BirthdayDecember 13, 1989
Join DateSeptember 14, 2010
Rejoin DateWhen I am reborn :D
LocationNor Cal

Well hiya, step into my office, welcome welcome, don't be frightened, I'm actually a nice guy :D Can't say the same for Kemo, though Kemo is basically me in almost every way, but he's working on his meaniness ^^

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1.  Info

Hello, I am Kemo, destroyer of worlds and acquirer of wimminz!! 8D I'm 21 years old, born, raised, and love my home state of California, particularly of the Northern variety. Of course my real name isn't Kemo, but I prefer Kemo to my real name anyway, so you can call me Kemo :P

2.  Stuff I make

I'm practicing with Photoshop so I make tables and stuffs. I'm not amazing like Kiri but I'm not blind or anything, unlike my furry alter ego over here *Kemo growls* Oh quit, maybe if you weren't so mean all the time people would actually want to pet you. Anyways, you may have seen some samples of my work around Souls, and I'm always willing to try something unless you me to draw Michaelangelo's Sixteenth (Sistine brah) Chapel or recreate the statue of David, in which case I would have to find copies and try my best XD Feel free to ask however ^^

3.  Contact

Best way to contact me is through PM on Souls, but I am on yahoo and it's on my souls profile, so feel free to add me. All I ask is that you warn me because yahoo kinda messes up for me when I try to add people, is says I have too many friends no matter how many I delete, I guess I'm just that popular or something I don't know XD BTW I only delete friends who I don't have a very nice relationship with.

4.  Souls Characters

Currently I only have two, the absolutely crazy Kemo Nishant who is crazy for Ralla, and the not so crazy but still a bit off Revan Rajanikant, who is really nice. Kemo is too but that's only if you get on his good side, but maybe that will be changing soon :O

4.1  Active

  • none!

4.2  Inactive

4.3  Dead

  • None yet, thankfully :D

4.4  Decommissioned

  • Yo mama, after what happened last night, she's down for the count

5.  OOC History

Really not much to say. I've only been a member for less than a year. I joined in September 2010 and started Rping immediately with Kemo. Me and Rachel(Ralla) came up with some crazy plots before I even joined and she pretty much helped me develop Kemo into the wolf he is today, and Ralla is going to be the one to change him yet again XD Not long after I started, I created Revan and brought him into Souls in October, but had a bit of a setback with him. After a while I finally managed to build up some muse for him and have been trying to get involved more with him in Inferni.

NOW VIDA HAS HIM <3 Coaxing him in with her cuddly Germans~

Other than that, I've been rping it up as much as I can and making tables and stuffs for peoples :D I have the rest of my life to fill this spot up, so for now I will just leave it as is ^^

6.  Guestbook

Leave Kemo Love? 8D

  • Kemo is awesumsauce and Jace will now sit on him *sits*
  • Axelle misses being mean to Kemo :/
    • Nice cow ;)