Aiyanna Amara

Aiyanna Amara

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Name MeaningAmara: Eternal
Name OriginCherokee
Date of BirthFebruary 20, 2008
Age4,5 years
SubspeciesCanis rufus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeAniWaya
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Aiyanna Amara is the daughter of Mischka Amara and Dawali Amara, and previous member of AniWaya.

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  3.   3.  Relationships
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1.  History

While Aiyanna was still very young her tribe was attacked causing her father to be vacant while tending to the sick; since he was a medic. The young wolf spent a lot of her time with caretakers/siblings of her father, but was often found with her father and sister. The Great Tribe decided to take leave to new land thus her sister and father took the lead in going ahead as part of a scouting party. Aiyanna was at this point much too young to come along, and was left with Dawali's extended family. Meanwhile, the Great Tribe started moving, slowly following her father's scouting party. The move took quite some time from the girl's life in which she had begun to mature into adulthood.

A storm struck the moving tribe, and messengers were lost for some time, making communication between the scouting party and the Great Tribe increasingly difficult. It claimed lives, and the Great Tribe stopped moving for some time as it recovered. Moons later, it picked up again, and the plan of moving to the now settled spot of AniWaya was still a go. Moving was slow, with equipment, sick, children, elders and animals to bring with them. Six months later, disease struck, causing many members to struggle with their minds. Illusions turned them into violent threats to everyone around them, and the Great Tribe halted its movements to contain the problem. The halt quickly became more permanent as the problem escalated. The tribe was forced to settle taking a chance that this action might actually help get the situation back under control. Months passed as many medics searched for any sort of treatment for the disease. Aiyanna was among those medics searching for a cure, since she had been trained to be a medic apprentice. After some time a solution was thought to have been found. It wasn't until the summer of 2009 when Asha was reunited with her sister as they were still trying to treat some of the worse off members. The tribes intention of making their way to the new settlement of AniWaya was abandoned.

Aiyanna came to visit AniWaya for a brief period in October 2009. She met her sister Asha Amara there, and her father. A bond was attempted, but Aiyanna quickly found herself missing the great tribe and somehow dreading her father's presence: having grown up without him, it was strange to suddenly have a parent when she was an adult herself. Aiyanna shortly after returned to the Great Tribe, to tend to her own ambitions in the path of Priest.

After her father's forced return to the Great Tribe in early 2012, Aiyanna has felt ill at ease in the Great Tribe. Her family name has been on everyone's lips, and many Amaras have felt that Dawali has shamed their family, despite how well he has taken to the punishments given there. To complicate matters, she only a short time before her father's return found herself with child, though not in a mateship with anyone. She keeps the father's name a secret, and out of the litter only a single puppy (gender: ??) survived. The puppy has not yet been named, as Aiyanna wishes to name the puppy herself, against custom*. Restless, and eager to live her own life independent now both of her extended family and her dirtied family name, she longs for a fresh start for herself and her puppy.

  • It is customary for an elder woman of the Great Tribe to name the children of their bloodline. Aiyanna's mother is dead, so another, outside elder, would have to be used.

2.  Personality

Aiyanna pregnant, by Sie

Aiyanna is a competent medic and an extremely independent woman.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Close family

  • Parents - Mischka Amara and Dawali Amara
  • Siblings - Asha Amara
  • Children - ?? (gender: ??), born in March, 2012. Father: ??

3.2  Extended family

  • Aunts - Chitsa Amara, Sanyue Amara, Sitsi Wyanet Amara, Mochni Nitis Amara (siblings to Dawali Amara)
  • Uncles - Songan Ohiteka Amara, Muraco Amara, Lagundo Wematin Amara, Len Kanti Amara, Kohana Ashkii Amara (siblings to Dawali Amara)
  • Cousins - Sakari Amara (daughter to Sanyue Amara)
  • Grandparents - Udanvdi "Agitsi" Amara & Uhusti "'Doda" Amara (parents of Dawali Amara) AND XX & XX (parents of Mischka Amara (not created))

4.  Appearance

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Aiyanna is slighter taller/longer than the average red wolf similar to her father. Her pelt is a mixture of different shades of white, brown, red and nearly black. Her underside is mainly light in colour, being almost white while her top half is a mixture of brown, reds and black. Her markings include red coloured muzzle and ears as well as around her eyes. Aiyanna adorns a golden coloured set of eyes.

She tends to wear leather bracers dyed with blue. Her dyes on her pelt vary, from larger, to small, to none, depending on what she likes. Blue is an important color to her in general.

5.  Abilities

Aiyanna speaks fluent Cherokee, and is trained in the Medic profession path.

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