Dohi Ulagahasti

Dohi Ulagahasti

Dohi, by Chelsie
Name Meaning"peaceful"; "fall"
Name Pronunciationdoe'hee oo-la-gah'hah-sss-tee
Name OriginCherokee
Date of BirthFebruary 4, 2004
Age> 6 years
Subspecies100% canis lupus irremotus
Northern Rocky Mountains Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)

'Souls Profile

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Joining dateAugust 27, 2008[1]

Dohi was a young male who was part of the scouting party that had been sent ahead from the AniWaya tribe?, to find a suitable place to settle. This party included among others Ayegali Kala, Dawali Amara and Asha Amara. The character Dohi was active at 'Souls only for a short period of time.


Word description: serene, toned, swimmer


Horse back riding, hunting (foot), clothes making, cooking, climbing, understanding emotions, reading people


Very little; his few fears are hidden by his tranquillity



  • Parents - Nvdaegehi Etsi x Agidodah Svnoyiehinvdo
  • Siblings - Ayegali, Itsihnalv, Uwoduhi


  • fur: rugged, coarse, untamed; tuxedo colours
  • eyes: very light hazel
  • markings: white "knives" covering over his eyes
  • scars: none
  • tattoos: a black autumn leaf just below his ribs
  • piercings: none
  • hair colour: black
  • hair length: midback
  • hair style: rugged; pulled back into a ponytail most of the time

Luperci dimensions

  • lupus: 117 lbs. · 36 in. H · 70 in. L
  • secui: 197 lbs. · 44 in. H · 99 in. L
  • optime: 220 lbs. · 8'1"
Category: AniWaya