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ColoursPeriwinkle (#4e4d75) & Black (#000000)
Founded ByAyegali Kala
Founded OnDecember 15th, 2008
Disbanded OnOctober 1, 2016

Past Leadership

Former LeadersAyegali Kala, Dawali Amara, Maska Ahote, Ulilohi Ehn, Claudius Aston, and Laurentin Aston
Former Sub-LeadersDawali Amara, Ember Phoenix, and Ralla

AniWaya was originally founded by Ayegali Kala on December 15th, 2008. Throughout the years, AniWaya and the original home of many founding members, The Great Tribe, maintained close relations. However, the Great Tribe later came to influence the affairs of AniWaya, going as far as sending a representative to depose then-leader Dawali Amara in 2011. This strained tensions between the two packs, and in the years following, AniWaya sought to distance itself from the other pack's meddling.

Following Laurentin Aston's promotion to leader of AniWaya, the Great Tribe chose to dabble once more AniWaya's affairs, requesting that he disband the pack to save face. Obliging, and tired of the constant nitpicking from the Great Tribe, Laurentin disbanded AniWaya on October 1, 2016. Laurentin went on to found Auclair in Quebec, hoping to escape the Great Tribe's control.

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    5.   4.5  Adella's Rage
    6.   4.6  D'alli Ranger Station
    7.   4.7  Adanvdo Tsusga (The Spirit Oak)
    8.   4.8  The Salt Lake
    9.   4.9  Asgina Usvdoni (Ghostly Hollow)
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1.  Concept

The concept of this pack is loosely based on what is available of online information on the Cherokee, without taking extreme note of detail and so on. Some aspects of their calendar, ceremonies and ways of life have been altered to fit our needs. The concept was originally Amber's idea, and has been further developed by Marit. The idea is a tribe of wolves leading a Native American-like lifestyle, complete with agriculture, some spiritual aspects, horseback-riding, spirit guides, primitive weaponry such as the bow & arrow, and their view on life as a whole.

2.  Culture

As can be read from the paragraph above, the AniWayans lead a life loosely similar to the past life of many Native Americans. The tribe holds horses, and uses them both in warfare, with hunting, and to help with tasks in the tribe. The tribe that resides here at 'Souls is, however, merely a tiny seed that has struck roots here. Originally a part of a much larger, richer and more powerful tribe, they were the scouting party sent ahead to find suitable land to live on. This larger tribe never arrived, and so there are very few members of the AniWaya here at 'Souls who actually have a foot in the "real" AniWayan world. As a result, culture based heavily on the Native American lifestyle are maintained by these few characters alone, though they attempt to spread this culture and involve those members of the tribe who are strangers to these thoughts. All rules and laws in the tribe are based loosely on the Native American concept of right, wrong and justice. All weaponry and crafting of houses/huts, fishing techniques and so on are based loosely on the ways of the Native Americans, though not all members follow these lines of ideas due to the number of human items available. The year and its seasons are celebrated with ceremonies, as are weddings, births and in the case of someone's death, funerals.

2.1  Former Members

Horses and Animals

AniWaya had many animals, some that belonged to AniWaya as a whole or animals owned by members of the tribe.

Previous animals

  • AniWaya housed Cow, and two horses: Belle and Galiehi.
  • Nayati owned a horse named Iye.
  • Ember traded a horse to Cotl in exchange for piercings.

3.  History

The pack began as a migration movement; Ayegali Kala and her siblings sought a new home free from persecution. They put together a scouting party to go ahead of the rest of the tribe, consisting of among others Kalona and her brothers, Dawali Amara, Asha Amara, and Dohi Ulagahasti. Upon their arrival in early 2008, they sought out the ideal location for a tribe, with intentions of settling as a unit in Serena Reserve.

When it was finally decided to settle, a few wolves who had originally lived in the area were brought in as members of the tribe, and the five who then formally formed the tribe were then Ayegali Kala, Dawali Amara, Asha Amara, Tayui Aston, Pilot Haddon, and Ember Phoenix.

Quite quickly members poured in, and while some stayed and others left, there was no doubt that the tribe's new settlement was a success. Not long after the tribe's forming a litter was brought to them as well, by the "widow" Tayui Aston. She is in reality no widow, although her and Dawali settled quite quickly that in order for no odd questions to be asked, she creates this excuse to explain why she is a single mother. The children's father is unknown to all but Tayui and Dawali. The tribe was thriving despite its small size, but the absence of the larger bulk of AniWayans was concerning. The leadership was given to Dawali Amara, the Kalona wishing to retire. As they continued to grow, the silence from the others grew heavier and heavier on those of the small settlement who had relatives among them, and eventually, in March 2009, Asha Amara took on a journey to find them. Months passed, and when she returned in June 2009 she had interesting news to tell.

The majority of the tribe left behind had at first been caught in bad weather, and then strayed from their path to find safety and settle elsewhere, the urgency of an illness among them forcing them to. Now, the illness had claimed several lives, and rendered others insane or broken, the medics, headed by Asha's sister and Dawali's second daughter Aiyanna Amara, slowly finding a treatment. The recovery was slow, but it was not unlikely that those that were healed would seek out the new settlement after the crisis had passed.

4.  Territory

The lands of AniWaya begin at a small break in a foreboding barbed wire fence, which is one of the only entrances into the main portion of the lands. The plains are populated with wapiti herds, which have been confined inside the fence for as long as anyone can remember. Small patches of forest also litter the area, bringing shelter from the harsh weather. The lands extend beyond the fence, encompassing four connected springs, which are referred to as Grandfather's Tears.

4.1  AniWaya Village

Along the border to 'Souls itself a number of buildings have been raised to serve as dens for the tribesmembers living there. Typically made from huts, some larger buildings also stand out in the structure of the village. Torches light up the main road at night, one broad strip going through the whole village, from the storage houses in the south to the town hall in the north. Also called the council house, it is designed to hold political and social meetings in the wintertime, when the season is more hostile. Outside of it is a tall fire, a yard or two in diameter - the ceremonial fire. Never to be extinguished (unless for ceremonial purposes!), it serves as a beacon for any lost traveller who needs to find a way to help - or a home. Right next to it lies a carefully created square area, over fifteen yards in diameter. Perfectly flat, it has been created with immense patience, with specially crafted and cleaned rock, to serve as the dancing area for ceremonies and festivities.

Town Hall

The Town Hall serves as a meeting place for pack gatherings and official meetings. Dawali Amara and Hemming built it over the period of nearly one year, and was completed in January of 2009.[1]

4.2  The Stable

The Stable, built by Dawali Amara is home to one bull, Cow, and two horses: Belle and Galiehi.

4.3  The Working Fields

These are the crop fields for the AniWayans. A stable can be found near the village border, where the working horses are kept, along with saddles and any tools that are crop-related. The medicine and herb storage is also kept here, so it is easily accessible for any medic in the tribe, without having to move to either end of the village. To the south of the stables fields should be thick of corn before autumn hits properly, as well as some patches which have potatoes. To the north there is yet more corn, some tomato, but mostly Tobacco - the sacred plant. Growing close to the ceremonial fire, they are tended carefully by the tribesmembers, known for its many purposes both in medicine and the spiritual aspects of life.

4.4  Adagio Creek

Creator: James

Leading off of Aniwaya's main river is a small territory called Adagio Creek. True to its name, this creek runs very slowly, seeming still at times compared to the relatively fast waters of the river. Around the low creek are many partially submerged caves, some of which have long stalactites growing down from their ceilings. Drops of water fall down from these formations onto the floor of the caves in soothing rhythms, each one sounding its own separate tone. Slow and simple, this territory brings a musical array that is pleasing to both the ears and the soul.

4.5  Adella's Rage

Creator: James

Along the river that runs through Aniwaya lays a stretch that flows faster and stronger than the rest. Adella's Rage is a series of river rapids that twist and turn unexpectedly, and it is a very dangerous territory for wolves of any age. There are several dropoffs in places, and near the end of it water rushes over large boulders that lay beneath the surface, turning the normally dark blue river white with foam. The embankment alongside the rapids is sloping and innocent, washed with sparkling stones and shells of all sort that lure creatures to the water's edge.

4.6  D'alli Ranger Station

Creator: Shannon

Located within the Serena Reserve there still stands one ranger station, the outpost for the park rangers that kept watch over the lands. Located up high on stilts the cabin looks over Mersey Lagoon right near the river. If one is daring enough to climb up the old rickety stairs or the old weather beaten ladder they would find an excellent view of the rising sun from the panoramic windows on the east side of the station. Articles confiscated from poachers hang on the walls and sits on desks in the main room. In the back of the cabin there are two smaller rooms, one a first aid station and the other a bedroom. It's rumored that humans very recently occupied D'alli, but who believes that kind of gossip.

4.7  Adanvdo Tsusga (The Spirit Oak)

Creator: Marina

The forest is particularly dense in this area, until a wide field emerges out of a sudden, filled with very tall grass. In its center a small, a giant dead oak springs from the ground, the branches creating a big shelter around its thick, contorted trunk. When looked closer, along its trunk and branches, animal forms had been carved on them. Also, there are a few shallow holes on it. The carvings are the Spirit Guides of the tribemembers. Whenever a Spirit is earned, the one blessed with the new companion shall carve the image of the animal on the Oak, without any help. If a member dies, the Gola Watsi, relatives and close friends goes to the Oak and takes the late's animal carving from the tree. It is burned, and the ashes are burried along with the deceased body, so te Spirit Guide can follows it to the other life.

4.8  The Salt Lake

Creator: Libri

In the eastern part of Serena Reserve, the lands slowly roll down to beneath sea level. In the centre of the crate looking looking hole, salt water from an underground channel bubble up to the surface, creating a pool of fresh sea water. The pond is only partly shadowed by towering trees, and with some help of the sun on warm days, it is possible for the Aniwaya tribe to collect salt from the rocky shores. Furthermore, this pool can be used to keep live aqua life caught from the sea, or maybe just to take a dip in the cool, calm water if one is not up for leaving Aniwaya to reach the sea.

4.9  Asgina Usvdoni (Ghostly Hollow)

Creator: Libri

Underneath the south-western parts of Serena Reserve lies newly discovered catacombs of an antique human tribe. The entrance to the human made cave system is partly hidden by wild life, and is hard to spot. Once inside one should take care to watch one s steps, as animal parts and dust cover most the floor. The walls and roof are made out of human skulls, grinning down on all intruders that decide to disturb their eternal slumber. The catacombs break into several separated tunnels, an effective maze for those who are careless enough to get lost. Exactly how old these tunnels are is impossible to know, but during the centuries some of the tunnels have collapsed in a sea of skulls, and some are nothing but blind ends that were never finished. Clouds of dust leak from the grinning faces of death from the roof, sometimes creating the illusion of twisted faces in a dissolving cloud. It almost seems like there is something, or someone down there in the depths of the tunnels, sighing heavily through the tunnels, forever cursed. This is not a place where one should dwell too long.

5.  Pack Relationships


— Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
— Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
— Neutral.
— Good relationship, but no official alliance.
— Officially allied.


Although there is no direct alliance between these groups, Dawali Amara, leader of AniWaya, attempts to keep decent relations with all of the packs. Though during the Second Dahlian War Dawali officially declared the pack's neutrality, he secretly provided medicinal supplies to Kaena Lykoi, subleader of Inferni at the time.

Phoenix Valley

In , these two packs swapped leaders for five or six days to solidify their official alliance and learn about one anothers' packs. Dawali Amara headed to Phoenix Valley while Jefferson Soul stayed in AniWaya for a few days.

Dahlia de Mai

Dahlia de Mai and Aniwaya are somewhat far apart, and rarely communicate with each other. During the Second Dahlian War, though Dawali officially declared the pack's neutrality, he secretly provided medicinal supplies to Kaena Lykoi, subleader of Inferni at the time. Tayui Aston has children by Haku Soul, but the children's father is a secret. :O

Cour des Miracles

Aniwaya and Cour des Miracles are rather neighborly packs—they don't interact much with each other, but they're certainly not unfriendly. Dawali Amara, leadership of the Aniwayans, tries to be fair and open in his dealings with all the packs; thus, Aniwaya and Cour des Miracles enjoy a pretty decent relationship. Aniwaya? and Cour des Miracles together participated in a horse race in late 2009; this strengthened their neighborly bond somewhat.

Crimson Dreams

Neutral? :O AniWaya is pretty friendly with everyone—Dawali Amara tries not to be mean to anyone.

6.  FAQ

  • Do the AniWayans live in huts?
    • Yes, they live in self-built huts in the cherokee building style.
  • How do they hunt?
    • AniWaya members more often than not hunt with bows and arrows, or spears. However, a number of current members have no training in these arts, so members are likely to engage in hunting on four legs as well.
  • How do they act on family life?
    • It is custom that children live with their parents in the family residence until adolesence.
  • They.. grow crops?
    • Yes, the tribe members grow tomatoes, sweetcorn and potatoes, among others. They also grow tobacco, and several herbs that can be treated this way. These crops are used as food for the winter, when wildlife is low on prey.
  • Do they have horses?
    • A stable to pose as home for the tribe's horses can be found very near the centre of the village. Here, several horses that are "neutral" can be found and put to use, normally they are used as transportation for heavy objects or material, or to tend and more crops and harvested crops. There are several other horses in the tribe, who seem to have "chosen" their owners - these belong to their owners and their owners alone, and will not be handled by anyone else, unless specified.

7.  External Links