Cwmfen nic Graine

Cwmfen nic Graine
Name Origin"Cwmfen whose mother is Graine", Ancient Briton
Name Pronounciation"Koom-vehn nick Grahn-yah"
Date of Birth2006.10.31.
Age2 years
Subspecies50% Scotland wolf, 50% Korean wolf
Birth PlaceCaledonia, Albion
'Souls Profile

Previous Packs

Dahlia de Mai II

DateMay 17, 2010[1] – current
Most Recent RankWahrer

Dahlia de Mai I

DateAugust 8, 2008[2] – October 22, 2009
Most Recent RankAdonis
Co-RankHead Warrior

Cwmfen nic Graine was born to be a warrior. While a solitary creature, she has found her place in Dahlia de Mai, where she served as subleader for a time. She lives for the thrill of the battle and listens to the warsongs sung by her body, the weapons, and the world.

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1.  History

Corvus Vendetta, the pied wolf with black eyes and a black, empty soul, raped Graine**; such an act committed by the brute occurred only at the time of the rut, and Graine, who was simply a wolf, was unfortunate to cross his path at that time. It was late spring or early summer, and so Graine, a lone female, had been enjoying a quiet stroll in the forest dusk. The pied wolf had approached her, seducing her with his sinister, charismatic charm. She learned too late of his cold demeanor. Because Corvus’ stature and strength far surpasses that of a normal wolf, Graine had no chance in resisting his needs and desires.

Graine birthed three pups, but two were stillborn perhaps due to Corvus' treatment of her during the time. He had stayed with her, keeping a careful eye upon the life growing in her belly, for he cared only for the prolonging of his bloodline. And, so while he was cold and cruel to her, Graine's belly was carefully protected, as was ultimately her life. When Corvus was permitted to see the pups after the birthing, he was moved by a silent rage, for two were dead and the living was a female. But Corvus was patient, and he waited and remained still, allowing the she-wolf raise her pup. To keep her from escaping, the crow wolf subdued her, tearing the tendons of her legs. Because of this, Cwmfen’s memories of Graine consist of her mother lying upon her belly, unable to sit up and yet unwilling to completely lay down. When Cwmfen approached her first year, Corvus slew Graine, promising Cwmfen that he’d be back to have a taste of her when she was sexually mature.

Cwmfen, in fear and confusion, fled from the lands upon which she was raised, for while she did fear Corvus, he had left the lands and the protection of her late mother’s abode had now fallen—a yearling wolf with little experience had not chance against any intruders. Thus she wandered as a lone wolf, searching for something she did not know and attempting to avoid the pied wolf that would surely seek her. In attempting to avoid him, she avoided contact of all other creatures, afraid that if she settled down, those who she would learn to love would be taken from her.

For the first several months on her own, she remained within Caledonia, lingering near the packs that warred between each other. It was then that she saw other luperci and that she saw war. When the small and frequent battles rose up between them, she would join their ranks, experiencing for the first time the beautiful thrill of the fight. And after each battle, she would depart unnoticed, determined to keep her distance from others. And yet, a new determination had seized her: she wished to become a warrior so that one day she would no longer need to run from her father. But after two months of careful self training and warring and killing, she grew nervous, knowing that she could not remain in Caledonia for long. And so she fled to the North, crossing over the great fields of ice before turning east, traveling without aim for she knew not the shape of the world or the lands upon it.

It was not long after she had found those lands of ice, and months before she found Bleeding Souls, that Corvus Vendetta caught up to her; he was nearly two heads taller than she was—a secui—and, though she attempted to get away, she was neither fast enough nor strong enough to resist him. She did not understand why he had come, for she had not yet reached maturity. But, as he whispered in her ear while ravaging and reaping her virginity that he had come to show her that she could not run. Indeed, that prospect frightened her, for she had slowly begun to understand the invisible fetters that had bound her mother, and she knew that he would find her no matter where she went. He let her go after he had satisfied himself, sending his grating, mirthless laughter at her heels.

Her experience of ‘love’ making was traumatic, and it would be a long time before she could accept any male. What she found most disturbing was that there was a strange attraction for the pied wolf in the back of her mind. He was large and strong, he was terrible and beautiful, and he never seemed to grow old. She tried to wipe such thoughts in her mind as she fled his horrors, and she knew that she had to stop running, that she had to find those lands of which her mother had spoken, for an ancestor had found it many years prior. And so she wandered through the world of ice with silent solitude and the howling, laughing winds that sent her from the place of her deflowering. In that solitude, in that world of white and blue, she learned to calm her soul, to calm her mind. She learned control, and she learned to cast aside her pride. Battling the white wolves that seemed to disappear in the snow, the warrior-to-be refined her skills.

As she descended into warmer lands, she found once more the pleasures of the warmth of the sun and the green of summer. She no longer had to scavenge the bodies of the dead, of bears and seals, of foxes and wolves also. Whether she found Bleeding Souls was no longer a concern; she felt herself far from the searching, black eyes of her father. But was in her wanderings that she stumbled upon the lands of Bleeding Souls, and she found here many packs—packs which might protect her.

Dahlia de Mai's Haku Soul met her at the borders...

** Graine was part of a promise made by one of her ancestors: Corvus, should he return to Europe, would be given a daughter of that lineage, who possessed in their blood something of great interest to him—an old magic. His desire to obtain it through a son is the reason for his obsession with Cwmfen.

2.  Family


Immediate Family

NPC Raven
She has a Raven, who is her companion and is the epitome of her dream. He is not the usual animal companion, for she does not keep him as a pet, nor does she command him.

While he has the appearance of a common raven, he has the colouring of a pied crow and is missing his left eye. There's something strange about his personality, for it seems as if he is cold in his regard of the world. He is not always present, but he is often there. This Raven acted as the eyes of Corvus Vendetta, watching Cwmfen and leaving to report to him of her activities in explicit detail. The Raven itself is not evil, however. It simply obeys the word of its master.

3.  Personality

Cwmfen is a kind wolf, patient and quiet. She holds herself with a modest regality and with a peculiar refined silence. But within those warm, milky orbs is a hint of something wilder, something purely lupine. It is clear that she does not accept foul play from others. Because of her upbringing, she prefers her solitude, finding it beautiful. She has many social ineptitudes, having never truly interacted with other wolves until her acceptance into Dahlia de Mai. However, her loyalty is strongly with her pack, and she strives to serve her pack well.

Contrary to her kind disposition, she loves the thrill of the fight. To fight wars is her passion. Through self training and true encounters, she strives to make herself the best warrior that she can be. Cwmfen has attained an enlightenment that warriors can achieve, her emotions diluted. Her life revolves about battle, for fighting is a way of knowing. She preferrs to fight weaponless, although she understands the value of weapons and can weild them with exceptional skill.

Cwmfen has the ability to clearly cut the line between her duty and her personal life. She understands that a friend can also be an enemy, and so while she may carry out the acts of friendship outside her pack, she may willingly and without hesitation attack and kill that friend should it become an enemy. She has that cold ability to kill without hesitation, without regret. While she values life, she is also a creature of death, finding the killing of a life strangely exhilarating.

She fears very little, but she does fear her father (and, disturbingly, loves him too). Because of the darkness with which she was created, Cwmfen is deeply intrigued by the darkness held within the hearts of wolves. She finds herself thusly drawn to those who harbor it. Cwmfen is not sexually promiscuous, but she will allow herself to be satisfied by those she believes to be 'intriguing'. She views sexual intercourse as a way of knowing, believing that at sexual climax souls are able to brush up against one another.

She has color and sound synesthesia. That is why she hears songs in the world and in people when they speak, and that is also why those songs have colour. Movement, especially martial forms, cause her to hear music as well. The music that she hears, however, is not the same music that the humans have created. They are often sounds of a singular nature, a sort of clear, smooth ring that fluxuates with the intensity of the melody. There are also other songs that she can hear, and the songs that she does hear usually take on some sort of percussic sound. Her synesthesia has influenced her life in all aspects, as well as her tendency to view the world through symbols.

Freedom is something that her soul greatly requires. It is what causes her to wander often through the lands. It is also what causes her to resist the ties of mateship. Thus, she views the world with almost amoral preferences, chosing to be accepting of the different habits of creatures, regardless of their severity within societies. Because she has integrated herself into such a society, she upholds the calls of Justice when it is required of her. One thing, however, that she cannot tolerate is disrespect.

4.  Attributes

Skill: Cwmfen's primary skills lie in the arts of war. She is exceptionally skilled in battle with her lupus form, having lived in that form for most of her first two years. She understands that her size and strength may, at times, be lacking, and she has learned to manipulate the strength and momentum of others. In her Optime form, it is the same. However, her fighting style mirrors that of the ancient martial arts of Korea. When using weapons, she uses the sword, shield, and spear in the way of the Caledonian warriors. She also understands the way of the Korean sword and the longsword, as well as the bow, bo staff, and knives.

Languages: She speaks English, Korean, Latin, and Scottish-Gaelic fluently. However, she most often speaks in the English. She cannot, however, read in any language.

Religion: Cwmfen follows the tripple-goddess of war, the Morrigan, Nemain in particular. It is through this religion that she Dreams**. However, she does not practice through ritual often because no one has ever taught her the ways of such things.

**The Dream animal, the Raven, guides her Dreams. Cwmfen does not dream as other individuals do, and has never known the simple pleasures of a good dream or a bad dream. She Dreams only with the guidence of the Raven, who reflects upon the actions that have been taken and must be taken. The Raven guides her premonitions, and shows them to her in the hours of sleeping.

5.  Appearance

Cwmfen is of the mixed heritage of Korea and Caledonia. Her half-blood appearance gives her a plain beauty, but she is not concerned with her appearance. There's an androgenous quality in her facial appearance, but it is the strange and beautiful ambiguity of the Wild. It is the same Wild that makes her gaze feirce.

She's a slender wolf, and she's relatively strong; her strength may not add up to most males, but she has speed on her side. Her lithe form allows her to move gracefully and swiftly, although her fluidity is beyond most and is almost ethereal and beautiful. Her black coat is thick and sleek, carrying a healthy sheen. Within her mane is bound a Raven's feather. This feather is black and dipped in the red of blood spilt by her own hand-- a warrior's Kill Feather. Pale blue markings that mimick the woad of the olde world adorn her body, and white orbs contrast greatly as if holding openly the light of her soul. A genetic mutation causes her iris to lack pigmentation; the retina was made strangely reflective, appearing white, especially from a distance. The reflective retina gives her enhanced night vision, although it also gives her sensitive to light.

In her optime form, her hair is kept short, cropped to no longer than the nape of her neck. It is cut with arched bangs that fram her face and brow. Her body is well trained and the effects of such training are visible, although her sinew does not make her less gracefull. Many scars, most light and invisible beneath her fur, adorn her skin.

She never uses her Secui form.

Face: light scarring (Brennt)
Neck: bite marks, and stitching[Onus] on left side (Brennt)
Chest: barely visible tears below clavicle (Brennt)
Right Shoulder: Slight scarring (Hybrid)
Back: A long scar going diagonally from left shoulder to short of right hip (Hybrid)
Back: Light scarring [Hybrid, Brennt]
Lower Back: bite marks (Brennt)
Right Hip: Slight Scarring (Hybrid & Brennt)
Right Thigh: Torn, stitching [Onus] (Brennt)
Inner Left Thigh: Branded 黑 (hanja for 검을 흑, blackness) (Corvus)

Height and Weight

  • Height: 86cm
  • Weight: 47 kg


  • Height: 113cm
  • Weight: 79kg


  • Height: 213cm
  • Weight: 89kg

6.  Infatuations

Cwmfen has had many infatuations, particularly with those she had first met upon her arrival to 'Souls. This was due to her lack of contact with other wolves, and so males that caught her interest would catch more than her mere attention. But, when she does become deeply intrigued by another male, she tends to hold on to it, being constant.

Current Lover:
Onus (had sex)

Current Infatuations:
Haku Soul (had sex)

Past Infatuations:
Corvus Vendetta(raped, before souls and 2009.06.15.)
Brennt (had sex)
Bane Kiles (had sex)