Maska Ahote

Maska Ahote

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Spirit GuideSikyatavo (Black-tailed jackrabbit)
Name MeaningStrong, Restless One
Name OriginNative American
Date of BirthDecember 15, 2007
Birth placethe Great Tribe (somewhere around current Minnesota)
Current packAniWaya

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Maska Ahote is a Gray Wolf who arrived in AniWaya in July 2011, and took over leadership of the tribe for some time. He is a councilman of the Great Tribe.

1.  Relations

The Ahote bloodline is one of the oldest bloodlines of the Great Tribe. They have several members in prominent positions: Maska is the (in total) seventh Ahote to earn a place in the Tribe Council. Maska carries his name with great honor, and is accustomed to formal greetings whenever he announces his heritage. Maska is the lastborn member of his litter, and the youngest Ahote family member to date.

His family is 100% wolf, mostly gray wolf, though with some timber wolf and red wolf in the mix.

2.  Appearance:

Maska is a gray wolf, average height, and quite lean. He's young and looks it, though appears not to engage much in physical work. His markings are subtle without much contrast, though his ears are dark on the backsides, and the color of his pelt darkens in the neck and along his back. He has painted the family crest of three drops in his forehead with green dyes, and added one crescent moon under each eye. At first glance, he may look volatile, but one will find that Maska treats anyone with great respect - anyone worthy at least. He doesn't have any feathers or ornamentation in his mane, but a carries a plain bone necklace. You will often find him wearing a hooded cloak with the hood down. This cloak also carries the family emblem of the Ahote bloodline in greens to match his face paints.

Maska is always in his optime form.

3.  Biography

Maska was born into a litter of 6, the very last one, and quite fragile. He survived against all odds, and he appeared sickly for the first six months of his life. The parents named him 'Strong' for his will to live, and to encourage his fight to stay alive. They succeeded in motivating him, and Maska grew up to adulthood despite predictions made from several medics.

While growing up, Maska had 5 siblings to compete for attention with, and being the sickly one who could not go outside, he was often on the outside of the family. His great-grandmother Kai was also stuck inside with illness, and she became his anchor in life. She represented the oldest of the old, with a certain set of beliefs and customs to go along with it, and a lot of Maska's education into adulthood came from this old femme's set of beliefs.

4.  Personality

Maska is a deeply spiritual wolf. He has his beliefs deeply rooted in some of the oldest beliefs of the Tribe, due to the nature of his family and bloodline, and his position in the family. In this sense, he is 'out of date', as the rest of the Tribe has long since cast away these beliefs. They are known to exist in the oldest families (especially among the oldest members of said families), but Maska is likely the youngest member to adopt such beliefs to the degree he has adopted them.

He is an incredibly respectful individual, although following his beliefs many wolves are sorted away from those worthy of his respect. He eagerly bows to true authority whenever ordered about, though he may do so hesitantly when those in power do not match his belief system - which he considers the way to being a 'True AniWayan'.

Maska is passionate, and has a need to right wrongs - his personality in this sense is noble. He wishes to be just and fair, and to always follow custom and his spirituality, lest he is not being grateful enough for his life. This way of life, he urges his surroundings to adopt, and he expresses worry at the 'increasing deterioration' of the Tribe. As the members of the Great Tribe increasingly distance themselves from old tradition, customs and seek new paths, Maska desperately clings on to them.

These passions have increased in strength after his great-grandmother Kai died in March 2011.

5.  Beliefs

Maska's beliefs are rooted in very old thoughts of the Great Tribe. They rose when the wolves were first given the ability to stand upright, and struggled to find out how the new world worked with this addition to their skill set.

  • The four-legged form is unholy, tainted and reserved for the Itawamba (omega) rank. Those who cannot stand on two legs have no place in AniWaya
  • Dogs are less-than wolves and coyotes.
  • Hybridization between wolf & coyote, wolf & dog, or dog & coyote is looked down upon. Strangely, Maska does not mind hybridization between species of wolf (could be because of some family members of timber and red wolf heritage)
  • The family unit (the core of AniWayan tradition) must be maintained at all costs, even when that means holding families together against their will. Rape is an exception. Peoples who are not organized in a similar way is looked down upon, and considered a bad influence.
  • Laws are interpreted 1) literally and 2) in light of his beliefs. When laws have punishment options, he will favor the stricter punishment.
  • Wariness of all things human should be maintained - they were tainted, thus they have died. In order to avoid the same fate, wolves should stay away from ruin cities.
  • Spirit Guides are the most sacred beings to touch the Earth. Their wisdom is infinite, and their guidance must be obeyed.
  • AniWayans have claim to certain natural symbols, and land which exhibit these symbols in the Earthen form. This legitimizes warfare to claim such places (f.ex. rivers are holy, and had Grandfather's Tears not already been claimed, this would be a viable target.)

6.  Spirit Guide

Sikyatavo is a male Black-tailed jackrabbit (which is, in fact, a type of hare). Sikyatavo looks like any other of his kind, but on the lean side.

Ears included, he rises to a height of 61cm, a little above knee-height of most luperci. Like other jackrabbits, he has distinctive long ears, and the long, powerful rear legs characteristic of hares. His dorsal fur is agouti (dark buff peppered with black), and his undersides and the insides of its legs are creamy white. The ears are black-tipped on the outer surface, and unpigmented inside. The ventral surface of the tail is grey to white, and the black dorsal surface of the tail continues up the spine for a few inches to form a short, black stripe. (Description taken in part from Wikipedia)

Sikyatavo believes firmly in his position as spirit guide. He is ambitious on the behalf of his wolves (he was also the guide of Maska's great-great grandfather, a councilman: a fact which he takes great pride in). He is, as a spirit guide, unable to lead Maska on a path which is distinctly wrong, however his interpretation of customs, law and culture is very traditional. Oftentimes, Maska will seek his advice, and by the power balance in their relationship Sikyatavo expects his "advice" to be followed. Sikyatavo will not accept any disrespect aimed at him, from wolf or other spirit guide, fond of his kind's status as sacred entities. As such, he guides Maska along the more conservative interpretations of AniWayan law and justice, and will (in his seeking to guide Maska to become the best wolf he can be, spiritually and in the eyes of others) give advice to Maska on what he can do to make himself a prominent figure in the community.

The hare symbolizes conquering fear, safety, alertness, nurturing, overcoming limiting beliefs, rebirth, rejuvenation, resurrection, intuition, balance, fertility, fire, madness, and transformation - among other things.