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Name Meaning
Name Origin
Date of BirthAugust 10, 2006
Subspecies100% Canis lupus lupus ortus
Birth place
Current packLoners
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  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
  4.   4.  Appearance
    1.   4.1  Luperci Forms

1.  History

Noss was born into the Crescent Moon Pack division of the Moon Tribe in the Americas to the Chief of the pack, and so was named the next Chief. His life was simple; wake up, train, hunt, sleep, repeat. That continued for about two years until his younger sister was born. Up until that point, Noss had not cared for anyone but his family, his childhood friend Naka, and the well-being of the pack. But his little sister became his responsibility, if not a self-proclaimed right to protect her.

For years before even Noss's birth, his mother, Lenarshe, had had the ability to speak to the moon. It was not until it was discovered after Ralla's birth that Lenarshe became a Shaman, and only 3 months after Ralla's arrival that Lenarshe disappeared.

Noss grew up protecting Ralla and fearing the impending day that she would be taken from them to become the next Shaman. Her fur had marked her from birth to be the Shaman, but she was spared her first year because their father was the Chief, and that was the only reason so.

When they had to bid farewell--forever--to normal contact with Ralla, Noss had been heartbroken. She and Naka had been the only ones to see him weak, and now that Ralla was to be taken, that number of confidantes had been cut down to half.

News of Ralla's flight from the tribe surprised everyone, especially Noss and Calum. They had never expected gentle, bright Ralla to run away. A month passed before Noss grew too frightened for Ralla to stand idly by in the tribelands and he asked Calum if he could chase after her. Their only lead were the words of a fellow Moon Tribe pack Shaman who gave Calum advice upon his calling of the Alphas; the Shaman having told Noss to travel to the north where the snows are harsh and the land is filled with wolves.

Although he knew the reasons for her abandonment, leaving behind family and duty was worse than not seeing Ralla at all. The tribe needed her, and even if he and their father couldn't have normal contact, they couldn't leave her out there to die.

His story continues now in Souls...

Note: The Moon Tribe is the whole of a certain area of wolves. While Noss was a part of the Crescent Moon Pack of the Moon Tribe, there was also the Blood Moon Pack, Harvest Moon Pack, and Blue Moon Pack. They tend to keep to themselves, but will come together for a meeting of the leaders/Shamans and for war purposes.

2.  Personality

One could say he has a bit of a sister complex. He may be harsh to his sister, but that soft spot prevents him from staying mad at her for long, where elsewhere he would hold a long grudge. He tends to lose sight of proper manners when angered or frustrated, but he has a high sense of honor and chivalry. His speech tends to be rough, but once he has given his respect to someone, it stays unless betrayed.

Noss is hopeless with most women because he can't handle their tears well, and in fact seems most attracted to men (if not because they are less prone to crying fits). He is not opposed to dealing with females with strong personalities, however.

His largest fault is his terrible sense of direction. For years, Naka has been guiding him back to the packlands during hunts and such, and he is rarely seen elsewhere without a guide. His travel to the north greatly worried Calum and Naka, but he was set to bring Ralla back, so they couldn't stop him.

3.  Relationships

  • Parents — Calum & Lenarshe
  • SisterRalla

4.  Appearance

Noss is a rather ordinary-looking grey wolf if not for his immense muscle build. He is mostly grey with a paler underside and black hooks creating triangles beneath his eyes. His eyes are a pale yellow that can sometimes be mistaken for moons on a cloudy night.

He is by no means a muscle-idiot, but his size itself in secui form could be called ridiculous. His speed is greatly lowered, however, because of the muscle mass. Getting past his fur and thick skin is a challenge, but not impossible. His is a sturdy, wall-like build.

He doesn't normally revert to his lupus form since he primarily takes the finishing blow on the prey on hunts instead of the point position. He instead prides himself on his strength and has adopted his secui form as his original, although he will turn to optime form if need be. In fact, he has developed a complex almost because his lupus form is shorter than Ralla's, but his secui form on level. It will be stated which form he takes while rp-ing, if not implied.

4.1  Luperci Forms

Prefers Secui form.

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