Tokyo Chance

Tokyo Chance

Date of Birth24 August 2005
Birth placeStorm
Current pack
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining Date9 April 2009
Joining RankFilix
Previous RanksBluet, Circèe, Charme, Lierre, Mai, Cericer
Most Recent RankVitis

Jaded Shadows

Joining Date24 August 2005

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1.  History

1.1  Bleeding Souls

Parental Back-story (On Board, 2005)

Ophelia Nekane, one of the many children of Salvaged Eternity, was raped by a male named Malachi Nakado. Ophelia's half brother Nirupama Tsunami, with whom she was very close, was Malachi's lover at the time. Later, on discovering the crime that Malachi committed, Tsunami murders him.

Early Life (On Board, 2005)

On August 24, 2005, Tokyo Chance and five other siblings were born in Storm. When old enough to travel, Ophelia moves Tokyo, Witch Hazel and Silent Muse to Jaded Shadows. The other three remain in Storm with their uncle Tsunami, who is dedicated to helping his sister raise her unwanted children. Tokyo grew up in Jaded Shadows as an arrogant, attention-seeking puppy who didn't get along too much with any of her siblings. She believed fervently that she was Ophelia's favorite child. Tokyo was very fond of material objects, especially shiny and pretty things, and would frequently try to steal things from other people.

Tokyo, Muse, and Hazel. I think drawn by Reb?

Abandonment (On Board, 2006)

At some point, Ophelia leaves Bleeding Souls. This confuses the heck out of Tokyo and makes her sad because she loved her mommy to pieces. When about 8 months old, Tokyo leaves the land herself to go find her mother and have the joyful reunion she knows will occur.

1.2  Time Up North

(note: interested in playing raphael or champ? pm me.)

Raising Squeak (Off Board, 2006)

Tokyo manages to find Ophelia, but much to her surprise and dismay she is chased away by her mother, who is tired of dealing with whiny puppies. Upset, lonely, and depressed beyond belief, she stumbles upon a very tiny abandoned wolf puppy of about four months of age. She names him Squeak. He is incredible grateful for her attention and rescue, and as a result acts exactly how you should to gain Tokyo's approval: thinks of her as a hero, fawns on her, etc etc. She teaches him her meager set of skills, particularly the arts of thieving and how to scavenge food without hunting. They grow up together, learning from life and sharing all experiences. Once fully grown, Squeak starts hunting for Tokyo, a situation that both of them found easier and left both their bellies more full. Tokyo is delighted at this new arrangement and how much less work she has to do, so she grants him the new name "Champion."

Champion's Unrequited Love (Off Board, 2007-2008)

Champion, to no one's surprise, is basically madly in love with Tokyo at this point. He tells her this frequently, but she is aloof in general and skittish about romantic relationships in particular. He's not particularly happy with her constant rejection, but at the same time understands that even if he can't have what he wants, he still has the privileged position of her "champion" - no one was going to get closer to her than him. They wander and drift a lot, still stealing food and treasures from other packs when the opportunity presents itself. They are constantly being chased away from different pack territories. Over the course of the year, three or four wolves variously join and then leave Tokyo and Champ's roving band (it was no larger than four total at any given time). Eventually, all of the wolves were either chased off by Champ for some imaginary insult to Tokyo's honor or left out of their own frustration at her behavior.

Seduction (Off Board, 2008)

Halfway through the year, Champ is off hunting and Tokyo runs into a strange wolf named Raphael. He's incredible suave and charming and easily seduces her. Once she realized what he was after, she panics and regrets leading him on. At that point, however, he doesn't give her the choice to stop. After that instance, she decides that sex is dirty, gross, uncomfortable, and all-together unpleasant. Tokyo is super glad that she never had to deal with that with Champ, and of course, she never tells him of this encounter.

Pregnancy and Murder (Off Board, 2008)

Except, uh, a month later when Tokyo starts putting on a lot of weight, he's smart enough to put two and two together. Upset beyond belief at her betrayal, Champ runs off in the middle of some night. He left behind the diary that he'd been keeping, containing a very large amount of words detailing his love for her. Scribbled on the inside back cover was a note explaining that he couldn't bear to be around her, couldn't bear to see her give birth to babies that weren't his. Tokyo had never really connected pregnancy with sex, and this basically blows her mind.

On September 3rd, 2008, Tokyo gives birth to five incredibly tiny, malnourished puppies - she had not been eating enough to support six bodies, not without Champ hunting for her. In a fit of rage on the night of their birth, she kills three of them in a desperate attempt to rid herself of what it was that had driven Champ away. Two survive by clambering behind rocks. The morning after, she finds the two shivering puppies and feels somewhat penitent. She names the one the one that looks like Ophelia "Princess" and the one that reminds her of Raphael "Buttface." (If you can't tell by now, she's rather childish and immature).

Abandonment #2 (Off Board, 2009)

The murder of their siblings, however, brought the two puppies incredibly close. And despite Tokyo's pampering of her daughter, Princess could not accept her mother's gross mistreatment of Buttface. When he ran off one night, then, it was in the company of his sister. With no one left at all, Tokyo heads back to Bleeding Souls territory in an attempt to find a home in Jaded Shadows, the pack of her childhood.

1.3  'Souls History

Joining Dahlia de Mai (On Board, 2009)

After making it home, she unfortunately sees that Jaded Shadows was abandoned. Crossing into Souls' territory, she learns from a stranger what happened to the packs that she had once known. Coincidentally enough, the stranger was Bane Kiles, son of Tokyo's well-loved Uncle Tsu.[1] She travels west, intent on investigating the new packs to see if she had any other relatives left around. The first wolf pack she encounters is Phoenix Valley, but she fights with the male she encounters at the border.[2] The second pack she runs into is Dahlia de Mai. Finding a puppy with some food, she steals it from him. Caught by Cwmfen nic Graine, one of the pack's leaders, she ends up sort of accidentally joining the pack in her twisted attempts at lying to cover up her crime.[3] Tokyo finds a den to call home and meets most of her pack members through a meeting[4] and various encounters throughout the territory.

Princess' Return (On Board, 2009)

Tokyo learns from a pack member Alexey Koios[5] that her daughter, Princess Chance has joined the pack. They have a touching reunion, where Tokyo explains some to her daughter about some aspects of their past, and she warns her to keep quiet about the details or else terrible things might happen.[6] Princess moves into Tokyo's den, and they resume their odd and somewhat distant mother / daughter relationship. At one point they go on a joint adventure to Wolfville and steal clothes,[7] and at another Tokyo gives Princess the "sex talk," warning her that intercourse was gross and stuff.[8]

2.  Personality

2.1  Currently

Tokyo is basically a slightly crazy, very entitled, bitch. She tries to be manipulative, but isn't quite clever enough to pull it off and usually just ends up getting frustrated and bluntly trying to shoulder her way through every situation so that it ends up in her favor. She has pretty bad asthma, and so has lived the past couple years very much a scavenger, picking up food whenever the opportunity presented itself, hunger driving away whatever few scruples that might haunt her.

Tokyo is quick to leap to conclusions but stubborn as all hell to defend her choices once made. When faced with a new person, the first thing she does is mentally file them as either "good or bad" and then "more awesome or less awesome than me." This really ends up making three groups because anyone that is bad could not be more awesome than her. Her behavior towards each of these groups is predictable - those that she decides are "good and more awesome" are the COOLEST PEOPLE EVER. She wants to be around them all the time, learn from them, be their favorite person, etc (see the character Ophelia in biography). Those that are "good and less awesome" are treated as favored servants (see the character Champ in biography). And of course, those that are "bad and less awesome" are treated with contempt or sometimes amused disdain.

2.2  Bleeding Souls

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3.  Relatives

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6.  Appearance

Primarily light brown, creamy colored. Dark browns and grays on her back, and lighter shades on her underside. A splotch of dark gray is on her muzzle. Ice blue eyes. Very skinny, underfed appearance. On the small side anyway, even if she was a healthy weight. As a child, she was cream-colored with a white belly, but her fur darkened and settled into its current pattern as she aged.

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6.2  Stature

6.3  Eyes

6.4  Scars

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