black coat like his father, so she gave him a name similar to his and she also gave him Shadow’s last name, which wasn’t known to many others. Shade Sier. As he grew, Thana told her blue eyed son stories about his father, hoping he wouldn’t come to hate his father for leaving since she still loved him and believed him to be a good man. Once he was old enough, Shade left to travel on his own, intending to come back after a little while.

  • Souls

Once her and Isa came to Souls, the sisters went their own way. Isa joined Casa di Cavalieri and Thana remained a loner. It wasn’t long before she ran into the man she still loved, Shadowfang. Unfortunately, he had taken another as his mate. Infuriated that he left without a word for her to raise her son alone, never came looking for her, and now had a mate, she attacked him. No matter how angry she was though, she couldn’t kill him and she ended up with two scars across her back from his blade.

She kept her distance from Shadow, not wanting to think about him. She met Amy and worked for her for a short while and was given a seven month old slave as payment. The little girl was never treated as a slave by Thana and was instead, adopted as her own daughter. Thana loved Anna just as she loved Shade and she spoiled the little girl like crazy, giving her anything and everything she could have ever wanted. Up until then, she had been waiting for him and hadn’t been with another man since she had been with Shadow. Now, she no longer cared. She slept with two different males until she met Jaden. They grew close and ended up mating while she was in heat and he invited her to join him in helping create a pack with a friend of his. Her and Anna joined Sangi’lak just as it was being formed but soon after, Jaden fell for the other Alpha, X’yrin. Since he was unable to choose between her and X’yrin, Thana made the choice to leave with Anna, not wanting to be around Jaden or X’yrin at all.

Heartbroken once again, Thana became infuriated and killed any she came across. She even skinned a few of them while they were still alive. She even taught Anna to kill, helping her master the bow and teaching her to use throwing knives. Together, the two of them hunted down quite a few Luperci until Thana saw what she was doing to her adopted daughter and wanted to turn her life around for Anna. The two of them joined New Dawn, finding Shadow there, without a mate. The two were quick to fall in love again but when she went into heat, Zalen found her and attempted to mate with her. Thana stopped him before anything happened and then Shadow claimed Thana a his mate, making sure Zalen was aware of the fact that she was his.

Shade soon returned, surprising Shadow with the fact that he had a son. The four of them lived happily together in New Dawn for a while but as Zalen began making his way through the single females in New Dawn, Thana and Shadow began debating if they wanted to stay in a pack where the alpha believed all single females were his to claim.

With the death of Isa, Thana learned that she had a niece who was now all alone since Hadley had left for some reason. Wanting to be there to care for their niece and be a part of a pack who shared similar views as them, Thana and Shadow left with their family to join Casa di Cavalieri, hoping for a better life.

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