Phoenix Valley


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Phoenix Valley

ColoursEmerald (#006600) & Bronze (#cc9900)
Founded ByDeuce Rhiannon, Iskata Sadira, Hel
Founded OnJuly 19th, 2008
Defunct OnJuly 1, 2011
Final LeadersJefferson Soul
Final Sub-leaders--

Past Leadership

Former LeadersDeuce Rhiannon, Iskata Sadira, Hel
Former Sub-leadersDaVinci 'Daite Nasphrite, Geneva Stockholm, Tala Djose

Pack History

Succeeded byIchika no Ho-en (merge with Dahlia de Mai

Phoenix Valley was one of the several packs that sprung up post-Bleeding Souls fire on July 19th, 2008. It was founded along the coast east of Halifax by leaders Iskata Sadira, Deuce Rhiannon and Hel, along with founding members Styx ap Siorus, Magdalena de Sadira, Asmodai, and Colibri Soul.

Phoenix Valley is known for its laidback, carefree and pacifistic ways. It has been called a home for "loonies and dreamers." In July of 2011, Phoenix Valley was merged with Dahlia de Mai to create Ichika no Ho-en, founded by Razekiel Lykoi in longtime Valley leader Jefferson Soul's stead. Its former territory remains unoccupied.

1.  History

1.1  Founding - Christmas 2008

The early history of Phoenix Valley has been written in a journal by Iskata Sadira, the pack's former historian. The journal relays that the pack's three founders, all women, broke off from their other obligations to create a pack in a place of peace and beauty on a southeastern coast of Nova Scotia. The pack was named Phoenix Valley to denote a rebirth, hinting that the pack would be new and unique in its peacefulness and a new start for both those who founded it and those who would later call it home. Its name also refers to the great fire that destroyed the former Bleeding Souls territory and the need for the relocated wolves to settle. That said, Phoenix Valley was one of the first packs to spring up after the migration. Although eerily coincidental, the pack's name had no relation to Iskata's former mate, Phoenix.

The three female leaders, Iskata Sadira, Deuce Rhiannon, and Hel shared an equal-rank hierarchy at the pack's establishment: Iskata served as the pack's Matriarch, a rank focused on upkeeping pack borders and grounds as well as negotiations with other pack; the pack Shaman, Deuce, served as the pack's herbalist and healer; Hel was the pack's Sentinel, serving as the pack's strongest warrior and was responsible for forwarding her skills to the members of the pack.

Phoenix Valley became known as a place for dreamers, attracting openminded and friendly members in particular while warding away those who might commonly cause trouble. The pack became laid back in nature; its potential joiners were commonly disjointed stragglers with nowhere else to go but found peace in the family-like demeanor of the tightly-knit pack. Unfortunately, the pack also became known to house vagrants, its members coming and going rapidly. Hel, one of the founders, left the pack with her mate for greater and better things after an unfortunate miscarriage.

Phoenix Valley 2009: Timeline

July 19Phoenix Valley is formed.
August 12Iskata Sadira calls a pack meeting to discuss rank promotions and the thought of exploring means of escape incase of attack. Boats and rafts are gathered, the pack begans to explore Trinity Isles.[1]
August 20Iskata Sadira witnesses Skoll's death at the hands of her fellow packmate Asmodai.
August 24Asmodai is banished from returning to Phoenix Valley by the Council.
September 16The first litter of puppies born in Phoenix Valley to Hel and Styx ap Siorus.
September 30Phoenix Valley's first pack hunt. Deuce Rhiannon realizes Iskata Sadira's pregnancy and won't allow her to join the chase.
October 3Phoenix Valley's first Frost Festival.
October 11Hel and Styx ap Siorus depart Phoenix Valley after the loss of their pups.
October 31Phoenix Valley's first Samhain celebration.
November 21Jefferson Soul rescues Iskata, wounded and blind after an attack.
December 10Iskata steps down as a leader and promotes Jefferson to subleader in her stead.

When she was unable to continue her duties as Matriarch after an "accident" in December of 2008, Iskata Sadira retired to the elder rank of Whilom.[2] [3] Unable to shift to her Luperci form any longer, the ex-Matriarch kept a journal, still allowing her to dictate current events despite losing her abilities as a pack leader. Iskata was killed on February 17 by Gabriel de le Poer after trespassing onto Inferni territory, although the news was never actually relayed to the members of her pack.[4] Jefferson Soul, having already succeeded her as a subleader, moving to take her leader rank as Patriarch only after the last remaining leader, Deuce Rhiannon, left the pack weeks later to follow her lover, Haku Soul, to Dahlia de Mai. The change in leadership, as well as the news of Iskata's disappearance and supposed death[5] was announced in a pack meeting by the still-mourning Jefferson,[6] a bitter, antisocial, and handicapped wolf into whose hands the pack was virtually forced.

1.2  Leadership Changes and Inferni Tension (2009)

Though grumpy, loner-at-heart Jefferson was unwilling to take over the pack, the unlikely leader served as Patriarch not only in honor and memory of Iskata, who had been very dedicated to Phoenix Valley, but also under an unsaid obligation; with the sudden absence of all three leaders, the pack would have fallen apart and disbanded without his guidance at the top of the ranks. Feeling a debt to Iskata for saving his life, the one-eyed, three-legged wolf kept Phoenix Valley alive, later taking on Iskata's son, DaVinci 'Daite Nasphrite, as his subleader a few weeks after ruling alone. With two ranks open in the three-rank leader hierarchy (Hel's rank of Sentinel and Deuce's rank of Shaman), Jefferson merged the Council into one ruling rank, M/Patriarch, while leaving the beta (Savant) and gamma (Pundit) ranks as they were.

DaVinci proved to be troublesome, however. An unlikely relationship with Ryan de le Poer of Inferni blossomed, causing much frustration for both Inferni leader Gabriel de le Poer for DaVinci's constant trespassing and for Jefferson for DaVinci's constant absences and moodiness. When Gabriel came to Phoenix Valley to rid of the subleader, there met and fought Jefferson and was promptly run out of the territory.[7] DaVinci left the pack sometime later, eloping with Ryan, raising children somewhere in the wilderness. Unfortunately, he left briefly after both his children, Ty Trenton Nasphrite and Skylar Jade Nasphrite returned to the pack.[8] [9] While Ty -- Jefferson's former apprentice -- stayed, Skylar left again soon after.

1.3  Influx of Members/Puppies and Second DDM-IF War (2009-2010)

Former Crimson Dreams member Geneva Stockholm joined and moved up the ranks, soon joining Jefferson as subleader. Her promotion, along with DaVinci's departure, was announced at a pack meeting taking place on Phoenix Valley's first birthday.[10] After over a year of struggling, a relationship opened between them. Not long after, former Crimson Dreams leader, Naniko D'Angelo, fell from grace and ended up in Phoenix Valley as well, soon giving birth to a small litter of pups there in safety. A second litter was born later in the year to Pendzez Zazkex and Xeris, the second litter to be born by two Phoenix Valley parents.

In late 2009, a male named Jantus approached Valley borders and spoke with Jefferson. [11] After getting approval, he returned some time later with a very large group of wolves in his pack that had been temporarily camped just outside the borders. Led by Jefferson, the group entered the packlands and held a small funeral for the late Skoll, who had been buried in the pack's cemetery.[12] The group left soon after, considered to be allies should they return.

Phoenix Valley 2009: Timeline

February 17Iskata never returns to Phoenix Valley. She is assumed dead. Within a week, Deuce Rhiannon also leaves the pack, and Jefferson announces in a meeting his sudden change to the sole leader.
Early MarchDaVinci 'Daite Nasphrite is promoted to subleader. Tensions with Inferni pick up again.
March 26Gabriel de le Poer and Jefferson fight on Valley borders.
April 19Jefferson holds a pack hunt.
May 19, 22DaVinci's children, Skylar and Ty, return to Phoenix Valley.
July 18The pack gathers for its first anniversary!
August 28Naniko D'Angelo, former leader of Crimson Dreams, joins Phoenix Valley and births her litter with Ehno Marino there.
December 7Xeris and Pendzez Zazkex's first litter is born.
December 11Jantus and his group arrive to hold a funeral for the late Skoll, buried in Phoenix Valley territory.

Early 2010 sparked the beginning of the Second Dahlian-Inferni war. Calling a pack meeting immediately, Jefferson announced Phoenix Valley's neutrality in the war, taking neither sides due to the unpredictability of Jefferson's half-brother and then-leader of Dahlia de Mai, Haku Soul, as well as the aggravated history between Inferni and the Valley.[13] The pack was declared to be a safe haven for any Dahlian war stragglers looking to find sanctuary, but due to many past aggravations with Inferni, members were warned to run any clan coyotes from the borders and allow none in. Members began to train themselves in case of emergency; high-ranking wolves Pendzez Zazkex and Ty Trenton Nasphrite were charged with defending the pack in the case of an assault or attack. By the war's end, however, Jefferson met with both leaders, and sided with Inferni for the first time in ages. Haku Soul soon became a loner, leaving Dahlia to be reformed by his son Conor Soul, whom Phoenix Valley leaders had not yet met.

In April of 2010, Geneva took a nearly three-story tumble off a wall in the northern Quarry territory of the pack lands. Barely surviving thanks to the efforts of Dawali Amara and Ember Phoenix of allianced tribe AniWaya, Geneva was scarred both emotionally and physically. She immediately stepped down from her subleader position, claiming the Whilom rank used only once before for Iskata Sadira -- a rank for ex-leaders who, for whatever reason or another, had fallen from grace or otherwise did not belong in the "average" ranks. Jefferson, though also torn and scarred by the experience of rescuing his mate, continued to lead the pack alone.

2.  Territory

Phoenix Valley is the easternmost territory of them all, positioned with the lazy Quartz Coastline and Atlantic Ocean to the south, a border of forests to the north, and Halifax to the west. Somewhat isolated from the other packs and clans, the Valley is known for being a peaceful, laid back sanctuary both in appearance and in the members' personalities. The Valley is known for its rolling hills and delicate, picturesque landscape, as well as its variety of inner territories such as the old, abandoned lighthouse that stands tall just offshore. Central to the pack lands is a once-plentiful farmhouse, complete with a barn and an appropriate assortment of grazing farm animals cared for by the members; the pack itself lives in dens or the variation of cabins and cottages scattered throughout the territory. Meadows of clover and flowers stretch as far as the eye can see -- often left to themselves, Phoenix Valley is surely a place of peace.

3.  Pack Relationships


— Actively warring or recently warring or otherwise experiencing conflict.
— Poor relationship. It's pretty clear these guys don't like each other much.
— Neutral.
— Good relationship, but no official alliance.
— Officially allied.

3.1  Active Packs


Inferni is not fond of Phoenix Valley and vice versa, thanks to the tensions experienced throughout 2009. During the Second Dahlian War, Patriarch (first-in-command) stated that Inferni members can't come to the Valley for refuge, so the feeling is mutual. During the conflict, however, Jefferson Soul, Patriarch of Phoenix Valley, met with Gabriel de le Poer to discuss Haku Soul and offered his support should Gabriel need it. Jefferson also rescued Kaena Lykoi after a brawl with Haku, and due to their age, scars, and general life experience, they oddly get along. Relations between the clan and pack have been steady for a long while, but are not quite neutral just yet.

Dahlia de Mai

While these two packs nearly turned on each other during Haku’s reign, the general relationship between Dahlia de Mai and Phoenix Valley is good. During the Second Dahlian War, Dahlian members were allowed to seek sanctuary from the war in the Valley if it was made known to Jefferson. With Conor's succession of the pack, Jefferson considers Dahlia de Mai to be safer and more approachable, but the two are still considered neutral until the cyclops meets the new leader.


In March of 2010, Jefferson Soul and Dawali Amara of Aniwaya? switched packs for a few days to learn about each others' packs. Shortly after that, Geneva Stockholm falls and breaks her face; Jefferson takes her to Aniwaya? to be assisted by Ember Phoenix and Dawali Amara, who manage to heal her. The two packs commonly trade animals and supplies and are friendly to a point that AniWayan leaders are openly allowed to enter Valley borderlines without the Patriarch's permission.

Cour des Miracles

Across the Halifax area, Phoenix Valley is Cour des Miracles' next closest neighbor—they're not really, really friendly with one another, but they entertain a decent enough relationship. Firefly Sadira is a distant relative to many past and and present Valley members, while Heath morte dre Soul is the son of Jefferson, though the two do not get along. Jefferson has yet to meet any CdM leaders, past or present, and oddly enough doesn't seem too concerned about going about it.

Crimson Dreams

These two groups are pretty friendly with one another. Former Valley leader Geneva Stockholm was a member of Crimson Dreams, while former Dreamer leader Naniko D'Angelo also moved to Phoenix Valley after being removed from Crimson Dreams due to a problem with drugs. These personal circumstances don't affect the whole pack relation, though, and in general they're on good enough terms. Jefferson and Dreamer leader Savina Marino have met, albeit briefly.

3.2  Inactive Packs

Esper Hollow

Esper Hollow didn't mind Phoenix Valley and vice versa—while they weren't particularly close, Esper Hollow's laid-back nature didn't give rise to conflict.

Shadowed Sun

These two might not have even been around at the same time, but Shadowed Sun generally maintained a good relationship with all the other packs, so they were probably pretty friendly.

Twilight Vale

Naniko D'Angelo, founder of Twilight Vale, eventually ended up in Phoenix Valley.

4.  Culture

4.1  Perceived Culture

4.2  Actual Culture

  • They really are a bunch of loonies. Sometimes they have puppies, but mostly they are just loony.

5.  Customs/Celebrations

  • 3 January. Lá Saoire Na Mairbh (Day of the Dead, renewal)
  • 3 February. Imbolc (Festival of Lights)
  • 21 March. Ostara (spring equinox)
  • 3 May. Lá Bealtaine (light half of the year)
  • 21 June. Litha (mid summer's eve, shortest night)
  • 1 August. Lughnasadh (first harvest festival)
  • 21 September. Mabon (autumn equinox)
  • 3 October. Céad Sioc (first frost/Frost Festival, last harvest festival)
  • 31 October - 1 November. Samhain (dark half of the year)
  • 21 December. Yule (longest night of the year)

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