Dawali Amara

Dawali Amara

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Dawali Amara, drawn by Marit
Name OriginThe family name is in cherokee, and means "Eternal"
Date of BirthApril 24 - 2004
Agegoing on 5 years old
SubspeciesRed Wolf/Canis Rufus
Birth placeThe old tribelands of AniWaya, far from 'Souls
Current packAniWaya (tribe)
'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateDecember 15, 2008 (Co-founder)
Joining RankCo-Leader
Most Recent RankMain Leader
Co-RankN/A - Medic profession path

Founding co-leader of the AniWaya tribe, Dawali has been with the "indian wolves" from the start. He's 4 (going on 5) years old, father of two litters, where one daughter of each litter has survived. Both litters are with the same female, Mischka, who died from an unknown disease which Dawali could not cure, despite his medical skills. The children are Aiyanna Amara (youngest) and Asha Amara.

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  5.   5.  Relationships
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    2.   5.2  The Aston Family
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    4.   5.4  Ayegali Kala (no longer a played character)
    5.   5.5  Ember Phoenix
    6.   5.6  Sakari Yakone Amara
    7.   5.7  Ayasha
    8.   5.8  Ralla
    9.   5.9  Nayati Utina
    10.   5.10  Liliana Utina
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  7.   7.  Appearance
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    2.   7.2  Dawali
    3.   7.3  Luperci Forms
    4.   7.4  Stature
    5.   7.5  Eyes
    6.   7.6  Scars

1.  Pre-'Souls History

Dawali was born to the tribe family Amara, in April 2004. April is the customary birthing month of AniWaya, because it carries good predictions. Those born in April generally live to lead a successful, healthy and rich life. Dawali was an image of this: His parents loved him, he was more than healthy like the rest of his litter, and he grew up to become a strong young male. Family traditions are strong in AniWaya, and Dawali would be the first son of his father (they were a total of 12 siblings, 4 litters, where 6 total lived to grown age. Four of these were male.) to wait with going on his spiritual journey - to meet his spirit guide. At that time, a young male at almost a year, he had set his eyes on a female; Mischka. She was of another family, their only child.

Soon enough Dawali asked the femme to be his mate, and after some time she consented. The two were inseparable, and truly opposites in social behavior: Dawali was reserved, and talked little - and very uncomfortable around females. Mischka relished any contact, and talked to her heart's content about anything that might be relevant, for the sake of conversation.. Thus, she filled in the gaps and spoke for them both when it was necessary.

The couple soon had fortunate winds blowing in their backs, yet although fortune did smile upon them, she did not smile as best she could. In the first litter only one child survived; a little girl, who they named Asha Amara. The deaths of the other three pups was sad, but Dawali had - in the time since he had mated Mischka - taken up training to become a Bone Bearer - a medicine man who specializes in handling the dying, or dead. With the knowledge he had on this subject he bore his grief with a smile - he knew that there was no harm in dying. He did grieve, but only for as long as it was necessary, after all they had a little girl to rejoice over as well. The dead children were treated as any deceased would, and Dawali held his own ritual for them, private and hidden from the eyes of curious tribesmembers.

Mere months after the birth of Asha Amara, Dawali built the two a proper house, with a private stables. Now they could enjoy family life, and his parents watched with pride as they saw the family name expand with his actions. His younger brothers (for Dawali was the eldest) had not yet begun the adventure of making a family, although they had their spirit guides - someone Dawali had yet to meet. He was not bothered by this, and as Aiyanna Amara, the second daughter, was soon born, he did not think of it at all. The couple was now preoccupied with their family, and until Mischka fell ill everything was going smoothly.

The disease which had struck his mate was unknown to him, and none of his herbs, plants or prayers had any effect on her condition. She coughed and her nose ran as if she had a cold, yet none of the medicine he had to treat such things seemed to bear fruit. They waited to see if it would pass, but it only grew in strength. Worried, Dawali consulted his fellow medicine men, even those from other tribes and from family connections at great distances. They could only suggest what he had already tried. One had heard of such a disease, but he knew of no remedy. Not even a month later was Dawali forced to hold a burial ritual for his wife, and his reserved personality became more than apparent to most of the other members.

Dawali was now alone with caring for the young Aiyanna, and another tragedy struck him. A neighboring clan or pack of luperci attacked their tribe, killing many of their men, and even some of the women. Dawali - as the only Bone Bearer - quickly had very much to do, and Aiyanna was for the time being left in the care of her aunt. She was so young, however, that he doubted she would ever remember this. After the attack, the leadership of the tribe decided it was time to move, to prevent further tragedies from their savage neighbors, and to move on from their losses in this place. Thus, the large numbers of wolves, with their horses, took on a journey. Dawali was part of a party that wet ahead, to scout out a suitable place to settle down again.

2.  Gvihita

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During their journey towards new lands, Dawali was on his own, having left Aiyanna to the care of more suitable and less occupied hands - those that would come after once the scouting party had found a suitable place. Asha was all over the place, with her horse and (already!) her spirit guide, as well as a few other companions, and he was left to think and do whatever pleased him, long as it did not interfere with the traveling, of course.

Normally, a spiritual journey can last for any set time, some only lasting a few days, some months. And they are done in solitude. I Dawali's case, he did not exactly go on a spiritual journey at all, although he was on a journey. In fact, he spent most of his time on the horse's back contemplating all the ones that had died - including Mischka - and how their existence was now, as well as sending a few thoughts for Aiyanna every now and then. He didn't have his mind focused on meeting his spirit guide, but it seemed she considered a time she was needed, for soon enough the male noticed an eagle following him around, often sitting in a tree he was passing, then flying ahead to wait for him in another tree.

Finally, she one day flew at him and sat herself on his shoulder, and he could no longer mistake her for anything but his spirit guide. He saw that no one else seemed to notice her, as if they had seen her they would have made a fuss over it - he was known for not having gone on his journey yet. Days passed without a word exchanged between the two, until she finally gave him her name, but still refused conversation. Not until a month had gone did she engage in a proper conversation with him, strange as she was.

Gvihita's demeanor has been like this ever since their first meeting - cold, rejecting, and quite negative. She still offers some companionship, and her mood is greatly lifted by certain activities, for example hunting. The two have a relationship that could best be compared to the loving harshness of an old and mature marriage - none of them hesitate to point out each other's flaws. She shows excitement at the prospect of new pups in the tribe, and hunts. Previously, only a set amount of persons had ever seen her, as she chose more often than not to hide her form, scent and sound. After the incident with Brennt (look below), however, she has openly been displaying her form. Anyone can see her, although she might not always accompany Dawali. The bird likes its freedom.

3.  'Souls History

The scouting party entered 'Souls land the late summer of 2008, yet their leader, Ayegali Kala, did not seem to be able to make up her mind. Meanwhile, Dawali and others of the team (Asha among them), made use of their time and explored a little. Upon waiting for months, their leader called everyone to her, including a few outsiders from the lands they were now considering to settle in, and pronounced that they would be staying. Her (Ayegali's) brothers had just gone back to help and rescue the tribe that came after - they had been caught in a storm, or unlucky weather of some sort, and needed assistance. Aiyanna was amongst those now stuck behind, and Dawali wished to go to help, but could not, as Ayegali quickly bestowed upon him an unexpected honor: He was given the co-leader ranking within the tribe. The red wolf male - and his family - had never excelled beyond the regular member, or perhaps as a skilled professor in whatever their occupation was, but he took the honor gladly, and knew he would do his best, unable to do anything else. Secretly, he was eager to let the news on to his father, who was still alive (hopefully) and would certainly be very proud.

After some time, Ayegali retired, and Dawali was now the top rank of the tribe. Although, this was not official, and he did not yet hold the rank of Kalona. This did not bother him, however, as he only saw it an honor that she would trust him with these tasks. Quickly, he managed to build a primitive stable, which later also had an added section for food storage. He laid down stones to create a large paved circle near the ceremonial fire. Also taking part in several members' building of their den huts, he quickly assumed the handyman role of the pack. Tayui would bring the tribe a litter in early spring, and Dawali took it upon himself to help her with the four children, stopping by as often as he could with some fish or items that could be of use. Subsequently, he has a great affection for this family in particular.

In summer that same year, Dawali encounters a strange, dim male near the borders of his tribe; Brennt. This male smells of blood and pups, and Dawali quickly puts two and two together, chasing the stranger away. However, he has a first-encounter with fear of violence as Brennt's demeanor seems to change rapidly at the end of the chase, looking very dangerous indeed. This troubles the red wolf, but it does not occupy the majority of his time. However, he decides that he will warn the other packs around about this criminal - no crime is greater than the murder of a child. He meets with Cwmfen nic Graine in Dahlia de Mai, and learns more than he wished he had. Troubled, he returns home, knowing that he cannot do anything with the problem of Brennt before the male has actually done something, but not wishing to wait for that to happen. Before he thinks of warning the children (torn between warning them and potentially scaring them, and letting them maintain their innocence), Noir and Océane is attacked by Brennt, though none die. Both are scarred and bruised, and heavily confused and scared. Dawali learns of this only some days later, accompanied with more news: Phoenix Valley has lost a child at Brennt's hands. Furious, he decides to meet with Cwmfen to discuss the problem. Before he can get that far, however, he encounters the male in Halifax, and is now forced to truly understand the size of his fear, as well as the gravity of his dilemma.

The encounter in Halifax nurtures his growing fear of the predator that lurks beneath the dim gaze of the stranger male. Torn, he disappoints himself: he is unable to chase the male down, to remove him from life. Take a life, lose a life. He realizes more and more that his fears are too great, that he cannot bring himself to willfully commit the act of murder. However his fascination with the male brings him once again to travel towards Halifax, but before he gets that far he finds Cwmfen, badly wounded. She tells him that she's managed to hunt and badly hurt Brennt, and having seen his friend so badly injured he is determined to finish the job. He follows the scents of blood into the city. By the time he reaches the hideout of the villain the sun has disappeared, and storm clouds are gathering above. Gvihita offers no support and flies above the clouds; he is alone. After a few moments mapping the buildings, he enters the one where the scent is strongest. Brennt surprises him, knowing his own den better than anyone, and the two fight, thunder roaring outside the shattered windows. Brennt is the superior fighter, but Dawali is thin and agile, and manages to sever two of Brennt's main arteries. The brute collapses and Dawali hides in the corner, observing the dying male in sheer terror. Not wanting to face his actions, he suddenly bolts out of there, waits outside to shift and runs back to the borders of AniWaya, calling out for help. He's badly wounded himself.

Ember is the one to answer his call, and she helps treat him with herbs and carry him to his den, supplying food and water. As he heals, she keeps visiting to make sure he has what he needs. The red wolf male has time to understand himself, and to ponder his own actions, but only the day after he defies his pains and returns to Halifax to retrieve the body. This body is delivered in Phoenix Valley, to DaVinci 'daite Nasphrite, to mend the broken home of the murdered pup - according to AniWayan custom. He also lets Cwmfen know of he kill and is glad to see that she seems to be ok despite her injuries, and then returns home. Ember continues to care for him, and to the extent that it makes him uncomfortable. Despite this, in all the time spent in his den he thinks, and he realizes that he cannot carry every burden of leadership alone. He offers Ember a place in the AniWayan Council, as his sub-leader. She accepts, and the change is announced in the next tribe ceremony. Now, he is granted the title of Kalona, and he accepts it gratefully.

His friendship with Ember is proving to be more difficult than he anticipated as she continues to visit him to make certain he is all right. It makes him awkward, and as she is also now his sub-leader he is uncertain how to face that problem. Not thinking to find the cause of his awkwardness, he simply dismisses it as his own pride acting out, and is honest about it to her. She understands his awkwardness but tells him "it's nothing", and thus does nothing to lessen it. Deciding to attempt to put it away, Dawali returns to normal life, trying to act normal with her.

In time, Ember and Dawali slip further apart as the male's duties pick up. More and more new members come to the tribe, and he finds that his responsibilities to the tribe tear him further from his friends. His connection with Ember and Tayui dwindle, and his daughters arrive and return to the Great Tribe so and so often - never long enough to allow him to calm down on their behalf. Time passes and faces come and go. Some members from the Great Tribe arrive other than his daughters, however, among them Nayati Utina and Sanuye Otsana - the former an old friend of the family and the latter an old friend of Nayati's. These faces brighten the male's day, as they bring both news and memories from the Great Tribe. He takes great pleasure in speaking about old times and speaking about the Great Tribe, though fact is that since his arrival at 'Souls, he has not yet set foot elsewhere, and he misses his family dearly. Mischka did die not long before the tribe left, and so the total of his life changes was rather abrupt and intense.

He takes great pleasure also, in teaching his tribesmembers the customs of the tribe and including them in new things in relation to their professions. With time, two of his good friends, Liliana and Nayati, both rise to the rank of Master in their respective professions, and even become mates through a ceremony performed by Dawali. This is, to him, one of the few really, really good moments of the tribe so far. Earlier peaks as tall as this one are among others the birth of the Aston children as the first litter born to AniWaya, and the arrival of his own daughters when they came to visit. His spirits are lifted by his friends' union, and he feels that with other members' efforts, such as for example Ralla's, the tribe is slowly crawling towards something similar to what the Great Tribe was to hi. Regardless of his longing for the Great Tribe, however, Dawali knows that nothing will compare to his own tribe, and he dedicates most of his waking moments to its development and security.

During the winter moons of late 2010, Dawali finds his hut occupied by not only himself, but two puppies. Ayasha and Sakari have both stumbled onto AniWayan land. While Sakari is his niece, come to visit him and through misfortune without her guide and friend Meda, who perished on the journey, Ayasha is a pup who was lost after a bear claimed the life of her mother, a loner. Dawali has taken the pups to his heart and is raising them as his own. It is not likely he will allow Sakari to travel back to the Great Tribe until he knows she is ready for it. The pups are both very young, and though Dawali is saddened by the poor girls' circumstances and losses, he greatly appreciates their company. Many, many years has passed since he raised his own daughters, and he finds it incredibly refreshing to have children around him again.

In early February 2011, 'Souls is hit by snow storm. Dawali breaks his leg as he evacuates his hut and heads for the Town Hall, from a flying piece of another tribesmember's hut that was caught in the wind. It is the thinnest bone in his shin that is broken by the impact, and while he curses his pain, the male is relieved that the wood did not hit any of the two pups who were escaping along with him. The tribesmembers that reach the Town Hall are stuck in it for several days, during which they help him break the bone into place and secure it, as well as treat minor wounds and the pain. Once the storm calms, they find that they are snowed in, and when they manage to get out they find that most of the huts have been destroyed, and Theodoric, one of the AniWayans, is found dead in his collapsed hut. This is a turning point for Dawali, having suffered too many deaths in a year, and he vows to protect his tribesmembers better as he buries Theodoric.

At the time being, Dawali is relaxing in his (somewhat) repaired hut, trying to entertain the children through teaching and other activities. His leg proves to take longer to heal tha he thought it would, and he struggles the urge to get up and walk every day. Unfortunately, it is not difficult to notice that he weakens from this prolonged period of healing, and he yearns to go outside and participate in harder, more fruitful labout. Luckily his friends, Liliana and Nayati, are handling many of the pack's affairs for him, when he is unable to tend to them.

3.1  The Settling

3.2  Life in the pack

Dawali sees everyone as his responsibility, and as his family. He is a father figure for some of the Aston children, despite them not being his own. His daughter Asha is the apple of his eye, and he would do anything to please her. He likes to think that the tribe members see him as a just and kind leader, because that is what he strives to be. Spending his time mostly preparing for ceremonies and making improvements to their living situation, Dawali is Ha solitary man. Despite his working on his own most of the time, he also likes to think that he is not lonely, but he might be mistaken. With a deceased wife and a spirit guide that likes to taunt him for fun, his mood is greatly lifted by any social encounter.

4.  Personality

4.1  Initially

Initially Dawali spoke extremely little, only when spoken to, and then he refrained from long sentences. It is a defensive attitude, in a way - he is afraid of saying something that might offend others, thus he shuts up. He also believes it is better to speak too little than too much, which means that he is a good secret-keeper, and he does not blabber.

He is not proud, but mild in demeanor - generally content, and tolerant about most things. He is very neutral, although will react harshly on unjust treatment of himself or others. Dawali does not look down on anyone per se, although he does believe pride and judgment to be unnecessary, and does not appreciate these features in another person. He does, however, of course harbor the "manly pride" and refuses to let on to someone whenever he might feel uncertain, or when there is something he does not understand.

4.2  Later & Currently

With the Kalona rank, Dawali's shyness falls away and he embraces this challenge with open arms. He knows, now, that a leader cannot be put off by details - he must stay focused always. He speaks, now, with a voice that booms of authority, although this feature is generally not used to accomplish anything. Most of the time his demeanor is kind and open, making it obvious for most that Dawali is a kind-hearted, and warm wolf, fitting the colors of his pelt. He enjoys the presence of children, and would seek them out to make sure they in particular were well. He treasures his friends, and especially his family. Many of the members of the tribe are like family to him, however. He carries the responsibility of the tribe on his shoulders with pride, though it is beginning to take its toll. As he grows older, the burden becomes heavier and heavier to bear for every misfortune or mistake.

5.  Relationships

5.1  Non-played relations / Offboard


All member of the Amara family are on good terms with Dawali. See the family page for details. Relationship to some family members in detail below.

Aiyanna Amara

Dawali is very proud of his youngest daughter, who has, by word of Asha, managed to save the remains of the large AniWaya tribe that were coming to join the new-found settlement at 'Souls from a disease much like the one that took Mischka's life. She originally stayed with them in their makeshift settlement hoping to find a proper treatment for the disease, but came to AniWaya briefly to see her father. However, her sense of obligation pulled her back to the Great Tribe again briefly after this.

Asha Amara

Asha is Dawali's daughter, and he naturally thus thinks very highly of her. After her reaching adolesence, and later adult age, he stopped interfering with anything she did, and still refuses to call on her. In relation to her, he calls himself "her old papa" or just "pa" and is dead scared of her feeling as if he is intruding on her personal sphere. Thus, even though he might worry for her and think of her regularly, he leaves it up to her to make contact. It is, as he says, "the way it should be, and no child can run about the legs of their parent too long. It is not healthy." She stayed for a long while in the tribe, but also made several longer trips to the Great Tribe to visit her sister and other family. For the time being, she has been staying in the Great Tribe.

Uhusti "'Doda" Amara

Dawali's father. This man is fairly old, and Dawali hopes to one day be reunited with him, when the large AniWaya tribe someday might finish their journey and join his own tribe at 'Souls. He is keen to show the male that he has risen to become Chief, and that his hard work has gained him much respect within the tribe.

Udanvdi "Agitsi" Amara

Dawali's mother. He harbors a great amount of emotion for this old woman, who has nurtured him and all the litters of his family so well into life. This female is the only one Dawali can behave 100% naturally around, as he knows that she will never judge him as something he is not. He has a neverending trust for her, and would defend her with his life, as he would any of his family members.

5.2  The Aston Family

Tayui Aston and her children have been very close to Dawali's heart ever since the creation of the tribe. The litter was born not many moons after, and with their lacking a father, Dawali saw it as his responsibility to provide some kind of a father figure. The children grew up with his presence in some way, and he remained on good terms with many of them until adults life. The death of Noir Aston and Attila Aston & Tayui Aston's leaving the tribe has him somewhat troubled for the time being, though Oceane and Claudius are both still in the tribe. His relationship with them is vague, even though he does consider them family.

5.3  Leland (no longer a played character)

Perhaps Dawali's best friend, although Leland might not consider the bond as strong in return. Leland offers Dawali a break from estrogen, and the two find conversation easily, something which is rare for the red wolf male. Dawali also harbors a great amount of respect for the male, as the husky mix has made great progress in a short amount of time, in order to learn and fit into the tribe as best he can. This is a sign of ambition, at least in the sub-leader's opinion, and very admirable.

5.4  Ayegali Kala (no longer a played character)

The tribe's leader, Dawali is slghtly scared of this strong female character. She holds a rank that traditionally is a male's rank, and whilst Dawali doesn't mind that at all (he is not one of those who has ideas on one gender's worth against the other), it tells him that she is strong, and knows what she is doing. And when a "normal" femme might spur his uncertainty, a female in charge, above him in rank, and decisive and strong as she is makes him feel about as large as a rat. Still Dawali respects her greatly, and would obey her in anything she told him to do, as he is dead certain of her good values and ability to make the right choice. One does not doubt the decisions of the Chief.

5.5  Ember Phoenix

Ember was one of Dawali's closest friends, and for a time sub-leader of the pack. They started out as quite close friends, though they slipped apart as time passed, and Ember found misfortune. Dawali is of the kind that will not inquire despite curiosity, not wanting to act as if he does not respect his friends. The end result was that Ember left the pack in order to live elsewhere; where, Dawali does not as of February 2011 know.

5.6  Sakari Yakone Amara

Sakari appeared in the tribe's village in late 2010, alone and very young, and pleading fo help. Dawali was the one to find her and located her companion, Meda, who had frozen to death the night before their planned arrival at AniWaya. Sakari is Dawali's niece, daughter to his younger sister Sanuye, and stays with Dawali. Having her living with him, despite knowing she is the child of his sister, Dawali has very strong paternal feelings for the little girl, and will stop at nothing to please her whims. He hopes to perhaps journey to the Great Tribe sometime when Sakari is old enough, in order to see his family and congratulate his sister on her children. He only learned of the litter upon Sakari's arrival.

5.7  Ayasha

Ayasha was found cold and lost along the AniWayan borders in early winter 2010. Her mother had been killed and she had wandered, looking for the tribe. Taking pity on the poor girl, Dawali took her in and let her stay with him. With time he started thinking of her as his daughter, and along with Sakari they made quite a tight little family. However when Dawali broke his leg during a snowstorm in February 2011 and Ayasha was still quite young, she moved to live along with another puppy in the tribe, Saphrina, who was staying with Ralla and Kemo, a mated couple. They would better be able to handle a young pup, than Dawali with a broken leg.

5.8  Ralla

Ralla is one of Dawali's msot trusted tribesmembers. Still quite a young face, she came from a tribe that appeared to have similar values to AniWaya, though her religion is aimed more closely at the moon than AniWayan beliefs are. Dawali taught her early about the Great Fire, and she took on the rank of Fire Keeper. Since, Dawali has taught the female, and learned to trust her deeply. He considers her a friend, and she holds a relatively high rank in the tribe. Ralla will likely always hold Dawali's admiration for her relentless work when it comes to her passions, the Great Fire among them.

5.9  Nayati Utina

Nayati is Dawali's old friend from the Great Tribe. In fact, Dawali learned who Nayati was through Nayati's friendship with his oldest daughter, Asha. The male often came by to visit, and so the male was quickly a familiar face around the Amara family hut. Once the male arrived at 'Souls, Dawali relaxed quite a bit, for he had missed familiar faces. Aside from his daughters, Nayati was the first member of the Great Tribe to arrive to AniWaya, and he brought a sense of calm and familiarity along with him. Nayati is Dawali's perhaps closest friend in the tribe, and has status almost as a brother or a son in the Chief's eyes. When Nayati rose to Master Hunter and later mated with Liliana in 2010, Dawali would be the one to perform the Master and Mateship ceremonies. The red wolf male is immensely proud of Nayati and what he has accomplished.

5.10  Liliana Utina

When Liliana first joined AniWaya, Dawali knew her as a shy and very careful female. While he still sees Liliana as quite careful in everything she does, he does know her much better now. Through their cooperation on work with the stables and horses, Dawali became closer to Liliana when she rose to Master rank not long after her at the time romantic interest Nayati did. The two keep a friendship that could stand independent of her mateship to Nayati, though naturally that fact only strengthens their relation. Dawali greatly admires Liliana for her work with the pack's horses and cattle, and is also grateful. Not having too much experience with horses outside simply riding one, Dawali knows who to call for when in need of some expertise, and he would undoubtedly be quite lost without her.

5.11  All Friends

Organized alphabetically by last name; a strikethrough implies death

  • Aiyanna Amara
  • Asha Amara
  • Auréle Aston
  • Ayasha
  • Claudius Aston
  • Sakari Amara
  • Ralla
  • Océane Aston
  • Noir Aston
  • Honoré Bélanger
  • Catherine
  • Ayegali Kala
  • Leland
  • Mischka
  • Hemming Raðúlfr

5.12  Friendly non-AniWayan acquaintances/friends

Organized by pack; a strikethrough implies death

  • Conor Soul (Dahlia de Mai)
  • Cwmfen nic Graine (Dahlia de Mai)
  • Kaena Lykoi (Inferni)
  • Ember Phoenix (Anathema)
  • Attila Aston (possibly) (Anathema)
  • Tayui Aston (Anathema)
  • Savina Marino (Crimson Dreams)
  • Cambria Marino (Crimson Dreams)
  • Jefferson Soul (Phoenix Valley)
  • Skye Collins (Cercatori d'Arte)

5.13  All enemies

  • Brennt

5.14  Love Interests

Dawali has no mate at the moment, and does not intend to take another mate for the rest of his life. This is not because he cannot get over the loss of his former mate, but simply because he considers himself hopeless with women, and growing old. He cannot, simply put, be arsed to even try - and he believes he is content with his life right now.

Past Mates


6.  Abilities, talents and skills

6.1  Strengths

  • Medicine
  • Riding horses
  • Ceremonies and dances
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Interacting with children
  • Nimble finger work like weaving and tending leather

6.2  Weaknesses

  • Females
  • Human-related devices and knowledge
  • Deep water (he is not a good swimmer)
  • Fighting
  • Any training of animals

7.  Appearance

Part of Character sheet, full sheet here

7.1  The Red Wolf Species

The red wolf's ears are bigger than the ears of a grey wolf, and because of this and the reddish cinnamon fur they can be confused for large coyotes at first glance. A second glance would likely solve the mystery, however. Red wolves are typically smaller and more slender than the grey wolf, with less prominant manes.

7.2  Dawali

Dawali is the typical red wolf, and his markings are easy to see from the drawing above. Rust and grey cover all of his body, except parts of his chest and the area around his mouth, where the fur is bright white. He also has traces of white in his ears. His build is very tall (for a red wolf), lanky, but not out of proportions. His waist is low, which can give him somewhat of a saggy look, although most of the time his attitude is very good, and one would not think too much of it.

Dawali lets his mane grow, and cuts it when it is spiritually fitting, although he normally ties it up in braids or tails so it is more handleable. Numerous feathers, beads, and strings of brightly colored cloth decorate this mane, as is custom within the AniWaya community. Often, Dawali wears a crude leather belt, where he has a pair of flint stones attached, one small pouch which might contain whatever given the situation, and a stone knife with a wooden handle. It is not unusual to see him also with a bow and quiver attached to his form.

7.3  Luperci Forms

Dawali follows the AniWayan custom, which is to nearly always be in the optime form, for convenience. He would shift for fast travel, or long journey, but nearly all tasks and activities within the tribe require hands, thus the optime form is the obvious choice.


  • Height: 3.8 ft (115cm) from toes to tips of ears
  • Weight: 130 lbs (59kg)
  • Length: 4.9 ft (150 cm) from nose to tip of tail


  • Height: 4.5 ft (137cm) from toes to tips of ears
  • Weight: 170 lbs (77kg)
  • Length: 6 ft (182cm) from nose to tip of tail

This form is extremely rarily used by Dawali, although if he must get somewhere fast, or travel far, he uses this form as its endurance is the greatest of the three.


  • Height: 7 ft (213cm) from toes to tips of ears
  • Weight: 170 lbs (77kg)

This form is preferred. Further descriptions are provided above.

7.4  Stature

Dawali keeps himself casual, but often looks as if he is somewhat stretching himself where he stands. This is because of his natural body length, as well as his low waist. If one refers to the forms chart in the roleplaying guide, Dawali uses the first of the two Optime forms.

7.5  Eyes

Dawali's eyes are normal yellow wolf eyes.

7.6  Scars

With the incident with Brennt came scarring:

  • the right side of his chest reveals the closing of a young wound. This scar is as fat as it is long, and the outline spikes in several direction around it. Here, Brennt took a bite out of his chest, and the flesh around has had to cave in to close the injury.
  • a web of scars is visible on the lower of his back, where claws and teeth alike have desperately ripped anything it could find.
  • many small scars across his face, neck, shoulders and chest are visible, although only barely. They are smaller scars and hard to see as they do not break the flow of pelt as easily as larger scars.
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