Yi Tae Kyung

Character by Requiem
Name MeaningGreat Strength
Name OriginKorean
Date of BirthDecember 27th, 2010
Age>1 yrs
SubspeciesHalf Eurasian Wolf
Half Jin-do Dog
LuperciYes, Ortus
Birth placeSouth Korea
Current packSalsola
'Souls Profile
Archive Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateNovember 12th, 2011
Joining RankPersonal Slave
Most Recent RankThe Warden
SignificanceProtective Guardian

Yi Tae Kyung was enslaved in Salsola and was a personal slave to Salvia Eternity. She arrived in Salsola after she washed up on shore. Now, she is a free wolf and continues to move up in rank as her loyalty to Salvia is strong.

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1.  History

Yi JinTae found the female Jindo Dog, a species native to Korea, Cho TaeSoo to be somehow worthy of his attention. She was the last wolf and only wolf that he mated with in Korea before leaving for the land of ‘Souls in pursuit of his sexually matured daughter Cwmfen nic Graine. Cho TaeSoo, soon became pregnant, although Corvus left soon after the birth of the litter.

Cho TaeSoo eventually accepted another male Eurasian wolf, Yi YongHwan, giving birth to a second litter and displacing TaeKyung, who was regarded as a lesser individual within the society due to her absent sire. Never theless, the two raised her in a very strict manner, instilling the dying martial arts of the nation, TaeKwonDo. TaeKyung embraced the martial art even before she was able to shift, watching her father and the other canines beneath him practicing with diligence every day and fighting with prestige at every battle. Once TaeKyung was able to shift, she practiced every day, growing with surprising speed. She was noted to have a near-savant skill within the martial art, although when sparring her flaw manifested as a lack in moving and simply taking the blow.

For reasons yet unknown, she departed suddenly on a voyage that carried her far from her homeland, and she came upon the land of ‘Souls. She wandered through the lands as a loner, finding a friend only in Barrett Poer de Aika XIII. TaeKyung had considered joining a pack, but her fighting desires and her lack of communication pushed her away and furtherr into solitude. Eventually, she disappeared from 'Souls, set on the path of fighting and defeating every opponent she could.

However, when she fought and defeated two brothers, their indignation caused one to deliver to her (unsuspecting, as she was preoccupied with the brother) a powerful blow to the temple, the blow shattered her mind, causing her to become unstable and unpredictable. With a concussion and brain damage, she was tossed into the ocean, washing up eventually upon the beaches of Drifter Bay.

2.  Personality

  • Being the only survivor of TaeSoo’s second litter, it seems as if the darkness of JinTae’s—or Corvus Vendetta’s—soul is a very contagious quality despite. Because JinTae had mated with TaeSoo before, the personality that is his corruption had been impressed upon TaeSoo's mind, and thus taught to TaeKyung*

She smiles very little, and when she does it seems almost disturbing, as if her bright mind has a paint-stroke of black ink marring it. TaeKyung is quite, territorial, aggressive, and yet calm. Many similarities exist between her and her relative, Cwmfen, even her desire for the dark heart. However, sexually she is more conservative. While curious, because of her highly territorial nature, she could tolerate only monogamous relationships. The necklace that adorns her neck hints at a romantic past, and it seems that, for the present, she is content at remaining on her own.

She loves to fight and practice the martial art of her culture. She is a warrior, as is in her blood—a fighter.

Ever since the she received a strong blow to her head, TaeKyung's personality has become stable and unpredictable. She believes also that she is haunted by her father's ghost. TaeKyung is conscious of her mental changes, yet she no longer has the power to reign in her broken mind, and this pushes her furthur into madness. The only coherent thing she can produce from her thoughts is TaeKwondo, and so her life is increasingly consumed by her need to fight. Weakened and having been washed up on the shores of Salsola, TK was captured and enslaved by Salvia Eternity and adorned with the golden septum ring. At first resistant and violent, she soon her shattered mind began to accept her predicament if only to fight. This too slowly grew into a strong loyalty for her Master, leading her to fight for Salsola in many invasions, such as the Boreas Conflict. When a hurricane took her away once again into the sea, the slave, instead of escaping, returned to her Master in Salsola-- and was soon freed.

3.  Appearance

Her coat is a bit shorter than that of a typical wolf, but it is thick, dense, and soft—functional in both warm and cold temperaments. The base colour of her fur is black. Like her relative Cwmfen nic Graine, her eyes, due to JinTae’s blood, is the same, translucent white. A genetic mutation causes her iris to lack pigmentation; the retina was made strangely reflective, appearing white, especially from a distance.

TaeKyung is smaller than a wolf but larger than a JinDo dog. She is strong due to training, but her muscle is lean muscle, and is optimal for agility and speed more than brute force. That is not to say that the attacks do nothing—TaeKwonDo is her passion and she could knock-out or kill an opponent. However, if she were asked to wield a weapon, she would not endure as long in a fight.

In Optime, her body is bound by lean muscle, her coat accenting her fitness and strength well. She carries very little even in her bipedal form. Because she trains to be the fastest and strongest, she desires to not carry any extra weight. She may appear malnourished and unhealthily thin, but the sinew that binds her skeleton is enough to determine that she eats enough (although she most definitely would not be able to conceive). TaeKyung keeps her hair cropped short in a lupine fashion, a simple mane. At time, now that her mind is wandering, she forgets to crop her hair and will occasionally get a little shaggy and almost like a faux-hawk.

Branded on her left shoulder is branded 無 (무, empty), and on her right shoulder is cut 武 (무, martial). They are homophones in the Korean language, but seem appropriate to her.

3.1  Scent

Her scent is soft and comfortable-- like warm skin and hair, with the faint quality of green tea. She smells of Salsola's scents (Salty, marshy; Wolfish, with a weaker hint of coyote), and the scent of Salvia Eternity lingers strongly on her, as TaeKyung lives with Salvia.

4.  Family

Sire: Corvus Vendetta [Yi JinTae] (Eurasian wolf)
Dame: Cho TaeSoo (Jindo wolf)
Half Sister: Cwmfen nic Graine
Half Brother: Anatole Aston, Athanase-Sade Aston
Niece, Nephew: Honor Onus, Chastity nic Cwmfen

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