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Ahiga Nishant

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Date of Birth

10th, May 2011




Chaotic Good



Ai - ga




He Fights
Night's End


Native American



Moon Tribe?

Birth place





25% Interior Alaskan Wolf
50% Tundra Wolf




Current pack Cour des Miracles
Current rank Chevalier


Pack Rank
Aniwaya? (I)
Dec 11 2011, 2012 - May 20, 2012
Tsisdu Kanati
Casa di Cavalieri (II)
May 20, 2012 - Jul 11, 2012

Ahiga is the son of Ralla and Kemo Nishant. He is a wolf, born into Aniwaya? shortly before the war broke out, being shipped of to live with relatives in Cour des Miracles for his own safety. Having strongly disliked others dictating his life and feeling abandoned by his family, Ahiga faked his own death and disappeared for awhile, eventually returning back to Aniwaya in early December, 2011.

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1.  Lifestyle

1.1  Speech

Having been born to Aniwaya, Ahiga speaks in the same accent as the rest of the natives of the lands, although this can be hard to tell at times for the young lad often slurs his words and miss-pronounces things, due to his laziness and constant need to rebel against his elders. When confronted with a situation he is unsure in, Ahiga will often stutter and responded with “um” “errs” and the like, before resorting to some rude response along the lines of “None of your business”.

Typically he is a confident speaker, not caring what others think of him or his words he will say exactly what he thinks. Once one gets him talking it can be hard to shut him up, especially when the subject is of interest to him, other occasions where he speaks at length is when arguing with another; out of rebellious habit he often offends those around him and picks verbal fights with them.

His tone of voice is deep and strong, able to project his voice well and make himself heard whenever he wants to be. When woken up, his voice takes on a scratchy like tone, which is the same tone he uses when he's been shouting too much or is rather upset.

1.2  Abilities



Having learnt from Light Goldenfeather, Ahiga has a knack for skinning things, finding the task both relaxing and time consuming in a good way. Although he isn't the best, the young boy works at his skills often, although once excitable or showing off he easily slips up and makes beginner mistakes.


Using the various objects he has collected through his life, Ahiga is known to place small hunting traps randomly, using various trap styles; his favourite being a basic cage with bait, pit falls and rope traps. Despite his ability to make the traps, he hasn't got much of a clue where to stick them and isn't adapt at hiding them, thus many of his traps fail to catch anything.


At a young age he showed a growing interest in hunting and all things involved in it, learning from those around him; inside and outside of the tribe, Ahiga has diligently applied himself to the art of hunting, whether this be in his lupus form or with human weapons. His biggest failure thus far would either be his ice-fishing attempt with Anatole Aston or his first horse-back hunting attempt with Frodo Silvertongue

Horse Riding

After claiming Buck as his own personal Horse, Ahiga spends as much time with the horse as possible, often combining his love of hunting with his love of riding. Although he is poor at riding bareback and requires tack to be able to ride with any grace.


For awhile now Ahiga has been dyeing intricate designs upon himself, Buck and anything or anyone who will allow him to use them as a form of canvas. His prime colour is black, since it is the easiest dye to make in the lads opinion and it shows nicely against his white coat.



When Ahiga got his spirit guide, he had no one to show it off to and thus he attempted to carve Lokni. The result was a rather abstract looking panther, although since the young lad enjoyed the process of carving he is looking to work upon his skills and maybe progress into a co-rank that uses them.

1.3  Residence

Ahiga resides resides within Cour des Miracles in the hotel, upon Floor 2, West Wing, claiming room 7 of which is beside his ex-uncle Strelein von Rosnete's rooms. After much reluctance he finally admitted he needed assistance and the older male in his life, opting to stick as close to the other without making it too obvious and keeping his pride in-tact as best he can. Overall the room is simplistic; a large bed able to fit him and another upon it with ease, adorning an array of pillows and a large mixed-fur blanket. To the side is a small chest of draws where he keeps his more personal things and objects that hold memories he is yet not ready to face. The only other main piece of furniture within his room is his desk, typically covered in furs, dyes and other things he is currently working on or with.

The room has a large, heavy set wooden door with no locks on either side; although when privacy is desired and he has the time, he will pull his bed down to prevent the door from being opened by all but the strongest and most determined canines.

Ahiga's previous residences would include: His mother's tree house located within the Aniwaya village, his restored cabin along the very edge of Aniwaya's borders, a small room within Casa di Cavalieri.

1.4  NPCs


Heritage unknown, Damini is feisty in personality and has yet to truly allow for anyone to work with her without great difficulty, although from various tests it has become know she is easily brought off with food for some form of good behaviour. She is highly temperamental and unpredictable, known for biting, kicking and striking out without any warning and is rarely seen with Ahiga, unless in the stables or in the process of being trained. Born in the July 2009, Damini was originally a communal horses within Aniwaya of which Ahiga later claimed after having taken Buck as his own.


Buck is a mild tempered horse who holds the overall appearance of a Thoroughbred, whom Ahiga uses as an experimental canvas if he is in the mood to dye something other than his coat; due to this, it is safe to say Buck has various black markings over his coat. Aswell as the markings, Buck has red cardinal feathers threaded throughout his mane and tail, matching Ahiga's spear and dream catcher. Generally laid back, Buck has a natural temperament that bodes well with Ahiga and allows the young lad to hunt with ease from horseback. Buck was initially a communal horse of Aniwaya whom was later claimed by Ahiga, whom has impregnated two communal females, due May and June 2012.

1.5  Inventory

Black DyeVarious SkullsScrews and random bits of metal
PaperCardinal FeathersBow and Arrows

Household Items

  • Black dye is often seen around Ahiga's living quarters, for the young lad frequently dies patterns onto his torso.
  • Cardinal feathers decorate his living space and have no real use aside from looking pretty. Other such random decorations he has lying around are skulls he has collected, rusty screws and small trivial things he's found and brought home with him.
  • The young Ahiga has also acquired a few sheets of plain paper, 'borrowed' from Light.
Studded BraceletLeather BagSmall bone dagger

Other Items

  • Like his twin, Ahiga has a dream catcher with cardinal feathers adorning it. The necklace was originally given to Alaster when he staged his own death and later returned to him when he came back to AniWaya.
  • Ahiga virtually always wears a pair of jeans and a black hoodie, a studded bracelet is also wrapped around his left wrist. He also carries with him a brown leather shoulder bag to keep various objects he acquires in.

2.  Appearance

Ahiga is a predominantly a Tundra wolf and thus looks like the average Tundra wolf, aside from his slightly bulkier build. Almost identical to his twin, Alaster Nishant, Ahiga often makes a point to wear clothing, dye designs upon himself and similar things to set himself apart from his twin.

Sizing Chart





113 lbs
(48 kg)

34 in
(82 cm)


202 lbs
(70 kg)

43 in
(96 cm)


220 lbs
(82 kg)

7ft 1in (71 in)
(180 cm)

Prefers Optime form.

2.1  Forms


Only taking to his Lupus form when he is hunting without 'human' weapons, Ahiga's pelt is a pure white, clearly displaying his complex and often changing tribal design which covers the majority of his left side. Both his eye makings and left foreleg marking are the most visible in this form. Around his neck hangs the dream catcher that was given to him by his mother, which differs from his brothers with it's vibrant cardinal feathers instead of blue-jay feather's like Alaster's necklace.


When in Secui form, his fur lengthens, giving him what appears to be a thick mane around his neck; the furs ends darken slightly, to a more grey color then the white. When in this form his designs often look gumbled up and unclear. Other noticeable things about this form is that he had over-sized feet that give him a clumsy appearance, his legs thickening up with muscle do little to help his large paws.


His preferred form, Ahiga is tall and more bulky then his twin; appearing more wolf-like then human-like in his optime form. When in the form it is common to see him wearing hoodies, jeans and accompanied by a spear or bow and arrows. His hair is worn long with a few loose plaits throughout it, the hair is a light grey, darkening towards the end slightly.

2.2  Build & Species

When in good health Ahiga is both tall and stocky frame; not fat, but processing subtle muscles of one who hunts and does a fair amount of physical labour alot of the time. Dependent on the company he is around, the lad often carries himself with an air of confidence, dominance and pride, to the point he can either be described as condescending or simply bratty. Overall his build is that of his more prominent tundra wolf heritage.

2.3  Coloration & Fur

Surrounding his eyes his fur turns from a Pumice grey (#C9CAC9) to a more darker tone of Bud grey (#A0A69C), giving the appearance of 'tribal' like markings. Likewise, his fur is also Bud grey (#A0A69C) on his fore left leg, fading back to Pumice (#C9CAC9) around his shoulder in a 'sock' like marking, although the hairs upon his head, more evident in his optime form fade from Bud grey (#A0A69C) to a darker shade of Limed Ash (#A0A69C). Standing out from his moon coloured pelt are clear Axolotl green eyes (#476247)

The longest part of his fur is around his neck, which is somewhat wavy and silky soft to the touch; the rest of his pelt is more compressed in a wiry manner; the areas of which he dyes frequently have a hay like texture to them now.

2.4  Modifications

  • Scars:
    • Currently, none
  • Tattoos:
    • Running down his right side is an intricate black tribal design, maintained by himself; although the detail of the markings is often distorted when his fur is placed just right and every now and then he messes up re-dying it and so the design is normally not completely defined.
    • Upon his left foreleg is also a tribal design; smaller and ticker than the thin detailed one on his body, but part of the design is hidden by the black leather studded collar he has wrapped around that wrist.
  • Piercings:
    • Currently, none
  • Other:
    • Currently, none

2.5  Accessories

  • Like his twin, Ahiga has a dream catcher with cardinal feathers adorning it. The necklace was originally given to Alaster when he staged his own death and later returned to him when he came back to AniWaya.
  • Ahiga virtually always wears a pair of jeans and a black hoodie, a studded bracelet is also wrapped around his left wrist. He also carries with him a brown leather shoulder bag to keep various objects he acquires in.

3.  Personality

By nature he does not find it easy nor natural to trust others; too many times those he gave his heart and trust to have betrayed him and abandoned him. Suffice to say, because of the loss of his family members he has abandonment and commitment issues; he does not like others to be far away from him and feels compelled to see those he likes frequently, knowing everything happening in their lives, whilst at the same time he can never let himself quite open up and trust another wholeheartedly.

Stemming from his family leaving him, Ahiga is known to act up and rebel against the social norms of his birth pack, Aniwaya; often making a point to be bratty, rude and somewhat disrespectful to others. Although his growing interesting in hunting often leads him to contribute to and work for the pack.

Other notable things about Ahiga is his love of the animals he keeps; for he understand them and knows that so long as he feeds and cares for them, they will not abandon him.

In regards to relationships, Ahiga is clueless to all things romance, oblivious to others attempts at flirting with him and finding himself exceptionally awkward around those his own age. Currently, he has a preference for females, although he would not deny his heart if he fell for another male, and when the white lad falls for someone, he falls hard. But still struggles to express his own wants and needs, preferring to keep them to himself and cater to his other half.

  • Fears:
    • Fear one
    • Fear Two
  • Motivations:
    • First motivation
    • Second motivation
  • Traits
    • Trait
    • Trait
    • Trait
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3.1  Demeanor

Discuss how your character treats others here, and their general "presentation." Although less a defined appearance quality, think about the way your character presents him or herself -- are they open, outgoing, and social, or introverted, quiet, and aloof? Considering and jotting this down as part of their appearance can help you as you're roleplaying -- keeping this small but vital detail in mind can give you major clues as to how your character would act and present themselves in situations in terms of body language.

How do they react to certain situations -- newcomer at the borders, a stranger with bad attitude in the neutral territories, a lost puppy? Do they have a strong sense of right and wrong, or does their morality shift to accomodate the situation and their best interest? What motivates them, and what frightens them? What do they enjoy and what do they dislike? Although this is a lot to think about, considering these aspects can help you fully flesh out your character. It's helpful to make sure that aspects of their personality mesh well with their biography -- thus, try to think of a plausible reason why a character acts a certain way.

3.2  Outlook

Optimist/pessimist? Submissive/dominant? Introvert/extrovert? A character who is more introverted might cross his or her arms while talking or avoid eye contact more often. This can also assist others in “reading between the lines” of your posts. While you may not take the time to detail how your character presents him or herself every time they make a move, having a general idea stated in your profile can help players fill in the blanks if they don't know your character so well.

3.3  Ideals


Big Bias

True love, love at first sight, mateship and anything relating to romance disgusts the boy. Stemmed from his abandonment and distrust in others it seems futile to pursue a relationship with another, for then one is expected to provide for them, care for them, adhere to their wants and needs and gain nothing but a broken heart from the entire ordeal. Within his mind, agreeing to be ones mate is the same as agreeing to be a slave; you take abuse, try to please, take more abuse and no matter what one does or says it is never good enough, and if it's nor material wants it's physical, wanting him for nothing more then his body and a moments pleasure. There is no such thing as loving someone for who they are, there is always a reason, a twisted want behind the emotion known as love.

Other Biases

  • Species: Thus far he hasn't been given a reason to show preference towards any species
  • Non-Luperci: The lad feels they are lesser beings, fools for not having the change upon them and limiting themselves to one form
  • Human Behaviors: Embraces them greatly and rarely follows to less civilised behaviour and lifestyles some canines keep to.


Ahiga is bi-sexual, having lost his viginity to Sebastian M. Thread. Overall Ahiga is pretty loose, more then willing to have sex for the sake of sex, not too picky with whom he sleeps with so long as they are consentual and of age. Part of his reason for this is because he seeks attention from Strelein von Rosnete, believing that if he sleeps around he will get attention from the other or at least compel his ex-uncle to interfere.

Love is a concept to the boy, he doesn't believe in it or put any faith in it. To him it is an illusion told to children to give them false hope, for everyone is selfish and giving away one's heart is nothing but painful.


Overall he doesn't hold much of a view on substances; he partakes when offered or in the company of those that do, but will not actively seek out alcohol, tobacco, etc on his own. This is due to the fact he doesn't have an addictive personality and with the way his life has done thus far, he does not believe he will find happiness through drowning his worries away.


Although he will never admit such things in public, the boy holds faith to the sun and moon, for they are objects he can see and their gifts visible for all.

Specific Beliefs

  • Previously had a black panther spirit guide by the name Lokni

4.  Relationships



Entertained by Frodo's manner of speech, Ahiga took an instant liking to Frodo and learnt some hunting tips from the male. Thread


Sebastian is the male who took Ahiga's virginity and danced with him during the CdC/CdA ball. M.Thread



Anatole aided and taught Ahiga basic skills regarding breaking off ice and had an overall positive first enounter Thread

Various Minor Aquaintences

Light Goldenfeather, Terra, Bambi Lafron, Sophie Hughes, Skye Collins, Kira Harding, Gemma Rhiannon Sawtooth, Io Berlin, Tharin Lupei, Lillith Alexandria Trombetta, Palaydrian Soul



Although he's only briefly met Liam, he believes Liam stole his sister from him and detests the fact he is Ayasha's mate.


In their initial meeting he accused her of theft and trespassing, only to later be caught trespassing on Anathema lands himself.

Ahiga has few friends and no family he is close to or trust all that much. To those around him he tries to keep them at a distance, unsure what to make of them.

4.1  Key Relations


Ahiga and Ayasha's relationship is FAIR. He adores his sister even if he doesn't express it as well as he would like at times, although bares a strong grudge against her for moving packs to be with a mate who he disagrees with.

Strelein von Rosnete

Ahiga and Strelein von Rosnete's relationship is FAIR. Having been sent to CdM as a pup during the war he was raised by his uncle at the time briefly. Upon Ralla, Noss and the rest of his family leaving Strel was no longer his uncle but sought out remnants of moon tribe, finding Ahiga in a less then pleasant mind-set. Over time and with great effort on the other males part, Ahiga is beginning to accept Strel's concern, care and position within his life; even if the meddlesome elder isn't his family any more.


Ahiga and Ralla's relationship is POOR. Unable to forgive his mothers betrayal and how she has abandoned him more then once without a care, he has no intention of seeking her out or ever forgiving her for what she has done to him.

4.2  Groups

Cour des Miracles

Currently fairly new to the pack, he is slowly settling in and beggining once more to eat and look after himself, as well as making an effort or sorts to meet those within the pack wherever possible.


Born into the tribe during the war, the lad associates the pack with bad memories along with his family and how the abandoned him again and again. Overall he strongly dislikes the pack, finding it boring, remaining still with little going on within or outside of the borders. Their way of life is greatly against who he has become; neither considerate to anyone and everyone or peace loving.

Casa di Cavalieri

Upon deciding to leave the repressive home he had made for himself within AniWaya, the moon touched lad opted for the only pack where he knew someone within. Accepted more or less with ease, he settled into the pack only to quickly find himself in a depressive rut, starving himself and cutting himself off from the world. His time within Casa wasn't happiness and sunshine, although even after leaving he holds no strong dislikes or likes towards any of the members within the pack.


Detestable. To him this pack is nothing more then stealing filth, taking his beloved sister away from him and tainting her, twisting her capability to see right and wrong, aswell as harbouring those he believes should be dead, such as Liam and out-right strange characters such as Lillith.

4.3  Family

Ahiga has an poor relationship with the majority of his family, since he strongly believes they do not care for him and many members have abandoned him and broken his trust.

Immediate Family

Maternal Ancestry

  • Great Grandparents: Unknown
  • Great Grandparents: Unknown
  • Mother: Ralla

Paternal Ancestry

Extended Family

5.  History

Born to Ralla and Kemo, the young Ahiga did little aside from enjoying the simplicity of being a pup and taking advantage of the softer adults. When unrest and then ultimately war struck AniWaya, Ahiga, along with his twin brother Alasiter and their sister Aleu were shipped off to Cour des Miracles for their own safety. Having been forcibly moved from his home and everything in his life changed, if only for a few months, being sent to Cour des Miracles trigged Ahiga's Kainotophobia. Young as he was, he misplaced the blame for everything going wrong and everything changing in his life on his mother and those around him, aside from Alaster. Silently he held the grudge, letting it fester like a wound all the while remaining silent and acting normal in front of those that had caused the change in his young life. All he wanted was remain in AniWaya, for the members to stay the same, for there to be no war, no nothing.

Gradually he adapted and accepted that he would be remaining in Cour des Miracles, that was until the war finished and he and his siblings had to return back to AniWaya. Anger and displeasure built in the young wolf and he had no idea what was truly upsetting him, nor did he know how to express it and so he remained silent once more. Sitting up that night he considered returning home, but the more he thought about it the more upset and paniced he became and rashly he made his mind up that he wouldn't return; naievely believing he could make it on his own, he decided to run away. Packing his belongings, he scrawled out a poorly written note to Alaster telling him that he'd return soon and to tell mum he fell off a cliff and died; leaving his dream catcher with Al fro safe keeping and proof. And then he left; choosing his life to be one where he wonders and does as he please, therefore no one else can change his life and he wouldn't have to cope with change.

During his travels he learnt more about the lock picks he had acquired when exploring with Al once, becoming skilled at breaking human locks; or the few that remain intact that was. There was a thrill to the entire idea of theft; sneaking about, casing areas, planning, everything going as planned... he got deep pleasure out of a successful job stealing. More and more he would pick things up, gradually such a habit became compulsive; if something caught his eye he would steal it without thinking or pre-planning.

A month passed and the young Ahiga managed to make it on his own well enough; occasionally being assisted by the odd adult stranger here and there. One such stranger taught him about dyes and working along side the man he managed to dye an intricate pattern upon his right hand side and left arm. With all his new skills and peace he had found in making the choices in his life, he choose to return home. To Aniwaya.

5.1  Timeline



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5.2  Threads