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Salvia Eternity is a high-content wolf hybrid. She is a member of Salsola, and spent

She was born in the winter of 2010 in the Howling Caverns. At the time, she and her family were members of Anathema – but by the summer of the following year, they would leave the pack behind to form their own: Salsola. It was here Salvia grew up, living alongside her siblings, relatives, and several family units which soon took root among the Thistle Kingdom. Grievously wounded during the Boreas Conflict, Salvia began to drift away from her family following the death of her father. She became apprentice to Sirius Revlis, and later challenged her mother for her position as his second-in-command. A ruthless, extremely cunning woman, Salvia's time in power made it clear that she not only had the intelligence to rule but the physical prowess and drive to do so as well. Fate saw fit that during her prime she would become the Boss (Leader) of Salsola. She later took a mate, and through him, had three children. Her long, expansive rule saw Salsola's growth in both territory claim and population. She focused on expanding Salsola's impressive collection of horses and began an exclusive breeding program. Despite intregue, treachery, and internal conflict, Salvia led Salsola dutifully over its (generally) peacefully years, raising her own children and later grandchilden.

Salvia was an active participant of the Second Boreas Conflict, the first war to occur under her rule, and led her pack in the war's final battle. In the autumn of 2017, a series of bloody events saw the start of the Inferni-Salsola War, breaking the pact Salvia had previously forged with the coyote clan. An active participant in many of these conflicts, Salvia recieved a serious injury during the Battle of Drifter Bay from Inferni's leader Vesper.

In the months after this, she would see her sub-commander and son-in-law, Lokr Revlis, exiled for treason. As a new generation of Salsolans began making themselves known, Salvia became increasingly preoccupied with matters beyond her Kingdom. The seventh anniversary of Salsola's founding brought with it the end to her reign. Forced to give up her power by her grandchildren, Salvia Eternity stepped down as Boss in the summer of 2018. Shortly after this, she departed the region.

During her absence, Salvia spent nearly four years in Airgid Gleann, The Silver Valley, alongside her much beloved mate. There, she wrestled with her new position: one of a stranger, and one without power. Though the experience away from The Thistle Kingdom helped Salvia better understand this perspective, she was resolved to return to Salsola. The death of her mate in the summer of 2022 deeply affected her. Alone in a foreign land, Salvia was forced to confront shadows of the past. As soon as she was able, the old woman gathered up everything of importance and had transportation arranged to return her to Portland. In the autumn of 2022, she finished her final ocean crossing. Her arrival seemed serendipitous: for mere days later, a caravan arrived from Salsola. By mid-October of that year, she was home.

Salvia Eternity
by San

Credit: San

OOC Information


Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: 15 Dec 2010
  • Birthplace: Howling Caverns, Anathema
  • Residence: "Inlet Retreat" | Residence 33, The Ruins
  • Etymology:
    • Salvia: health, well-being, prosperity or salvation ?
    • Eternity: infinite or unending time
  • Epithet: The Tigress
Physical Description
  • Sex: Female
  • Pronouns: She/her
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: High-Content Wolf Hybrid
    • 81% Canis lupus (Wolf) 1
    • 13% Canis latrans (Coyote)
    • 6% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog)
NPC Information

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Salvia around Salsola...
    • passing, especially around her home.
    • ...with Heulwen Chatham or her minor NPCs.
  • For anything else or anything specific, please ask before making assumptions regarding this character.
Plot Opportunities
  • None at the moment, sorry!

1.  Characteristics

1.1  Appearance


Though Salvia is a hybrid, she is mostly wolf, and this is what she resembles. She has pale gold fur with darker markings and intense, green eyes. Her bulk is apparent in all forms, which are thick with muscle and compact. A large, deep, diagonal scar crosses the upper left side of Salvia's chest. This has been modified via scarification to a sizeable Hand of Eris, the mark of Salsola, which Salvia makes no effort to hide. Her pelt is glossy and well-cared for, and a first glance speaks to her pack's prosperity. In her Optime form, her hair is very long, thick, and slightly wavy. There has been a notable spread of white throughout her hair and around her face. Both of Salvia's left canines and one of her upper premolars are capped with gold.

Salvia often wears clothing and jewelry, and regularly carries weapons and other accessories. Though her outfits are varied, she tends towards simplistic cuts and leather material. She always wears a leather belt tooled with Norse designs (accompanied by two pouches), even if she wears nothing else. It has a really tacky gold-plated buckle shaped like a tiger.

  • Build, Size, and Forms:
Long all over, but especially in her legs. Slightly larger than average, fit and tall.
  • Lupus: 110 lbs (49.8 kg kg)32 in (82 cm)
  • Secui: 170 lbs (68 kg)40 in (96 cm)
  • Optime: 220 lbs (82 kg)6ft 8in (80 in) (203.2 cm)
  • Scars
See details
  • A large, deep, diagonal scar crosses the upper left side of Salvia's chest. This has been modified via scarification to a sizeable Hand of Eris, the mark of Salsola, which Salvia makes no effort to hide.
  • There is a triangular scar on Salvia's left upper forearm.
  • Smaller, less well-defined scars can be found on Salvia's hands and face.
  • Gold Teeth: Both of Salvia's left canines and one of her upper premolars are capped with gold.


  • Speech: Salvia’s voice is low and throaty.
  • Scent: Salsola (pine, salty, marshy), Eternity, horses, pelts, campfire, cooked meat.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Salvia is personable and charming, though most people feel uncomfortable with her intensity. There is rarely any hesitation in her movements, though she is usually very still. Salvia is left-handed.
  • General Posture and Body Language: An obviously dominant animal, Salvia carries herself as such. She has a supreme confidence in her body, which is illustrated in all forms.
Color Palette
 White Rock (#EAE8D4)
 Sidecar (#F3E7BB)
 Straw (#D4BF8D)
 Gurkha (#9A9577)
 Soya Bean (#6A6051)


 Mantis (#74C365)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

 Crowshead (#1C1208)


 Quicksand (#BD978E)

Reference Images

By Alaine! By nijipie!

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or the relation is merely uncertain.

Extended: Salvia is related to large portions of the D'Angelo, Eternity, and Lykoi families.

Salvia's relations are numerous and many are unknown, due to the complexity and vast size of her family's line. She is only most aware of those within her nuclear family, despite being in the dark about her half-sister (and subsequent offspring). She would only draw attention to an Outsider's relationship to her for means of profit, such as she did in the case of Myrika Tears.

3.  Personality


Salvia is a prideful, deeply intelligent woman. She is not one for frivolous conversation or flattery, often dismissive and downright cruel to others. Her distanced behavior is one built out of childhood fears; Salvia is greatly concerned about losing those around her, and as such, tries to push others away before they get close. She does not count many friends, though seeks deeply to impress others and be respected. There seems to always be a deeper purpose to her behavior (and an intention to control both situations and people) but she is very talented at hiding her true motives.

  • Motivations: The legacy of Salsola, earning respect, maintaining control, continuing her empire-building and gaining influence.
  • Fears: Ostracism, physical disability, her families safety.
  • Likes: Horses, livestock, knowledge, weapons, learning and practicing fighting and hunting techniques, driven and intellectual conversation, science, Salsola
  • Dislikes: Flattery, smart-mouthing, law-breakers, child abuse, animal cruelty, secrecy, being compared to relatives
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
    • Cares about tradition, loyalty, and order but not about freedom, dignity, or life.
    • Supports laws and societies that protect their own concerns.
    • Sees it as necessary to further the ends of the deserving (strong) over the undeserving (weak and worthless).
    • Will betray law-breaking family members for personal gain.
  • Having experienced both the First and Second Boreas Conflicts, been dealt personal injury, and lost members of her direct family to religious instigators, Salvia views fanaticism and Monotheism as threats.
  • Salvia believes that men are less intelligent than women, and easier to manipulate.
  • 1 on the Kinsey scale: "Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual."
    • Salvia has no qualms with incest.
Spirituality & Substances
  • Polytheistic
    • Salvia knows various names for these otherworldly powers, though does not seem to favor any particular branch.
  • Performs important Saslolan rituals in public, though does not practice privately.
  • A firm believer of fate and destiny, Salvia actively seeks to "guide" these.
    • Salvia is quick to blame failures on outside forces, real or supernatural.
    • Likewise, Salvia is equally quick to encourage others to put belief in supertitions and spiritual beliefs if they suit her purpose (ie; "it's fate", "it's more than a coincidence").
  • Salvia has been exposed to hallucinogenic drugs and alcohol since she her youth.
    • She does not take anything regularly, but will consume substances during ritual practice and occasionally in social settings.
    • She is cautious when using substances, and even manipulative when doing so around others -- she might, for example, feign her own level of intoxication.

4.  Skills

Note: Listed skills are those that the character has some significant talent or interest in to be noteworthy. Skills that have been mastered (and are best expressed as such) are marked.

Main Focus: Teaching, Food Preparation, Animal Care
  • Butchery (Master):
Processing animals is something Salvia does regularly. Salvia prepares meat to better preserve energy, or to make it easier to store or prepare.
  • Cooking (Journeyman):
Learned through a variety of trail and error, observation, and experimentation. Oma makes a lot of food for all the little kids who come to visit her~
  • Animal Care and Training
The primary focus of Salvia's work focuses on horses. She can perform basic (feeding, grooming) and more complicated (teeth, hooves) care as well. Though capable of handling livestock, Salvia has little interest in it. She is able to select the "better" or "worse" of animals well, however, and understands their anatomy intimately. She has the most experience with exotic animals, especially felines.
  • Training (Master): Salvia's talent is in her breaking and training methods; she teaches both riding and harness techniques. She has a capability to calm spooked animals, and displays a firm hand with unruly ones.
  • Riding (Master): Practically riding as soon as she could walk, Salvia is fearless on horseback and absolutely confident in her own talent.
  • Breeding (Master): Through observation and experimentation, Salvia has begun to pick up on selective breeding techniques. She has been the primary breeder of Salsola and is solely responsible for the choices of these pairings. She has assisted in many births directly.
  • Falconry (Journeyman): She is by no means an expert, but has learned from more experienced hands and is capable of handling and training birds.
Auxiliary Skills and Hobbies
  • Combat (Master):

Note: Salvia has retired from active duty. She is still capable using her skills as a fighter, but does not primarily do so. Age and injury have affected her speed and strength.

From a very early age, Salvia sought to improve herself as a fighter. She constantly sparred with her brother, and later began training under her father and various tutors. As a youngster, Salvia took boxing lessons from Tlantli Kimaris. Her exposure to Yi TaeKyung's style has led her to create her own. She can use a spear, as well as a sling. She has a very long range with this latter weapon, though it is most effective (and accurate) within twenty yards. She is capable of using both while mounted.

  • Salvia fights dirty; she will try and maim an opponent before killing them.
  • Her experience with weapons is limited, and she is cautious of them. Salvia will attempt to disarm opponents if she can.
  • Anyone experienced with cats would recognize her four-legged style as often deviating to imitation patterns of their killing attacks (ie; grappling, pouncing, smothering, etc).
  • Collecting:
Perhaps due to her becoming used to receiving gifts for the majority of her life, Salvia has developed a fascination with collection unique and rare items. She tends to be rather critical of craftsmanship and quality when trading, but always courteous and often delighted by items given to her freely. Trophies from game animals, items made from gold (or gold plated), and anything relating to tigers are her primary interests.
  • Multilingual (Common Tongue, German, Spanish):
Salvia is multilingual, fluent in English, German, and Spanish. She has a firm understanding of Gaelic, though does not speak it herself. In addition, she can pick out specific words and phrases in Italian and French.
  • Reading and Writing:
Capable of reading and writing. She reads slowly and often has to re-read large sections of text. Salvia writes very sharp, narrow letters and her writing is not very neat. She often has others transcribe her work.

5.  Residence

A large hunting cabin situated on the western edge of The Ruins near the coast just south of a small inlet and lake. The cabin itself has a sitting room, two bedrooms, attached horse stalls, and two covered porches. The horse stalls used to be the kitchen and bathroom at the back of the house, but with a little time, effort, and ingenuity was converted and expanded to comfortably house three horses at the most. The cabin is made entirely of white oak wood logs and timbers - with red oak wood boards covering the floor - and sits on a concrete and stone foundation that elevates it about twenty inches (51cm) from the ground to keep out the elements. The roof is tiled with slate shingles and stretches out about two feet (61cm) around the cabin to keep rain and snow away from the walls. Several windows without glass are scattered throughout the cabin allow light to flow in during the day, while the fireplace and wall sconces can be lit to light the house during the night. Each window has a set of wooden shutters on the outside that can be closed. As with any natural log cabin the house requires a fair bit of maintenance each season as the wood expands and contracts with the changing temperatures, but on the whole the cabin is kept in quite good condition.
The largest room in the house is the main sitting room. A sizeable fireplace made of concrete and stone sits nestled between two windows along the southern wall. The hearth within has a wrought-iron rack to place the logs upon and a curtain of iron chain mail that can be drawn across the opening to keep the fire contained but still allow light and heat to pass through. Just above the hearth is a large reclaimed wood mantel.
Adjacent to the main room are the two bedrooms, both of which are about half the size of the sitting room, though one is bigger than the other.
The horse stalls run the entire length of the back of the house and is connected to the back covered porch, which has another wooden wardrobe to store equipment, a large weathered driftwood table to work on, and several storage containers for feed, hay, water, and other essentials for all the various animals.

6.  NPCs

  • Salvia has worked with many types of fauna, though has obvious preferences. "Intelligent animals" (especially those capable of High Speech) are favored.

Abendrot (Eurasian Lynx)

Basics Description OOC Assumptions

by Alaine
Active: 2011 – Present

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Eurasian Lynx
  • Date of Birth: 5 August 2011
  • Size: Very large.
    • Height: 28 inches at the shoulder.
    • Weight: 66lbs (30kg)
  • Key Features: Powerful, sleek, undoubtedly not a "wild" animal given his level of care. Massive snowshoe paws, very intelligent eyes.
  • Coloration: His eyes are a bright and intelligent Casablanca (#F8B853). Desert (#AE6020) with darker Mule Fawn (#8C472F) accents. His spots and stripes are largely Dune (#383533). Westar (#DCD9D2) is his lightest color, found at his underside, paws, and facial markings. During winter his fur looses its trademark reddish sheen. During these months his pelt becomes primarily Zorba (#A59B91) with darker Dove Gray (#727272) accents.

Around Salsola:

  • Seeing him…
    • …at dawn or dusk throughout the territory.
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

  • An excellent hunter who favors hares and rabbits.
  • Non-Salsolan members are wise to avoid Abendrot; he has trained with Salvia and is familiar with lupus-based canine combat. He will attack young or weak Luperci with the intent to kill.


Abenrot is a large lynx even for his subspecies, with notable reddish fur and bright gold eyes.


He is crepuscular and spends his days sleeping in Salvia's home; one can most commonly see him at dawn or dusk. Though a spitfire when he was a kitten, Abendrot has matured well under Salvia's protection. He is not very talkative. Abendrot is more familiar with German, and will default to this language when he does speak. Abendrot loves to fight and push himself, and will hunt animals larger than himself. Abendrot loves Salvia, and is highly defensive of her and her family. He likes other cats but can be a bully, and dislikes large birds of prey.


  • Pandemic D'Angelo purchased the kitten during his first trip to Freetown and gifted him to Salvia
  • As a kitten, Abendrot socialized some with Itzcitla, though as he grew older he became less tolerant of the elder cat's presence.
  • Abendrot began acting as a messenger for Salvia as well as hunting partner.
  • Wanting to further her fighting skills, Salvia began training with Abendrot when her brother left for Freetown. This benefited the cat as well, and spurred his desire to one day kill a wolf.

Nacht (Grade Horse)

Basics Description OOC Assumptions

By Alaine
Active: 2011 – Present

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Grade Horse
  • Date of Birth: 7 June 2011
  • Size: 17 hands ( 5.6 ft / 1.7 m ) high.
  • Key Features: Slight feathering along each leg, long and thick mane and tail.
  • Coloration: Nacht is entirely Cod Gray (#0B0B0B) all over. His mane and tail bleach to Heath (#541012) along the ends in summer, even to the point of Cedar Wood Finish (#711A00) in their extremes. His eyes are a dark Eternity (#1D120C).

Around Salsola:

  • Seeing him…
    • …in the pasture where he is kept, or with Salvia.
  • Knowing that he belongs to Salvia.
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

Nacht is an excellent long-distance mount, as his gait is ambling. He can be extremely fast over shorter distances, but is strongest when his endurance is put to the test. Salvia has practiced light calvary tactics with Nacht, though he lacks the speed to perform these tasks to her standards.


He is obviously well cared for and perhaps even a little heavy with a strong, large head and chest.


Unshakable, calm, and well-disciplined. Nacht is a remarkably easy-going horse though highly aware of his rider; Salvia trained him extensively without the use of a saddle and he is most responsive to her commands. He is capable of performing under another rider, but likely to slack off and even become a little stubborn. Apples are his favorite thing ever, and he will try and take them if he can.


  • Larkspur realized his mount, Horse, was pregnant not long after he stole her.
  • Nacht was born in the summer of 2011, and soon gifted to Salvia by her father.
  • With assistance from Larkspur, Salvia began learning how to train the young colt.
  • Nacht sired Olaf in 2013.
  • From 2018 until late 2022, Nacht was in the care of Salvia's relatives.

Tiger (Grade Horse)

Basics Description OOC Assumptions

By Alaine
Active: 2012 – Present

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Grade Horse (Rocky Mountain and Morgan)
  • Date of Birth: 7 March 2012
  • Size: 15.2 hands ( 5.1 ft / 1.5 m ) high.
  • Key Features: Compact and sturdy. Small hooves, long legs, exceptionally thick mane and tail.
  • Coloration: Tiger's base coat is Mako (#444954) dappled with lighter grays as pale as Silver Sand (#BFC1C2). Shark (#25272C) forms stockings on all of his legs and at his nose. Alto (#DBDBDB) can be found in his blaze, and as socks on all of his legs save the front right. This is also true for his hooves, which are all Donkey Brown (#A69279) save for one Woodsmoke (#0C0D0F). His mane and tail are mixtures of Quill Gray (#D6D6D1), Bison Hide (#C1B7A4), and Shark (#25272C). His eyes are a dark Eternity (#1D120C).

Around Salsola:

  • Seeing him…
    • …in the pasture where he is kept, or with Salvia.
  • Knowing that he belongs to Salvia.
  • More Information »

Skills & Abilities:

Tiger excels at fast travel, given his gait is ambling. He is capable of maintaining high speed over long distances. Salvia has trained him for light calvary purposes.


A gray-silver horse of medium/large size.


Fearless and aggressive, Tiger is an excellent mount for combat purposes. He has been encouraged in this behavior by Salvia, and this has aided in his ferocity. Tiger is well trained, however, and has fair ground manners...though no one but Salvia has ever ridden him.

A social animal despite his temperament around Luperci, Tiger enjoys being around other horses. He will often try and get them to play, though this can sometimes become dangerous with other aggressive stallions.

Luperci are warned to steer clear of Tiger, who will bite and kick if unfamiliar canines approach. Tiger really hates strangers; he will sound an "alarm" of sorts and engage in displays of hostility and eventually violence if the offending party does not retreat.

Perhaps owing to his hunting with Salvia, Tiger seems to enjoy chasing birds--especially water fowl.


  • Tiger is born in Salsola, as part of the initial breeding program. His parents are Black and Luna.
  • Sirius gives Tiger to Salvia as means to further convince her of his "love".
  • Nacht and Tiger are pulled from the communal barn to live next to Salvia's cabin, where she begins training him.
  • Tiger was bred to Eyre in 2015.
  • From 2018 until late 2022, Tiger was in the care of Salvia's relatives.

7.  Miscellaneous

  • The D'Angelo family often names its children after toxic plants; in Salvia's case, she was named for Salvia divinorum, the so-called "diviner's sage" -- but also in after her grandfather, Salvaged Eternity.
  • Awards
    • In the 2013 Yearbook, Salvia was awarded the following superlative: Worst Influence.
    • In the 2014 Yearbook, Salvia was awarded the following superlative: Most Likely to Win the Game of Thrones.

1 25% Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf, 25% Alaskan Tundra Wolf, 12.5% Mackenzie Valley Wolf, 12.5% Arctic Wolf, 6.25% Red Wolf

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