Kaena Lykoi

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Kaena Lykoi is a GRANDMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA OF DOOM coyote-wolf-dog hybrid, co-founder of the first incarnation of Inferni on the original territories and matriarch of the Lykoi. She has a very large family and a very long, brutal history at Bleeding Souls.

She led Inferni first as a sub-leader in 2002 and later a leader in 2003. 2005 provided the basis and foundation of the Lykoi family with the birth of her large litter to Ahren de le Poer. In 2006, she led Inferni for the second time, resulting in the Aremys-Inferni War.

Kaena wandered across the country from 2007 to 2009, before finally coming home and being accepted to Inferni[1] again by her son, Gabriel de le Poer. She sub-lead Inferni for the last time before Gabriel had her step down. She has lived in Inferni since, generally being crusty, guiding the younger generations of Lykoi, and being a crankpot old woman.

She died in April 2016, shortly after the meteor fell.







  • Date of Birth: 7 Nov 2000
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Great Village, Inferni
  • Mate: — (DD Mon YYYY)
  • Pack: Inferni (09 Jun 2009)
  • Rank: Evocati (~2011)
  • Nicknames: Kae, Omi
  • Pronunciation: Kae-nah Lie-koy
  • Meaning: Punishment, vengenance; wolf
  • Origin: Avestan; Greek
  • cNPC: —
  • yNPC: —
  • Minor NPC: —



  • darp

Inferni members may assume the following:

  • Seeing Kaena wandering around the Great Village, the Hades Beach area, and the D'Neville Mansion.
  • Having Kaena teach their character some Inferni history
  • Having Kaena give their character pointers about fighting
  • Having Kaena chase after their character babbling about getting off her lawn (lol jk... or am I?)

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Kaena is a very mixed hybrid -- she is mostly coyote, part red wolf, and part dog, with her dog ancestry consisting of Siberian Husky, Pharaoh Hound, Irish Wolfhound, and German Shepherd, among other things. Coyote shows most clearly, but she is clearly muddled.
  • Fur: Her fur is generally ill-kept and shaggy in appearance, as she doesn't spend too much time grooming, though she is never dirty or messy.
    • Optime Hair: Simple, shaggy, and unstyled. Kaena has a typical Luperci Optime mane.
  • Facial Features: Most prominent about Kaena's face are, of course, her scars. It's difficult to discern her features and expressions beneath all the scars on her face.
  • Build and Size: She is rather lanky in stature, with long legs and a long torso. She is generally underweight, though if well-fed she can bulk up to just under a hundred and ten pounds in her Lupus form. Most of her size actually stems from her dog ancestry, as her heavy coyote and red wolf influences certainly contributed to her slighter Lupus frame.
  • Humanization: Very minor; she has one tattoo and is sometimes seen clothed


  • Fur:
    • Her coat is rather monochrome, with a dusky, warm gray -- Scorpion -- covering most of her body.
    • Her color fades to off-white Nobel along her muzzle, cheeks, throat, and underbelly.
  • Markings:
    • Her ears are Mine Shaft, as is the very tip of her tail; along her back she has a saddle pattern in the same charcoal color.
    • There is a splash of henna red -- Mocha -- across her muzzle, but otherwise she is without true color.
  • Eyes: Her right eye is missing, her left eye is Buttercup.
  • Optime Hair: Scorpion.
  • Nose, Paw Pads, Skin: Black.


Scorpion (#6a5e5e)
Mine Shaft (#252525)
Nobel (#b9afae)
Mocha (#712519
Buttercup (#F4C115)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Piercings: No.
  • Tattoos: Lykoi Chaos star, tattooed across her chest on the left side.
  • Scars: Kaena is an extremely scarred coyote, having lived through numerous battles throughout her lifetime. Listed here are the major ones, but imagine she has many smaller, less-noticable but still present nicks and scratches across her body. It's not necessary to add these in any art of her, as most of them are barely visible until up close. All scars below are listed in the order of acquisition.
    • Over each eye: Long, thin scar caused by one claw, courtesy of Delphine Cruorem.
    • Left cheek: Thick slice running perpendicular to her jawbone, courtesy of Kryptic Makoi.
    • Right eye: Missing right eye, courtesy of Kryptic Makoi.
    • Across muzzle: Two parallel slices caused by a bite, courtesy of Ravyn Stormbringer.
    • Under right eye: Crescent-shaped scar, parallel to her eye, courtesy of Salvaged Eternity.
    • Left shoulder: Four parallel slices caused by a "slap" to the shoulder, courtesy of Kerberos Lykoi.
    • Right forearm: Four parallel slices caused by a slash, courtesy of Skoll.
    • Stomach: Jagged, thick horizontal scar caused by a knife, courtesy of Astaroth Kimaris.
    • Right Shoulder: Three parallel slices, courtesy of Xeris.
    • Left Shoulder: Bubbly, chunky scar in the vague shape of a jaw, courtesy of Haku Soul.
    • Under right eye: Horizontal slash, bisecting crescent scar, courtesy of Haku Soul.
    • Left rear hindquarter, close to ribs: Three short, thick slashes, courtesy of Vark Granel.


Kaena is not very humanized. She only has one tattoo, and is only seen wearing clothes when it is necessary to do so (i.e., she's cold).


  • Sometimes wears a cloak or a drapey thing, especially when it's cold.
  • Keeps a tattered green canvas bag with a shoulder strap with her at all times.

Jewelry and Accessories


78 lbs
(35 kg) 26 in
(66 cm)


In both Secui and Optime form, her colors remain much the same, and her thick, shaggy mane is silver near her skull, and fades into coal near its tips.

No Pixel!
160 lbs
(703kg) 32 in
(81 cm)


Her Secui form is lithely muscled and rather petite in appearance as Secui forms go, though it is deceptive as her halfling form is no less strong for her size.

No Pixel!
206 lbs
(93 kg) 5 ft 8 in (68 in)
(173 cm)


Her chaos star tattoo falls directly over her heart in her Optime form, and she is somewhere between being a feral archetype and a more humanoid werewolf, though she leans heavily toward the wilder kind. She stands with a hunch, though her figure is sharp and bony, consisting mostly of staight lines.


  • Speech:
    • Kaena does not have an accent, nor does she speak with any particular flavor. General American accent, if anything.
    • Kaena's voice is generally low and raspy, and she sounds older than she looks. She prefers short and sweet to ranty tirades, and is likely to remain silent if conversation isn't begun for her.
    • She invariably introduces herself with her surname.
    • She has a pretty limited vocabulary and she doesn't know a lot of big words. Sometimes her speech is rather awkward, though this is more or less of a personality trait rather than a speech trait.
    • She doesn't use the contraction "I'm" very often, she's more likely to say "I am" and she tends to stick "hm?" at the end of sentences as a sort of prompt.
  • Scent: derp
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: DERP
  • General Posture and Body Language: DERP


2.  Personality

Kaena is unsettled, violent, and highly unpredictable. She is prone to violent outbursts, and enjoys general trouble-making. Above all else, Kaena is a creature driven by vengeance; she will remember an offense for years, and seek her revenge for it if serious enough. Her morality is dim and often-changing, adjusting to fit the situation as she sees fit. She severely dislikes the majority of wolves she comes across, and she carries a general derision for pack wolves and their lifestyle, all the while fighting her own wolf social instincts. She is a rather contemplative creature, and her thoughts tend to deviate to her past rather often. Kae enjoys discussion of the past, so long as certain subjects are avoided -- she does not enjoy bringing up anything particularly painful, as she is still very much emotionally affected by a lot of what has happened to her in the past and many of the things she has done. Though she generally tends to be more subdued in her social interactions, she can still pack a bite when necessary, so long as she is not nursing wounds from her recent fights.

2.1  Ideals


Pessimistic, introverted, violent, destructive, chaotic, unpredictable, arrogant

  • Outlook: Pessimist
  • Sociability: Introverted
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil


Her primary motivations are her family and Inferni, though she is generally a more selfish individual when it comes to anyone else. She devotes herself to the same thing she always has -- educating the young generation of Lykois in the ways of bloodshed and violence. Her primary drive in life; that is, to cultivate and strengthen her already large family, a wild swing from her youth, when she was the only known Lykoi and intended to be the last one.


Losing her family, getting too old, rejection, old ghosts, herself. Kaena is far more afraid of herself and what she is capable of doing than anything else -- the darkest deed in her past involves her turning on her own child and killing her. She is an unknown, a question mark -- even she cannot predict her next move.

  • Attraction to wolves; her own wolf heritage
  • Severely conflicted emotions
  • Mood swings, paranoia, and occasional delusions (though one is hesitant to specify a mental illness)
  • Loss (Andre, Maeryn, Baneesh, Ikatha, Zarah, Zulifer, Ahren, Andrezej)
  • Eris (vengeance versus love)


Not religious, though she is not derisive toward religion. She is vaguely interested in beliefs regarding the afterlife.


  • Species: She is generally ill-tempered at best toward wolves, though she has been known to engage them sexually and romantically, a direct hypocrisy in her programming which causes her a fair amount of strife. She is generally more accepting towards coyotes, dogs, jackals, other canines, and hybrids, even if they belong to a pack -- she may view them as potential future members of Inferni or simply her kin, dependent on the situation.


  • Bisexual, with a strong preference for men. She does grapple considerably with this, because she is attracted to women occasionally, and she does fall in love with them -- yet the idea of being in a same-sex relationship scares the tar out of her.

Substances & Vices

  • Enjoys smoking, and she will smoke whatever is smokable. She does not have a high tolerance for anything, and even a little bit of something will last her for a long time. Enjoys cigarettes, and makes sure to ration her supplies, as they are a relatively hot commodity for her.
  • She loves alcohol, and she will drink to excess given the opportunity. She likes whiskey best, but other than hating wine, she has relatively no qualms about any types of alcohol.
  • She has not tried harder substances, though she would if the opportunity presented itself.


  • Likes: Tearing the heads off of small woodland creatures (especially foxes), rampantly spreading her genes throughout the universe, scavving for useful items, and starting lots and lots trouble. Also enjoys circling the borders of Inferni several times a day, hanging out at the coast, and pestering Gabriel.
  • Dislikes: probably your face

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family: Lykoi

  • Maternal Grandparents: Sibylla Veneum, Vasilik Cruorem
  • Mother: Delphine Cruorem
  • Paternal Grandparents: Amarante Lykoi, Arsen Vereor-Lykoi
  • Father: Andre Lykoi
  • Siblings: Vita Cruorem, Nex Cruorem, Aegre Lykoi
  • Half-Siblings: Kairo Lykoi
  • First Cousin Once Removed: Brennen Lykoi

3.2  Relations

* Does not know this person by name.

Key Relations

  • Inferni / Lykoi: Inferni is of primary importance to Kaena. Most of her family is extremely important to her.
  • Gabriel de le Poer: Kaena loves her Gabriel very much, even if he did kind of force her to step down from her rank. Gabe has been her protector/guide even in his youth; Kaena never really raised him, and their relationship was sort of backwards most of the time, with Gabe acting more like the parent while Kaena acted the part of a child.

Positive Relations

  • Laruku/Ryoujoku: Laruku Tears! Kaena banged Ryoujoku a few times, ended up pregnant (which really screwed Laruku over, since he has virtually no recollection of what happens to him as Ryou) and had his kids, Arkham, Andrezej, and Rachias.
  • Fatin Kali: Kaena and Fatin Kali used to be pretty much mortal enemies, since Fatin was once Salvaged's mate and Kaena was trying her damndest to kill him. They fought twice, which resulted in a unanimous victory for Kaena, since she's a tough bitch and Fatin is the sweetest thing alive and totally not a fighter. But anyway, Kaena and Fatin get to know each other during one of Sal's long-ass trips away, and they get to really loving each other, though neither of them leave their respective homes and both of them get pregnant around the same time to their male lovers.
  • Zulifer Yfel: Zulifer Yfel started out as a one night stand -- Kaena and Zuli only briefly met as she was on her way into 'Souls and he was on his way out. They hooked up again, later, and Kaena had a litter of his kids, but he died because Sal was jealous shortly before the kids were born.
  • Yasu Zarah: Kaena and Yasu Zarah were really into each other, but they were never really able to admit it, and Kae brought Zuli to Inferni and fucked it all up for herself. Kaena was very afraid to admit love for a woman back then.
  • Ahren de le Poer: Kaena and Ahren met in the Concrete Jungle, had dirty, dirty sex, and Kaena wound up pregnant with Ahren's kids. He moved to Inferni for a little when, and then back to Chimera when Mab left the pack to him. They were sorta estranged after that, but Kaena always really loved Ahren in a very weird way.

Neutral / Negative

  • Eris Eternity: </3
  • Haku Soul: Haku Soul cornered Kae and raped her in Halifax, causing a drawn-out period of emoness from Kae, but eliciting her "older persona" back out. Increase viciousness, regression with social tendencies, etc.
  • Salvaged Eternity: Kaena took Salvaged Eternity's virginity one night in the Concrete Jungle, and raped him before she killed him, resulting in her child, Eris Lykoi.
  • Astaroth Kimaris: Kaena's one night stand that turned into a total nightmare. Astaroth Kimaris impregnated her, disappeared, didn't come back for the longest, and came back when Kae's second litter of kids was born and kidnapped Eris. Kaena ended up killing him.

3.3  Minor Relations

  • Sex: Zulifer Yfel, Salvaged Eternity, Ahren de le Poer, Laruku Tears, Astaroth Kimaris, Fatin Kali
  • Friendly: Inferni
  • Enemies: Salvaged Eternity, Haku Soul, Astaroth Kimaris
  • Murders: Salvaged Eternity, Astaroth Kimaris

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: early life

Kaena has always been a fighter and a warrior. She was born into violence and she carries it in her blood -- throughout her history she has been in numerous fights, most of which have been tallied in her History and Thread Archive]

Kaena used to fight like a bully, using sheer force and violent rage to bully her way with opponents. Though it proved effective, over the years Kaena has developed a distinctive style of fighting -- she generally holds her ground and tries to push the opponent backwards, defending herself by deflecting blows or even simply turning her blind side to them for the impact -- there is less important stuff over there, and she is less likely to sustain a serious injury on that side, as her ear is smaller and already ragged and her eye is already gone.

She is deceptively fast to strike and prefers the use of her teeth and claws in her Secui form to anything else, finding its bulk ideal for her style. She is not completely averse to fighting in either Lupus or Optime form, however, and she is an accomplished shifter as any her age are, able to fluidly transform from one form to the next without suffering even momentary disorientation, though she universally prefers to shift before a fight. Though she prefers classic, weapons-free fighting, she is not totally averse to pulling her knife out and shanking a bitch if the situation calls for it. As she grows older she imagines she will have to rely more and more on weaponry and other human implements for continued survival -- hence the newfound affinity for scavenging.

  • Obviously, she is way too old to do any of this now. She can nonetheless help others refine their skills.
  • Lowered perception (right side)


  • Education and Learning: darp
  • Matthieu taught her how to tattoo, though she can only copy directly from a very simple image (e.g. the Chaos Star) and does not have her own supplies for tattooing. She does have a remarkably steady hand, however, and her lines are clear and sharp.
  • She's really, really good at taking care of children -- so long as they don't wander off and get eaten by wolves. :|
  • Kaena knows virtually everything there is to know about Inferni, and she's old as cheese, so she knows a bit about the general happenings in 'Souls, too.
  • She is also relatively good at pegging people for mixed blood, and can generally tell a purebreed from a hybrid on sight.
  • She knows a smattering of Latin words thanks to her father.
  • She also knows how to collect a certain healing herb from a type of tree thanks to Naniko D'Angelo, but she does not consider herself a healer in the least and will only utilize her knowledge when there is no one else around.
  • lol wtf kind of skills are these

4.2  Inventory


Great Village

  • Current: description
  • Former: She formerly resided in the Grimwell Caverns as well as the D'Neville Mansion.


Within Inferni only, and less "give me somethin' for somethin'" and more gifting (e.g., she gives you a gift, she expects something in return; you give her a gift, she gives you something in return). She does not "barter" or "haggle" and is more likley to gift canines with simple things.


Household Items

  • Tattered olive green army blanket, kept in cave. Kaena usually sleeps with this every night, and she has had it for several months -- naturally, it's become rather covered with hair and dirty. It was originally scavenged from the city when she first arrived back in Inferni.
  • A few generic candles, kept in cave. Kae generally has quite a few of these, which she obviously uses for light when it gets too dark to see and so forth.
  • Tattered satchel bag, olive green. This came with her from the settlement of canines she stayed at prior to Inferni -- it held her possessions and so forth. She generally only brings it with her outside of the cave when she knows she may need it -- e.g., when exploring the city (which she does rather rarely these days).
  • Gold pocketwatch with chain. This was a gift from Anselm de le Poer. Kae really doesn't understand time, but she is fascinated by the motions of this thing, and she finds the ticking sound rather comforting in her cave. She considers it rather fragile, and she is generally extremely careful with it -- this thing rarely sees the light of day.
  • Utility knife. Scavenged. This isn't a combat-suitable knife, but in a pinch it can of course cause some damage to an enemy. Kae generally uses this knife for working purposes, and it usually stays in her cave.
  • Collar, scavenged from the city by Vieira Lykoi. She doesn't use this for anything -- it stays up on a shelf of her cave, with the accompanying length of chain. It was actually sort of a joke when Kae told Viei to go get the collar and chain, but Viei took it seriously. |:

5.  History

See Kaena Lykoi's History & Thread Archive.