Grandfather's Tears

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This area is defunct!

This territory or sub-territory has been partially or completely destroyed; it is no longer a playable area.

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Grandfather's Tears


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Grandfather's Tears was a former sub-territory in 'Souls; however, the 2016 meteor strike destroyed the land. What was left of the springs is now a part of the Broken Occident.

1.  Description

Hidden in the trees of one of the most dense forests in the Serena Reserve area is a collection of four springs: Grandfather's Tears. They are sporadically placed and do not form any shape, and are all connected by small, bubbling streams. All of the tiny springs feed into the larger Mersey River running through the reserve. In the winter, the ice on a few of these springs is a mysterious deep indigo and prey animals that wander near them seem to be found dead in the surrounding area not long afterward.

2.  History

2.1  Lore

These springs were said to have been put here by the elder of the wolf pack's tears to give the wolves one last chance at survival, and they were said to be cursed when the winter claimed the whole pack.

2.2  'Souls

  • AniWaya claimed this subterritory from its founding in 2008 to November 2013, when they moved further north. Grandfather's Tears held significance within the tribe, in which a legend of the springs' mystery generally kept the tribesmembers wary of it. In late summer 2013, a mystery puzzled the AniWayan community, wherein the springs held a central role. It was believed by many that the rumored curse struck the tribe, and in the end this played a crucial part in their decision to move. In the aftermath, many considered the curse a proven fact and tribesmembers tend to avoid the area, and warn outsiders to do the same.