Liliana Utina

Liliana Utina

Liliana, by ??
Date of BirthAugust 20, 2008
Age< 1 year
Species50% Canis lupus ortus
50% Canis lupus familiaris ortus
Current PackAniwaya?
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Previous Pack


Joining dateApril 21, 2010[1]
Most Recent RankNadie Tadita
SignificanceMaster Animal Care

Liliana Utina (né Vess) was a former member of Aniwaya?. Liliana died in 2011, during the AniWaya Conflict.


She was born to very loving parents who were loners. She was content being alone with her parents until after they died, her father trying to protect her, and a few months later her mother died from heartache, or at least that’s what Liliana thought. Once her mother passed away she found it hard without the company of her parents, and joined AniWaya, where she started out as the lowest rank in the animal care profession. She worked hard, and in the while, meeting many new faces, one of which would turn out to be her love, though she did not know for some time. She traded horses for cows in PV, gaining more pack to pack relations as well as mates for Cow. Soon she grew into her second tier of animal care where she found the same responsibilities, but was expected to do only a little less. With time, she was able to train and break horses, as well as learn how the great tribe trains their horses some. she helped harvest the crops in fall, with the help of Nayati and the horses and soon on December 30, 2010 she found herself being awarded Master rank of the animal tender, being awarded not just more responsibilities but a cloak that is passed down from the masters before her. What more, she is proposed to by Nayati just after on January 2, 2011 and soon was mated to him January 7, 2011.


She's rather shy, but a nice wolf in all, she loves working with other animals, and can make friends well and when she does she tends to let things go and her wild side comes out., she's also a very influential wolf, so she can be buckled under with peer pressure. She is illiterate, and not well taught, but she's a quick learner although it takes her a while to learn something she doesn't care about.


Lili takes after her mother in the training of horses, she loves the whole thing about them. she loves training them, riding them, and just being around them. but she also has a good thing for other animals, she was in the process of learning how to heal other creatures, and is in the process of still learning, although she does need to find a teacher to teach her what plants are what and so on. but she loves keeping a healthy herd of horses around her.






She has a distinctive appearance, as she is a wolf/ Belgian Shepherd hybrid.

Black snout that goes to her chest, white belly and two white socks on back feet, dark brown tail light brown body, built like a Belgian Shepherd, but has the longer body of the wolf and large wolf feet. Light Brown eyes, She's about 7' 4" from top of the head to her feet for her bipedal form, wolf form she is 4' 4" tall on all fours. Lili has a scar on her side, but hard to see though, got it from a kick from a horse at a younger age.