Corvus Vendetta

Corvus Vendetta
Name Origin"Crow", Latin :: Vendetta
Name Pronounciation"Cor-woos" Vendetta
Date of BirthUnknown
Date of Death2009.06.16.
SubspeciesKorean wolf
Birth PlaceKorea
Current PackNone; Loner
'Souls Profile

Corvus Vendetta was a loner in 2009. He appeared suddenly, obsessed with the Graine's bloodline and intent on extracting a son from his daughter, Cwmfen nic Graine. After a life of violence and rape, Corvus was finally killed by Dawali Amara on June 16, 2009.

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1.  History

Corvus was born with the name TaeBin in the lands of Korea. He was a part of the clan Kkahmahn Neukdae, of which his parents were the alpha. Due to the nature of the culture, the hierarchy was very strict and the leaders were regarded as royalty, born into the position. Because of this, he was immediately trained in the martial arts, and he was good at what he did. Before his first year, he wandered from the pack boarders, tired and disgusted with the contraints of royalty that did not permit him to be free. One of the members of the rival packs, the Hin Kahl attacked him. And while he had excelled in his training, he soon found that such a thing was no match for true experience. He barely escaped alive, killing both and leaving them behind. He had recieved a grave wound: a knife in his right chest cavity. He dragged himself through the deserted night-time streets into the bordering forest, expecting he should die. With blood at his lips, he was laying in the foliage when he was met by Arawn. Arawn was not a god native to his country; he was a wandering god: the Undying Wolf Prince. The Wolf God gave him life by joining TaeBin's form with that of a wolf's in exchange for service.


He desires the bloodline of an ancient Caledonian family, for the superstitious belief that certain souls provide a spiritual gateway to eternal life. That was his motive in the seduction and rape of Graine. But he learned that he required a son for what he desired, and when his captive gave birth to a daughter, he found Graine useless. But he kept her alive long enough to raise the pup, and then he killed her. Cwmfen fled from him, but he sought to catch her. He was patient, biding his time until she would reached her sexual maturity when he would sow his seed within her. As a warning, he caught up with her and staged her rape, though he did not yet desire her physically, finding her underdeveloped body distasteful. Now he seeks to find her, believing that she has feared him enough to keep herself from the desires of a male. And consumed by his strange devotion to the god, he will not stop until he is dead.

2.  'Souls History

Having waited patiently for the time to come, Corvus completes the journey. Having already crossed the fields of ice in the Arctic, carefully trailing his daughter, Corvus Vendetta enters the lands of Bleeding Souls. All the while, he had been obtaining every detail of her life from the one-eyed, pied Raven that was believed to be the epitome of her Dream. The first wolf he meets is Haku Soul on 2009 March 13. At first, to the crow wolf, it appeared as if Haku would try to stop him. But, although they had engaged in a brief sparring, each backed off. Corvus had sensed the growing darkness within the Lilium and had allowed him to live with minimal injury. It amused him that his daughter had believed herself protected. On 2009 March 31, Sabeen Thames stumbles upon him. She desires to learn the darkness from him, but he does not give her his attention, for she is not yet believed to be ready or worthy to receive what it is that she has to give.

Corvus meets his archenemy, Onus on 2009 April 1. It was raining, and it was only be chance that the two creatures crossed paths. Onus was amazed to find that there was a creature such as Corvus existed, and the crow wolf challenged him to approach. Once they had begun to fight, despite Onus' smaller size, it was obvious that he was skilled enough to prove to be an enemy with which to contend. Because Onus had not known with whom he dealt, Onus got too close and Corvus ripped his shoulder out. With that, the crow wolf was satisfied and left him there to die in the rain, alone with the life draining from him.

Several days later, on the 3rd of April, he found the scent of his daughter upon the fur of Ezekiel de le Poer and attacked him, although whether to kill him or not was unknown. Regardless, his daughter came and discovered the fault of her thinking. As a gift, he gave her the life of the coyote boy and left, and the long game of waiting for her to come to him began. He would linger upon the boarders of her pack so that she would merely smell him. He never lingered long enough to wait for her to see. Because his daughter traveled often in the unclaimed lands, he would wander there as well, always able to avoid her finding him.

Near AniWaya, he bumped into Catherine, who he found to be intollerably ingorant and naive of the world. Undeserving of his attention, he simply left her behind.

While alone, Brooklyn D'Angelo wandered to him.... Slaying the Dreamer had the ill fortune to come across Corvus at Grandfather's Tears on the 15th of May. Once more, the game had proceeded, and Slay was merely the pawn. Corvus was careful to cause only superficial wounds, and it was easy to make the diamond marked male fall from exhaustion and blood loss. Corvus proceeded to drag him mercilessly across the lands and back to the Dahlian boarders, where the body was deposited for his daughter to find. Mati Church was another unfortunate victim. Although she held no relation to his daughter, her innocence and pureity reminded him of her. He offered to a weeping Mati comfort and solace if she only embraced the darkness. When she refused, he attempted to rape her. She calle to Onus, and he told her that if she could bring the coyote to him, he would spare her. She was spared because Onus did come. They fought once more, a physcal struggle that cost Corvus a notch from his ear, before both ceased, knowing that the time had not yet come. Tokyo Chance, upon one of Corvus' movements near the Dahlian boarders, was foolish enough to challenge him and paid for it with a wound to the neck; once more this wounded Dahlian served as a warning to his daughter that time was running out.

Sabeen Thames sought him, and finding her worthy enough, he mounted her. He planted his seed within her, although she did not concieve. On 2009 June 02, Corvus killed Ril'o. This would be his final warning to his daughter, and he knew that that was all it would take. was voluntarily gave herself to the knowledge of the darkness, and she concieved the black seed that was so mercifully given. After he was done, he simply left her there, allowing her to deal with whatever life dealt her. Gabriel de le Poer finally found him and sought to take revenge for what Corvus had done to his son, Ezekiel.

As night fell on the 15th of June, Cwmfen, on her search for shelter in a hotel and with wounds from her final battle with Brennt, came to him. Having been weakened by blood loss and unable to execute effective wounds because of her wounds, her attack upon him was pathetic. She was felled easily, and he took her, branding her with the hanja character of darkness (ºÚ). Then, through out the night and morning, he proceeded to rape her many times, assuring that his seed was spread within her and that she knew to whom her body belonged. Onus, however, discovered that place, finding him even as he was raping her, attacked the crow wolf. The fight was brief for the coyote's rage, and in the end he was knocked to the ground, his throat torn out. Before he died, his mind rang with the words, "Even Death cannot stop me."

3.  Family

4.  Personality

It is difficult to discern what his personality is, for he keeps it hidden behind many shadows. This has to do with his life in the gang. He learned quickly that weaknesses led to early deaths. Distancing oneself from selfish emotions made the work less cumbersome. Feelings for others would only lead to such weaknesses. He is not quick to anger, yet he does become irritated often. He does not lose his anger often, but when he does, things tend to become unpleasent.

5.  Appearance

His eyes are black. His fur is black and well groomed. Around his chest and shoulders is a white band of fur, a marking that is that of a pied crow and lead to the second of his names.

He is slimly muscular. His lean frame gives the appearance that he is weak, yet years of training in the art of fighting has built his strength. Muscles are lightly defined on his body, and there is practically no fat on him. The only flaw in his physical appearance is the scars that mar his body. There's a particularly deep one in his right chest between two ribs.

His hairis black. In the back it reaches to the nape. His hair is layered. In the front, he has bangs, though they are not cut strait; they are whispy and reach a little past his eye brows. In front of his ears, there's a tapering strip of hair that reaches the bottom of his jaw. The hair is cut over his ears so that they are half-exposed, then behind the ears, the hair makes a sharp dive to the length of the nape.

Right Rib Cage: deep knife wound [unknown enemy]
Right Upper Arm: bite marks [Onus]
Right Ear: rip [Onus]
Edge of Right Eye: verticle scar [Ril'o]
Throat: throat torn out (death) [Onus]

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