Asha Amara

Asha Amara

Asha, by Kiri
Date of Birth15 August 2007
Age> 2 years
SubspeciesCanis Rufus
Current packAniWaya
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack


Joining date15 December 2008
Joining RankItse
Most Recent RankAyastigi
SignificanceFounding Member

Asha Amara is one of the founding members of Aniwaya? and is one of Dawali Amara's daughters. She departed from AniWaya in July 2009, but returned on January 12, 2010.[1]

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  2.   2.  Personality
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    1.   4.1  Overall
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    3.   4.3  Piercings
    4.   4.4  Facial Markings

1.  History

Born to Mischka and Dawali Amara, Asha was born within a litter of four altogether; the other three unnamed puppies not surviving their initial birth. She was born upon the ancestral lands of AniWaya (actually situated quite a distance away from the AniWaya lands within 'Souls). With Dawali soon building an establishment for the nuclear family, they were able to live a normal and pleasant life under roof together until Asha's sister, Aiyanna, was then born. It seemed as if the Amara family was prospering in their own fortune for awhile.

It was then short after that Mischka grew terribly ill. Contracting some sort of mysterious and highly dangerous disease, with Dawali knowing extensive knowledge of medical skill and the like, seemingly everything tried upon Mischka didn't prevent the disease from mutating into more hazardous strands. Asha and Aiyanna only though of such as a common cold, but when the disease happened to seize Mischka's life completely, the whole family was shocked and devastated.

If matters couldn't grow any worse, a rivaling Luperci clan decided to attack their tribe soon after. Several of the men and even women perished in this, and both Asha and Aiyanna had to stay with a relative during the time Dawali had to uphold his duty as Bone Bearer for the tribe. Soon enough the decision was made for the tribe to relocate. There were two parties of the tribe, one that consisted of scouts, and the other of the larger group. Dawali and Asha went ahead as the scouts, as Aiyanna remained with the rest of the group. It was then the new lands were claimed within 'Souls, but still a greater number of their tribe lacked from behind.

Staying only a short while, it was then Asha left to embark on finding her sister Aiyanna and the greater group of the tribe that ventured with them.

1.1  Pack History

Has been with AniWaya since birth, and is one of the original founding members of the pack in 'Souls. Upon return has taken the title of Itse. Currently, she has decided to pursue the rank of Ayastigi.

2.  Personality

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3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Companions

  • Spirit Guide — Jaya ♂, Galapago's Hawk (Jaya meaning "victory")
  • Equine Accomplice — Aidan ♂, brown horse (Aidan meaning "little fire")

4.  Appearance

4.1  Overall

For her Red Wolf species, her pelt is similar in hue and placement to that of her father, however her fur is mixed with several mottled colors. The dominant undercoat is of a light gray, meshing with several variety hues of deep crimson, different spectrums of light and dark auburn, and several select patches of ivory. Her eyes are of a soft, gentle, and inquisitive light beige. The contours of her face are asymmetrical, with her left side having more feminine structure, and her right side with more masculine narrowness. Her build is naturally on the small side for her kind, but as small as she appears, is quite fit for her type.

4.2  Optime & Secui

In Optime, stands at 5'5" ranging in at 130 lbs. Although retaining her quite small and streamlined figure even here, it is clearly evident even in her small Optime form that she stands confident with a strong and toned body structure for her type. Firey crimson hair cascades down just below her shoulders, both wild and spiky.

4.3  Piercings

Left ear holds two gold studs, and one green stud in the middle, positioned vertically on the rim of her ear. Their symbolism lies behind the three unnamed siblings from her first litter that did not survive along with her. Her right ear has two silver studs positioned vertically and in the similar spot opposite of her right ear. The two silver studs are symbol for herself and her sister, Aiyanna.

4.4  Facial Markings

One the more feminine side of her face, from the corner of her left upper eye a small pink upwards whorl coupled with a larger pink downward swirl comes out about half inch. Completing this eye are also two small pink spots from the lower corner of her eye and also next to the swirls on the upper corner of her eye. On the right side, two pink stripes run horizontal underneath her right eye.

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