Kemo Nishant

Kemo Nishant is a former member of AniWaya, where he was mate to Ralla. Kemo is the father of Ahiga, Alaster, Aleu, Aleksandra, and Sasza, as well as the adoptive father of Ayasha. He is the biological brother to Layla Nishant; however, he is unaware of this connection.

Kemo Nishant

Date of BirthDecember 13, 2008
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeBlood Moon Pack
Current packLoner

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DateSeptember 14, 2010[1] — current

Blood Moon Pack

Chief packThe Moon Tribe
Joining dateDecember 13, 2008

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1.  Personality

Because Kemo is blind, he has had to live a life very different from others of his species. His mother and father were very kind and fiercely loyal to each other as well as the pack, so in turn Kemo is the same. He is loyal and kind, but don't let that fool you, as well as the other physical attribute that many may think makes him weak. Kemo's blindness did not change him much. As a matter of fact, it made him stronger, in mind and in body. He can be quite stubborn, an attribute given by his father, but cautious. He usually only attacks in self defense or to hunt, but will protect anything he deems necessary to protect, such as food, his den, his territory, and those close to him.

Note: Kemo is slowly fading into insanity and because of this, his behavior is pretty much unpredictable. He could be nice and awesome to one person and batshit crazy or pissed off to another. One thread he could appear fine, then the next could be something completely off the wall, and it doesn't take much to set him off, just a word of warning.

2.  History

Kemo was born into a seemingly normal wolf pack, though not all is as it seems as his pack, the Blood Moon pack, was only a part of a much larger clan of wolves called The Moon Tribe. He had been a healthy pup, though he was the only pup in a litter of 4 that had survived the harsh winter the pack had come to mark as the great one. For generations the pack had been ruling over a large area, several miles of land in what the humans called the state of Minnesota in the United States, though of course the wolves of the pack had no idea about that. They only thought of it as home, far away from the meddling hands of man back in the days before the great plague had wiped out the human race. In the days of Kemo's birth, the pack's numbers had been fairly high and they were surviving quite comfortably. Since the beginning of the pack history, formed back before the great plague hit, the pack had been pure wolf and will remain pure wolf until the present day. However, shortly after the virus hit, the then current pack members developed the ability to shapeshift into Luperci. For generations this ability was passed down and used quite heavily, until during an unknown age. The elders of that time had passed a new pack law after several pack members had used their Luperci forms to try to oust the current Alphas from their rule. This law declared that from then on the pack would no longer be allowed to use their Luperci forms unless the Alpha declared it was needed to protect the pack from a great and terrible danger. So over the generations, with the humans gone and no great enemies to battle, the Luperci form was slowly forgotten until it became a footnote in the pack's history, a legend and myth that was no longer believed in.

At the head of all this; the first wolves Kemo would see when his eyes opened, the first scents he sniffed when he was born, the first sounds he heard when his ears opened up, belonged to Rune and Angelica Nishant, the Alphas. Yes, Kemo was next in line for Alpha, born the only pup in the Alphas' litter. He lived a happy puphood, trained daily by his father to prepare him for Alphaship for when the time came, played with the other pups in the pack (Thanks to the plentiful supply of Caribou from the north, the pack was allowed to grow as large as it needed to counteract the deadly winters that plagued them., so anyone could have pups), and enjoyed life overall. He was treated special in his pack because of a birthmark on his chest fur, though he had no idea why or what the chest mark meant. He sometimes caught the rest of the pack talking and pointing at him, but he ignored them. He was very proud that he would lead this fine pack one day, all of the pack would have loved him even if he wasn't the Alphas' pup.

The pack was happy, the future was bright with their current leader keeping them well-fed and prosperous, the next in line Alpha just like his father, life was good. Of course every pack has its evil, this one being in the form of Diablo, Rune's twin brother. Diablo had been demoted to Omega not long after Rune had assumed Alphaship, thanks to the wicked deeds Diablo had done growing up. Stealing, disobeying and ridiculing the Alphas, blaspheming against their god..those were the kinder things. Assault and attempted rape of a that is what caused the final straw to be pulled. He was demoted to Omega, spit on and shunned by the rest of the pack, only allowed to stay near the pack lands because he was the Alphas' son and their current Alpha's brother.

Not long after Kemo was born, Rune had consulted his father and elder as to what he should do concerning Diablo's fate within the pack. Rune did not want his only son to be exposed to his brother's vile ways and silver tongue, but despite the bad blood between them, Diablo was still his brother and family was family. Diablo had been close by at a stroke of luck and listened in on the conversation at the mention of his name, eager to know what his fate would be. This was the day that marked the 3 month anniversary when Diablo had performed the act that had demoted him to Omega and after several attacks from different members of the pack, he was determined to get his revenge. He listened in carefully. "My son," The elder said. "You are Alpha now, it is your decision as to the fate of your Diablo. No matter what happens, I will stand by your decision, but he performed a most vile act, and for that I will have absolutely nothing to do with him. He's not my son and he's not in this family." From that day forward Diablo had the foundation for his revenge plan, as Rune had decided to leave Diablo be. After all, nobody could possibly live like that for so long and not change for the better, right?

Over the seasons the pack continued to prosper, Kemo continued to grow and develop, and Diablo continued to take all the punishment that was given to him. He learned to tolerate it because being shunned had its advantages. It gave him plenty of time to think, to plot, and to prepare. It was one fateful day he had decided to strike, a plan finally formed within his mind so clever he didn't know how he could have possibly come up with it on his own. He spent several days going over all the details in his mind, setting up everything that needed to be set up, running several different scenarios through his mind so that he would be prepared until finally he received his opportunity. Rune had been patrolling the pack lands by himself that day, He was Alpha and he grew up on these lands, so he had no fear as he knew no matter what could possibly attack him he would be ready for it, all except for one thing he wouldn't have believed as he spotted Diablo emerging from the tree line just ahead. "Rune, I would like to speak to you, if you will allow it..."

Kemo had been excited for that day. A family hunt between his father, himself, and his uncle would have been an exciting event in any pup's life, but much more so for him. This would be his first hunt where he would be allowed to hunt by himself, and upon successful completion of the hunt, he would receive his family tattoo and would officially be named into the family. He had learned well from his father, practiced on his friends and pack mates, and, now at the age of 1 year and 2 months, today would be his first true test as a young adult. His father had told him of the conversation between them out on the edge of the pack lands that day and he had been more than eager to build bridges between his uncle whom he had never met before. Rune had taken Kemo out to the pack's hunting grounds despite the bombshell he had received from his mate upon hearing the news. "He's an OMEGA! He can't be trusted with our only son! Just think of what he could be planning...the Alpha male and the Alpha male's only son out ALONE in the middle of nowhere with very little chance for witnesses? He's planning something Rune...I can feel it." But those warnings had fallen on deaf ears, or so it had seemed to Angelica. "My love, I would give my own life for our son. Do you really think I would ever put him in any danger without thinking it through and making sure his little furry butt was safe?" So it was settled as Alpha and son walked out to the hunting grounds, a small itch in the back of Rune's mind ignored.

After the introductions were made, Kemo bounced around excitedly, waiting for his father to release him for the hunt. At the sound of go, he took off into the woods, not looking back at his father and uncle, too excited to notice the weird look in his uncle's eyes as he sought to prove himself by catching a deer all by himself. Prey was located in the form of a small fawn which Kemo focused all of his attention on, putting all of his practice to the test. There would be no help this time, no one to catch the deer if he messed up, and pride would leave him with no dinner tonight if he could help it.

It had been a dry summer that year, surprisingly, but the pack had taken little notice. Their territory had been sited near a lake just for this type of purpose and the river that stemmed off of the lake further eased their minds against any fear of drought or fire. The storm clouds coming in also added to their ease, a light rain would only feed their lake and river, as well as the plants that had been dying for lack of water out in the forest around them. A groaning rumble issued from the clouds and the pack knew lightning would be coming soon, going about their lives a little hurriedly for fear of it, but Kemo had taken no notice. He was focusing on the little fawn, just seconds from pouncing on it and claiming his first hunt and his trophy, when several things happened at once.

A mighty howl was heard, one he instantly recognized belonged to his father, and shortly after a crack of lightning lit up the sky. The fawn took off, probably in the direction of its mother, all his visions of glory vanished with the last sight of that fluffy white tail. He turned toward the sound of the howl and was about to take off towards it, knowing there would always be another day, but was stopped short, all thoughts dropped as he caught sight of the figure before him. He was rooted to the spot, his mind trying hard to register what it could possibly be. It was in vain, however, as he had never seen a creature like this before. Wolf-like, but much bigger than any wolf he had ever seen. There was something about this creature that lightly tapped at the back of his mind and only after a few seconds he had looked into its eyes...The eyes of his mother. The last thing he saw was his mother's hurt filled face, the blood all over her beautiful white fur, and her large, lethal paw heading straight toward his face.

When he came to, he realized several different things at once. The first thing he noticed was the fact that he couldn't open his eyes. It was an odd feeling, feeling his eyes open and yet only seeing nothing but a solid black, as if he was buried underground with no light from the sun. The smell of dirt was powerful in his nose, and the loud echoing drip, drip, drip of water further cemented the illusion and for a moment he started to flip out before a voice called out from the darkness, soothing him. "Calm yourself young one." He couldn't see her, and he knew it was a her judging by the gentle soothing sound of her voice, but he calmed down, merely sobbing quietly to himself as he tried in vain to blink the darkness from his eyes. He heard the gentle whisper of paw pads on stone, her scent filling his nostrils as she wrapped her body around him, calming him down with her warmth and safety. The shock of what had happened to him before he was knocked unconscious had hidden the memory from his conscious mind. "Who are you? Where is my mother and father? Where am I? Why is it so dark in here?" The questions issued forth from his muzzle and he couldn't stop them. Yet why should he? He had a right to know. The creature, whom he had begun to trust despite just meeting her, hesitated for a moment before spilling the truth.

"First I want you to know I have no idea where your mother and father are. I...found you out in the woods, face mangled and crying for your mother. You were lucky I had passed by at that time as the fire would have surely roasted you, had I chosen a different route to take. As for me, you may call me Aunty. My name is not important as you will most likely never see me again in this life, after you have been trained. You are several hundred miles away from your homelands, though I do not know the exact distance or place. I carried you, fed you, cleaned your wounds, and kept you warm until we arrived here. As for the darkness...well..." She looked at the pup, only a little more than a year old, the most obvious difference between him and any other pup were the scars on his face and the sightless eyes. He would live a life so differently from any other and yet..she could feel something within him. "You were blinded by an attack from..." She hesitated for a moment, but Kemo didn't notice. "You were blinded by an attack from a black bear. The darkness is a part of you now. You will learn how to live with it and embrace it as your ally. Don't worry, for I will teach you everything you need to know. Shush now little one, sleep and forget..."

Kemo had fallen asleep instantly because of the warmth the stranger had given him, but now as he woke a shivering silence was all he could detect. She was gone, of that he was certain. He had just laid where he was and cried all of his pain away. He cried for his parents, for his pack, for his lost sight, for the pain he experienced, for the loneliness, and for the fact that he had no idea where he was. It took him several days to leave the cave, a combination of hunger and thirst had forced his paw, and it was then that she had decided to show herself again. "You have passed your first test, now I will teach you how to survive." From that day on she taught him how to hunt, to find water, how to keep track of the time of day, and many other things that so many others took for granted, using a combination of scents, sounds, and the delicate vibrations picked up by his whiskers. It took a while, several months in fact, before she felt he was ready to leave the area he had grown to call home. He knew there had to be survivors from the pack, his mother and father had to be alive somewhere. So it was one day he decided to try and find them and she pointed him in the direction she knew would help him the most. He was determined to find them, one way or another he knew he would eventually. He didn't know it but he was heading north, out of the United States and far up north toward Canada, toward the land that belonged to the clans of 'Souls.

His story continues...

Note: Kemo's pack was part of a much larger tribe consisting of 4 separate packs of wolves called The Moon Tribe. Kemo was the next Alpha-to-be of the Blood Moon Pack of the Moon Tribe, and there was the Crescent Moon Pack, Harvest Moon Pack, and Blue Moon Pack. They tend to keep to themselves, but will come together for a meeting of the leaders/Shamans and for war purposes.

Note II: Kemo’s a member of the Nishant family, though he never received his family tattoo or been inducted into the family because he was forced away from the pack before the ceremony could be performed, so he doesn’t know he’s a Nishant. He’s directly related to Layla and Noire Nishant by blood as he was born to the same parents, though more than a year after Layla and Noire were born. Neither Layla nor Kemo have any clue that they’re related as of today. He also has no idea of the current status of his mother and father, or of his pack.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  Appearance

Kemo is larger than most wolves in lupus form, though not by much. He stands at 38'' tall (shoulder height) and currently weighs in at 135 lbs with a steady supply of prey. His fur is completely white, a gift from his mother, except for a small black crescent moon shaped mark on his chest, it's not a brand, merely a black patch of fur in that shape. It is unknown to Kemo why he has this mark, as no one has ever told him. His coat is soft and thick, though changes based on the season. He is 50% Canis Lupis Pambasileus from his Father and 50% Canis Lupis Albus from his Mother. His most noticeable features are the horizontal scars going across his face just above his muzzle, right across his eyes, and the fact that he is completely blind...

Kemo learned he was actually a Luperci shifting ability during his journey to Cour des Miracles. Ralla taught him how to shift and coaxed his luperci heritage out of him, shocking the hell out of him in the process. He's still not used to the idea that he can shift forms, but is able to do so easily with him being born Luperci. The crescent moon mark on his chest appears on all three forms. It will always be stated what form he's in, though if I forget, it's most likely going to be Lupus as it's the form he's most comfortable with.

4.1  Optime Form

In Optime form, he gains significant size and strength. He is quite tall and muscular, though not bulky as he's more on the leaner side because of his height. His weight is approximately 235 lbs in this form, though he's never actually weighed himself or seen himself in this form so it's impossible for him to tell. Some would call him average, physically at least. His fur is thick because of his Tundra wolf and Arctic wolf heritage, more so in the cold winter months.

4.2  Secui Form

In Secui form, he's bulky as most Secui's are, but not nearly a tank. His fur is much thicker in this form. Weight approximately 175 lbs.

4.3  Lupus Form

In Lupus form he appears as a normal wolf should, though slightly taller.

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