Ralla, by CrescentMoon
Name Meaning
Name Origin
Date of BirthFebruary 16, 2009
Age> 2 years
Subspecies0% Canis species subspecies
50% Canis species subspecies
LuperciYes (Ortus/Verto) or no
Birth place
Current pack

'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateAugust 19, 2010[1]
RankOtlvna Gata
Previous Rank(s)Gata Hineyu
MeaningFire Keeper

Previous Pack

Moon Tribe

Pack DivisionCrescent Moon Pack
Joining dateFebruary 16, 2009

Ralla is a current member of AniWaya.


Born into a tribe called the Moon Tribe¡ªthe Crescent Moon pack division¡ªin the Americas, Ralla¡ªbeing born a pure-white luperci¡ªwas named the next Shaman of the pack. From birth, she was since taught all of the tribe¡¯s stories (and then some) and taught to read the moon and stars. She was also taught medicinal studies, but she was hopeless at them. Her family did love her, but her father and brother¡ªone the chief and the other the future chief¡ªwere also very stern, and pushed Ralla hard.

The Moon Tribe was highly superstitious, and hence believed strongly in visions and signs. Part of Ralla's training consisted of long exercises of just staring into a space and trying to catch the meaning of every action and shift. Because of being raised with this belief, Ralla's perception, visions, and 'voices of the moon' can perhaps be viewed as schizophrenia because of her strong convictions. A contributing part to this would be her natural wolf senses. As an example, even if Ralla were to hear, see, or smell someone coming, she would believe so strongly that she was having a vision that to explain it, she would actually hallucinate. Vice versa, she looks to the heavens often to use the stars as precog devices or notices the subtle signs of nature, which also contributes to her 'condition'.

When Ralla was 3 months old, her mother¡ªthe previous Shaman (who was initiated as such AFTER Ralla¡¯s birth), faked her death after a peculiar vision and left to live outside of the tribe lands, although everyone believed her quite dead.

When the time finally came for her to be initiated as the Shaman¡ªa process that took three days¡ªRalla was skeptical about her new position. When she was branded on her forehead with the crescent moon, she was hateful. When she was told she could not have family or speak to any of her tribe except to convey the words of the moon, she was terrified.

So she ran.

Travelling gypsy luperci had been in at the time, and an old female told her of a land far to the north¡ªacross the waters¡ªthat had many wolves with varying cultures and pasts. The mere promise of a new land away from the one that only had loneliness for her appealed very much to Ralla, and she left behind her home.

Ralla still questions her choice to leave behind her old tribe and responsibilities, but because no Shaman of the Moon Tribe can divine the future for themselves, she went to the Nova Scotian packs to carve her own future; one where it wasn¡¯t decided by her father, brother, or the views of the tribe.

As for what happened after? You'll just have to read her story.

Note: The Moon Tribe is the whole of a certain area of wolves. While Ralla was a part of the Crescent Moon Pack of the Moon Tribe, there was also the Blood Moon Pack, Harvest Moon Pack, and Blue Moon Pack. They tend to keep to themselves, but will come together for a meeting of the leaders/Shamans and for war purposes.


Ralla is a very indecisive luperci that is unsure of her strength as of yet, but aspires to become stronger. In a fight, she trusts her teeth and claws to do the work after her speed has given way.

She cares for almost every living thing and can be stubborn. Her biggest faults are her curiosity and fear of responsibility, although if her responsibilities are all in good fun, who could object?

Ralla's talents include fortune-telling, singing, and story-telling; her advice well placed for others, although she cannot seem to counsel herself. Healing is something that she always fumbled at when studying in her former tribe.

Her habits conflict somewhat with her personality. As taught by her brother, her eyes tend to narrow and grow hostile when she's scared or confronted with a problem or enemy. She also begins to sheath and unsheath her claws into dirt to calm her nerves.

For whatever reason, Ralla also has an extreme love for shiny or antique things; namely glass and gems that she can hang from strings like a mobile in the tree she lives in.




Precise Sizing

  • Lupus: 90cm (35") · 120 lbs
  • Optime: 182.88cm (6') · 180 lbs

A white wolf who wears tooth and claw necklaces, Ralla is one not entirely comfortable in her own skin for the most part. Her forehead was marked long ago with a brand by her pack south of Nova Scotia and her eyes are a deep forest green. In optime form, she has hip-length, straight hair that is kept brushed back from her forehead in a loose, low ponytail because of the brand. She will occasionaly adorn her hair with beads and maybe wear a bracelet and anklet, mostly for festivals and celebrations.

Ralla is a very awkward-appearing luperci in her lupus and optime forms. Her legs and tail are a little taller/longer than a normal wolf's--making her appear somewhat taller thereby--and her ears are also slightly more pointed.

By the by, she normally prefers to bypass her secui form because her physical strength is not as good as her speed and agility.

Her transformation between Lupus and Optime forms depends on her mood and need. It will always be stated what form she is in when she rp's, if not implied.