Operation Meteor

Operation Meteor

Location of the meteor impact

DateApril 1, 2016
LocationNorth Atlantic Ocean west of Nova Scotian peninsula

Operation Meteor was a board-wide plot that happened in April 2016. The meteor strike occurred on April 1st, 2016, destroying much of the Western Tangles. The packs at the time suffered varied damage and losses from the impact:


Luperci will be able to see it coming as a ball of fire and see it crash into the ocean, where it will trigger a series of earthquakes and tsunamis, affecting much of the playable territories, as well as off-board areas, most notably Freetown. There will be aftershocks for days, massive fissures in the western parts of the territories, as well as flooding and other effects.

The coast of Western Tangles will be split apart, creating a bunch of small islands, as well as expanding/forming new lakes further inland and flooding much of the area. The water will sit for weeks, maybe months, making the area even more swampy. Many of the newly formed islands will gradually sink into the ocean, as well.

Other coastal areas, including Saint John, Cape Hopewell, Halifax, Cour des Miracles, and AniWaya will see significant flooding and brutal tidal waves, though not as severe as those to the west. Casa di Cavalieri, Inferni, Salsola, and Vinatta will also see flooding and destructive waves. On the bright side, there will be no accompanying storm or strong winds, so once the waves settle, the flooding should subside in those, more inland territories quickly.

Close-up of territory damage in Western Tangles

As you can see, there will be some significant territory changes, including the retirement of a number of territories and subterritories. The Halifax forum is also being removed. Threads taking place in Halifax should go in Seabreeze Brink. A few other forum/territory divisions are being updated, so double-check the stickies in each forum if you're unsure.

Check with your pack leader(s) for details about damage and other effects to individual packs.


  • March 31th: Meteor is highly visible as a "very bright star."
  • April 1st: Meteor visible throughout the day, accumulating in a large ball of fire which collides with ocean around 10pm. The air blast from the impact blows down a majority of trees along the coast -- a few catch fire, creating small, isolated burn areas -- and within seconds, earthquakes can be felt in the surrounding regions and a massive tsunami rushes towards western Nova Scotia, striking within the hour.
  • April 2nd: The waves hit land as the earthquakes get worse. Water fill the fissures as the ground splits apart along the western coast. Active quaking and related aftershocks can be felt well into morning, and well inland. Significant flooding is seen throughout Serena Reserve and Ethereal Eclipse, not to mention all coastal areas.
  • April 4th: Portions of the western coast have broken off into small islands. Light tremors can still be felt throughout the entire area (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island). Tidal waves are monstrous, but not quite tsunami-level. There's flooding all along the coasts and in some areas inland.
  • April 10th: Tremors have settled for the most part, but can still be felt in some areas along the western coast as bits of land continue to break off. Waves still dangerous, but not damaging to coastal areas.
  • April 14th: Coastal damage has settled, though many areas are still flooded. The last of the new islands break off. Waves are still higher than average.

Also Note: Freetown will effectively be abandoned as a result of the earthquake and tsunami. The coast will be wrecked, making it impossible for ships to make landfall there and ruining its function as a port town. Residents and traders are likely to migrate further south. While this doesn't affect active roleplay, it's still something to keep in mind for any packs/characters that make regular trips to Freetown.