Nayati Utina

Nayati Utina is a member of the original AniWaya tribe (before it branched off to settle at 'Souls). He arrived in the smaller tribe of AniWaya in early 2010, joining his friends of the Amara family. He is the father of Saqui Utina and Kuruk Utina, and was mate to Liliana Utina. After his mate's death and the events of the AniWaya Conflict, Nayati returned to the Great Tribe to raise his children in peace.

Nayati Utina

Nayati, by Kiri
Name MeaningNatayti: he who wrestles
Utina: woman of my country
Name OriginNative American
Date of BirthJune 12, 2007
Subspecies100% Canis lupus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeAniWaya
Current packAniWaya

'Souls Profile

Current Pack


Joining dateJanuary 31, 2010[1]
Joining RankTsisdu Kanati
Most Recent RankGadui Kanati
SignificanceMaster Hunter


Nayati by Kiri

The base of Nayati's coat is white, though along his head, shoulders, and back there is a peppering of gray which eventually changes into a saddle of black near his mid-back/rear. He has a thick black line running up from his nose to halfway up his muzzle and another black smudge on his brow between his eyes. His eyes are a strong light blue. There is a horizontal bright blue line painted underneath his eyes and across the top of his muzzle.

In optime form, which he almost never leaves, he is well built and emanates an appearance of strength. He is almost always seen with his bow and quiver of arrows and a belt that runs diagonally across his chest that holds his hunting knife. Beads and feathers are braided into his mane as a show of pride for his people and his culture. A hard leather cuff is found on his left forearm, its purpose to protect the area from his bowstring.


Nayati is often very stoic, but he lightens up easily in the company of his tribe and his friends and actually has a good sense of humor. He takes a great deal of pride in his people and tribe and constantly strives to be a helpful member and one that the elders can be proud of.

Spirit Guide

Nayati's Spirit Guide is a female puma named Onawa. It was with her encouraging that he decided to follow after Asha to the new tribe lands. The two have a friendly relationship, but he never forgets that she is his guide and mentor.


Nayati's horse is a dapple grey stallion named Iye. He was gifted to him after his first successful buck kill and he has ridden no other horse since.