Anatole Aston

Anatole Aston

by Mel




Date of Birth

11 August 2009




Lawful Neutral





east town






Birth place

Âmes de la Mort?






Pack AniWaya
Rank Tsula Agateno, Waya Agateno

Anatole Aston is the son of Aurèle Aston and Corvus Vendetta. He has one full-blooded brother, Athanase-Sade Aston, and two half-sisters, Cwmfen Nic Graine and Yi TaeKyung. Born into AniWaya, Anatole drifted between his birthplace and the wilds of Quebec. He finally settled in Lac Sakami to care for his injured mother, and remains there as one of their most experienced hunters. By his mate, Lutaaq, he has three children--Siginik, Tuktu, and Timmiak.



  • Mind Shaft (#323232): base pelt color.
  • Sapling (#DED4A4): secondary pelt color.
  • Gallery (#EFEFEF): underside
  • Crowshead (#1C1208): skin.
  • Atlantis (#97CD2D): eyes.

Art by dandybarghest


Anatole's coat is made up of several different shades, with a lighter undercoat topped by a mixture of gray and gold fur, with dark tips. He is an usually large wolf, but both of his parents were also large. He shows the pointed shape of his Tibetan heritage most clearly, lacking the softer, rounder shapes of an Arctic wolf. His fur pattern, too, betrays this--it is a darker version of the average.

Mostly, Anatole is stocky. He is an excellent hunter and thickly boned, owing to an upbringing with great abundance. The weight is apparent on his body, but it is streamlined in visible muscles under his thick fur. He has gained a few scars in his lifetime, but most are minor.

There is, in general, a very stern sort of look to Anatole at all times. He usually appears stiff and disinterested, which makes him come off as aloof. This would not entirely be a lie--Anatole's natural charisma bleeds through in his body language.

Anatole is almost always in his lupus form, though he will take to his other shapes if the need calls for them. When in his Optime form, Anatole's hair grows wild--he keeps it pulled back in a club, and often wears bird feathers in it. While adornment is rare, Anatole favors simple designs and subtle work over bright colors or intricate patterns.


Anatole believes that he doesn't need to answer to anyone unworthy of his respect. This independence has made him hardy, but as a consequence he does not understand how inter-pack relationships work. He is quick to judge character, and brutally honest to the point he seems cruel. Weakness bothers him, and as such, he constantly works to stay in top physical shape.


Familial Relations

Thread Archive


  1. Hard Sun (30 Nov)
    After a year, Anatole returns to AniWaya. Ulilohi Ehn and his cousin, Claudius Aston meet him.
  2. I always stagger back again (4 Dec)
    Ulilohi Ehn sees how Anatole is settling in.
  3. Missing you, despite my best intentions... (7 Dec)
    Matteo Trovato is upset and Anatole is a jerk. Luckily, Luna Sabino? keeps the peace until Anatole leaves.
  4. small wonders (15 Dec)
    Zana Lykoi and Anatole "trade" information about their packs.
  5. And I will walk on water (17 Dec)
    Anatole teaches Ahiga Nishant how to ice fish.
  6. Rohan (18 Dec)
    Frodo Silvertongue gives Anatole some advice about horses.


  1. [M] Come to me (12 Jan)
    When Anatole comes across Xyza Glow in heat, he does what comes naturally.
  2. Leaving on a mayday (13 Jan)
    Still all jacked up from the night before, Anatole gets a little too close to the Crimson Dreams borders and Anu chases him off.
  3. [M] Who knows where I'll be tomorrow (17 Jan)
    The truth of Matteo Trovato's madness comes to light.
  4. i'm not gonna listen to what the past says (17 Jan)
    Claudius Aston tries to get to the bottom of things.
  5. I like to pretend I'm burning bright (21 Jan)
    Sulking outside of the pack, Anatole saves Skoll Haskel from an angry lynx.
  6. bravely face whatever the gods offer (27 Jan)
    Anatole finally gets his spirit guide.
  7. checks and balances (14 Feb)
    At his spirit guide's prompting, Anatole goes to Ulilohi Ehn to face his punishment for fighting a fellow Tribesman.
  8. Your little piece of heaven turns to dark (14 Feb)
    Anatole finally speaks with Gemma Rhiannon Sawtooth, but gets frustrated and walks away from her.
  9. you pray to me, your lucky star (16 Feb)
    Grace Galaxy is found on the borders by Anatole.
  10. Broken Leash (25 Feb)
    After meeting Hadley, Anatole performs a ritual at his spirit guide's request to help the man.
  11. full circle (3 Mar)
    Anatole asks Grace Galaxy about her involvement with Hadley.
  1. carry on my wayward son (3 Mar)
    Taking it upon himself to ensure Casa di Cavalieri knows about Hadley's whereabouts, Anatole journeys to the pack and informs Jazper Rhiannon-Knight. He spends the night.
  2. Ahnvyi (4 Mar)
    AniWaya celebrates spring. Anatole is awkward.
  3. Each shade of blue is kept in our eyes (2 April)
    For the first time since his return, Anatole talks with his aunt, Tayui Aston. She gives him information about Salsola.
  4. I can feel the color running (3 July)
    An Inferni coyote, Sparrow brings goodwill gifts to AniWaya. Anatole invites her to spend the night, and she ends up doing so with him.
  5. udugigvdi ale gvgeyui (7 July)
    Anatole meets Unatsikanogeni Adahy.
  6. Roots (8 July)
    Anatole meets and accepts a joiner.
  7. Play pretend (13 July)
    Much to his displeasure, Anatole becomes a reluctant playmate of Nate-River Silvertooth.
  8. Colder Winds (14 July)
    Anatole trades with Amy Sunders.
  9. The Blood on My Jaws is the Blood of My Kin (16 July)
    Yi TaeKyung
  10. seasons go and seasons come (11 August)
    Drumming with Unatsikanogeni Adahy and Sighet Montaray.
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