Layla Nishant

Layla Nishant

Layla, by User?
Name Meaning"Born of Night," "Night's end"
Name OriginSwahilli, Indian
NicknameMaƮtresse Sombre (by Saluce)
Date of BirthApril 9, 2007
Age> 3 years
Subspecies50% Canis Canis Lupus Albus
50% Canis Lupus Pambasileus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeEngland
Current packDahlia de Mai

'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateJuly 15, 2010[1]
Current RankJager
Previous RanksSubordinate, Graduierter

Layla is a current member of Dahlia de Mai.


Layla Nishant was born in England with her mother Angelica Nishant and her father Rune Nishant. She also had a brother who suffered early in life and a sister who she didn't know all too well. For much of her puphood, Layla played along the creeks near her home and made the fish her firends, seeing as her family did not live in a pack. She played with them in hr free time when her mother wasn't teaching her the basics of living and when her father wasn't teaching her how to hunt. After catching her first two birds, her father gave her the feathers she wears behind her ear. She felt really close to her parents. She also recieved her earings from her moher. When she was about a year old her father felt it was time for her to recieve the mark of the Nishant family. Her father had her turn around and she recieved the dragon tattoo on her back. Feeling so happy she asked for her mother to get a tattoo like the one she had on her eye so her mother agreed and designed her the tattoo she now has on her eye. Once Layla was about 2, her parents vanished and left her a note saying she was now on her own. Layla lived on her own for another 6 months before she finally joined Dahlia de Mai, her new home and family.


For the most part Layla is a kind and caring wolf. She cares for everyone in her pack and to those who seem down. While she is eager to learn about healing and herbs, she is also a bit playful. She's truely a pup on the inside and loves to play with the pups of the pack. While one of the kindest wolves, she is known to be stern to those who annoy her.


Because Layla was born in England, she has a bit of an English accent in her speech. She is generally open and kind in her speech unless someone starts to irratate her. Thanks to Saluce she's been trying to learn a bit of French as well. She doesn't know much but she'll use it when she can.



  • ParentsAngelica Nishant ♀ and Rune Nishant ♂
  • SiblingsLance Nishant ♂, Noire Nishant ♀ and Kemo Nishant


Saluce Tremblay


Layla is a mixture of her mother and her father. She also has the markings of both of them to remember her family. In her optime form she looks a lot like her lupus form but her hair is black. She also wears some light blue beads in her hair.

Layla's eyes are light blue just like her mother's.

Height and Weight

  • Lupus: 80lbs, 30in tall, 70in long {With tail}
  • Secui: 105lbs, 41in tall, 61in long {With tail}
  • Optime 115lbs, 6ft 3in tall

Prefers Optime form.