Hemming, by Alli
Name OriginPerhaps derived from Old Norse hamr "shape", originally a nickname for a person believed to be a shape changer.
Date of BirthMay 5, 2005
Age> 5 years
Subspecies100% Canis lupus ortus
Birth placeCentral Canada
Current packAniWaya
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack


Joining date09/05/16
Joining RankItse
Most Recent RankGatlvska


Joining dateApril 5, 2005

Hemming was a former member of AniWaya from May 2009 until May 2010. He departed from the pack under the impression that his sister was in danger.

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1.  History

Hemming was born in central Canada in 2005, left his pack after a year, and wandered for the next three. He built himself a little fort in the forest, where he accumulated books and gizmos. In this time, he learned a lot. After a while, it became a little boring, and he wandered away. He found AniWaya, met Dawali, and decided to settle down. In the meantime, he's just making friends and learning the ways of the tribe.

1.1  Pre-Souls History

Hemming was born in central Canada on May 5, 2005. His birthpack originated from a small group of wolves that left a pack that wandered Scandinavia. Many generations later, by the time that Hemming was born, the Canadian pack had lost much of its Scandinavian culture, and was very loosely structured. After about six months in the pack, Hemming started to wander away, coming back occasionally due to feelings of obligation. His presence became more and more sporadic, until, at an age of about one year, Hemming left for good.

He headed out East, occasionally setting up camps and staying for a while before moving on again. At an age of about two and a half, he settled down in New Brunswick, where he set up a much more elaborate camp. His living situation included a treehouse of sorts, which was large enough for a hammock, a bookshelf, and a desk. Down below, on the ground, he kept a fire pit with a few cooking tools set up. He also had a small shed where he stored traps and hunting tools. For the most part, he busied himself in reading books that he collected from towns and cities nearby, as well as using human equipment such as microscopes and telescopes.

While he had a few companions during his wanderings and even once while he had set up camp, Hemming lived largely on his own. The characters in the books he read were his company, and the things he learned kept him busy enough to not feel any strong desire to have real friends.

Eventually, though, he felt it was time to go on another adventure. He picked out a few of his favourite books - but not the most special ones, in case they were wrecked by rain or mud - to keep him entertained, and packed them in a sack backpack with a small hand-held telescope. After saying careful goodbyes to his camp and the things it held, he continued east.

After a lot of completely undirected wandering, Hemming stumbled upon AniWaya land, liked the look of it, and decided to settle down.[1]

1.2  Souls History

Hemming joined AniWaya on May 16, 2009. He went on his Journey from June 22 to June 24 of the same year, and his Spirit Guide, Dagrun, found him on the night of the 23rd.

2.  Personality

Hemming is always hungry for knowledge. He's soft spoken and intelligent, a little out of tune with his emotions and the emotions of others, but generally courteous and caring. The introverted type, he likes to bury himself in his books (now missing - he needs to find some more!) and learn. He loves classic literature and poetry, natural history, astronomy, and a few select stories of written history. Hemming becomes attached to animals quite quickly and will not hesitate to help a hurt one. Despite knowing that other animals are not capable of higher thought, he often feels hurt emotionally when he is bitten or otherwise offended by them. He's a bit of a pack rat and will accumulate books and gizmos.

While he likes to bury himself in his books, during his time in AniWaya he is becoming more and more outgoing, and will gladly have a conversation or something more with others. He is more and more drawn to whimsy, and is easily excited.

Despite his gentle nature, Hemming does not well tolerate being harassed. He has a few obsessive tendencies and, though he likes being alone, he does not like being left. Once he has known someone for a long time he may become possessive of them.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

Hemming is lonely :( He left his family in central Canada.

3.2  Friends

Anu is likely his best friend at the moment. They rescue jellyfish[2] and fly kites[3] together! Hemming pretty much considers everyone he meets and gets along with as a potential friend, especially if they play a game or go on a rescue mission. Asha Amara is also someone Hemming would like to get to know more, ever since they had an epic stick fight[4]. Ember has been generous and hospitable, and Hemming appreciates that. He also appreciates Catherine's helpfulness in helping him understand the AniWaya tribe.

4.  Spirit Guide

Hemming's Spirit Guide is a Willow Flycatcher named Dagrun. She is hyper and chirpy, but, like most Spirit Guides, immensely wise.

Hemming's Journey took place from June 22 to June 24.[5] On the night of the 23rd, he weathers out a thunderstorm and falls asleep. When he wakes up, there is a Willow Flycatcher, named Dagrun, on his head. They get introduced, and head back to AniWaya.

5.  Skills

Hemming is fairly good at building things from wood and other materials, a strength that has led him to pursue the Gatlvska path in AniWaya. He is an avid reader. He knows a little bit about the use of plants as medicine, but he is unfamiliar with the plants around AniWaya lands, and has somewhat given up this pursuit.

5.1  Hobbies

Hemming likes to knit, as rendered in this wonderful illustration by James. He likes other crafty things, too, and is slowly learning some carpentry and other woodworking techniques. In general, he just likes making things, and loves to make things with others!

He also likes to read, books about natural history and human novels, as well as look for the little wonders of the Earth.

6.  Appearance

Hemming, by Kat

Hemming is quite tall and rather lanky. He's not all that strong, but has good fine motor skills. His fur is mottled with various shades of gray, and slightly darker on the muzzle/forehead. He has amber eyes, and no distinct markings besides a small rune tattoo on the left side of his neck, which is usually fairly hidden by fur.

6.1  Luperci Forms

Hemming prefers his Optime form, mostly because he has hands and can manipulate objects much more easily. He isn't uncomfortable in his Lupus form, though, and will occasionally use it. It is very rare, however, that he uses his Secui form.


59kg, 90cm high, 176cm long


81kg, 104cm high, 243cm long


85kg, 230cm tall

7.  Notable Threads

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