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Salvia Eternity is a high-content wolf hybrid who leads Salsola as its Boss. She additionally holds the Jobs of Cazadora (Huntress) and Vaquera (Horsewoman), noted for her exceptional aptitude in matters of hunting and horse-care.

Born in the winter of 2010 within the Howling Caverns of Anathema, alongside Pandemic and Serene, Salvia was part of Eris Eternity and Larkspur D'Angelo's first litter. An extremely curious child, Salvia's high intelligence drove her to seek new challenges to improve and broaden her natural talents. This resulted in her gaining a number of sometimes-coerced tutors of various subjects, many of whom played integral parts in Salsola's formation, the pack which Salvia and her family helped to found. Quick to see a new opportunity for herself, Salvia worked hard to rise within Salsola's ranks. When she was two, Salvia was seriously injured defending Salsola during the Boreas Conflict. It was not long after her recovery that she overthrew her mother and assumed the newly-titled position of Cicerone (Second-in-Command) within Salsola's leadership. Following the departure of Sirius that summer, Salvia took over as Boss. She has led Salsola ever since.

A ruthless, extremely cunning woman, Salvia has proven she not only has the intelligence to rule but the physical prowess and drive to do so as well. She employs a number of personal spies throughout Salsola's ranks. Salvia was an active participant of the Second Boreas Conflict, the first war to occur under her rule.

She has been mated to her cousin, Stannis de le Poer, since early 2014, and through him is mother to Dullahan, Osrath, and Blair Eternity. Through mateship to her daughters, she is mother-in-law to Lokr Revlis, her subleader and former ward, and Reykja Helsi, the granddaughter of Salsola's former Crone. She became the guardian of her grandson until he came of age.

In the autumn of 2017, a series of bloody events saw the start of the Inferni-Salsola War, breaking the pact Salvia had previously forged with the coyote clan.







Human Age: 48
  • Pronunciation: SAHL-vee-uh
  • Etymology:
    • Salvia: health, well-being, prosperity or salvation ?
    • Eternity: infinite or unending time
  • Origin: The D'Angelo family often names its children after toxic plants; in Salvia's case, she was named for Salvia divinorum, the so-called "diviner's sage".
  • Nickname: Sal
  • Epithet: The Tigress
Companion Animals



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  • Salsola members:
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    • Want to learn about the pack horses or learn to ride? Salvia can teach your character (for a price).
    • If you've heard a rumor or know something that might be beneficial to the Boss, becoming an informant has its benefits...

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Though Salvia is a mix of species, she is mostly wolf and this is what she resembles.
  • Fur: Her pelt is glossy and well-cared for, and a first glance speaks to her pack's prosperity.
    • Optime Hair: Very long and thick, slightly wavy. Salvia frequently wears her hair half-up or completely pulled back.
  • Facial Features: Intense gaze, slightly pointed ears.
  • Build and Size: Her bulk is apparent in all forms, which are thick, compact, and well-muscled. Salvia’s limbs are long and thickly boned, ideal for rough terrain; her paws are larger than average though not disproportionately so.
    • Lupus: 110 lbs (49.8 kg)32 in (82 cm)
    • Secui: 170 lbs (68 kg)40 in (96 cm)
    • Optime: 220 lbs (82 kg)6ft 8in (80 in) (203.2 cm)


  • Scars:
    • A large, deep, diagonal scar crosses the upper left side of Salvia's chest. This has been modified via scarification to a sizeable Hand of Eris, the mark of Salsola, which Salvia makes no effort to hide.
    • There is a triangular scar on Salvia's left upper forearm.
    • Smaller, less well-defined scars can be found on Salvia's hands and face.
  • Gold Teeth: Both of Salvia's left canines and one of her upper premolars are capped with gold.


  • Jewelry: Salvia has a large collection of jewelry, though she often gives pieces of this away. During events such as Salsola's Last Supper, she tends to wear more of these.
    • Notable Accessories: Salvia always wears and semi-transparent, green arrow-head necklace and an emerald and gold ring. More often than not she also wears a necklace with a black and red stone pendant, and another with a silver feathered-serpent pendant.
  • Gear: Varied, though tends towards simplistic cuts and leather material. She always wears a leather belt tooled with Norse designs (accompanied by two pouches), even if she wears nothing else. It has a really tacky gold-plated buckle shaped like a tiger. Salvia has a few extravagant garments she usually only wears during Salsola's Last Suppers or special events.
    • Notable Accessories: Black leather cloak with hood, green dress, two-piece green outfit, brown bear fur stole, full-length brown bear fur cloak, black leather armor.
  • Weapons: Tiger-handled dagger, worn on right thigh in a leather sheath/holster. Leather sling. Decorated spear.


  • Scent: Salsola (pine, salty, marshy), pine, various horses. She often carries traces of Stannis, O'Riley and Abendrot as well.
    • When Salvia disguises her scent she uses Luperci-made perfumes; most are woody and musky in scent, though may be mingled with hints of floral tones.
  • Speech: Salvia’s voice is low and throaty. In general, Salvia is very blunt and unapologetic with words. She speaks at people rather than with them, and very rarely expresses any gratitude. As a whole, she tends to demand instead of ask.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: She is usually very still. When walking and hunting she often shifts into a feline-like gait. All of her behavior seems like it is almost meant to be threatening, even when she is acting friendly. Salvia is left-handed.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Salvia is obviously dominant, and carries herself as such. She has a supreme confidence in her body, which is illustrated in all forms. There is rarely any hesitation in her movements.

Color Palette


 White Rock (#EAE8D4)
 Sidecar (#F3E7BB)
 Straw (#D4BF8D)
 Gurkha (#9A9577)
 Soya Bean (#6A6051)


 Mantis (#74C365)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

 Crowshead (#1C1208)


 Quicksand (#BD978E)


2.  Personality

Dragon In ChiefThe CorrupterBadassIron LadyManipulative Bastard

Salvia is a prideful, deeply intelligent woman. She is not one for frivolous conversation or flattery, often dismissive and downright cruel to others. Her distanced behavior is one built out of childhood fears; Salvia is greatly concerned about losing those around her, and as such, tries to push others away before they get close. She does not count many friends, though seeks deeply to impress others and be respected. There seems to always be a deeper purpose to her behavior (and an intention to control both situations and people) but she is very talented at hiding her true motives.


  • Outlook: Realist
  • Expression: Extroverted, haughty, dominant
  • Sociability: Salvia is personable and charming, though most people feel uncomfortable with her intensity.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
    • Cares about tradition, loyalty, and order but not about freedom, dignity, or life.
    • Supports laws and societies that protect their own concerns.
    • Sees it as necessary to further the ends of the deserving (strong) over the undeserving (weak and worthless).
    • Will betray law-breaking family members for personal gain.


  • Salsola -- having been raised within the pack, Salvia seeks to ensure its legacy as current Boss.
  • Respect is vital to her; Salvia will go out of her way to earn this, primarily using intimidation.
  • Salvia desires control and freely manipulates people to ensure this.
  • Focused on empire-building, Salvia seeks to expand Salsola's influence (and by extension, her own) by recruitment and breeding within the pack.


  • Ostracism is her greatest concern, and so she attempts to crush any would-be opposition ruthlessly.
  • Relying on her strength as much as she does, the threat of physical disability is greatly worrisome.
  • Salvia is extremely protective of her children and grandchildren, and is very concerned about her families safety.


  • 1 on the Kinsey scale: "Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual."
    • Salvia has no qualms with incest.


  • Having experienced both the First and Second Boreas Conflicts, been dealt personal injury, and lost members of her direct family to religious instigators, Salvia views fanaticism and Monotheism as threats.
  • True to Salsola's teachings, Salvia considers non-Luperci worthless.
  • Salvia believes that men are less intelligent than women, and easier to manipulate.
  • Given her limited and negative exposure to them, Salvia considers members of the southern packs ("Southerners") to be largely soft-hearted, self-righteous fools.


  • Likes: Horses, livestock, knowledge, weapons, learning and practicing fighting and hunting techniques, driven and intellectual conversation, science, Salsola
  • Dislikes: Flattery, smart-mouthing, law-breakers, child abuse, animal cruelty, secrecy, being compared to relatives


  • Salvia has been exposed to hallucinogenic drugs and alcohol since she her youth.
    • She does not take anything regularly, but will consume substances during ritual practice and occasionally in social settings.
    • She is cautious when using substances, and even manipulative when doing so around others -- she might, for example, feign her own level of intoxication.


  • Polytheistic
    • Salvia knows various names for these otherworldly powers, though does not seem to favor any particular branch.
  • Performs important Saslolan rituals in public, though does not practice privately.
  • A firm believer of fate and destiny, Salvia actively seeks to "guide" these.
    • Salvia is quick to blame failures on outside forces, real or supernatural.
    • Likewise, Salvia is equally quick to encourage others to put belief in supertitions and spiritual beliefs if they suit her purpose (ie; "it's fate", "it's more than a coincidence").

3.  Family

Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or the relation is merely uncertain.

Salvia's relations are numerous and many are unknown, due to the complexity and vast size of her family's line. She is only most aware of those within her nuclear family, despite being in the dark about her half-sister (and subsequent offspring). She would only draw attention to an Outsider's relationship to her for means of profit, such as she did in the case of Myrika Tears.

4.  Relationships


  • Stannis de le Poer is Salvia's mate. She considers him extremely valuable and seems have genuine respect, affection, and concern for him.
  • Osrath, her look-alike daughter, has made her own personal desires for power clear. With this in mind, Salvia treats Osrath as her apprentice, and often challenges her to reach her potential. Things have become more tense between them since Osrath's daughters failed their Cueponi tasks. The two regularly work together in Marrgerd.
  • Salvia thinks her other daughter Blair is too smart for her own good, but is impressed with her natural talents (though not her pushy and difficult nature). In any case, Blair is another of Salvia's many spies and considered very loyal -- as is apparent by her position in Fort Preble.
  • Owing to his gender, her son Dullahan was granted more freedom than his sisters. He was trained with the intention of joining his male relatives in a combat position, though his unpredictable behavior and questionable Outsider relationships made him less suited for such a role. Salvia secretly sent him away from Salsola on a mission of unknown purpose in the summer of 2017.
  • Elphaba Revlis may be disillusioned by spectres, but Salvia has taken a notable interest in her granddaughter and the two often spend time together.
  • When he was young, O'Riley was brought from Fort Preble to Salsola-proper so that Salvia could play a major role in raising him.


  • Lokr Revlis, the son of her former mentor, is her son-in-law. They by no means have a healthy relationship; while Salvia obviously seems to favor the Lokr, she is simultaneously trying to make him as loyal to her as possible. Her involvement in his mateship to her daughter was premeditated, likely as a means to "cleanse" his bloodline...though she now questions this decision, as she does his loyalty to her daughter (and by extension her own decrees).
  • A former slave, Yi TaeKyung was found by Salvia on the shores just outside of Salsola. Though half-drowned, TaeKyung put up an impressive fight when Salvia attempted to approach her. After (literally) beating the younger woman into submission, Salvia captured her with the intent of gifting the vicious warrior to Pandemic. Instead, the two women began to develop a relationship as master and servant that evolved into a would-be friendship over time. TaeKyung remained with Salvia even after being freed, though later disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
  • Her so-called uncle Sirius acted as tutor and superior for most of her childhood and adolescence. She continued in this manner after assuming leadership within Salsola, though their relationship became tumultuous because of this. His abandonment of the pack helped to cement Salvia's perception of men.
  • Larkspur, her father, was loved dearly by Salvia, though their relationship was complex. After seeing him brutally murder her cousin, Salvia became convinced of his power and sought to make herself equally powerful. She worked most closely with him during her adolescence, where she developed signs of an Electra complex towards him, though never acted upon it (though this is potentially due to his untimely death).



  • Basilaris Eternity, her younger brother, was formerly Salsola's Paladin. Upon his injury and retirement from this position, Basilaris resumed a duty he had maintained since his return to Salsola -- acting for Salvia directly. His decision to leave the pack reflected poorly on him, though Salvia has remained silent on the matter.
  • Loki Helsi has long-interested Salvia, especially as he became involved with her sister Artemisia. Later, when Loki assumed the position of Crone, their relationship became tighter. Salvia believes that Loki is a somewhat foolhardy person, but believes wholeheartedly in his loyalty to Salsola...and perhaps more importantly, her directly.
  • Reykja Helsi, Salvia's daughter-in-law through Blair, is a respectful and polite girl despite her affiliation with the Coven.
  • Artemisia Eternity, her younger sister, was one of Salvia's most trusted relatives. Her death was the most notable loss of the Second Boreas Conflict to Salvia, who has since taken an interest in her children.

Neutral Relations

  • Scorpius D'Angelo has been a long-term member of the pack, and is one of Salvia's closest neighbors. She respects him for his capabilities, though the two have a more formal than personal relationship.
  • Weaver Valentine proved his ambitions early on and has since become mate to one of Salvia's cousins.
  • Nickodemus Sparhawk is an odd person, but he works as one of Salvia's spies and has proven himself useful to Salsola.
  • Isabella Heiwa has long been a member of Salvia's inner circle. It's very apparent that Salvia considers her extremely shrewd and valuable to the pack, though she enjoys Isabella on a personal level as well. Her failure to predict the fall of the red star convinced Salvia that Isabella's "fortune telling" was ineffective, leading her to distance herself from her former-advisor.

Negative Relations

  • Siv Helsi worked her way up in Salsola, and in doing so caught the attention of its Boss. Salvia wasn't sure what to make of her, but believed that while having the Helsi woman on her side was advantageous, it was best not to put too much trust in her. Siv's failure to predict the fall of the red star changed Salvia's opinion of her immensely.
  • Eris Eternity was something of an enemy to her daughter for a while, but their interaction (or lack thereof) has been largely quiet since Eris and Pandemic became mates and the pair relocated to Portland.
  • Pandemic D'Angelo, Salvia's brother, was for a very long time the other half of her person. They displayed some traits of codependency. Following Pandemic's relationship and eventual marriage to their mother, Salvia "cut him off" in an attempt to minimize the emotional fallout.



  • --

Neutral Relations

  • Vicira Tears, her cousin's daughter, is the person Salvia considers the obvious heir-apparent of Inferni's leadership. As such, she has been friendly enough with the younger woman, though sometimes makes her lack of confidence in Vicira's experience apparent.

Negative Relations

  • Semini has been a thorn in her side for a long time, and partially responsible for leading Lokr Revlis astray. Most unforgivably, Semini injured Salvia's horse, Nacht. Owing to Semini's position in Krokar and connections to Onuba, however, Salvia has not pursued her as she might have liked.
  • Alistair Callow, the former leader of Casa di Cavalieri, is a bitter enemy. Though they reluctantly allied during the Second Boreas Conflict, Salvia has made no secret of her ill-will towards the man.

5.  Skills and Inventory

5.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: From a very early age, Salvia sought to improve herself as a fighter. She constantly sparred with her brother, and later began training under her father and various tutors.
  • Four-Legged (Master): Salvia is a very unpredictable fighter in this form, alternating between what seems to be two styles.
  • Hand-To-Hand (Master): As a youngster, Salvia took boxing lessons from Tlantli Kimaris. Her exposure to Yi TaeKyung's style has led her to create her own. It shares most of the principles of Krav Maga.
  • Sling (Master): Though a childish looking weapon, Salvia is deadly with this piece of leather and her stones. She has a very long range with this, though it is most effective (and accurate) within twenty yards. She is capable of using this while mounted.
  • Spear (Master): Encouraged by the effectiveness of this weapon, Salvia uses it predominantly from horseback.
  • Salvia fights dirty; she will try and maim an opponent before killing them.
  • Her experience with weapons is limited, and she is cautious of them. Salvia will attempt to disarm opponents if she can.
  • Anyone experienced with cats would recognize her four-legged style as often deviating to such patterns (ie; grappling, pouncing, smothering, etc).

Animal Care

  • Education and Learning: Salvia's family has been involved in animal husbandry, and she picked up her interest in it from them. The majority of her knowledge is firsthand, and she deviates to experienced results, though she is willing to experiment with new ideas.
  • Livestock (Journeyman): Though capable of handling livestock, Salvia has little interest in it. She is able to select the "better" or "worse" of animals well, however, and understands their anatomy intimately. She has the most experience with exotic animals, especially felines.
  • Horses
    • Maintenance, Care (Master): The primary focus of Salvia's work focuses on horses. She can perform basic (feeding, grooming) and more complicated (teeth, hooves) care as well.
    • Training (Master): Salvia's talent is in her breaking and training methods; she teaches both riding and harness techniques. She has a capability to calm spooked animals, and displays a firm hand with unruly ones.
    • Riding (Master): Practically riding as soon as she could walk, Salvia is fearless on horseback and absolutely confident in her own talent.
    • Breeding (Master): Through observation and experimentation, Salvia has begun to pick up on selective breeding techniques. She has been the primary breeder of Salsola and is solely responsible for the choices of these pairings. She has assisted in many births directly.
  • Falconry (Journeyman): Following a gift, Salvia was quick to learn what she could about birds. She is by no means an expert, but has learned from more experienced hands and is capable of training birds on her own.
  • Salvia has worked with many types of fauna, though has obvious preferences. "Intelligent animals" (especially those capable of High Speech) are favored.
    • Salvia is extremely unromantic when it comes to pets and livestock -- she considers them property.
  • Though not a medic, Salvia is very observant and understands most of the common physical issues within horses. She would not know how to treat anything internal beyond colic or provide birthing assistance, however.
  • Her size does not limit her choice of horse; however, it makes her most comfortable on a medium to large horse.
  • Salvia has experience with peregrine falcons.
  • It is not uncommon for her to make use of her pets in matters of both combat and subterfuge; notably, her Eurasian lynx fills both of these roles.


  • Education and Learning: Most of Salvia's life was spent living independently, and she picked up many skills along the way. Having dismissed her previous slave, she has continued to maintain her land with minimal assistance.
  • Construction (Dabbler): Salvia knows and is capable of basic structual building and repairs, but she would not be able to construct large projects without assistance.
  • Butchery (Journeyman): Processing animals is something Salvia does regularly.
  • Cooking (Journeyman): Learned through a variety of trail and error, observation, and experimentation.
  • While she may not be able to build things on her own, with the exception of fences, Salvia has a keen eye for unsafe structures.
  • Salvia prepares meat to better preserve energy, or to make it easier to store or prepare.
  • Grandma makes a lot of food for all the little kids who come to visit her~


  • Education and Learning: Salvia's own interest in it reading developed quietly and with more encouragement from Sirius Revlis, though she has been multi-lingual most of her life.
  • Reading (Journeyman): The few books Salvia does have she has read repeatedly; she reads slowly and often has to re-read large sections of text.
  • Writing (Journeyman): Salvia writes very sharp, narrow letters and her writing is not very neat. She often has others transcribe her work.
  • Language (Master): Salvia is multilingual, fluent in English, Mexican-Spanish, and German. She has some understanding of Gaelic, though does not speak it herself. In addition, she can pick out specific words and phrases in Italian and French.
  • Salvia is very conscious of her own limits, and does not discuss her interest in reading often.
  • She is more interested in factual works; how-to books and scientific text especially. Salvia is intelligent enough to understand the basics of some of this, though certain things (such as advanced mathematics and related concepts) go above her head.

5.2  Inventory


Salvia is a ruthless trader, and extremely particular about what she considers valuable. She tries to capitalize on trades and will often undercut those she deals with. More often than not, she assumes people are gifting her items.

  • Offering: Horse training, rider training, Salsola livestock, Salsola items.
  • Accepting: Livestock, tiger-related items such as hides and images, books, paper, spices, weapons, and anything else Salsola might consider useful.


Animal Products

  • Salvia keeps the best hides from her kills, though she does not tan them herself. These are used to cover the furniture in her home; her bed and couch most of all.
  • Whale oil, procured from Salsola.
  • Various animal skulls. Includes, but is not limited to, cougar, horse, elk, deer, etc.

Horse Tack

  • Horse food stores of various rotating stock, usually any of the following: harvested oat, switchgrass, and bluejoint from around Salsola.
  • Various horse tack: bits, bridles, ropes, blankets, brushes, miscellaneous care items.
  • Multiple saddle bags of various sizes.
  • Salvia owns two western style saddles, both obviously well cared for.
    • One is black with metal accents. It has been modified with an attachment to rest her spear, much like a lancer. This is a saddle meant for a larger horse.
    • The other saddle is slate-colored, and features brass accents. This is an average sized saddle.


  • Tiger-handled dagger, worn on right thigh in a leather sheath/holster.
  • Leather sling and stones.
  • Decorated spear.
  • Halberd, named Bestla.
  • Round shield.


  • Large wooden chest in which she keeps most of her goods.
  • Various Luperci-made jars, baskets, and other containers.
  • Two oil-burning lanterns, obtained from the Boreas Conflict.
  • A large glass jar filled with salt.
  • Two bottles of perfume, provided by Isabella Heiwa.
  • Gems:
    • Pouch of diamonds.
    • Various containers of semi-precious and common stones.
  • Assorted trinkets, baubles, and the like.

6.  History

See Salvia's History & Thread Archive?.