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  • Foundation: November 1, 2016
  • Species: Wolf-dominant, coyote and dig mixes
  • Population: 11 (100% luperci)
  • Leader: Laurentin Aston

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Auclair is an offboard pack located in the city of Rivière-du-Loup. It was founded in the wake of AniWaya's disbandment.

Auclair was founded by Laurentin Aston, Marsali Amarok, Joy Uwatie, Anahid Cermak, Behram Demir, Lucid Tlvdatsi, and Castiel Rhiannon.

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  New faces in Auclair
    2.   1.2  Departure of Marsali and Asik
  2.   2.  Geography
  3.   3.  Climate
  4.   4.  Flora and Fauna
    1.   4.1  Flora
    2.   4.2  Fauna
    3.   4.3  NPC Animals
  5.   5.  Culture
    1.   5.1  Species
    2.   5.2  Outsider Relations & Travel
  6.   6.  Structure
    1.   6.1  Leaders
    2.   6.2  Law & Justice
  7.   7.  Religion
  8.   8.  Beliefs, Culture, and Superstition
  9.   9.  Significant Families
  10. 10.  Ranks
    1. 10.1  Rank Paths
  11. 11.  Status
  12. 12.  References

1.  History

Auclair was founded following the disbandment of the pack, AniWaya. Laurentin Aston and Marsali Amarok elected to disband AniWaya in the wake of accusations from The Great Tribe and the tribe's demand that Laurentin step down from leadership. Tired of The Great Tribe's meddling, they chose to strike it out on their own. They were joined by AniWayans Lucid Tlvdatsi, Castiel Rhiannon, Joy Uwatie, Anahid Cermak, and Behram Demir.

Shortly after the traveling group departed from 'Souls, Laurentin was kidnapped by a group of loners in the middle of the night. Marsali, leading a rescue mission, recovered Laurentin.

Laurentin and Marsali later became both co-leaders and mates. In December 2016, Marsali gave birth to the pack's first litter of puppies: Asik Amarok and Amoux Aston.

1.1  New faces in Auclair

Once news of AniWaya's disbandment reached The Great Tribe, Cody Dallas and Uleyvsv Adahy journeyed to Auclair to join the pack. News also reaches parts of Quebec and Beatriç del Fraysse decides to follow word of the new pack and explore her familial connections. Lonely from his own wandering, Francesch del Fraysse decides to follow his sister to Auclair and ask for her advice after his confession to his crush and subsequent humiliating rejection.

1.2  Departure of Marsali and Asik

In the Autumn of 2017, Marsali left Auclair to bring her daughter to 'Souls. However, as the months passed, Laurentin and Amoux grew worried. Once it had been too long, Amoux ventured forth to find his mother and sister.

2.  Geography

Image by Blake Maybank

Auclair is located predominantly in the former human city of Rivière-du-Loup in Québec. The territory is located along the St. Lawrence River straddles the eponymous rivière du Loup, which empties into the St. Lawrence. The territory is hilly, with portions of the human city rising much higher in the south than others closer to the water. The territory encompasses the Parc des Chutes, the location of a hydroelectric dam, as well as the Parc de la Pointe and other smaller urban parks. It also encompasses the westernmost portion of the town of Cacouna.

3.  Climate

The climate of Rivière-du-Loup is Humid continental. Humid continental climates are typified by variable weather conditions and large variations in seasonal temperatures. Places must meet the following three criteria to be typified as a humid continental climate:

  1. More than three months of average daily temperatures over 10 °C (50 °F)
  2. A coldest month temperature under −3 °C (27 °F)
  3. Does not meet the criteria for an arid or semiarid climate

The four seasons in Auclair bring the following typical weather and temperatures:

  • Summer: warm and occasionally hot, with periods of hotter temperatures which compounded with the high humidity, create a high heat index that belie the average high of 22–25 °C (72–77 °F) and lows of 11–13 °C (52–55 °F)
  • Winter: often cold, windy and snowy with average high temperatures −5 to −8 °C (23 to 18 °F) and lows −13 to −18 °C (9 to 0 °F).
  • Spring and fall: short, range from chilly to warm temperatures

The biome is a temperate broadleaf forest.

4.  Flora and Fauna

Auclair is home to a variety of animals, such as:1

4.1  Flora

  • TK

4.2  Fauna

  • Eulipotyphla: Cinereus shrew, Star-nosed mole
  • Chiroptera: Eastern red bat, Big brown bat
  • Lagomorpha: Snowshoe hare
  • Rodentia: Red squirrel, Northern flying squirrel, Groundhog, Eastern chipmunk, North American beaver, Southern red-backed vole, Common vole, Muskrat, North American deermouse, North American porcupine
  • Carnivora: Coyote, Red fox, American black bear, Raccoon, North American river otter, Fisher, American mink, Striped skunk, Canada lynx, Bobcat, Harbour seal, Harp seal (occasional), Grey seal
  • Artiodactyla: White-tailed deer, Moose
  • Cetartiodactyla: Beluga whale (occasional)
  • Eutheria: Common minke whale
  • Accipitriformes: Golden eagle, Northern goshawk, Osprey, Red-tailed Hawk, Rough-legged Hawk, American Kestrel, Sharp-shinned Hawk, and Peregrine Falcon

4.3  NPC Animals

Members of Auclair brought a handful of animals with them when they journeyed from AniWaya to establish the new pack. Although the majority of AniWaya's animals went to Vinatta and Krokar, some of the animals made the journey.


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Dapple gray Arabian grade mare, b. 2007

Experienced Handlers

Rider Trained

  • Abilities: Riding-trained; also trained as a battle mount.
  • Personality: She is spirited and intelligent, but as she learns quickly, she's as prone to pick up bad habits as good ones. She doesn't do as well under an inept trainer.
  • Description: Shahira is a tall dapple gray mare with a lovely, arched neck and large eyes. Her coat is nearly white, with only some gray dappling remaining on her haunches.

Dapple gray grade stallion, b. 2003

Rider Trained
  • Abilities: Riding-trained; good strength and endurance.
  • Personality: Somewhat of a womanizer, Ash gets along better with mares than other male horses. He is an experienced animal who knew the trails of old AniWaya well, and seems quick to learn in the new land.
  • Description: Ash is a beautiful dapple gray the color of pale ash; little gray is truly left on him, turning him near white. He is a big horse suited to the size of most Luperci.
  • Captured from near the American border with Rio.
  • 2013: Sired Smoke, borne by Rio.
  • 2014: Sired Igido, borne by Belle; and Sakoni, borne by Rio.
  • 2017: Sired an unnamed colt by Téga

Black grade filly, b. 2013

Experienced Handlers

No Use

  • Abilities: In training: riding & battle.
  • Personality: Smoke has inherited her father's size and her mother's temperament; she is fearless and bull-headed. Her boldness has made her a warhorse candidate.
  • Description: Smoke is black with a white blaze. She has a white sock on her left hind leg, and a white pastern on her front left. She is a medium-large horse, strong and fast.

5.  Culture

The culture of Auclair is heavily influenced by the Cherokee culture of The Great Tribe, and by extension, AniWaya. However, in the creation of the pack, the members sought to create their own identity. Thus, although some members still speak Cherokee, the ranks are no longer Cherokee words, but simplified English titles. Additionally, members will be invited to learn English, French, or Cherokee upon joining if they do not know them already. The culture of Auclair will emphasize freedom and self-determination as well as the importance of community and strengthening the pack together.

The pack will seek to establish itself as a trading hub in the area and will also endeavour to set up breeding programs with nearby packs.

The pack will emphasize values, such as identity, community, togetherness, justice, and law and order.

5.1  Species

The majority of the members of Auclair are either wolf-dominant coydogs or wolf mixes. However, there is no preference to one given species over another and therefore any animal of the genus Canis is welcome to join. Common species include:

  • Wolves: Mixed wolves are the most common among members and the Eastern Timber Wolf is the most common in the pack.
  • Dogs: Dogs of all backgrounds are seen in Auclairois(e) members' heritage.
  • Coyotes: Coyotes are one of the lesser-represented species among members of Auclair. Coyotes of the region are most likely to be Northeastern Coyotes.
  • Jackals: The least-represented species in Auclair as jackals are not native to the region.

5.2  Outsider Relations & Travel

Auclair has not yet engaged with neighbouring packs. However, they would like to be friendly, if a little standoffish, owing to their history with Anathema and The Great Tribe's meddling. That said, they would be willing to engage in trading and breeding programs.

6.  Structure

The pack is led by a leader and sub-leader and the number of each is flexible based on the individuals who carry the title.

6.1  Leaders

Auclair is led by Laurentin Aston and Marsali Amarok.

6.2  Law & Justice

Central to the Cherokee traditional belief system is the notion that good is rewarded and evil is punished.2 Therefore, the laws in Auclair seek to both recognize reward good behaviour and punish evil.

7.  Religion

Members of Auclair are not required to follow any specific religion. However, as a consequence of their origins in AniWaya, many members adhere to a form of Cherokee spiritualism.

8.  Beliefs, Culture, and Superstition

As with religion, members of Auclair may take on certain traditional beliefs, culture, or superstitions of the Cherokee people, which include:

  • Ghosts: Traditional Cherokees believe that after a person dies, their soul often continues to live on as a ghost. Ghosts are believed to have the ability to materialize where some, but not all people, can see them.
  • Numerology and cardinal directions: The numbers four and seven repeatedly occur in myths, stories and ceremonies. The number four represents all the familiar forces, also represented in the four cardinal directions. The four directions are east, west, north and south. The number seven represents the seven clans of the Cherokee, and are also associated with directions
  • Three further directions: In addition to the four cardinal directions, three others exist. Up (the Upper World), down (the Lower World) and center (where we live and where you always are).
  • Categorization: Traditionally the Cherokee are deeply concerned with keeping things separated and in the proper classification or category. For example, when sacred items are not in use they are wrapped in deerskin or white cloth, and kept in a special box or other place.
  • Rivers: The river, or "Long Man," was always believed to be sacred, and the practice of going to water for purification and other ceremonies was at one time very common. Today the river or any other body of moving water, such as a creek, is considered a sacred site and going to water is still a respected practice by some Cherokees.

9.  Significant Families

Significant families in Auclair include:

10.  Ranks

Auclair Ranks

Rank Statistics

Leaders: Laurentin Aston Marsali Amarok 16 members
Sub-Leaders: -- -- 9 female : 7 male
Council: (Advisors, Elders, Esteemed Members) 13 adults : 0 puppies
-- -- --


Master Ranks: (High-Ranked Members) Secondary role or skill
-- -- -- Mateship
Skilled Ranks: (Intermediate-Ranked Members) The above key is used to track relations within the tribe. Further notes regarding the packs relations, gossip, etc can go here!
Joy Uwatie (Priest) -- --
Beginner Ranks: (Beginner-Ranked Members)
Anahid Cermak (Crafter) Uleyvsv Adahy (Warrior) (adoptable) Behram Demir (Scout)
Cody Dallas (Animal Tender) Francesch del Fraysse (Trader) (adoptable) Beatriç del Fraysse (Scout) (adoptable)
Other Ranks: (Beginner-Ranked Members)
Subordinates Lucid Tlvdatsi Castiel Rhiannon
Asik Amarok Seven Cermak
Sica Tasin Veruta Tasin
Sibyna Cermak --
Youths (Aged 6-8 months) -- --
Puppies (Aged 0-5 months) -- --
Out of Pack Ranks: (Ambassadors, Long-Term Traders, Emissaries)
-- -- --

10.1  Rank Paths

Similar to AniWaya and The Great Tribe, Auclair offers ranks along a variety of paths. However, unlike their predecessors, these rank paths can be added to with greater flexibility given enough interest. For instance, Trading is a rank path within Auclair, while this was simply a co-rank in AniWaya.

There is no set co-rank list, as members are encouraged to identify additional interests or specialize in areas as they choose. Members are encouraged to identify whether they desire a co-rank, specialization, or both to complement their rank.

Auclair Rank Paths

Rank Path Beginner Skilled Master
Medicine Medic Skilled Medic / Bone Bearer / Priest Master Medic / Great Priest
Fire Tending Fire Tender Fire Maker Fire Master
Crafting Crafter Skilled Crafter Master Crafter / Master Weapons Crafter
War Warrior Guardian Master Warrior
Teaching Learned Tutor / Story-Teller / Poet Scholar
Animal Tending Animal Tender Skilled Animal Tender Animal Speaker
Scouting Scout Skilled Scout Master Scout
Hunting Rabbit Hunter Game Hunter Master Hunter
Agriculture Worker Farmer Head Farmer
Trading/ Commerce Trader Skilled Trader Master Trader

11.  Status

  • Status: semi OPEN-REQUEST.

If you are interested in developing a character that originates in or is from Auclair, please contact Tammi or Rat! This is a very flexible location and we will likely be pretty willing to approve a character who has lived in Auclair. We just want to know ahead of time!

  1. Players must request permission to create a character originating from the area.
  2. Players may play a character that that spent more than a few days in the area.
  3. Players may play a character that passed through the area in travels or that their character heard of the area.

12.  References

1 "Liste des Mammifères," Parc national du Bic.

2 "The Traditional Belief System," Cherokee Nation.

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