Jefferson Soul

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Maluki "Jefferson" Soul is the firstborn son of Colibri Soul and Acid, born in Clouded Tears and one of the eldest members of the Soul family. He is the father of Gaël, Heath, and Miriette, and with Geneva Stockholm he sired Pripyat. He was known for his limp that was eventually severed during the blizzard of 2011.

A grizzled old amnesiac covered in scars, Jefferson remembered nothing of his former life (including his real name) outside what was detailed to him by his adoptive brother and childhood friend, Laruku Tears. He associated the name Maluki with horrible crimes he could not remember committing, and lived his life believing himself a criminal undeserving of happiness. The former longtime leader of Phoenix Valley, Jefferson allowed his pack to merge into Ichika no Ho-en and thereafter spent time as a loner throughout Nova Scotia and Quebec, during which time he acted as an adoptive father to Octavius Poer de Angelo.

Once a rigid but just figure, Jefferson fell into a state of further emotional and physical decay in his final years. His son Gaël served as his caretaker from 2014 until Jefferson's death in the autumn of 2016 to a combination of old age and suspected cancer. He was buried by his son near the Three Moons' Ranch, where he had lived during his reign over Phoenix Valley.






  • Date of Birth: 16 June 2004
  • Age at Death: 12 years
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Loners (9/23/14)

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


A large, scruffy wolf hybrid littered head to toe in scars. His left arm/foreleg is severed beneath the shoulder, self-amputated during an effort to save his son during a heavy blizzard; his remaining arm, mauled and with double the scars, was once held in a sling or limped upon but is now forced painfully into constant utility. His pelt an ordinary variation of woodsy colors, Jefferson has darker ears and a lighter underbelly. Beneath the trademark scar stretching from brow to muzzle is a milky, sightless eye perpetually shut; its partner is a startling emerald green. He no longer wears clothing when shifted to two legs. His hair, dark like his ears, is worn in no style but short tangles high above the neck.

  • Humanization: Little — Jefferson is considerably feral, especially since his life as a loner began anew.


  • Fur: Spicy Mix, with Treehouse and Night Rider spread throughout in typical wolf markings.
  • Markings:
    • Night Rider ears.
    • Swiss Coffee underbelly.
    • Pharlap scars.
  • Optime Hair: Night Rider.
  • Eyes: Apple. The other eye, Periwinkle Gray, is always shut.
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Night Rider.


 Night Rider (#1C120F)
 Treehouse (#3B271F)
 Spicy Mix (#785242)
 Pharlap (#A67B79)
 Swiss Coffee (#DBD3D0)
 Periwinkle Gray (#C8D2E6)
 Apple (#40913D)

art by Raze


Lupus (Preferred)

110 lbs (50 kg)40 in (101 cm)

Big, wolfish and hefty, even in his increasing age. Littered with scars and very intimidating. Missing foreleg. On the lean side, as a loner fending for himself.



145 lbs (65 kg)50 in (127 cm)

Less wolfish, more bear-like. Between the scars and the size, Jefferson appears monstrous -- though the missing foreleg cuts back on the intimidation factor.


Optime (Preferred)

260 lbs (117 kg)7ft 2in (86 cm)

Tall and wide-shouldered, with unkempt hair. His sleeve hangs vacant where his arm cuts off beneath the shoulder. Nowadays only uses this form for fishing, trapping, or long distances.


  • Speech: A deep, raspy voice with a crass tongue.
  • Scent: Soul, woodsy scents.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Hostile, antisocial, difficult to warm up.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Maintains eye contact while speaking to an intimidating degree. Shows no physical subordination to high-ranking members of packs, and moves stiffly and as little as possible, thanks to increasing hip pain.


2.  Personality

Heroic Neutral, Jerkass Facade, Retired Badass, Papa Wolf, Zero Approval Gambit. Hates Everyone Equally

Jefferson is a hostile, confrontational man with a tendency for straightforwardness, cursing and choice of few words. Short-tempered and private, the hybrid has (or had) a good heart and is (or was) extremely empathic, but wards away others believing most people a waste of time and friendships pointless and consistently disappointing. Jefferson varies rapidly between thinking his way is best and insisting that his violent background renders him unsuitable as a mentor or teacher, and he thinks of himself poorly though he possesses a natural charisma and a strong sense of justice that has been stifled into apathy by disillusionment. Troubled and sober at all times, the man finds little humor in life after his experiences and refuses to admit his loneliness or the augmenting feeling of uselessness in his growing age. Once highly protective of his loved ones, the individual losses of his mate, son, family, and pack have left him an increasingly hollow, bitter, and cold old man.

2.1  Ideals


  • Independent, self-isolating, guarded, sarcastic, grouchy
  • Hostile, potentially dangerous
  • Amnesiac guilty from a violent but unclear history
  • High expectations for friends and loved ones
  • Tired, pelt scarred to tatters
  • Blind in one eye
  • Forelimb severed to a stump beneath shoulder
  • Lonely; thinks self is undeserving of happiness
  • Outlook: Pessimistic, harsh, emotionless
  • Sociability: Introverted and actively avoiding interaction
  • Expression: Dominant, hostile
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
    • "Will never harm an innocent."
    • "Will kill in self-defense or the defense of others."
    • "Will not tread on others to get his own way."
    • "Does not respect the concepts of self-discipline and honor."


  • Yeah, right.



  • Phoenix Valley: The only place he ever called home, but now that's gone too.
  • AniWaya: PV and AW were close allies once, and it was home to his dear friend Dawali. Jeffers led this pack for about a month once during a switch-up.
  • Inferni: PV had a lot of conflict with IF back in the day, escalating even to an altercation between Jefferson and Gabriel. Jefferson remains suspicious of the clan.
  • Age: Children need to be protected. Children need to get out of the way.
  • Color: Avoids female gray wolves.
  • Species: Interactions with Mew confirmed to Jefferson that species is completely irrelevant to character.


Jefferson is heterosexual, but has given up on love.


Once never touched a thing; now drinks heavily.


Agnostic. Is unconcerned with the possibility of higher powers.


  • Likes: privacy, fishing, silence
  • Dislikes: disrespect, liars, fast-talkers

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Geneva Stockholm was the strange, quirky young girl from Crimson Dreams that forcefully inserted herself into his life and made it her mission to break his exterior. After she moved to join him in the Valley, the two shared a Will They or Won't They? relationship for a very long time before making it official. A tendency for depression was ultimately her downfall; in a slow decline Geneva fell (or threw herself) from a cliff and miscarried three of their children, keeping the living fourth a secret for a time and disrupting the trust between them. Their relationship never recovered, and Geneva later insisted on leaving Phoenix Valley knowing her degenerative muscle disease was bringing her days to an end. Though she left to spare Jefferson and their son the agony of seeing her waste away, her departure broke his heart and cemented for him a solitary lifestyle.
  • Octavius Poer de Angelo was the bumbling kid wandering by his lonesome that stumbled upon Jefferson and never left. Begrudgingly Jefferson took him under his wing, if only out of pity for his sheer daftness, and trained him how to be independent and how to fight. The old man was torn when Octavius left for home, feeling as if a pact had been chosen over him.
  • Iskata Sadira was the leader of Phoenix Valley that rejected the racism of co-leader Deuce Rhiannon to allow the starved and battered Jefferson to stay. Later discovered to be his aunt, Jefferson was extremely protective of her and mourned her heavily after her death and disappearance. Though a loner at heart, as her replacement Jefferson chose to lead Phoenix Valley out of respect for her.

Positive Relations

  • Dawali Amara was one of Jefferson's closest friends and confidants, and the two had something of a bromance. It was through their long friendship that Phoenix Valley and AniWaya were close allies. Dawali saved the life of Geneva after a serious fall and was rushed from Phoenix Valley to AniWaya by Jefferson.
  • Alaine Winters won her way past Jefferson's harsh exterior with kind words and a warm approach. Jefferson grew protective of her and developed the start of feelings for her, but the two were equally fated otherwise: Jefferson with Geneva, and Alaine with Gabriel.
  • DaVinci Daite Nasphrite was a longtime subleader of Jefferson and Phoenix Valley. Despite all the tension that arose with Inferni as a result of DaVinci's relationship with Ryan, his friendship with Jefferson was complicated but genuine, and a deep void was left when DaVinci very suddenly departed.
  • Gaël d'Esprit is Jefferson's eldest son, once a source of terrible hate. Separated from his siblings Gaël recently tracked Jefferson down outside Quebec determined to kill him, but when Jefferson invited the murder without argument, he stuck around instead to investigate the change in demeanor.

Neutral / Negative

  • Lucifer Sawtooth was a wanted criminal and a terror to Valley members in his prime. A longtime enemy of Jefferson, the cyclops eventually murdered him after a string of attacks on his members. He was beheaded and thrown into the sea.
  • Gabriel de le Poer lead Inferni at the time they and Phoenix Valley had severe tension, and despite duking out a scrap once or twice, Jefferson and Gabriel generally got along and saw eye-to-eye regarding the shenanigans of their respective packs and members.


4.  Assets

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Once natural leader with no formal education or training—in fact, Maluki was a horrible public speaker and painfully unreliable.
  • Diplomacy (Expert): His years as leader of Phoenix Valley taught Jefferson well. Straightforward and to-the-point; no wasted words. Harsh and unforgiving. Cussing often involved. Nowadays, however, he has to be heavily motivated even to care.
  • Reading/Writing (Journeyman): Between self-teaching and lessons from Geneva, Jefferson still spends much of his downtime reading almost anything he can find. His handwriting is atrocious but legible; he reads very sluggishly.


  • Education and Learning: Entirely self-taught. A brutish, harsh style (if it could be called that) focusing on kicks and teeth. It is unpredictable and quickly taxing, but difficult to ward and painful if connected. Jefferson uses no weapons, and with his age is not at all as adept as he used to be.
  • Three-legged Combat: Thanks to his size and lack of discretion, Jefferson is formidable despite his handicap. He chooses his attacks carefully and is easily outsped or dodged, but tends to clamp on and tear away for a lot of damage when he connects.
  • Unarmed Combat: Jefferson focuses on unequipping his enemy and fights heavily with his feet and single arm. He can't move as swiftly anymore.


  • Education and Learning: TBD

5.  History

5.1  Overview

Previous Packs and Ranks

Clouded Tears (7/16/04 - 1/06)
Puppy, Subordinate
Loners (2006-2008)
Phoenix Valley (9/?/08 - 7/1/11)
Loners (7/1/11 - pres)

Born Maluki Soul in Clouded Tears years before the fire claimed it, the firstborn son of Colibri Soul and Acid. Although not the smartest of wolves Maluki was an energetic and upbeat child and adolescent, best friends with Laruku Tears, at the time believed to be his blood brother, and close with his grandmother Ceres Sadira. He showed signs of unreliability and unpredictability early in life, shirking responsibilities and suffering from mood swings, adapting sudden accents, etc. Between the disappearance of his father, the sudden death by a "curse" of his grandmother, and the discovery of Laruku as adopted and his succession as Clouded Tears alpha, Maluki evidenced equal signs of traumatization and mental instability, and in early 2006 he left his pack under the belief that he would find his father and return. Malnourished and unhinged, the boy's sanity suffered, and he spent the next year and a half insane and fully feral, attacking at random in a variety of violent ways and earning countless scars of unknown origin.

In late summer of 2008, he happened upon a French woman he had previously encountered and forcefully fathered children with. Lacking logic and clarity, Maluki murdered her; their children witnessed, hidden nearby. Within months her mate hunted the criminal down, heavily wounding his eye and leaving him for dead with heavy skull trauma. Maluki survived, waking from the incident with senses intact, a blind and heavily bleeding eye, and no memory of how he had gotten there or what had happened. A fence guarding a nearby factory bore both tatters of his pelt from the fight and a sign declaring Jefferson Industries — with nothing else known to call himself the name was thought to be adopted temporarily, but his memory was never recovered.

Scrawny, hungry and confused, Jefferson was easy prey to a confused mother bear soon thereafter. With the addition of several more scars was a mauled foreleg, one that never healed properly and caused constant pain if used. It was limped upon or worn in a sling depending on form. Jefferson joined Phoenix Valley intending to take advantage of its resources to regain his strength and run, but grew close to its leader and members and eventually came to succeed its hierarchy as leader, where he led faithfully for two years. In a heavy blizzard of 2011 his arm was forcefully self-amputated in an effort to rescue his youngest son. Between the loss of his limb, his mate, and the criminal haunting his pack's borders and hurting its members, Jefferson stepped down in 2011 for Razekiel Lykoi to merge Phoenix Valley with Dahlia de Mai. Thinking himself useless and a burden, Jefferson spent time in Nova Scotia as a loner before leaving for western Canada intent on self-isolation.

5.2  Timeline & Thread Archive


  • July 2004Born Maluki Soul on July 16, 2004, he was the eldest son of Colibri Soul and Acid alongside siblings Akeni Soul, Colicidite Norwen, Acidica Lei (Fawn) and Frodo Aci. After the death of his mother and siblings, Laruku Tears was also adopted into the small litter and was raised as a brother. None the wiser, Maluki and Laruku grew up somewhat inseparable.
  • November 2004 — Maluki grows close to his grandmother and pack alphess, Ceres Sadira. Frodo, Acidica and Colicidite were kidnapped and taken to Chimera; eventually, Frodo passed away due to heart complications and Colicidite to respiratory problems. The surviving Acidica was renamed Fawn and never returned, leaving only Maluki, Akeni and Laruku in the litter. Maluki develops into an audacious, undaunted child with a deep admiration for his father oh my god Lin's first posts at 'Souls when she was 14 how adorable.


  • January 2005 — After a month in and out of Clouded Tears, Maluki is informed by Colibri that his father, Acid, has disappeared from the pack. Maluki swears to never leave her again. ...We obviously know how that will turn out.
    • Maluki meets Adreon in his pre-leader days at the borders of Clouded Tears, and together with Colibri they venture through the pack's Crystal Caverns. The Soul, though still a pup, proves himself intelligent and capable beyond his age.
    • Similarly, he would have briefly met Misery D'Angelo.
  • May 2005 — Maluki briefly met Akumu Rouyaken. Pairing his reputation of constantly coming and going from the pack along with a strange, almost hick-like accent that developed sporadically, shows the first signs of an off-kilter mind.
  • June 2005 — Maluki meets with his grandmother and alphess, Ceres, with whom he had been close. At last he learns the truth of his lost siblings' fates and further cementing their relationship.
    • Maluki braves his way to Chimera borderlands, seeking out his sister Fawn, to no avail.
    • Maluki reaches his first birthday primarily alone out of his siblings. Even with his mother he is unable to snap out of the unhappy, perplexed funk he does not understand.
    • Resentful of Lisichka Sadira, his uncle, for fathering children with Maluki's mother as if substituting for Acid, Maluki met his stepsiblings for the first time: Melisandre Sadira, Mew Sadira, and Haku Soul, the latter two of which he would meet again much, much later in his lifetime.
    • Laruku Tears, his readopted brother, reappears. With the recent birth of their stepsiblings and the subsequent shunning of Colibri's first litter by their mother, Maluki is overjoyed to see a friendly face. That said, 'Luki expresses a number of depressing thoughts and behavior over these few months that was very unusual for his typical happy-go-lucky nature. The brothers pledge to stay together. At the end of the month, however, Ceres tells Laruku of his true parentage at last, and the bond may never be the same between he and his "family."
  • September 2005 — Hardened, Maluki's condition gets worse. Even Hearse seems to notice he's not himself anymore.
  • August 2005 — Maluki nearly starts a brawl with Nirupama Tsunami, Laruku's eventual longtime lover and the creature responsible for biting off his tail.
  • November 2005 — Still plummeting, Maluki is asked by Ceres if she is cursed. Naturally he denies it.
  • December 2005 — After several months spent irritable and on edge with his family, Maluki begins to omit his surname, a trend later continued in Jefferson.


  • January 2006 — Called by Laruku with Clouded Tears, Maluki witnesses the bloody and trampled body of Ceres, another victim of the curse of Clouded Tears' alpha position that her grandson had long denied. Completely distraught to the point of wordlessness, the shattered Maluki exclaims a great fear for Laruku's life, who now fills the leader position in Ceres's wake.
    • As if the final nail in the coffin, shortly after Ceres's death Maluki disappeared from Clouded Tears -- completely.


  • Maluki did not just vanish from Clouded Tears without a word. Beginning to recognize a shift in his sense and an increasingly difficult struggle with simple logic, 'Luki left his birthpack originally with the intention to find his father, who had been absent from his life for well over a year but still believed to be alive. Ultimately, the hunt was unsuccessful, and Maluki never reunited with either parent or any of his siblings, save Laruku Tears a number of years later.
  • After the slow degeneration seen in Clouded Tears and only worsened by his poor hunting ability and lack of pack, Maluki was considered entirely insane by mid- to late-2006. Berserk, easily provoked and unable to communicate or shift, Maluki would remain witless for nearly two years, seeming to know only his name and nothing more.
  • Between 2006 and September 2008, Maluki attacked or assaulted countless individuals at random, most of which were wolves simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, surviving almost entirely off his feral reflexes and instincts. Whether in defense of his victims or in retribution for them, the male gained countless deep scars and gashes throughout his body, a chilling sight even from a distance.
  • In early 2008, Maluki came across Aurelie vie d'Esprit, of a French pack near Quebec called Aube de Musique; she was assaulted and left to die, but survived thanks to her mate, Thomas. She gave birth to a stillborn and three healthy children sired by Maluki: Gael morte dre Soul, Heath morte dre Soul, and Miriette morte dre Soul. Shortly after their birth, Maluki—still in the Aube de Musique area—came across the small family. With Thomas absent at the time and the pups hiding, Aurelie was murdered before their childrens' eyes.
  • July 2008 — From what the pups could communicate, Thomas was able to gather the attacker and murderer to be the same wolf and hunt him down while he remained in the area. After a long and brutish fight, Maluki was struck across the eye and earned himself his most significant scar: a gash that not only removed the vision from one eye, but cut up and over his muzzle. After beating the fallen wolf's skull to ensure death, Thomas left him to die as Maluki did Aurelie, Thomas returned to his pack and litter.
    • Narrowly still surviving his wounds, Maluki woke not long after Thomas's desertion with not only his wits suddenly returned to him, but a complete void of all that had happened before that moment — including his own name, birthplace, upbringing, and insanity. Confused, afraid and breeding profusely from his head and newly scarred eye, his first memory upon waking became the sign of a long-since expired facility on a chain-link fence beside his body, reading Jefferson Institute. Without memory to call himself anything else, the name stuck, and without something better to offer those he met from thereon out, it became the identity he would become known for. He wandered for a time, eventually reentering 'Souls territory.
  • August 2008 — Malnourished thanks to his time as Maluki, scarcely able to hunt for himself, and utterly down on his luck, Jefferson was found by a small bear cub while slumbering. Unable to speak high speech, the scarred man was unable to communicate to its approaching mother his innocence, and was consequently mauled despite being crimeless. The bear clamped on his right foreleg, breaking the bones and leaving countless more scars. The wound never quite healed correctly, and Jefferson would be left with a painful limp for years on end.
  • September 2008 — Thanks to his broken leg, Jefferson was utterly unable to hunt. Dazed and senseless from hunger and illness, he accidentally collapsed on Phoenix Valley borders unknowingly. Originally approached by leader Deuce Rhiannon, he was sent away for his obvious hybrid genetics, only to be offered a home thereafter by second leader Iskata Sadira, beginning a very long and close friendship. Jefferson vowed to stay only as long as it took to get back on his feet.[1]