Ayegali Kala

Ayegali Kala

Ayegali, by Kiri
Date of BirthFebruary 5, 2004
Age> 6 years
Current packAniwaya

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Joining dateDecember 15, 2008
SignificanceFounding leader

Ayegali Kala was the founder of AniWaya and first tribe leader on 'Souls. She brought the tribe to 'Souls territory to establish a new home.


Ayegali was born to Agidodah Svnoyiehinvdo and Nvdaegehi Etsi, Chief and Chieftainess of the AniWaya tribe, second born alongside of her brother, Dohi Ulagahasti. The two of them lead a simple childhood, learning the 'ways of the wolf' while they were still young and unable to shift. It was a happy and peaceful childhood, filled with games and learning, a very simple sort of life.

During their young life, Ayegali and her brother were asked to choose what they would like to pursue. An avid lover of hunting and sparring, Ayegali chose the path of War Chief, and began her training beneath the current War Chief, Atsila Adanvdo. Her training began with the ways of the War Chief, tactics and patience, but also lessons of when a fight is needed and when it is not. It was after Ayegali was able to shift that the physical training began. She was trained in the ways of spear fighting, often sparring with the other members of her tribe, and even her brother.

On her first birthday Ayegali was presented with the title Apprentice War Chief, due to both her excellent abilities with a spear and her levelheadedness. During the second year of her life, Ayegali continued with her training, able to take part in ceremonies and tribal council.

On the third month after her first birthday, Ayegali's parents decided that she was ready to be sent on her 'Journey' to find her spirit guide. Ayegali was sent out into the forest alone, to stay by herself for two nights. The morning after her second night, she returned home with not one, but two spirit guides. Tlvdatsi, the great cougar and Tsigili, the great owl. The cougar and the owl, two of the greater God Spirits of her pack, were the signal that Ayegali was to be the next Chieftainess of her tribe. A celebration was had on that day, stretching all through the night, and preparations were made for the coming of the new Chieftainess.

During this time, Ayegali was made to abandon her path of War Chief and work beneath her parents to learn the ways of leading the tribe. During this time, past her second birthday and well in to the next year, that Ayegali was taught all of their ceremonies and laws in depths. She learned the ways of the tribal council and was guided through what to do in certain situations. At the mark of two and a half years of her life, Ayegali's parents stepped down from their leadership, passing it on to their eldest daughter.

During this time of change, Ayegali's parents gave birth to a set of twins, Itsihnalv Go, her brother, and Uwoduhi Ama, her sister. Times continued to be peaceful, though word from the War Scouts brought news that other Luperci were closing in on their area. Just past Ayegali's third birthday, the new Luperci in the area were beginning to become a problem. Many were separating off in to packs, starting fights with one another, until one day they turned their sight to AniWaya.

Not caring to know how the AniWaya tribe lived and why, the other packs began to attack at random times, sending the tribe in to preparations for battle. Ayegali called the tribe elders to council and it was there that they decided they would defend their lands. The battle between the tribe and packs last for many months, well past the first birthday of her younger siblings. It was when Ayegali's parents fell in battle that she called to the council to meet. It was then that they decided to move on from the lands in search for a more peaceful and, hopefully, understanding area.

The tribe packed their home up, loaded on to small horse-drawn wagons, and began their search. Unwilling to put her tribe in further danger, Ayegali took a single horse and traveled far ahead of her tribe, sending back her spirits to keep the rest of them updated with information. They continued to travel for some time, past Ayegali's fourth birthday and even past the second birthday of her siblings, stopping only to gather together for the younger members of their tribe to be sent on their Journey.

Ahead of her tribe once again, Ayegali traveled into a new land, 'Souls, to once again attempt to find a fitting place for her tribe.





In Lupus form, Ayegali stands at 32 inches at the shoulder, 4.8 feet from nose tip to tail, and weighs approximately 83 lbs.


In Optime form, Ayegali stands at 7'5" from feet to head and weighs just over 200lbs.

Ayegali is only slightly larger than normal females of her species, her body built primarily of strong muscles from years of work. Hunting and fighting, training under the guise of War Chief when she was younger, as built up her strength and the bulk of her muscles.

Her undercoat is a smoky gray color, hidden beneath the deep black of her outer coat and her eyes a sharp silver color. Her fur is kept silky and soft from constant grooming, taking care to re-apply the dyes used in her fur often. Ayegali's coat is pure black aside from a small white patch in between her eyes, though much of her body is littered with red dyed markings, symbols from her tribe. Beneath her left eye are three small red dots, the tops of each finger on each hand have the same dots, and there are swirled tribal markings down both forearms. The bottoms of her back legs are also marked in red, symbols and shapes formed in dots that the humans would have called henna designs. The very tip of her tail has also been dipped in red.

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